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China Auto Parts Enterprises have Crisis and Opportunity

China auto parts industry has great potential

Currently, the ratio between the output value of China auto parts and automobile manufacturing industrial output value is only 1:0.7, which is far below the international standard 1:1.7; the auto parts industry has great potential. Through the establishment of the Industrial Alliance, setting up public service platform to guide the development of scattered parts enterprises have become urgent priority for the industry.

The rapid development of China's auto industry is gradually changing the Industrial center gravity

China currently is the world's largest automobile production and sale country, attracting the eyes of the world; the rapid development of China's auto industry is gradually changing the Industrial center gravity of the global automotive manufacturing industry. The global financial crisis triggered by the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis s has affected the real economy in many countries; the pace of the international transfer of the auto parts industry is accelerated. The data shows that the number of auto body parts wholesale enterprises in China has reached more than 20 million and the employees are nearly 10 million. In 2010, the total output value of China's auto parts industry was more than 1.5 trillion RMB, import and export volume reached 37.3 billion U.S. dollars. Dual needs of auto parts in the automotive aftermarket and automotive producers will drive the industry to maintain an average annual growth rate of about 20% -30%.

Recognize the current living conditions and opportunity is essential

Along with the rapid growth of China's auto market, the domestic auto parts industry has gradually increased. During this period, a series of small and medium enterprises flock and join to grab a slice in the automotive industry. Currently, many small and medium enterprises encountered a series of difficulties due to the economic environment factors. The fragile survival status of SMEs received a certain impact. So, clearly recognize the current living conditions and opportunity is essential for the future development of China's enterprises.

Subaru Parts

Small and medium-sized auto parts enterprises are provided with future development opportunities

China's auto parts enterprises are relatively weak. More than 90% of the auto parts enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, and the policy of the state begins to tilt to the SME in recent years, which is a good signal for Subaru car accessories enterprises. The changes in the global automotive industry and the rapid development of the China automotive market provide a historic opportunity for the domestic auto parts enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. In the new situation, the countries pay more attention to the development of small and medium enterprises, and increase efforts to support SMEs, introduce a series of new policy, the Ministry of Industry will be positioned to service for SMEs in 2012, which provide future development opportunities for our car parts SME.

Development of China's auto parts industry is vital to the development of China's automobile industry

Currently, the entire world's automotive trade regards China as the first market. With the entrance of car into the homes of ordinary people, many consumers are concerned about and understand the car, which also indirectly improve the community concern about auto parts. After 30 years of development, especially in the last 10 years, following the rapid and steady growth of China's auto market, the overall strength of China's auto parts industry is greatly enhanced; the country formed a Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, northeast, Sichuan, Chongqing, six parts production and gathering place in Hunan and Hubei, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and 12 national auto parts export base around the vehicle matching and the international market. It is said that the future development of China's auto parts industry is vital to the development of China's automobile industry. is concentrated on SUBARU exterior auto body parts' developing, producing, selling for almost 8 years, our items including bonnet, spoiler, side visor, front bumper guard, grille, roof luggage rack, door sill plate ,strut bar, carpet and some accessories about SUBARU car.

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Tips for Choosing Auto Body Parts

What is Auto Parts?

Auto parts is composed of car overall each unit and service in the automotive products. There are a variety of auto parts brands, now more and more types of cars have come to our daily life. With the improvement of people’s living standard, the people of automobile consumption also increased. The auto body Outback Parts market becomes larger and larger. In recent years auto parts factory is in rapid development.

Rear Protection Panel for Subaru 2.5i
Good Methods to Purchase Auto Parts

While many people budget for car payments, insurance and gasoline, it can be a bit harder to plan for the cost of repairs and maintenance on your car. When you are hit with a high quote from your mechanic, one way to save money is to ask for aftermarket car parts instead of parts from the original equipment manufacturer, or OEM.

For example, Subaru Legacy Parts should be a good example. First, look at the packaging factory accessories packaging general standard, standard specifications, printing clear formal, and counterfeit products packaging printing relatively poor often can easily from the package to find flaws. Then, look at the color of some original parts surface designating certain colors, in case of other colors, whether it is a fake spare part. Again, look at the appearance of original parts printing or marking a clear appearance type and formal and counterfeit products rough appearance. Also, see paint illegal businessman will scrap parts by the simple processing, such as open, outfit, together, together, painting, processing, and then as qualified products, illegal profits. At the same time, look at the texture of original accessories material according to design requirements of the qualified materials, and the fake products are to use cheap inferior material substitution.

Attention to Failure of Auto Parts

About failure of auto parts, it’s a mixed bag of whether aftermarket car parts are as good as original equipment when it comes to a mechanical part failing in your car. For items related to your car's computer system, such as the wide range of sensors that can fail, it's best to stick with original equipment. For other mechanical items, aftermarket parts may be just fine. For example, many engine components are produced by one supplier for many manufacturers as well as for the aftermarket, so purchasing the aftermarket version may mean you are buying the exact same component as the original, except without the brand name and extra cost.

