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Three-in-one Laminated Bags

Overview of Three-in-one Laminated Bags

Kraft paper / PP / woven three-in-one compound bag is commonly known as the three-in-one laminated bag. laminated bag is also called three-in-one composite paper bag, a small bulk containers, mainly to human or forklift unit of transport, which facilitates the shipment the careen in bulk powder granular materials with high strength and good waterproof exterior korea for easy loading and unloading, and other features, is one of the most popular and practical common packaging materials. Outside is a refined white kraft or yellow kraft paper, the inside is plastic woven PP melt the plastic particles by high temperature and pressure, kraft paper and plastic woven composite compose together and it can add to endometrial bag. The form of a laminated bags (paper-plastic bag) is almost the same with the seam bottom open pocket. Has good strength, waterproof superior characteristics. Be applied to the packaging powdered, granular, flake, blocking material such as: chemical raw materials; engineering plastics; food additives; dry powder building materials; feed additives and fine minerals.

Three-in-one Packaging Bag Characteristics

The three-in-one packaging bag is made of the inverse glue and kraft paper composite, the usually plastic layer substrates is flat wire woven, polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE), kraft paper used refined composite dedicated kraft, with high strength, waterproof, good, and beautiful appearance. The most popular is the one of the packaging materials, and the quilt is widely used in plastic raw materials, cement, feed, chemicals, fertilizer and other industries. The specific features are as follows: high strength: the inner layer of PP or PE woven cloth, and the outer layer is refined composite kraft, in the middle of a composite plastic, this product has a strong resistance to puncture, tear-resistant characteristics.

Bags Packaging Advantages and Application

The three-in-one packaging bags have QS quality certification. The PE endometrial bags are mainly for anti moisture. The product complies with the requirements of food hygiene, and the fine impurities contained at least, can handle food commodity inspection, the ordinary commodity inspection, SGS ingredients contained in the detection. Uniform use new plastic. The virgin pulp kraft paper, never use recycled products such as recycled materials, materials outlet to ensure that the quality level quality. The product can be used to packing powdery, granular, flake, block material. Applicable to a number of chemical raw materials, food additives, building materials, plastic granules, coatings and pigments, chemical fiber, milk powder and semi-finished products such as finished or semi-finished products packaging. Kraft paper bag or paper-plastic bag is coated with a layer of waterproof light membrane, instead of cardboard drum, plus a low or high pressure PE bags endometrial.

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Methods to Maintain Leather Laptop Sleeve

Importance of Laptop Sleeve

With the continuous improvement of people's lives and the level of consumption, a variety of bags have become indispensable jewelry beside people. People have more requirements not only in the improvement of practicability but also expansion of decoration. leather laptop bags for men just like any other leather bag, it should be taken good care of to its longer working life. Taking care of genuine leather computer bag is as important as women's skin care, then, how to care for the brand computer bag?

Methods for Cleaning Leather Laptop Sleeve

Oil on the leather computer bag must be cleaned as soon as possible with a leather detergent instead of wiping strongly mess with the chemical lotion. In general lens cloth which is used to wipe glasses is a cheap and good helper to wipe with leather cleaner, and it will not scratch your beloved computer bag, spread evenly and it will be able to restore luster for your bag. The bag should be placed in ventilated place to dry after cleaning, do not put it under the sun in order to be done quickly, because after scrubbing, the bag is the most vulnerable, a sudden high temperature bake causes 11.6 inch laptop sleeve fade or leather to become hard and brittle. The little filthy synthetic leather computer bag can be cleaned directly with a dry cloth, if it is heavily oiled, you can add a little neutral detergent in water, with a soft cloth dampened with water, and placed in clean well-ventilated place to dry naturally. Do not use cleaners containing gasoline, alcohol to clean. Do not use machine wash or soak in water wash. Avoid cleaning by brush, otherwise it will cause the surface of the solid color pigment being washed off.

How to Maintain Leather Laptop Sleeve

Leather computer bag need to be hung up or flatted when it is not in use. Before collection, hang it in a cool dry place to ventilate without exposure. In order to keep the beautiful color of leather computer bag, a layer of milk or glycerol can be painted on the leather topcoat, do not expose, broil, wash, sharp object impact and exposure to chemical solvents. A group of paper or cloth can be put into the bag to maintain the bag's shape, then put the bag into the soft cotton bag and collect it in the cabinet and undue compression should be avoided. The natural oils of the leather will be gradually reduced with time, so even very advanced leather also need regular maintenance. Before each store of leather computer bag, you should remove dust to clean it up. Then wipe the oil on a clean cotton cloth and evenly wipe the surface, to avoid smearing the oil directly on the leather in case of the damage of the leather.

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Characteristics and Use of Aluminum Honeycomb

Decline of China Rare Earth Exports

Under the mainland rare earth resources protection policy, the rare earth export has a substantial reduction and the prices continued to rise. According to statistical data, in February of this year, China's rare earth average export price level has been exceeded $ 100,000 per ton (approximately HK $ 7.8 million), compared with a year ago, it surged 9 times. In the past few months, according to data released by the General Administration of Customs, China's rare earth exports average price every month is up to $ 10,000 per ton, and the rare earth manufacturer said that it is very hard to do export business this year. From since the beginning of this year, China's exports of rare earth price increase is particularly alarming, the data shows that single in the month of February, the average price of Chinese exports of rare earth is up to $ 34,000 per ton. View of China's introduction of restrictions of rare earth export policy, the United States, Canada and Australia and other countries have increased the domestic rare earth resources exploration and development efforts to deal with the situation to reduce the supply and prices.

China Rare Earth Export Prices

The so-called rare earth is the general term of 17 kinds of special metal elements. China supplies about 97% of the world's rare earth. The applications of rare earth cover iPods and wind turbines, smart phones, electric car motors and high-tech industrial equipment. In 2003, the Chinese government released the quota system of rare earth; in 2005, the Chinese government canceled a rare earth export tax rebate, and the compression enterprise quota of export quotas. In April 2006, the Chinese Ministry of Land and Resources to stop issuing permits mining of rare, from November 1 of the same year, the Chinese government imposed export tariffs on commodities such as rare earth and ferrosilicon. The quota system is decided according to the amount of 80% of the worldwide export quotas. All these policies show that Chinese government is limiting the exploration of domestic rare earth. This makes a barrier for the rare earth supplier in China. It is much more difficult for them in foreign trade.

Western Countries Depend on China Rare Earths

The face of China's rare earth export policy adjustments, the western countries and Japan and the United States are consistent with the shelling of China, they think China is in violation of WTO rules. Krugman, the Nobel laureate in economics published in the New York Times from rare earth export the rogue economy" as the culmination. The Beijing News Posting questioned "Krugman, on what basis shelling of China's rare earth export restrictions policy? The reason is that China accounts for only 30% of the world's rare earth resources, why should bear 97% of consumption? U.S. rare earth reserves ranks the third in the world, why stop mining in favor of imports from China and other places? Why the United States can protect its own environment, but at the expense of China's environment? In fact, it is not the exploitation of rare earth, but the United States has long been cheap Chinese dumping to the defeated. Originally, the U.S. rare earth mining accounts for 30%, was mothballed in 2001, the largest rare earth mine in Mountain Pass mine Since then, the United States is no longer has production of rare earth, and more are no longer exported, but it imports in large quantities from China instead.

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Chinese Packaging Machinery Industry

Packaging Machinery in China

Packaging machinery in China started late, after 20 years of development, China packaging machinery has become one of the top 10 mechanical industries, and this provides a strong protection for China packaging industry rapid development. Some of the packaging machine have filled the domestic blank, and they have been able to basically meet the needs of the domestic market. Some products are also exported, the automatic labeling machine automatic labeling machine in this regard have certain achievements. But at present, China packaging machinery exports is less than 5% of the total output value, and the total production value of imports are roughly equivalent, with a long distance contrast with the developed country. In 2006, Chinese all packaging equipment manufacturing enterprises realized a total industrial output value of 12181594000 yuan, and the national packaging machinery total output is 92167.50 with achievement of a total sales income of 11036951000 yuan, and the cumulative total profit of 644591000 yuan. In 2007,from January to December, the accumulative total of countrywide packaging machinery production is 88001.85 units which compared to the same period in 2006 has 8.13% reduction. In 2008,from January to October, the accumulative total of countrywide packaging machinery production is 83602.50 units with 24.09% more than the same period of 2007.

A Series of Problems of Packing Machine

In the rapid development of the industry, at the same time, there are also a series of problems. The present stage of China's packaging machinery industry level is not high enough. The packaging machinery market is going to become monopoly except corrugated carton packaging machinery and small packaging machine have certain dimensions and advantage, and other packaging machinery almost has no system and scale, especially the high demand on the market of some complete packaging production line, such as a liquid filling production line of complete sets of equipment, beverage packaging, aseptic packaging production line in bottle labeling machine labeling equipment, packaging machinery market in the world have been in several major packaging machinery enterprise group monopolized, facing the strong impact from foreign brands to domestic enterprises should adopt positive measures.

