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Development History of Vacuum Flask

Early thermos Flasks

The archaeologists in the Roman Pompeii city ruins ever found in a double-walled container. This container may be the predecessor of the vacuum flask. But in fact it is called "the world's first truly thermos Dewar. In 1643, Italian Top created a mercury barometer famous vacuum theory. In fact, the emergence of this theory thermos is of great significance, but in the two-and-a-half centuries later, he did not invent the real vacuum flask. In 1879, German physicist tile because the liquefied gas storage laboratory, he listened to the recommendations of Professor Huo Lide, used the two middle vacuum thin glasses to make container. He is the author of the papers "varinholid bottle" in 1881. In 1890, British chemist Shield Williams•long Al improvement the varinholid bottles, coated with a layer of silver on the sidewall, which can reduce the heat radiation, slowing the dissipation of heat through the glass, so that the thermos bottle was born.

Modern Thermos Vacuum Bottle

The inventor of modern vacuum thermos bottle is called James Dewar Sir, he is a scientist in the United Kingdom, is the study of the very low temperature of liquid. In 1892, Dewar was invited to the British Science Institute will be "liquefied" courses. In order to better teaching, he produced a double-layer glass container, and two layers of bladder wall painted with mercury, greatly reduced heat transfer to go before he let a man named Berg glaziers. He then deprived of the air between the two layers, so the vacuum bottle. Only vacuum bottle is the world's first vacuum flask. The thermos is called Dewar. London Institute holds early Dewar vacuum products. Dewar did not attach importance to the invention of the vacuum bottle, but attaches great importance to the theory of extracted air, and applied for a patent for this theory. In 1902, German Berg saw a thermos bottle vast potential market, began to sell the thermos. Two years later, and fight on own behalf to a thermos patent. He found the glass inners easily fragmentation, manufactured with nickel shell to protect the bottles gall. Initially, the thermos bottle is mainly used in laboratories, hospitals and expedition, and later gradually moved into their daily lives.

Thermos Flask Post Modern Development

In 1904, the Berlin blown glassware worker Boolean cover, after careful study, to long Alcatel bottles add a retaining heat sets, so that the market will have a storage container of hot coffee or tea. Since then, a variety of thermos flask will come out one after another. It was found that the thermal effects of the thermos bottle stopper are the worst part of the bottle. Later, people use inflated rubber, cork, plastic plugs to replace and enhance the insulation effect.

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