Automobile Cylinder Body Repair

Automativer Diesel Engine Cylinder Repair

Automotive diesel engine cylinder with crack damage due to cooling water corrosion, temperature crack, body and the water temperature difference caused by the overlarge explosion, and assembly of inadvertent damage etc..Cylinder body if severe damage, are generally easy to find, but for small cracks, is difficult to observe. Therefore in the diesel engine repair, general can adopt hydraulic test method, can identify crack seepage sites, then to repair. Automobile cylinder crack repair, should be based on the cracked parts, crack and repair conditions to determine its repairing method.

The Introduction of Wholesale Auto Body Parts Repair

When the cylinder outer plane parts crack, it can use patch plate method. Method: first the crack area plans to about 3ram, and the glass fiber cloth and steel coated with epoxy resin adhesive, is glued at the crack position, and tapping, and fixed with screws. When the automobile cylinder larger force, high temperature part of cracking, the welding method. Prior to welding crack ends in drilled stop-crack hole, open V groove, welding and welding are used in oxygen acetylene flame at crack ends "heating stress reduction", in order to avoid shrinkage deformation. When the wholesale auto body parts and other parts of crack, trachoma, osteoporosis and other defects, available block plugging agent blocking up. The plugging agent into the cylinder head outlet of the thermostat, installed, plus enough water, and the 0.3MPa high pressure air into the cooling system to increase the water pressure, so that the plugging agent with water jacket the gap, to facilitate the bonding glue. From 3 to 5 days, it can emit plugging agent solution, injection water. Crack repair should be performed after water pressure test. Test cylinder, cylinder head, the automobile after installed in the hydraulic test bench, the hydraulic pressure is 0.3 ~ 0.4MPa, maintained above 5min without any leakage, is good. No conditions, can be used as pressure test method: remove the water tank, water pipe and oil bottom shell, high pressure air pipe is inserted into the water inlet pipe, the pipe, sealing. Then, the high pressure air pump into the 0.4MPa test, 5min should be free of any leakage.

Subaru Legacy Body Kits Repair

Automotive diesel engine main bearing seat holes repair: according to technical requirements, main bearing seat holes roundness, and its tolerance is 0.01mm; coaxial error for O.02mm, to allow the value of O.05mm, limit value of 0.10mm; surface roughness of bore R. For 0.89in.When the inspection found that the main bearing seat hole excessive wear or coaxial tolerance exceeds the limit, can spray repair method. The first main subaru legacy body kits boring large 2mm, nickel wire brushed, and asbestos plug through the oil hole, and then the carbon steel wire for spraying, spraying after until the main bearing bore diameter than the standard size of about 2mm, and then the main bearing seat hole boring to standard size. Attention should be paid to when boring bar, not to change the car's main bearing hole of the center line to the cylinder plane distance, so as not to change the compression ratio.

How to Select UPS Backup Power?

UPS selection and maintenance of UPS backup power

The computer has been widely used in all walks of life. As directly related to the safe operation of computer hardware and software is one of the important factors -- power quality reliability should be considered to the first problem of medium and small enterprises. Along with the computer the birth of ups backup power has now been accepted by the majority of computer users.UPS is mainly used to a single computer, computer network systems or other power electronic device with uninterrupted power supply. At present, UPS is widely used in computer, communications, banking, securities, telecommunications, medical, industrial control and other industries. Many electrical engineering personnel in the configuration of power, tend to focus on uninterruptible power supply (UPS) host performance, ignored the UPS selection of batteries for. Inappropriate matching battery selection tends to cause UPS backup time is insufficient, and the battery cannot discharge accidents, serious impact on the quality of UPS.

The working principle of UPS and types

UPS power is generally made of common power and standby power through the switch combination, between them by a logic circuit to control, to ensure the normal in the power grid blackouts or state, the system can work reliably. When the commercial power is normal, UPS is equivalent to nickel cadmium cell regulated power supply, it will power supply voltage after the computer, at the same time, it also to the UPS battery charging. When electricity is suddenly cut off, UPS immediately to inverter working state, small volume of UPS in general and can continuously supply power 5 ~ 20 min, so can guarantee that the computer system normal exit, make the software and hardware are not subject to loss.