Current Situation and Future of Packing Machines

According to the current situation, the global demand of packaging machinery has an annual growth rate of 5.3%.The United States has the largest packaging equipment manufacturers, and the following is Japan, and the other major producers include Germany, Italy and China. However the future packaging equipment production is the fastest growing in the developing countries and regions. Developed countries will benefit from the stimulation of domestic demand, and in developing countries to find appropriate local manufacturers, particularly in the food processing factory investment to provide packaging machinery and equipment. Since China joined the WTO has made considerable progress after , China's packaging machinery level upgrades very quickly, and the distance to the world's advanced level narrowed. As China is opening wider, the packaging machinery will also further open the international market.
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Three-in-one Laminated Bags

Characteristics of Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Due to the light weight, high strength, stiffness and many other advantages of aluminum honeycomb panels, it has been widely used in the building fa?ade decoration. The positive aluminum sheet of aluminum honeycomb panels meets the ECCA quality standard PVDF fluorocarbon paint, and it is divided into ordinary color and metal color. Therefore, the surface also has excellent weathering performance. The sound source lung bath of 100-3200HZ can be up to 20 ~ 30dB, the thermal conductivity is 0.104-0.130W/MK, thus the energy absorption capacity of aluminum honeycomb panels is 150-3500KJ/M2, so it is an ideal energy-saving material. Aluminum honeycomb panels generally use fluorocarbon roll coating aluminum plate panel. Fluorocarbon roll coating aluminum plate is the most important point is that with a continuous roller coating technology, aluminum sheet painted to complete a one-time, no color, the coating flow degree is good and the quality is reliable. At the same time, it can be a long time to maintain the bright colors of the external walls of buildings. After long-term sun and rain or industrial air pollution, it has good adhesion and weather resistance, and is recognized by the World Architecture as the first class material.

Use of Aluminum Honeycomb Sheet

Honeycomb aluminum panel is used for building curtain wall siding board; interior decoration works; billboards; shipboard construction; aviation manufacturing; indoor partition and commodities showcase; commercial truck and container car body; bus, train, subway and rail transportation vehicles; environmental protection with very strict requirements for the modern furniture industry, aluminum honeycomb panel is also used at the processing of the furniture materials, the new century is a good choice of materials, it is completely non-toxic green quality, when processing furniture, the furniture dealer has less unnecessary environmental program; aluminum honeycomb panel diversification can be various, such as solid wood, aluminum, gypsum board, natural marble material, can be made of honeycomb panels, easy material selection. Aluminum honeycomb panel abruption: the appearance of aluminum honeycomb panels abruption breaks the traditional partition mode, its noble, fresh and impressive style wins the market share of the high-end office space.

Advantage performance of Honeycomb Aluminum

Anti-fire: aluminum sheet is the non-combustible material. Corrosion-resistant: aluminum honeycomb panel surface is through epoxy fluorocarbon treatment, has strong corrosion resistance. It has no pinholes, cracks and blisters by salt spray in 48 hours. Environmental protection: honeycomb panels belong to pure aluminum stand products, not to volatilization any harmful gas, non-radioactive and can be completely recycled, hundred percent eco-friendly products. Aluminum honeycomb panels are easy to dismantle the assembly, and will not dismantle a bad plate. Because of its light weight, easy to transport, so it can be transported to a different place for repeated use. This is the other partition plate cannot be compared.

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Inflatable Games

Inflatable Tools in Daily Life

We can find it necessary to use different kinds of tools for most of the entertainment for children’s parties and other events. For example inflatable slide inflatable slide is an important part of fun and happiness. After all, they love sliding, and they love colorful inflatable with inflatable slide they buy or rent. When the warm weather months arrive, you can add water and make the fun even more exciting.

Amazing Inflatable Water Parks

We can also find some amazing inflatable water parks in big cities. That should be great as the games provided are funny and exciting. However, some parks are dangerous as they build the parks in steep pitches and high landing. So a safe slide is necessary for us. Generally the water park category includes inflatable slides, inflatable wet dry combos and Inflatable Multi Slide products and many Inflatable Water Parks incorporate multiple exciting features such as slides.

The Inflatable technology used in advertising

The inflatable technology can be also used in some advertising activities, and there are also various kinds of forms. For example, some stores use inflatable air dancers doll to attract passer-bys. Air dancers are a great and visible form of outdoor advertising inflatable advertising inflatable balloons that are very versatile, fun and big attention getters. These air dancers are easy to transport and setup, it just takes a couple of minutes to have a great outdoor event setup. The air dancer balloons are placed over a vortex motor that sends air up into the inflatable balloon in a circular motion making the inflatable advertising move, as the air moves trough the body. The whole installation is simple, plug it in and let it's size and movement bring customers in. Also known as wind dancers, sky dancers, air dancers, air puppets, tube dancers, sky puppets, dancing man ,and many more. And we can also find other forms like wind flags, tents, hot air shape or rooftop, cold air balloons and so on. It is also a great way to make some products replicas to promote or advertise some company or product. This replicas are excellent for trade shows and product launch that can be used in special events. This advanced technology can bring us more colorful advertisement in our daily life. As a result , people may think that your company or product is popular and even in high quality.

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Methods to Select Led Spotlights

Brief Introduction of Led Spotlights

As LED technology continues to mature and costs continue to decrease, LED spotlights have been widely applied in a variety of places, while the development and popularization of led spot lighting still face many problems. How to develop a cost-effective LED spotlight, how to solve the heat dissipation problem of high-power, high flux LED spotlight, how to achieve modularity and interchangeability of LED spotlights, how to fully embody the LED’s characteristics of long-life, high luminous efficiency and controllability, and how to make people enjoy the colorful lighting and access to more affordable, more secure and reliable LED products are the key problems which requires the joint efforts of the manufacturers and industry professionals.

Security Certification of Led Spotlight

The safety requirements of the most LED spotlights refer to the traditional lighting LED spotlights and a set of safety certification standards has formed based on its own characteristics. Currently, in the aspect of e27 led spot light certification, the international community is mainly the European CE and UL certification in North America-based and voluntary certification (CQC) in China. CE certification contains LVD and EMC, LVD is executed in accordance with the EN60968 standard (will be upgraded IEC 62560) and EMC is carried out according to EN55015, EN61547, EN61000-3-2 and EN61000-3-3 standard. In addition, LED lights also refer to IEC 62471 to test in the light biosafety. In North America, it is usually required UL safety and FCC EMC certification. UL implementation standards are UL1993, UL8750 and UL1310; implementation standard of FCC is the FCC PART15 Subpart B. In China, LED spotlight is a voluntary certification (CQC) with the standard GB24906-2010 (safety) and GB 17743-2007 (electromagnetic compatibility). In addition, in the aspects of the performance of LED spotlights, there are many other standard requirements and these all make requirements on LED Spot color temperature, color rendering index, initial luminous flux, luminous efficiency, lumen maintenance life, the center beam intensity, nominal power, power factor, and product identification provisions.

The Working Life of LED Spotlights

Thanks to the life of LED spotlight takes the solid-state light emitting diodes as the light source, the light-emitting life mainly depends on the solid-state LED light source and the cooling part. So far, the life of LED light source has reached more than 100,000 hours, and with the growing development and popularization of application technology, the aspects of drive and cooling basically achieve the ideal state, a high-quality LED spotlights life basically reach 10000-50000 hours. LED lighting products save 80% electricity, and they are almost maintenance-free, there is no problem of frequent replacement parts. Green-semiconductor light source with soft light and pure spectrum is good for eyesight protection and good health.

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The Application of Aluminum Foil in Package Industry

Current Status of Aluminum Foil in Package Industry

In recent years, China's packaging industry is rising at high speed, and there are endless new types of packaging materials. Especially the application of aluminum foil in the packaging industry has increasingly shown the superior performance of the aluminium foil, and form a market in this industry, open new space for increment. With the rapid development of the global packaging industry, the packaging has become an important pillar industry of the developed countries. In the United States, the packaging has become the third largest industry and packaging has already become the seventh largest industry in Europe. Furthermore, the development of the global packaging industry greatly boosts the consumption of aluminum foil making packaging industry become the largest application consumption market. According to the statistics of European Aluminum Foil Industry Association, more than 70% of the aluminum foils are used in various types of packaging products in Europe. This ratio in the United States is up to 75% and 70% in Japan, and the aluminum foil used in food packaging account for 30% of the consumption.

Usages of Aluminum Foil Package

In modern packaging, almost all the barrier layers of opaque or the barrier composite products are made from aluminum foil, and the most widely used is plastic aluminium composite packaging. Aluminum-plastic composite cans material is made from aluminum foil and plastic film and kraft board, it can be processed into various shapes, with the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, and non-polluting and it can be recycled. It is the replacement of the tinplate, canning, cooking pot and other liquid packaging container which are widely used in market, particularly for frozen foods and simply food packaging. Aluminum-plastic composite hose is composited by aluminum foil, plastic or resin, and then made into tubular semi-rigid packaging products by pipe equipment, it is mainly used for paste, gel-like product packaging, such as toothpaste, creams, cosmetics. Aluminum-plastic composite hose has isolated nature with clean and beautiful appearance, and it is difficult to break down. In Europe, the U.S. and Japan and other developed countries have more than 90% of the toothpaste plastic composite hose packaging while this packing ratio is less than 5% in China. Annual domestic consumption of plastic composite hose is about 5,000 tons, with the development of this emerging market, and the consumption of aluminum foil in this field will get rapid development.

Future Development of Aluminum Foil

Industry experts expect that aluminum foil’s annual demand in packaging will reach 25 million tons at the end of "Eleventh Five-Year", which will be 1.3 times of the current packaging which is made from aluminum foil. In the next few years, the growth rate of the packaging foil will greatly exceed the growth rate of the use of our air conditioning, decoration and cable aluminum foil.
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The Utility of The Labeling Machine

Labeling Machine Introduction

Labeling machine uses adhesion agent to stick paper or metal foil label in the required packaging containers of equipment. Labeling machine is an indispensable part of modern packaging. The current production labeling machine type is gradually increasing, and its technical level has been greatly improved. From the backward situation of manual, semi-automatic labeling to a steering automatic labeler that occupies the majority of the market pattern.

The Main Product Sticker Labeling Machine

There are many kinds of labeling machines, including sticker labeling machine is more common. It is the use of self-adhesive labeling paper in reel, and the bottle machine automatic feeding bottle process, continuous web of label paper is also torn off. According to the requirements of the position it affixes the bottle of automated packaging machine. The equipment control system is the modern integration of mechanical and electrical product in computer programming and the whole Chinese LCD touch screen, text and button type form, with excellent and reliable working performance.Sticker labeling machine is also clean, not moldy, and after labeling the appearance could be satisfying and firm that can not fall off automatically and has high production efficiency.

The Scope of Labeler Application

Automatic sticker labeling machine sticker labeling machine is available for pharmaceutical, food, light industry, chemical industry in the round plastic bottle, glass bottles or similar objects.It includes the functions of auto-complete sub-bottles, sending mark belt, synchronous separation, labels, stickers and automatically print a batch number, clear handwriting.

The Characteristics of Labeler

As a result of the labeling machine with mechanical and electrical integration of technology, it selects high torque stepper motor drive, and the Japanese source protection device and other advanced system, so it has a start buffer function, the overall high sensitivity, large torque at low speed,stability, voltage stability, interference resistance ability, and technical characteristics. It either ensures labeling accuracy, stable, reliable, and efficient labeling machine or ensures the labeling accuracy, stable, reliable, and efficient.

Purchase Guide of Labeling Machines

In recent years sticker labeling machine is the most common type of labeling machine, the technology is also in rapid increasing, and at the same time, automatic labeling machine is also a very common labeling machine. To the drug production enterprises, no matter from the labeling production equipment, or from the label to be affixed to the body with itself, it will raise higher requirements.Now facing the motley crowd labeling equipment labeling equipment market, how to choose more cost-effective sticker labeling machine will be of concern for the pharmaceutical production enterprises. The buyer should pay attention to the main function and control, the speed of sending label and printing, special purpose, labeling quality those four respects discussed points about the choice of sticker labeling machine.

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Innovation and Green Lead LED Lighting Industry

China LED Lights Development Direction

Innovation is the key to promote industrial upgrading, and it is also the breakthrough point of China's lighting industry from large to strong. Future direction of innovation and upgrading of traditional lighting is green low-carbon, in addition to the existing LED technology, solar and LED technology converged applications. In fact, the Chinese LED industry newspaper reporter learned that, just in two years, green carbon is from the concept of a representative of the direction of industrial development and trends, many China led light companies become hot in the market to push the product features and technical characteristics. Global lighting market in Europe, the Americas, the green low-carbon products sales boom has been formed, LED bulb, LED fluorescent lamp, LED ceiling lamp, LED spotlights, LED mining lamp, LED wall washer lights, etc. The series of LED products have popular blend of green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving advantages of LED lighting industry.

Widely Use of LED High Bay

LED high bay has a wide range of use in the global popularization. But many manufacturers in the high-power LED high bay have not found a good solution; With the wide application of LED high bay light, customers have higher requirements for LED high bay; this means that the thermal conductivity of the LED high bay is a problem that must be addressed; rely on the thermal conductivity of aluminum single LED high bay heat conduction can meet the demand, if the heat conduction out will affect the lamp life. The reporter learned from the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China this year will vigorously promote energy consumption of iron and steel, mines and other enterprises, the replacement LED high bay lighting products.

LED High Bay Performance Characteristics

The excellent performance of explosion-proof, and can be safely used in a variety of flammable and explosive places. Imported chips, optimized LED package structure, to achieve low light failure, the advantages of high luminous efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection; need power supply key components used brand in the world, to ensure the service life of the lamp; crystal lens with light, meet different occasions lighting ; using pass-through structure design to optimize heat dissipation structure, to ensure lamp life; lighting angle locking device can ensure the long-term point of view is still in shock environment change; the LED lamp body is made of light alloy material, special sealing surface coating, to ensure that the lamps never harsh environment such as humidity, high temperature corrosion, never rust; pedestal and pendant variety of installation methods.

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Application of USB Flash Disk

Inevitability of USB Flash Drive

With the rapid development of computer hardware, peripherals increasing number of keyboard, mouse, modem, printer, scanner is already well known, digital camera, MP3 player after another, so much equipments, how to access the personal computer? USB is generated for this purpose. USB is a computer peripheral device connected to standardized single interface specification developed by Intel, NEC, Compaq, DEC, IBM, Microsoft, Northern Telecom, Contact. The USB1.1 standard interface transfer rate is 12Mbps, but a usb design device can only get 6Mbps bandwidth.

Introduction of USB Flash Drives

USB disk is referred as U disk, or USB flash drives. It is a removable storage device for backing up data, and easy to carry. U disk is one of the flash disks, also called flash drives. It is characterized by compact it and carry large storage capacity, the price is cheap. The general U disk capacity is 64M, 128M, 256M, 512M, 1G, 2G, 4G, etc. For example, the most common 1G price is around $ 65. U disk capacity has been greatly increase, such as the 4G, 16G metal usb flash drive. They are easy to carry, and we can hang it in the chest, hanging on a keychain, and even into the wallet. Anger the frogs network planning institutions think U disk in fact, is a removable hard drive, but science and technology will always be for the convenience of human services, designers will be huge hard drive narrowed to a small one, is more conducive to the portability and application of human, from the this regard, the science and technology to facilitate human life is also good.

Maintenance of USB Flash Memory

Never unplug the flash drive when flash drive lights are flashing too fast, because the then U flash disk is reading or writing data, the halfway pull out may cause hardware damage data. Do not shut down immediately after the backup documentation related to the program, because that time USB disk indicator is still flashing, the program is not completely over, then pull out the USB disk, easily affect backup. So file backup to flash after-hours, should be some time off related procedures to prevent accidents; attention to the U disk is placed in a dry environment, do not let the U-the Handicap interface exposed to the air for long periods of time, or likely to cause the surface of the metal oxidation, reduce interfaces sensitivity. Not for long periods of inactivity U disk inserted in the USB interface, otherwise the one hand, it is easy to cause the interface aging, on the other hand it is also a loss of USB disk.

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Daily Maintenance of Transformer

Installation and Operation of Transformer

The installation place of the transformer should adapt their design and construction standards. If it is placed outdoor, you should determine if the EI transformer is suitable for outdoor running. You should protect the transformer from lightning, and the risk of external damage. In addition to ensure that the load is within the allowable range in the design of the transformer. In addition, the top oil temperature in the oil-cooled transformers needs to be carefully monitored. And in the usual running operation, it should be strictly performed in accordance with run operating procedures to prevent misoperation. In the operation of the transformer, we should prevent the phenomenon of overvoltage. Regular checks and inspections are needed to find out the problems, and the problems should be solved timely.

Inspection of the Oil in Transformer

The dielectric strength of the transformer oil decreases sharply with the increase of moisture. One ten thousandth of the water in the oil can reduce nearly half its dielectric strength. Except small distribution circuit board transformer, all transformer oil samples should be kept for puncture test to ensure proper detection of moisture and it should be removed by filtration. Fault gas analysis should be carried out in oil. Eight kinds of faults gas monitor in the application of transformer oil should continuously measure the oil content dissolved in the oil, the type of fault can be determined by analysis of the gas type and content. The physical properties of the oil should be tested every year to determine its insulation properties, and tests include the dielectric breakdown strength, acidity, interfacial tension, and so on.