ups backup power
The species of UPS

The UPS classification methods varied, according to the power size can be divided into large and medium-sized mistress power capacity; the output waveform can be divided into square wave, trapezoidal wave or sine wave; according to the input and output can be divided into single phase into single-phase, three-phase to single-phase or three-phase to three-phase; according to the work principle can also be divided into dynamic UPS and static UPS two categories. Dynamic uninterruptible power supply is dependent on inertial flywheel stored energy to maintain the load power supply continuity, the uninterruptible power supply with heavy, large noise, low efficiency, long switching time and other shortcomings, has been replaced by a static uninterruptable power supply. Static UPS to batteries as the energy storage tool, city normal AC power is rectified into a DC electrical and electrical energy stored in the batteries, when the utility power is cut off by the inverter will be stored in the storage battery DC power into AC power to maintain power to the load. According to the different working modes, static UPS can be divided into the backup UPS, on-line UPS, on line interactive UPS and Delta transformation UPS four kind of types. now offers a full range of lead acid batteries (network & motive power) and Nickel Cadmium batteries covering a wide range of applications from sophisticated telecommunications, uninterruptible power supplies, AGV to emergency lighting and security applications, and offers a full range of Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline Solar Modules combined with PWM/MPPT solar controllers, Grid-off/Grid-tied inverter covering a wide range of applications from sophisticated telecommunications, Power Electricity, Remote Area Electricity applications.

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Entwicklung Trend der Smart Card

Der harte Wettbewerb in Smart Card Industry

Die Erweiterung der Größe des chinesischen Smartcard-Markt zieht die Eingabe von vielen Herstellern, die sich im harten Wettbewerb auf dem Markt. Aufgrund der Fortschritte für Wirtschaft und Technologie, den Bedürfnissen der Nutzer auch diverse, und erhalten Unterteilung Entwicklung und in der Interaktion dieser beiden Kräfte, wird die 3d karten vorlagen-Markt zeigen die folgenden Trend. Die heftigen Wettbewerb zwingt Unternehmen nach Möglichkeiten zur Senkung der Produktionskosten zu finden, und daher Produktpreise weiter sinken. Externer Druck des Wettbewerbs zwingt Unternehmen in F & E zu investieren, die die Kosten für die Herstellung des Produkts erhöhen, was zu einem Anstieg der Produktpreise werden. Aber mit der Entwicklung des Marktes für die Smart Card Industrie, wird die Kapazität des gesamten Marktes rapide, welche die Expansion der Industrie Produktionskapazität und der Produktion Skala von Unternehmen steigern auch den Ausbau ist, die Produktionskosten zu senken, sondern auch mit dem Entwicklung des Smart-Card-Fertigungstechnologie sowie die Entstehung einer neuen Halbleitertechnologie, Smartcard Serienlieferant der Produktivität deutlich zu verbessern und damit die Kosten der Produktion rückläufig, unter den aktuellen Marktbedingungen ist der Preiswettbewerb ist immer noch ein wichtiges Mittel für Unternehmen in Wettbewerb zu beteiligen, um den Wettbewerb auf dem Markt zu gewinnen, müssen Unternehmen auch Wege finden, um die Kosten für die Herstellung des Produkts zu reduzieren. Es wird daher erwartet, dass die künftige Preisentwicklung der Chipkarte wird in einem langsamen Abwärtstrend in der kombinierten Wirkung von mehreren Faktoren scheinen.

3d karten vorlagen

Technologische Innovation in Smart Card Industrie

Smart-Card-Produkte werden schrittweise in Richtung der Entwicklung von berührungslosen Karten, CPU-pvc plastikkarten und FeRAM-Karte zu entwickeln. Auf der einen Seite macht die Entwicklung der Technologie das Produkt immer höher, mehr und mehr Funktion, mehr und bequemer, auf der anderen Seite machen die sozialen und wirtschaftlichen Fortschritt die Bedürfnisse der Nutzer auf die Richtung von High-Entwicklung Klasse und Diversifizierung Nutzer des Produktes muss einfach, schnell und bequem.

Die Entwicklung der U-Bahn-Karte

Die U-Bahn-Karte ist die unvermeidliche Tendenz der Entwicklung der Smart Card und jetzt Smartcard Entwicklung hat die Wahrheit dieser Aussage bewiesen. Die U-Bahn-Karte nicht mehr fremd ist, und es ist nicht nur auf dem Gebiet des öffentlichen Verkehrs, campus, Visitenkarte, etc. beschränkt, sind diese in das Leben der Menschen erschienen, und allmählich unzertrennlich. Allerdings, unabhängig Karte in vielen der gleichen Stadt Branche bringt auch eine Menge neuer Probleme und die Verschwendung von Ressourcen, Verschwendung von Talenten. In diesem Fall werden die "City Cards" ins Leben gerufen. Stadt karten wie IC-Karte im Leben der Stadt und der wirtschaftlichen Aktivitäten verwendet. Derzeit sind in allen Teilen des Landes, ist der Bau vieler Städte Karte in vollem Gange im Gange.