Regular Maintenance of Transformer

Firstly, maintain the porcelain casing and insulators clean. Secondly, ensure electrical connection reliable and fastening. Thirdly, check the tap regularly. And inspect the contact fastening, burns, scars, rotation flexibility and positioning of contact. Fourthly, in the oil cooling system, check whether there are radiator leaks, rust, dirt or any mechanical damage of on restrict the free flow of oil. Fifthly, test the reliability of arrester annually. Grounding must be reliable, and the leads should be as short as possible. The grounding resistance should be detected during the dry season, and its value should not exceed 4Ω. Sixthly, dielectric loss of the transformer coil, casing and arrester detection should be tested every three years. Seventhly, online detection system should be considered to be used in the most critical transformers. Currently there are a variety of online detection systems on the market and the suppliers will assemble different detectors and sensors, and connect them to the data acquisition device. We should combine the system with the real gas content to guarantee the safe operation of transformer.

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Status of China Food Machinery Industry

Development of Food Machinery

Food machinery refers to machinery and equipment and device applications in food processing of raw materials into the food (or semi-finished). Currently, the vast space of the development of China's food machinery has broad market prospects. Many China's food machinery manufacturing products can keep up with many of the international advanced level, but companies who really have independent intellectual property rights and technological innovation are even less. Therefore, China food machine manufacturing enterprises from the perspective of innovation to develop new products from the height of the independent intellectual property rights, to develop a world-class advanced equipment, so in order to truly achieve the upgrading of the domestic food machinery manufacturing.

China Food Machinery Manufacturing

To achieve the upgrading China’s food machinery manufacturing industry, the most fundamental one is to improve the overall quality of the industry practitioners. The overall quality of that is the ideology and technical quality. The ideological quality of ideas includes the ways of thinking, decision-making level and innovative ideas. On January 23, 2009, the China National Standardization Management Committee (SAC) issued the national standard food machinery safety and health. The standard provides for the health and safety of the food machinery and equipment, material selection, design, manufacturing, configuration requirements. This standard applies to food machinery and equipment, and also applies to product contact surfaces of liquid, food cutting machine, solid and semi-solid food packaging machinery. In this way, food packaging machinery will have a more solid foundation for the development.

International Requirements of Food Machine

Due to global food security is worsening, the developed countries attach great importance to research and application of safe production of food machinery technology, are starting to reach the health and safety of the food processing from the design of food machinery manufacturing. Realize that there are two ways: First, set up a sound food machinery technology specification; organize food machinery strictly in accordance with these technical specifications of the design, manufacture and application. These technical specifications, the most important is the food machinery, mechanical safety and health requirements, which covers all aspects of the design and manufacture of food machinery, equipment selection and matching, equipment installation and verification aspects, which is the study of international food machinery, development, manufacturing prevailing requirements. Food machinery manufacturing industry of other countries to be achieved with the international standards, must comply with health and safety technical requirements.

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Development History of Vacuum Flask

Early thermos Flasks

The archaeologists in the Roman Pompeii city ruins ever found in a double-walled container. This container may be the predecessor of the vacuum flask. But in fact it is called "the world's first truly thermos Dewar. In 1643, Italian Top created a mercury barometer famous vacuum theory. In fact, the emergence of this theory thermos is of great significance, but in the two-and-a-half centuries later, he did not invent the real vacuum flask. In 1879, German physicist tile because the liquefied gas storage laboratory, he listened to the recommendations of Professor Huo Lide, used the two middle vacuum thin glasses to make container. He is the author of the papers "varinholid bottle" in 1881. In 1890, British chemist Shield Williams•long Al improvement the varinholid bottles, coated with a layer of silver on the sidewall, which can reduce the heat radiation, slowing the dissipation of heat through the glass, so that the thermos bottle was born.

Modern Thermos Vacuum Bottle

The inventor of modern vacuum thermos bottle is called James Dewar Sir, he is a scientist in the United Kingdom, is the study of the very low temperature of liquid. In 1892, Dewar was invited to the British Science Institute will be "liquefied" courses. In order to better teaching, he produced a double-layer glass container, and two layers of bladder wall painted with mercury, greatly reduced heat transfer to go before he let a man named Berg glaziers. He then deprived of the air between the two layers, so the vacuum bottle. Only vacuum bottle is the world's first vacuum flask. The thermos is called Dewar. London Institute holds early Dewar vacuum products. Dewar did not attach importance to the invention of the vacuum bottle, but attaches great importance to the theory of extracted air, and applied for a patent for this theory. In 1902, German Berg saw a thermos bottle vast potential market, began to sell the thermos. Two years later, and fight on own behalf to a thermos patent. He found the glass inners easily fragmentation, manufactured with nickel shell to protect the bottles gall. Initially, the thermos bottle is mainly used in laboratories, hospitals and expedition, and later gradually moved into their daily lives.

Thermos Flask Post Modern Development

In 1904, the Berlin blown glassware worker Boolean cover, after careful study, to long Alcatel bottles add a retaining heat sets, so that the market will have a storage container of hot coffee or tea. Since then, a variety of thermos flask will come out one after another. It was found that the thermal effects of the thermos bottle stopper are the worst part of the bottle. Later, people use inflated rubber, cork, plastic plugs to replace and enhance the insulation effect.

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Introduction of LED Plant Grow Lights

Application of LED Grow LightsM

We know that plants rely on light energy for photosynthesis and growth, flowering results. However, due to the natural world often change due to climate change and the ever-changing light, the plants in different growth period cannot fully absorb the different growth during photosynthesis nutrition to growth adversely, especially in the seedling stage. Red promote chrysanthemum stem segment rooting chlorophyll formation, accumulation of carbohydrates as well as absorption and utilization of the role. The plant grow light complements the use of red light to promote a variety of plants quickly take root and improve seed quality effect in the micro-propagation process. Simulated natural light to maximize led grow light for plant photosynthesis accurate spectral range, to provide customers with a more comprehensive plant growth lighting solutions, for the company aims to provide high quality products and services for consumers and users.

LED Grow Lights Features

In this regard, the scientific and rational artificial spectrum of plant growth and create good absorption and reflection conditions. The energy value of the blue-ray and the red light district is very close to the plant photosynthesis efficiency curve (green plant efficiency is significant) and it is the best light source for plant growth. Simulate the natural light, the 300w led grow light can also be produced according to customer demand for the red and blue mixed light for photosynthesis of plants to provide accurate spectral range, suitable for all stages of plant growth, suitable for any indoor garden, no soil cultivation or soil cultivation. LED with its inherent superiority is attracting the attention of the world. Particularly in the context of global energy shortage concerns rise again. And the LED light source has a high luminous efficiency, long life, safe and reliable, environmental protection and energy saving features, the LED lighting market prospects will attracts for more global attention.

Advantages of LED Growing Light

In general, additional illumination and application of ordinary electric light source used in traditional agricultural production different covering materials such as agricultural technical measures, such as the use of monochrome fluorescent or colored plastic film, changing light environment to plant growth and development regulation cultivation environment. Shan Wei LED plant growing lights uses different from these measures, in order to avoid, there are varying degrees of problems, such as lack of analysis of the specific spectral composition of light quality processing impure inconsistent light intensity close to or below even plant light compensation point, irradiation and energy efficiency and low. The LED plant cultivation environment in a large number of applied research results show that the LED can solve these problems, especially suitable for artificial light-controlled plant cultivation environment.

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Introduction of Cutting Machine

Name Origin of Cutting Machine

The cutting machine is also known as cutter maching, which means the cutting machine. It is a kind of processing machine used in industrial production to punching a variety of flexible materials. Habits of such a machine based around the match a lot of different calls. At abroad, they are called for the cutting machine; they are called cutting machine in Taiwan according to the English transliteration coincidence with the Chinese meaning; and at Hong Kong, people call them according to their function and call it beer machine; on the mainland, the people in accordance with their applications and called them the feeder. In the coastal areas of China, in addition to this, there are also somewhat appropriate salutations. In Guangdong, they are called the cutting room, Fujian person called them blanking machine, punch, in Wenzhou and Shanghai they are called cutting machines, some place called them cutting machinery, punching machine, shoes machine, and so on. All of these titles on the natural formation of the keywords of the cutting machine. In fact, most people are still used to call it the cutting machine.

The Use of Die Cut Machine

In industrial production, cutting machine has a very broad application. Its main function is to make use of the die cutter, sheet or semi-finished products of people required by punching action. Flexible sheet material is suitable for processing all types of leather, cloth, textiles, plastics, rubber, cardboard, felt, asbestos, glass fibers, cork, and other synthetic materials. The precise four-column cutting machine structure is widely used in the leather and footwear, handbags and luggage, gloves and hats, crafts and silk, embroidery, puzzles and card making, plastic packaging, printing and paper products, stationery, plastic and chemical, automotive and electronic and other light industry. For example, the foam cutting machine in the plastic packaging industry is widely used.

Current Situation of Die Cutting Machine

The internal structure of the flat-cutting machine is: Cutting machine mechanical transmission, though manufacturers continue to produce, and some small individual firms still use it, but this form of cutting machine is bound to be eliminated. Cutting machine for hydraulic transmission is still in the mainstream. In a large number of used hydraulic cutting machine, tonnage 8-20 tons cutting machine. Flatbed and gantry cutting machine are mostly for large manufacturers, is more suitable for the leather, man-made die cutting of non-metallic materials. Automatic cutting machine in China have begun to use in the near future, due to the improvement in the level of manufacturing industrial modernization, there may be a certain market. However, in the near future, it will be impossible to replace hydraulic cutting machine.

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Wireless Computer Keyboard and Mouse

Introduction of Wireless Laptop Mouse

Wireless mouse cable is directly connected to the host mouse. Generally, we usually use the 27M, 2.4G blue-tooth technology with a host of wireless communications. Mouse has experienced since its inception in 1968, nearly 40 years of evolution and development. For nearly 10 years, with the popularity of consumer computer mouse has also been tremendous progress: mechanical wheel mouse from early to mainstream optical mouse and then in high-end laser mouse, the every time changes of mouse bring pleasure for the users. In addition, as people increasingly higher convenient operation requirements for office environment, the popularity of 2.4g wireless mouse is mentioned to the agenda.

Nature of Wireless Computer Keyboardsbr

The wireless keyboard is a special receiver has no direct physical connection between the keyboard plate body, and the input information is transferred via infrared or radio waves. Accurately, that is the blue-tooth device, such as a wireless mouse, headphones, etc. The so-called blue-tooth technology (blue-tooth), is actually a short-range radio technology, the use of "blue-tooth" technology, which can effectively simplify PDAs, notebook computers and mobile phone handsets and other mobile communication terminal equipment the communication between, but also be able to successfully simplifies the communication between these devices and the Internet, the Internet, so that the data transmission between these modern communication equipment with Internet becomes more quickly and efficiently, to widen the road for the wireless communications. Bluetooth uses a distributed network architecture and fast frequency hopping and short packet technology to support point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication, work in the global 2.4 GHz the ISM (industrial, scientific, medical) band. The data rate of 2.4g wireless keyboard is 1Mbps. Time division duplex transmission scheme to achieve full-duplex transmission.

Wireless Keyboard Mouse Purchasing Skills

If you like, you can also purchase the keyboard and the mouse separately, usually, the peripheral manufacturers are also thought that keyboard and mouse can do intact supporting, regardless of the game or office and be able to complement each other, and the package price is relatively affordable. At the time of purchase, it is recommended that you are the best person to go to feel the knock on the keyboard, the little mouse that could ensure that the product is suitable for your use habit, and is also able to detect product quality problems. Ordinary consumers usually purchase ordinary keyboard as long as the price is right and suitable for your use habits. The emphasis on the game's players might your mouse requirements is relatively high, and then I think you know some well-known brand in the mouse.

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Historical Changes of Automotive Lighting

Early Car Lights

In 1898, Boston held the first car show in the United States, the Columbia car in the United States as the lamp headlights and taillights, and so that the headlight was born. In 1916, an American named C•H•Thomas let the other driver can see gesture of his playing in the evening, a light bulb with battery mounted in the glove, and thereby turn signals humorous debut. In 1938, American Buick car fitted with a steering flash, and then only as optional accessories are installed in the rear of the car. Turn lights in front of the vehicle is also fitted until after 1940. The early automobile headlamps with tungsten incandescent lamp, the dim light can only supply slower car. A long time, in the domestic market, the incandescent has been the main source of all kinds of car lighting kits. Due to the unstable quality of incandescent, so many car accidents occurred every year in China, incandescent vacuum lamps will be phased out.

Halogen Lights for Cars

For nearly 20 years, the automotive lighting equipment halogen lamp (Halogen) is very popular. Each halogen lamp is composed of two sets of filament. The group is the main beam filament, straight forward shot to the mirror reflection of the light emitted by the lampshade. Another partial beam filament, the light emitted to the light shielding plate block to the upper part of the lampshade reflecting mirror, its rays are reflected out of the downward diffusion to the ground, and is not opposite to car drivers who cause dizziness. The disadvantage of the halogen lamp is used for a period of time after the light-emitting capability is gradually degraded. The disadvantage of this kind of auto strobe lights is too much power consumption and the heat bulb makes the lamp cover glass breakage, or lamp housing reflective coating peeling even rupture deformation due to thermal expansion.

Xenon Car Lights

After entering the 21st century, the automotive lighting also entered a new era. The xenon lamp came into being and for the first time equipped in Europe limousine. Compared with halogen lamps, the main difference of xenon lamp is that the xenon lamp through a gas ionization luminescence, the latter by heating tungsten light. Xenon car lamp has high reliability, and will not be affected by the car voltage fluctuations, and to improve road safety at night. Because no filament, the traditional filament easy to brittle fracture problem, life is much longer than ordinary halogen. In addition, the smaller headlamp volume given the automotive appearance design more creative space, car manufacturers also benefit from being able to use high temperature low standard plastic and reduce energy consumption. Therefore, the xenon lamp has gradually become the main trend of the modern automobile headlights.

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Appropriate Office Chair is Good for Spine

Inappropriate Office Chair Brings Cervical Spondylosis

Now, the cervical spondylosis is no longer the monopoly of the old, because more and more white-collar workers and students are entering this multitude. The experts say that, a long time reading or sitting in front of the computer in modern office chair without exercise is a major factor, and the long-term adverse posture and too long time fixed attitude will result in chronic lumbar injury.

Features of a High-quality Office Chair

Such groups of white-collar and students generally spend one-third of the time in the chair, and chair will definitely affect the health of the cervical spine. In fact, a qualified seat put high requirements on its design. Good seat has the following characteristics: First, it owns hard base and strong support and it will not lean because of the oppression of body weight. In general, the appropriate distance between base and ground is 40 ~ 45cm (particularly high or particularly short stature is another matter), this basically is the length of the calf height and your feet can touch the floor naturally when you sit down. If the executive office chair base is easy to move with bad support force, people’s waist muscles will instinctively be tense to the upper body steady, and the waist muscle will easy strain. Second, the curve and downs of the back of the chair can match the degree of curvature of the spine, and waist bumps can support waist, in addition, the back of the chair is high enough with the upper raised which can be used to entrust the cervical spine. Many boss chairs are designed with high back, soft seat and this design only focuses on a sense of majesty and the comfort of buttocks without taking the health of the spine into account. Third, for officers who use the computer all day, the armrest height is also very important, and its height can be able to support the elbows. Many seat armrests only play the role of hand. If the handrails could hold elbow, shoulder muscles will not so easy strain.

Methods to Reduce Injury Caused by Office Chair

Sit on your chair, bend your knees, left leg in the upper and right leg the next, with his right foot placed outside of the ground in the left hip, left foot on the outside of the ground in his right knee, right elbow is against the left knee external and left arm wounds in the right waist. Inhale to stretch spine and stand up straight, breath and reverse the left rear sufficiently. Inhale and reply to the middle, then breathe to loosen limbs. Exercise effects: relax and look after spine, relieve daily fatigue and stiff and make the blood reflux spine area, and nourish the spinal nerve.
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Development Treads of Video Recorder

Rapid Development of Video Recorder

Video recorder gets increasingly wide applications, video coding technology develops rapidly and the features of product tend to be more diverse. The rapid development of embedded real-time operating system and the software is embedded in flash which cannot be modified with characteristics of simple and compact structure, small size and others and it pursues a more professional and practical mobile digital video recorder. With the matures of video and audio encoding technology, the constant improvement of the product features and application fields are continue to broadened, the market demand for embedded DVR is growing at high speed. And with the entrance of enterprises with a strong technical and financial strength, it is bound to further promote the development of embedded DVR market.

Current Situation of DVR

The number of company who has its own R & D capability on embedded DVR is rare. Technical threshold: the development of DSP, embedded real-time operating system and network development. Generally dvr manufacturer has not capabilities on low-rise development, while the application of foreign programs is limited by the original proposal resulting in the shortage of flexibility which is unable to meet the diverse needs of customers. And the other is capital threshold: the purchase of the development environment, the establishment of the development team, the investment of development capital and the shortage of developing talent. Furthermore, some are lack of network functions, and some network functions are not strong.