PVC-Karte Produktionslinie mit monatlicher Ausgabe von 40.000.000 Stücken Karten: nagelneue CTP-Maschine, Marke Heidelberg Offset-Druckmaschinen und 12 Zinseszins-Maschinen. Antennen-Produktionslinie mit monatlicher Ausgabe von 30,000.000 Stücken Karten: Roll-zu-Roll Druckmaschinen, Verbindungsmaschinen für die Erosion und Gravieren.

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What is Aluminium Extrusion

Aluminium extrusion profile

An aluminum profile is an amazing thing. You have an idea, you want something attractive or something practical, built for functionality and built to last, so you choose an aluminium extrusion profile. With shape and design, the profile can help realize your idea. Will prices go up or down? It is better to invest or to wait and see? Is it possible to reduce production costs? How can we obtain product certification? And what about the problem of processing waste materials? What are the latest technical innovations? How can I make my company competitive and profitable? These are just a few of the questions you hear most after, when operators from the little big world of aluminum gather together.

Extrusion technology

Extrusion is a robust process that provides virtually unlimited opportunities for adapting product shapes. Fewer components reduce costs, simply the finishing process, ease assembly. Aluminum extrusions inspire creative designs and technical solutions that improve, simplify and reduce costs. We can show how. We work together with customers on product development, right from the start. To produce an aluminum extrusion a length of aluminum of constant cross section- a preheated round ingot is squeezed at high pressure through an orifice of the required shape in a steel die. The extruded section produced can be solid or hollow, simple or complex, large or small. Extrusion is a process used to create objects of a fixed, cross-sectional profile. A material is pushed or drawn through a die of the desired cross-section. The two main advantages of this process over other manufacturing processes are its ability to create very complex cross-sections and work materials that are brittle, because the material only encounters compressive and shear stresses. It also forms finished parts with an excellent surface finish

aluminium extrusion profile

Extruded aluminium profile

Sections of extruded aluminium are usually made the use of a die containing a mandrel attached to a bridge. The aluminum-extruded stream of metal is split at the bridge and re-united at the mandrel before emerging from the die. It is extruded aluminium profile. Aluminum sections of astonishing complexity can be extruded, which is a great stimulus to imaginative and economic design. The size of the section is limited by the size of the ingot container in the extrusion press and is measured by the circumscribing circle diameter required to enclose its cross section. Most aluminum sections have the circumscribing circle diameter of less than 200mm. was established in 1984. As one of the earliest enterprises engaged in aluminium profile in Mainland China, the Company has become a famous and large-scaled enterprise specialized in production of aluminium profiles for both architecture and industry, with its yearly capacity of 150,000 tons.

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CNC Cutting Tool market in China Develops Rapidly

CNC Cutting Tool Market Has Broad Prospects

In the new wave of world economic integration, the global manufacturing industry to accelerate the transfer to mainland China is inevitable, and China will also gradually develop into a world-class manufacturing base. Obvious advantages, especially the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong will be developed within a decade to become the world's center of mold. Meanwhile, due to the recent years, China's annual imports of nearly $ 1 billion molds, precision, large-scale, complex, long-life molds the majority, so from reducing imports angle of view, such high-end mold and hardware tools in the market share percentage will gradually increases. Future, China's mold and CNC cutting tool industry will also be among the highest in the world.

International CNC Cutting Tool Market

The global general machinery, automotive, aerospace, energy, medical, rail transportation, mold machine tools industry cannot live without the CNC tool and equipment. Seen from the future development trends, the global CNC tool market in the next five years is expected year-on-year growth of 3% to 5%, as per this growth rate, we are still retaining its position as the world's first chair. Seen from the domestic supply of CNC cutting tool, CNC cutter tool occupies the mainstream position in China, up to 65% in 2011 CNC tool market is still maintained rapid growth, which is expected to create new highs. The statistics show that only the first half, domestic threading insert market achieves a growth of 25% to 30%, the growth rate has come down since July, but throughout the year it will still be able to achieve a 15% growth. In comparison, in recent years, the International CNC tool market remains stable recovery, but the average annual growth rate is a conservative estimate and only keeps about 3% to 5%.

China CNC Cutting Tools Trade

The data shows that in 2010, China's domestic CNC tool total production is 290 million, in addition to supplying the domestic market, export of CNC cutting tool is 70 billion. At the same year, China imported CNC tool and made CNC tool sales reached 330 billion RMB, ranking first in the world. China CNC tool grew 40% in 2010 and over 50% growth in the first three quarters of 2010, foreign CNC tool enterprises in China sales growth is also very good, there is no development if market demand is out of the question, and the market demand is our biggest advantage. is a leading manufacturer of CNC Turning Tool holders, Carbide End Mills, Thread Inserts, Carbide Saws, Indexable Tools and so on. We have several decades of CNC tool design, manufacture and sales experience. For more details, pls come to have a visit to our page!