Routine Maintenance of DVR

First, Place the recorders in the cooling ventilation occasions with good air circulation and heat dissipation while it should not be placed in direct sunlight or near heating appliances. Because the life of electronic devices in recorders will be greatly reduced at high temperatures, or even damaged, recorder's shell vents should not be blocked, the cover must be removed when it is started. Second, the environment with damp or wet corrosive gas is taboo for the use of the DVR, moist environment causes inside metal parts corrosion, and even worse, it may block the machine transmission parts, or causes electronic device leakage, short circuit, and even electrical breakdown. Latest recorders with condensation protection device will automatically shut down when the interior is too wet. And do not make it work in a gas, smoke environment. Third, the case of DVR should be wiped by clean soft cloth. Recorders should stay away from the magnetic field, or it will interfere with its normal work, and the magnetization of internal parts. It is better to stay away from the speaker, induction cooker, magnet toy and electronic table.

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Features of Mifare Smart Card

Characteristics of Mifare Frequency Technology

Non-contact identification is the most important advantage of mifare frequency identification system, it can penetrate the snow, fog, ice, paint, grime and bar code in harsh environment where they cannot be used usually, and the reading speed of the label is fast, in most cases less than 100 milliseconds. Sketches of the active mifare frequency identification system capacity are also very important advantages. It can be used for process tracking and maintenance tracking, and other interactive services. Currently, restricting the development of radio frequency identification systems, the main problem is not compatible with the standard. The major manufacturer of mifare card systems are proprietary systems, leading to different applications and different industries of different vendors frequency and protocol standards, this confusion and separatist situation has hampered the growth of the entire industry of radio frequency identification. Many European and American organizations are working to resolve this issue and have made some achievements. Standardization is bound to stimulate the development and wide application of radio frequency identification technology greatly.

NFC Smart Tags and Logistics Management

The applicability of the nature of the logistics management is the nfc tags technology in logistics management. Enterprises use the entire process of logistics management, to achieve the two purposes of reducing costs and improving service levels. To guarantee the right cost and the right conditions, the right customers get the right product at the right time and the right place is the highest goal of logistics enterprises. Master inventory number, morphology and distribution, improve stock liquidity has become the core of logistics management. In general, the value of business inventories accounted for about 25% of the total assets of the enterprise, accounting for more than 50% of the current assets of the enterprise. The core of logistics management is the management of the inventory in the supply chain.

NFC Tags and Transportation Management

In transportation management, NFC frequency identification technology, only need to install electronic tags on the packaging of the goods, transport checkpoints or interim set the reader, you can achieve the visual management of the assets. In the transport process, the reader will be the electronic tag information is transmitted via satellite or telephone line to the database of the transport sector, the electronic tag each pass through an inspection station, the data in the database to be updated, when the electronic tag reaches the end, the database is closed. At the same time, the owner, according to the permissions, visit in-transit visualization pages to understand the specific location of the goods, which is of great significance to improve the service level of logistics enterprises.

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Nozzle Maintenance before Painting Process

The Reason of the Nozzle Failure

Firstly, erosion: when the high velocity of the liquid goes through the metal surface of the nozzle holes, it will cause the erosion of the nozzle hole resulting in the reduction of the spray gun nozzle, pressure and disorder of the spray state. Probability of erosion depends on the hardness of the liquid, spray pressure, the kinds and amounts of chemical materials. Furthermore, the particulate impurities in the liquid may also cause the punished erosion of the nozzle. Secondly, accidental damage: incorrect use and untimely maintenance are the main reasons for the nozzle accidental damage. Although the nozzle opening is typically designed into saucer shape, the offset of the fan nozzle structure is easy to be damaged. Thirdly, corrosion: when spray and wash the workpiece with chemical materials, these chemical materials can also cause corrosion of the nozzle material. Fourthly, obstruction: chemical materials and impurities are piped in internal or external edge of the nozzle resulting in clogging of the nozzle. This will affect the shape of the fan spray nozzle, which affects the spray pressure. Fifthly, temperature: nozzle has worked for a long time under high or abnormal temperature causing the damage of nozzle due to the softening of material.

Identification of the Nozzle

When the spray pump is running at its rated capacity, the spray pressure of the nozzle will be reduced with the expansion of the nozzle aperture. For the damaged nozzle, even if the nozzle is more than 30% of its rated flow, the change in the state of atomization is also difficult to be recognized by eyes. The best method to identify the nozzle is to observe the change of pressure in the sprinkler pipe. When comparing the different nozzles in the same pre-treatment system, the location and accuracy of the pressure gauge is essential. Usually pressure gauge should be placed in the front end of the spray tube. When judge of the pressure variation of the spray conduit, we should take intact nozzles spray pressure as a reference, and discriminate the problems of nozzle by the difference between the actual pressure and the reference pressure.

Exclusion of Nozzle Problem

Because it is difficult to directly observe the problems of nozzle, so we must pay attention to the selection of the nozzle. Select the appropriate nozzle, and also make a complete set of maintenance and replacement program. Regularly check the nozzle: including regular cleaning nozzle and regularly check the nozzle appearance damage. A few processes (such as pre-skimmed, skimmed) should be carried out in the general pre-processing production. The regular replacement of nozzle: frequency of nozzle replacement depends on the environment, the composition of the spray liquid and nozzle material. If the temperature is higher, or the spray liquid contains impurities, the number of nozzle replacement is relatively frequent.

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Die Verwendung von Packaging Bag

Entwicklung von Packaging Bag

Es ist offensichtlich, dass Verpackungsbeutel vier Phasen erlebt: original Beutel Bühne, die Bühne der großen Säcken, Beuteln Bühne, und es dringt langsam in eine neue Phase der Umwelt (grün) Taschen. Mit der Entwicklung der Rohstoff-Wirtschaft, papiertragetaschen hersteller die Marktfähigkeit der Verpackung selbst wächst auch deutlich, hat es nicht mehr ein besonderes Produkt an der Warenproduktion geworden, und es ist eine Art von weit verbreiteten Produkten, die nicht von allen Gütern getrennt werden können. Wissenschaftler haben Zustand umweltfreundliche Plastiktüten, die von Elektrolyt aus entwickelt werden, können diese umweltfreundliche Plastikbeutel nicht nur unschädlich zerlegt werden, und es kann in Wasser auflösen. Nach Ansicht der Wissenschaftler "Erklärungen haben die Produkte von Polymer Kunststoffe im täglichen Leben zur vollen seit Hunderten von Jahren zerlegt werden, so dass es auf der Erde seit Jahrhunderten existieren. Nach den aktuellen Zahlen, sind 80% der verwendeten Plastiktüten schließlich zu dem Haufen mit der gewöhnlichen Müll transportiert, während nur sieben Prozent der Kunststoffe können auch wiederverwertet werden. Diese neue, umweltfreundliche Plastiktüten nicht nur schädlichen Substanzen in den Abbauprozess, Boutiquekasten aber auch nach unten in natürlichen Substanzen gebrochen welches Insekt Favorit, und es tut große Hilfe, um die natürliche Umwelt zu schützen.

Das Prinzip der Vakuum-Verpackung Bag

Das Prinzip der Vakuumverpackung ist sehr einfach. Der Hauptgrund Essen ist Schimmel und Fäulnis Verschlechterung durch mikrobielle Aktivität und das Überleben von Mikroorganismen (wie Schimmel und Hefe) verursacht braucht Sauerstoff, Vakuum-Verpackung dauert Verwendung dieses Prinzip, das den Sauerstoff entzieht in der Tasche, um Nahrung intrazelluläre mikrobielle verlieren "Lebensraum". Gleichzeitig, sondern verhindert auch das Futter unterschiedlich schmeckende und Qualitätsminderung wegen der Oxidation von Nahrungsmitteln, um die Ergebnisse einer längeren Zeit der Lagerung und Konservierung von Lebensmitteln zu erzielen.

Gemeinsame Merkmale der Staubsaugerbeutel

Hochtemperatur Kochbeutel und Vakuumbeutel sind für alle Arten von Fleisch gekocht Lebensmitteln verwendet werden, und es ist gesund und einfach zu bedienen. Material: NY / PE, NY / AL / rcpp, NY / PE; Eigenschaften: Beständigkeit gegen Feuchtigkeit, Temperatur-, Shading-, Duft halten und zäh. Anwendung: Hochtemperatur-sterilisierte Lebensmittel, Schinken, Curry, gebratene Aal, gegrilltem Fisch und Fleisch Halogen-Produkte. Vakuumverpackungsmaschine besteht hauptsächlich aus Folienmaterial, und natürlich Flaschen und Dosen werden ebenfalls verwendet. Das Filmmaterial in Lebensmitteln Vakuum-Verpackung verwendet werden sicherstellen, dass die Aspekte der verschiedenen Lebensmittel-Verpackungen, ästhetischen, ökonomischen können die besten Zustand zu erreichen. Inzwischen hat Essen Vakuumverpackung höhere Anforderungen an die Licht blockierenden und Stabilität des Materials. Wenn ein einzelnes Material kann diese Anforderungen nicht erfüllen, wird das Paket häufig durch eine Vielzahl von verschiedenen Materialkombinationen hergestellt werden.

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Auto Parts Meets the Challenges of Opportunity

High Growth of Chinese Auto Market

The next decade, China's demand for cars will remain in the average annual growth rate of 13% -15%, compared to the vehicle power on the world, there is a relatively long period of rapid growth in China's auto market, this time probably from 2009 -2023 years, the span is about 15 years, this is a good opportunity for the development of auto parts of the domestic enterprises. China has its own specific national conditions, our income gap compared to those car powers. The size of the income gap will play a crucial role in the popularity of consumer durables speed. The income gap is smaller, the shorter the time the popularity of consumer durables, and vice versa. The income gap is relatively large, determine the popularity of cars in China is relatively slow speed, and thus China's auto body parts market will maintain a longer period of sustained growth, which also own brand is still relatively weak for competitive enterprises win a relatively the long development time.

Internationalization of China Automobile Parts Industry

During the twelfth five-year period, China will vigorously promote the internationalization of the automotive industry, the auto companies are encouraged to go out. With the internationalization of the subaru car parts OEMs, it will also play a good role in boosting China's own parts enterprises. Worldwide automotive products sales grew fastest in South America, Asia, Japan and South Korea outside the African market growth soon. And the people of these countries, more emphasis on the inexpensive automotive products. At the same time, as the country is actively promoting the automotive industry in the international road, China has become the vehicle power will be just around the corner, in this context, the parts enterprises will also usher in a new development opportunities.

Rapid Development of autonomous auto Parts Companies

China's auto parts market is undergoing a new change, that is, the second and third tier markets, especially in third-line market is becoming a major growth point and strong point of the future development of China's automobile. Third-line market consumers to foreign luxury car is not so sensitive to the contrary, they pay more attention to the economic suitability of the car. With the domestic independent brand enterprises gradually powerful, it will also boost the rapid development of the domestic parts enterprises. Domestic independent brand enterprises ushered in the opportunity at the same time, it is also facing challenges. One of the challenges is the cost advantage of the independent parts enterprises being undermined. With the rising prices of production, the cost of the independent parts enterprises will improve gradually. Parts enterprises and wholly foreign-owned and joint venture due to the continuous progress of the constant expansion and research and development, but the costs continue to decline.

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Heat Pump Water Heater Promotion is Imperative

Overview of Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat pump water heater is a water heater product to take advantage of the new generation of solar thermal depth. It is a small amount of power-driven heat pump units, the nature of the low-grade heat (such as air, water, geothermal, etc.), it can produce 4 kilowatts 1 kilowatt of electricity heat absorbed by the heat pump system, and also the use of low electricity prices, running cost is only a quarter of the electric water heater. It has no electric heating element in contact with the water, to achieve a thorough separation of water, so it is more secure and reliable. The dhw heat pump is weatherproof, and it can achieve thermostat central hot water supply in 24 hours, and it can meet the demand of a large amount of water and to provide consumers with more comfort.

Status of China Heat Pump Water Heater

However, the overall development of heat pump water heater in China is still in its infancy, especially in the home market. According to the Sino trust survey of 1035 consumers in five cities in China in 2007, there are only 4.2% of consumers know about this product. Heat pump water heater, the name is not good and direct as the electric water heaters and gas water heaters, as straightforward, is closely related with this promotion is not open. "Joint promotion of the Chinese Academy of electrical appliances the Yang Chao Minister in the" heat pump water heaters start industry " , said the heat pump water heater is known gas water heaters, electric water heaters and solar water heater "fourth generation" water heater. china heat pump water heater is now on the market but it faces the dilemma that the water heater market share is less than 1%, and only less than 5% of consumers understand this industry.

Heat pump water heater prospects

Li Fan, the Chinese Academy of energy heat pump industry expert, believes that the development of domestic heat pump water heater industry is affected by low consumer awareness, lack of government development guidance and energy saving support. Eliminate these obstacles to development, relying solely on a company or unit is difficult to solve the urgent need to unite all forces within the industry to promote this. Domestic heat pump water heater technology development has been basically mature. National product standards for commercial heat pump water heater was issued in May of this year, the technical standards for household heat pump water heater products, is expected to be introduced during the year after the industry for more than two years of discussion and demonstration. The NDRC Energy Conservation Information Dissemination Center Director expressly heat pump water heater has a huge energy saving potential Energy Conservation Information Dissemination Center support the joint promotion of this product. Been part of the air heat pump water heater brand began to change the follow-up, which fully reflects the influence of the upper-class brands on the market. We have reason to believe that this joint promotion activity will drive heat pump water heater to raise the benchmark of the industry and gets rapid development.

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Methods to Maintain Gas Oven

Importance of Maintain Gas Oven

In the modern kitchen cooking equipment, we usually place more emphasis on cleaning and maintenance of hood, while the maintenance of the electronic gas stove will be ignored. In fact, this is a wrong concept: regular maintenance gas oven can not only make kitchen environment more hygienic, flame burning more fully, reduce indoor air pollution, but also can reduce potential accidents, to put an end to the phenomenon of "burn the black bottom of the pot" and we even can say that the importance of the electron gas stove maintenance is higher than the maintenance of the hood machine.

Methods to Maintain Gas Oven

There are not too many people able to answer the problem of how to care for gas stove correctly, so this article will give details of the method to clean and maintain the gas stove, I hope everyone master the method of maintenance and cleaning of Electric Oven. Firstly, eliminate hidden dangers: before cleaning and maintenance of electronic gas stove, we have to check whether there are potential causes of accidents of the stove. The following parts have to be examined for a long period of use of gas oven. We have to observe whether the burning is adequate in the process of day-to-day use combustion, whether there exists burning smell, and if there are these phenomenons, you need to carry out clean-up work for the next step. When the combustion flame becomes red, smaller or gives out odor, gas stove should be cleaned timely. Clean the burner with cleaning brush, toothpick, wire or the carbon deposition attached to burner, and usually you can solve the problem after cleaning them up. Observe whether the intake hose of natural gas (or gas, liquefied petroleum gas) are aging, stiff and breakage. Observe whether there is leaking in gas (or gas, liquefied petroleum gas) intake hose by smearing soapy water; observe whether there are aging or rust in other parts of gas stove, if there is, you should better contact manufacturers to maintain and replace these parts, it is better not to dismantle or unload gas stove accessories by yourself to avoid a greater accident risk because of the lack of knowledge.

Methods to Clean Gas Oven

When clean the electron gas stove, whichever materials the gas stove panel belongs to, it is better to use a neutral detergent for cleaning, and we should pay attention that : Be sure to use a clean, soft cotton cloth (or special cleaning cloth) with the use of detergents, even in the face of stubborn dirt, we can thoroughly remove dirt by local infiltration, local repeated scrubbing instead of using a steel ball, cut shovel and other hard objects, in order to avoid scratches or even breakage phenomena of the gas stove panel.

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Introduction of Food Packaging Machine

Performance and Features of Food Packaging Machine

It can achieve complete automatic feeding, and the entire production process metering, bag filling, printing date, product output; The 2 measurement precision, high efficiency and fast, not scrap. Food packaging machine can save three labors, low loss, easy to operate and maintain; uses a stepper motor, quiet operation, stable operation, long life; According to the characteristics of the object under measurement, fine-tuning of the hopper doors opening and closing speed to prevent crushing and card chat; Calculation error: within± 1.5g.

Food Packaging Machine Application

The food packing machine has a very wide range of application. Almost all walks of industries need to use them. Such as puffed food, potato chips, candy, pistachios, raisins, rice balls, meat balls, peanuts, biscuits, jelly, candied walnuts, pickled vegetables, frozen dumplings, almonds, salt, washing powder, solid drink, cereal, pesticide particles particle flake, short of powder and other items. Food packaging machine origins throughout the country, Anhui, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong and Shanghai are the main origin of the food packaging machine.

Food Packaging Machine Classification and Composition

According to the use, it can be divided into: household use, industrial use; if divided by product status, liquid, massive, granular mixtures packaging machine; divided by the role of packaging, inner packaging, outsourcing packaging machine; packaging industry, food, Japan chemicals, textiles and packaging machine; packaging station, single station, multi-station packaging machine; degree of automation, semi-automatic, fully automatic packaging machine pillow packaging; distinguish between product form, can be divided into machine, vertical packing machine, vacuum packaging machine, sealing machine, and so on. Classification of packaging machinery, there are many, various classification methods have their own characteristics and application, but has its limitations. From the total situation of the international packaging machinery, scientific classification is classified in accordance with the main function, and it can seize the essence of things. The food packaging machine is composed by the XJB-220 host or XJB-200 of the host; ten computer combination weigher; Z-type material conveyor; vibrating feeders; electronic scale platform; products transporting.