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Introduction of Silicone Bracelets

Silicone Bracelets Culture

Silicone bracelet is 100% made from natural solid silicone rubber by the hydraulic press repression; wrist strap itself has a certain amount of tension and softness, it can easily deform, and immediate resumption; silicone bracelets have resistance to abrasion, high temperature, no distortion, no tasteless poison, no side effects to the human body and so, at the same time have the feature of softness, no cracking, long life, and does not irritate skin, etc., is the real green ornaments. In recent years, people began adding some functional materials, anion, germanium, titanium, and far-infrared silicone wristbands raw materials for processing, with certain health functions, they swept the globe market. Silicone bracelet is combined with various organizational activities, branding, sports, etc. Associated with a good design can convey a very far-reaching significance. In 2004 and 2005, we see many successful uses of silicone products: for example, the fast-food giant McDonald's inspirational silicone bracelet is a very successful one, PuMa, Nike, and clothing brand.

Characteristics and Uses of Silicone Bracelet

Silicone bracelet with a variety of fluorescent, luminous ahs a variety of colors, softness, no deformation, non-toxic, resistant to wear and tear is not cracking, high temperature, long life, does not irritate the skin, fashion features. In addition to decorative effect, it also has the functions in medical, health care, and insect repellent efficacy. silicone bracelet is used for a variety of casino, it can be used as gifts, souvenirs, promotional items, and it is a hot fashion jewelry; what’s more, it is a low-cost, effective advertising promotional advertising gift. The big part of the movement of the hand with no practical purpose, and it is just a fashionable ornament. This hand to bring the English words or words to convey the message usually reflects people's beliefs and values of the wear.

The Silicone Bracelets Process and Characteristics

Silicone bracelet is made of natural solid silicone rubber by the hydraulic press repression; and it has a certain amount of tension and softness, easily to be deformed, and immediate resumption; silicone bracelet is resistant to abrasion, high temperature, no distortion, no tasteless poison, and the characteristics of no side effects to human body, in addition, it is soft, no cracking, long life, does not irritate the skin, etc., so it is the real green ornament. In recent years, people began adding some functional materials, anion, germanium, titanium, and far-infrared silicone bracelet raw materials to processing, so it has certain health functions. has been engaged in manufacturing silicone kitchenware, silicone slap watch, silicone baking tray, silicone bracelet mold design for over 14 years. We can offer mold design and OEM / ODM service according to your requests. If you are interested in our products, welcome to visit our page for more details!

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Stone Curtain Wall Creates Building Great Momentum

Composition of stone curtain wall

The stone curtain wall is usually composed of slate support structure (column aluminum beams, steel structures, glass ribs, etc.), which the building palisade structure do not bear the load and function of the main structure. The stone curtain wall generally adopts the dry hanging installation because the dry hanging cost is slightly higher compared to that of wet paste, but there are some benefits. CLADDING has higher security and reliability, not easy to fall, so high walls use dry hanging. Exterior wall wet paste is prone to have the efflorescence phenomenon, impacting curtain perception. The freeze-thaw resistance performance of wet paste is worse, which is prone to have problems in the frozen region.

The advantage of stone curtain wall decoration

1. Natural materials, bright and crystal, hard and permanent, elegant;

2. Freezing tolerance: the stone is resistant to freezing and thawing without the risk of the spoilers in humid conditions, this performance is called freezing tolerance. The water within the rock pores will freeze when the temperature is low to minus 20 Celsius, the moisture in the pores expands 1/10 larger than the original volume, if the rock cannot resist the forces generated by such expansion, the damage phenomena will appears;

3. Compressive Strength: The compressive strength of the stone varies because the mineral composition, crystalline size, the uniformity of the cementing material, load area, the load acting cleavage into the angle and other factors. If the other conditions are the same, usually the dense material with small materials crystalline particles that bonded together to each other has higher strength.

Disadvantage of stone curtain wall decoration

1. Using heavy stone to do the external walls of high-rise buildings has many serious risks, which have not yet been fully standardized in bidding in the construction industry; in many stone curtain wall and stick system curtain wall projects, whose cost is the lowest, then who will win the bid. There is individual subcontracting. Such a low bid, in order to do not lose money, then they will necessary cut corners, which makes the stone curtain wall security cannot be guaranteed;

2. The design exists non-standard behavior, many design institutes are not familiar with Stone Curtain Wall, which only mark the curtain wall on the drawing, regardless of the actual situation. Some of stone curtain wall is designed by the winning curtain wall companies themselves, some design institutes carefully review the structure of the division, but most of the Design Institutes carry out formality of review, the design is not qualified.

3. Stone curtain wall fire-proof performance is poor, especially in high-rise buildings, fire normally was lit indoors. The fires in the building will make stainless steel plates and metal structure hanging slate temperature rise, the steel is softened and lose strength, the slate will be form slate "rain" from the top and falling, which will not only bring danger to pedestrians, but also causes difficulties for fire fighting. is one of leading State-Level II enterprise in Guangzhou of China. We specialize in the design, manufacture, installation, export & advisory services of construction curtain walls, doors & windows system, Steel structure building products.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us!

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The Develpment of Computer Inputs

Keyboard Factory

In fact, early than teletype time, the keyboard has appeared in computer auxiliary equipment. In the computer it can still be occupying a hall of the time, and the main computer inputs device is a punched paper tape and punch card. These tapes and cards were certainly not the hand or the little bit worn out, and they are used for the "tape" and "card punch" to pass through, and two of these machines also have a very much like ordinary typewriter electric typewriter as input device. But relatively speaking by keyboard factory, these two kinds of equipment are not part of a computer, and this is different from teletype, so we do not use them as a part of the history of the development of computer keyboard.

Early keyboard

Early keyboard are almost all mechanical keyboards, and a bit and more accurate to say is a mechanical contact type keyboard, the keyboard using electrical contact as together with signs. The use of mechanical metal spring is the elastic mechanism. This keyboard keys feel hard in long stroke, and key resistance changes quickly clear, feeling very close to the typewriter keyboard, so at that time very popular, until today still have quite one part person very miss this keyboard touch. However, the mechanical is that the mechanical spring is very easy to be damaged, and the electric contact in long time use after oxidation, resulting in failure of key. So in 90 years later, a mechanical contact type keyboard is gradually changing from the stage of history.

keyboard factory

Bluetooth keyboard

An bluetooth keyboard is in high technology. Electromagnetic mechanical keyboard is still a mechanical keyboard, but it with a mechanical contact bluetooth keyboard is different, it does not rely on mechanical force will two electrical contacts connected, but the electrical contact is enclosed in a miniature potentiometers, the key part, placing a magnet, magnetic inrush current by. Compared with a mechanical contact type keyboard, bluetooth keyboard service life strong many, but still cannot solve the mechanical keyboard with the inherent mechanical moving parts can be easily damaged, so the electromagnetic mechanical keyboard can't survive in the market soon, soon to be 80 year appeared late in the non contact type keyboard instead of. So the non contact type keyboard, with prior to the various "contactless keyboard" of relative to character, and "contact type keyboard" is different, so bluetooth keyboard manufacturer does not rely on the conductive contact mechanical connection to obtain a key signal, but on the button itself of electric parameter change to get the key signal. Due to no contact mechanical contact, so its service life can be much better. is a professional supplier to develop high quality keyboards. Welcome to contact us for detail information about keyboards. We have rich experience of design, development and manufacture of keyboards.

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Aluminum Products Profile

Industrial aluminum profile

Most of domestic wheels are cast aluminum alloy forged wheels, but there are also parts of liquid forged aluminum hub are limited to the manufacturing process and cost reasons, and the lowest price is about 1000 yuan, so the aluminum content largely around the wheel strength. Generally speaking, the heavier the strength of wheel hub is greater (Inferior hub in the manufacturing process) Hand percussion hub side wall, carefully taste the hub echo: good manufacturing aluminum of aluminum alloy forging hub is more dense (among other metal impurities less content), thus knocking echo is more clear. This is the industrial aluminum profile. If the liquid aluminum forging technology to create a hub is most clear voice, and echo sometimes may last from a few seconds. If after knocking found echo bored or almost no reply, we advise you to give up the money wheel.(cause: the inferior aluminum cast wheel hub in struck not only sound is muffled, and almost no echo.)If the hub surface without paint, electroplating and other processing of words, but also by the intuitive sense of hub material quality -- hub material better pure (used in the manufacture of aluminum, with relatively low impurity content), its product corresponding to the gloss is bright, clear. Conversely, the color is more gloomy means the forging of aluminum alloy wheel hub material worse.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows materials

Aluminum alloy doors and windows materials not only look at the surface, and Al content, if uneven, whether there is a variegated, finished product is good, material thickness, type of window design meets some place windy rain requirements, shop on your late services etc.You have high quality course line, good quality and price line of three lines or four line's selection. They explore the next market.

industrial aluminum profile

Aluminium profile

Aluminum material to the substrate as the anode in the electrolyte, electrolysis, artificially formed on a surface of a substrate with a layer of protective film formed thereby oxidation of aluminum. This is the aluminium profile. The aluminum with strong abrasion resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance is oxidation. It can be formed on a surface of a substrate a variety of colors, the maximum for your requirements. Its hardness, suitable for all kinds of buildings, industrial production is expected. If you are doing a house with the words, brand is not bad, selected aluminum mainly to see its wall thickness deviation of unbiased, surface smoothness to. is a professional supplier to develop high quality aluminum products. Welcome to contact us for detail information about aluminum products. Our engineering personnel and technicians are rich in experience of design, development and manufacture of aluminum products.