Food Packaging Machine Principle

Food vacuum cooling machine is the key equipment of packaging food preservation and security. It is the general cooling mode (natural cooling, blast cooling, cooling of the cold room) as compared not only to achieve the sterile cooling, and cooling faster (only 5 to 15 minutes, the general cooling method requires at least a few hours to several tens of hours), food center and the surface can also be done at the same time uniform cooling to avoid bacteria breeding in the range of 55℃~30℃ temperature zones, to ensure the hygienic quality of food cooling, the key technology to ensure the packaged food safety and prevent food poisoning equipment.

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How to Select High-quality Foot Patch

The Principle of Foot Patch

We can conclude form the Chinese medicine theory that: there are three yin meridians and three yang meridians on foot, and the drug is passed to corresponding organs by three yin and three yang. foot patch is spread on pelma and plantar reflex zones are stimulated, blood circulation is promoted to provide sufficient power to the subcutaneous tissue of the transporter protein, and the drug is absorbed percutaneously in the role of transporter proteins, then it will go into the body along with the blood circulation while the harmful substances will transdermally exclude by the effect of the transporter protein; harmful free radicals will combine with ions in the foot patch and will be excluded out of body; the combination of the two forms of the body toxins can be effectively excluded in vitro, to promote human health. Foot patch can promote metabolism, promote sleep, relieve fatigue, improve constipation, bad breath, and abdominal distention phenomenon; activated cells expel moisture to ease the pressure of the foot and joints.

Introduction of Foot Patch

Detox foot patch are mostly not concerned about by people. It takes a long time for people to feel the effects of these products, so it is hard to leave deep memory on people. But I do recommend such products, because you will find your body become cleaner for a long time use. What should we pay attention to when choose detox patches? What kind of feelings can such products bring us? Which aspects should we focus on when purchase these products? Although the prices of such products are not high, I hope that you can address such products through my recommendations.

Tips for Selecting Foot Patch

We should pay attention to the following three aspects for purchasing high-quality foot patch. First, look at the brand. There are not many such products in the mall, most of them are from the network, which creates a bit of obstacles for our intuitive purchase, but there is always the beginning. Some brands become outstanding in the competition of customer source. Second, test the efficacy. Such products is cheap and a single paste is less than one yuan, so it is suggested that you can buy a few stickers to experience the effect, and then consider whether to bulk purchase or not, or recommend to family and friends. Third, persistence. If you want to see the effect of any products, insistence and perseverance cannot be separated, and it is more obvious in such products. I suggest that you give the positive reviews of these products after one month, then you will have surprised discovery.

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Development of Coating Denim Fabric Series

Coated Denim Fabric Profile

Denim fabric, with its good performance of rugged, durable, comfortable and easy to take care, is loved by many people and the acclaimed and its constantly seeking change in clothing styles and production, especially through the ever changing styles of the finishing process, giving the fabric to personalize fashion and function, creating a hundred years fashion "myth. Coating is an important process in the finishing process, is an effective way to improve the fabrics grade and value-added products. Finishing the coating applied to the denim fabric, developed a series of high-end denim fabric, changed the look and feel of traditional denim fabric characteristics, and imparts various functions. The coating finishing denim texture is completely different from the traditional ordinary denim, visual and tactile senses, unique style greatly enhanced value-added products, and the price is about 30% higher than ordinary denim fabric finishing, high quality, and high value-added new denim varieties.

Coating Finishing Denim Fabric Characteristics

First, consolidation occurs only at the surface of the denim stripe fabric. With conventional padding finishing approach is different, the coating slurry need not penetrate into the denim fabric inside, only the coated surface of the fabric, thus saving raw materials, and can maintain the fiber itself soft features. Second, the process is mainly calendering, coating, drying and curing. Generally does not require washing, therefore, the process energy conservation, basic sewage discharge less pollution to the environment, in line with today's trends in environmental protection. Third, the base of denim fabric is relatively low and less restrictions on the fibrous raw material. After coating finish, some lower cheap denim fabric profile can be made into high-end products with higher profit.

Denim Fabric Coating Process

The processing of coated denim fabrics has dry coating, wet coating and foam coating. The direct dry coating, the direct dry coating process does not rely on the media, the coating slurry is applied directly to the fabric in the fabric surface to form a tough film, after drying, heat treatment, cooling, coating agents; wet coating. The wet coating is also known as solidification of the coating, with the dry coating film formation in an oven, which is generated in the porous film in a coagulation bath; foam coating. Foam coating is the coating agents, foaming agents, foam stabilizers and the like, and a small amount of water, use air as the diluents and then to make a foam state by foaming device, uniformly applied to the fabric surface, and then roll the fabric surface the foam layer of rupture, the process of the coating agent is distributed to the surface of the fabric.

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Vacuum Mixer Introduction

Profile of Vacuum Mixer

Vacuum mixer is the dispersion of a set of the hybrid multifunctional efficient equipment, suitable for polymer lithium ion battery liquid and liquid lithium ion battery, electronic battery slurry, adhesives, plastic mold, carbon ketone sealants, polyurethane sealants, anaerobic adhesives, paints, inks, pigments, cosmetics, creams and other electronics, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, building materials industry, liquid, , solid and liquid materials mixed reaction, and the processes of dispersed, dissolved, homogeneous and emulsification.

Composition and Classification of Vacuum Mixer

The vacuum mixer is composed of mixing bucket, stir and cover, stirring power head (including two sets of low-speed impeller, two sets of high-speed disperser and a wall scraping paddle), temperature control device, lifting device, lock barrels device and control system. According to different applications, it can be divided into lab vacuum mixer, the chemical vacuum mixer, battery fluid vacuum mixer, solder paste out material vacuum mixers, the food vacuum blenders and vacuum emulsifying mixer. According to different modes of action, it can be divided into the double planetary vacuum mixer, the horizontal vacuum mixer and under barrel rise vacuum mixer.

Working Principle of Vacuum Mixers

The vacuum mixers are determined by a plurality of parameters to describe the use of any single parameter a mixer is impossible. The shaft power (P), the blade discharge quantity (Q), the pressure head (H), the blade diameter (D), and agitation speed (N) is to describe the five basic parameters of a blender. Flux number of blades the amount of the liquid discharge with the blade itself, the one side and blades of impeller speed proportional to the cube of the diameter. The stirring shaft power consumption and fluid specific gravity, the blade itself the power number speed cubic blade diameter is proportional to the fifth power. In the case of a certain power and the form of a blade, the blade discharge quantity (Q), and the pressure head (H) can be adjusted by changing the diameter of the blades of the (D) and the speed (N) match, i.e., the large-diameter blades equipped ensure the shaft power to the low speed (constant) a blender to produce a higher flow action and a low pressure head, and the small-diameter blades together with the high speed to produce a higher pressure head and a lower flow action. In stirred tank, make the micelles collide with each other, the only way to provide enough shear rate. The reason to see from the mixer, it is precisely because of the presence of differential fluid velocity, so that the fluid between the layers mixed with each other. Therefore, the mixing process is always related to the fluid shear rate.

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Application of Fiber Optics Connector

Normal Usage of Fiber Optics Connector

In the fiber optic system design, if the system is capable of normal operation, we achieved very good results. We need not only to consider some unexpected problems appear in the system design, but also expect the system to achieve the effect of normal operation. During the process of system design, we have to take into account the worst case may appear and make appropriate plans, looking forward to better operational results. fiber optics connector designers certainly have to keep this in mind. In system design, security, stability and system connection requirement the end of the fiber is smooth, tidy. The connection between the clients must be precise, micron accuracy or millionths of a meter. The diameter of commonly used multimode fiber is from 50-62.5 microns, while the diameter of the single-mode fiber is only 8-9 microns. This size of diameter can be compared with a human hair (17-180 microns) in diameter, and we can make sure that any trace of error can bring catastrophic losses.

Development of Fiber Optic Connector

With the expansion of technology development and application, fiber optic patch cables are also achieving rapid development. The kinds of Fiber optic connector used in market are probably 12 or more, each of which came into being to meet the specific needs, of course, there are also some technical limitations. The trend in market is developing toward a moderate price, compact connector mode and all of these can support the requirements of the new transmission distribution system. As users expect that the continuous development of the telecommunications industry also contributes to the large scale application of the optical fiber, in large part due to rapid growth in the demand on the types of communications and entertainment services on the fiber-optic connection.

Requirements on Fiber Optical Connector

The fiber optic connection is very stringent to the precision of equipments, therefore the connector must be very clean. Fiber optic connectors and accessories are usually mounted on a set of house, a finger print or external dust may seriously affect the performance of the connector, and even lead to transmission failure. Therefore, the connector should be stored in clean protective sleeve without connecting. In the connection, we should also tighten fiber optic connector. So far, wedge "ferrule" is used all optical fiber connector design to ensure accurate when select the connector. The optical fiber terminal in the ferrule becomes a permanent element by adhesive or crimping tight hoop. Ferrules are usually made from a relatively hard material such as ceramic, of course, can also be stainless steel, plastic, or made of a tungsten carbide material.

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