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Technology Development of Atomizing Nozzle

Introduction of atomization technology of atomizing nozzle

Atomization technology has almost covered all industrial sectors, such as transportation, agricultural production, as well as the daily lives of the people, in addition to the combustion of various fuels (gas, liquid and solid fuels), atomizing technology also has a wide range of applications in the industries such as non-combustion catalytic granulation, food processing, powder coating pesticide spraying aspects and spray gun nozzle. The so-called liquid atomization means in the effect of the applied energy, the liquid is changed into a liquid fog or other small droplets in the gas environment. Atomization mechanism has been interpreted in a number of ways, such as aerodynamic interference theory, pressure shock theory, the turbulent perturbations theory, air turbulence theory, boundary conditions mutations theory.

atomizing nozzle

Five theories of atomization technology

First, aerodynamic interference theory, Castleman first proposed the aerodynamic interference theory. He believes that due to aerodynamic interference effects between the jet and the surrounding gas, instability fluctuations are produced on the jet surface. With the increase of speed, surface length affected by the unstable wave is shorter and shorter, until microns and then the jet is spread into the mist. Second, Pressure oscillation theory, this theory observes that liquid supply system pressure oscillation has impact on the atomization process. Thus, according to the prevalent pressure oscillations in the general injection system, we can ensure it plays an important role in atomization of atomizing nozzle.Third, Turbulent disturbance theory, this theory believes jet atomization process occurs inside the nozzle, and fluid turbulence may play an important role. Someone also suggest that the radial component velocity fluid movement as turbulent pipe flow nozzle at the nozzle exit resulting in the atomization. Fourth, Air disturbance theory, it holds the opposite attitude to turbulent disturbance theory, it believes that the large-amplitude pressure disturbances in the fuel injection system is caused by atomization. Fifth, Boundary conditions mutation theory, the boundary conditions mutations holds the opinion that at the mutations happen in the nozzle outlet and the boundary condition of the liquid (internal stress). Conclusion of five nozzle theories There are inadequacies in the five nozzles mechanism hypothesis and even conflicting. Most scholars, such as Bracco FV supports aerodynamic interference theory. The hypotheses fully explain the low speed jet breakup and the high-speed jet, and it can be used as the basic cause of the atomization. Now the fuel spray atomization mechanism is researched in two ways at home and abroad: first, use numerical techniques to create a variety of hypotheses model numerical modeling studies; the other hand, use advanced photoelectric test technology to capture the details of the atomization process , in order to provide support for the hypothesis.

We are a high tech company which combined R&D, sales and production together. Our company has become one of the biggest manufacturers of spray nozzle in China after a development of more than 11 years. All the products have passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality and enviroment certificate, which can satisfy the reuqirements of our customers.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Research and Analysis of China 2012 Household Fiber Optic Cable

Benefits of the Fiber Optic Cable Construction

In 2009, the Optical Fiber Composite Low-voltage Cable which integrates cable and power transmission cables was successfully developed and put into commercial use, and achieved a major breakthrough to power FTTH key technologies. In recent years, with the rapid development of broadband data services and a lot of electrical wire supplier is in constant competition, one and a communications cable access building and home power lines already penetrated thousands of families, laying the most extensive coverage network resources. Make the fiber optic cable carried on the power transmission cables, while laying transmission cables, fiber optic cable laying is synchronization completed, so as to greatly reduce the cost, and also saves the pipeline resources within the building.

AV cable

Fiber Optic Cable Protection Program

Seen from the power FTTH project implementation point of view, fiber optic cable manufacturer directly use the products and solutions for communications industry in the power project, but the actual effect is not ideal. Power fiber to the home has become a reality and at the same time, this new cable OPLC scale composite cable applications will also gave birth to a variety of related products innovation improvement trend. Each fiber composite cable terminal and configuration should be carried out, so that the load on the power transmission cables, fiber optic cable original maturity of power differences protective gloves are not applicable. In engineering applications, we found that the protection program is the destruction of the existing differences between the gloves, and the digging took out the fiber optic cable, and in this manner will greatly reduce the reliability of the differences protective gloves.

Fiber Optic Cables Supporting Standards Development

There are many differences in the communications industry and power industry products in the application of the test standard requirements, and the emergence of the OPLC cable will lead to the formation of a variety of "cross-border" from the current situation, these new products are only part of the reference to the communication industry standards, another part of the reference to the power industry standards to protect the safe and reliable application of the OPLC cable power FTTH, these "cross-border" complementary products should be as soon as possible to develop their own unique industry standards and corporate standards. OPLC cable access power the FTTH related to the solution and the standard is the combination of the two industries, some are the electric power industry, and some are the communications industry, this "cross-border" integrated access solution for the market is opportunities and challenging. is a professional is specialize company specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling Cable & wire products, the main products are sold to USA, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Japan, England and other Euramerican countries. Welcome your visit!

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The Development Trend of Pigment Printing Binding Agent

Requirements on pigment printing adhesive

In order to solve the core issues of the feel, color fastness and environment of pigment printing, the environmentally friendly printing binder is synthesized. Heat Sink Paste must meet the following requirements: the formed film is colorless and transparent and it will not become yellow after heating. The nature of the film is sturdy with good elasticity, adhesion, washable and dry cleaning and resistant to the sun and aging; film-forming is soft, feel good and not tacky after the treatment of fabric. The color fastness of printing fabric is not less than the dye printing standards.

adhesive sealant

The important role of heat sink paste

Pigment printing process is simple, saves energy, with chromatography and no wastewater discharge. Mixed colors and spline are convenient, printing outline is clear, genuine rate is high, reproducibility is strong and general light fastness is good. In recent years, many new materials can be used in pigment printing process, especially with the development of synthetic fiber and blended fabric, the superiority and the importance of the pigment printing are more prominent. Today's global pigment printing takes the average share of the total printing market share of 45% and it takes the largest proportion of all printing. Among them, ratio of upholstery fabrics is 38%. However, pigment printing printed fabric has low rubbing fastness and it will release odor in the operating environment. Although countries in the world have spared no effort to improve and develop new coatings for many years and make great progress in their supporting new additives, such as adhesive sealant, it is difficult to get the overall balance in feel, fastness, seepage, environmental protection and other aspects.

Development and status quo of the pigment printing binder

In the 1950s, the rapid rise in petrochemical and polymer science has spawned a wide variety of synthetic polymer binder. As the shortcomings of complex traditional dyeing process, various rejects, high cost and long processing cycle, foreign countries put forward pigment dyeing and printing. From the direction of development to improve the fastness, improve feel, and reduce energy consumption, foreign adhesives mainly have gone through four stages: the first generation of adhesives is not cross-linked polymer film-forming substances. The second generation was added -CN,-OH,-NH2,-COOH reactive group; the third generation was added self-crosslinking monomer in the binder component in order to improve fastness, reduce curing temperature and shorten the baking time. The fourth-generation printing binder - low-crosslinking binder appeared soon. The crosslinking molecular structure has a strong reactive group, and can react with the hydroxyl group or an amino group at 100 degrees Celsius and can improve the deposition, but also greatly save energy. China also made a lot of research in improving the adhesive application performance and exploring new synthesis process.

Thanks to the seven-year arduous pioneering, Conor has marched into the stage of rapid development. Confronting to the domestic competition of adhesive, the company takes slow and steady efforts to catch up and now it has created a well-known brand among the domestic adhesive industry.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

LED Light Fixtures Thermal Conductivity don't need Metal but Plastic

Advantage of rapid development of the LED industry

LED has gained wide recognition and favor by virtue of the small size, low power consumption, long life, high brightness, low in calories, high environmental protection, durable advantages. In just a few years, LED light fixtures have widely replaced traditional lighting accessories, especially in the automotive, electronics, medical and other cutting-edge industries and fields. The rapid development of the LED industry greatly boosts the development of the upstream material industry, and further promotes breakthroughs in the field of high-end materials.

The thermally conductive plastic is developed

LED light fixtures use a large number of plastic parts, including the packaging element of the LED chip, LED optical lens, the light scattering element, efficient heat dissipation member, the light reflecting and light diffusing plate. Though are energy-efficient and have smaller amount of heat, but the pros and cons of the thermal performance of the thermal conductivity components are critical for LED lamp life and energy efficiency. Thus, researchers use thermal conductive filler to uniformly fill with the polymer matrix material, in order to improve its thermal performance, and developed the thermally conductive plastic that can effectively transfer heat.

LED Strip Light
Thermally conductive plastic advantages

Thermally conductive plastics are increasingly replacing the metal parts to be used as thermal conductivity parts of flexible led strip lights, including lamp holders, cooling, heat lamp cup and shell. Compared to traditional metal materials, thermally conductive plastic has many advantages, which are the following four points: Firstly, even heat dissipation and avoid burning point, reduce local deformation of parts caused by high temperature. Secondly, light weight; it is 40-50% lighter than aluminum. Thirdly, convenient forming and no need for secondary processing. Fourthly, the product design has a high degree of freedom.

Thermal conductivity plastics will have very good prospects for the application and space for development

People now maintain a high degree of attention to carbon dioxide emissions, and gradually increase the awareness of energy saving and environmental protection, and the birth of the LED technology helps people achieve the goal of sustainable development. Using thermal conductivity plastic to take instead of metal is able to increase the flexibility of the lighting design, reducing the total weight of lamps. In addition, the application of conductive plastic can effectively improve lighting efficiency, saving power consumption. With more attention given by the government departments, making efforts to increase technological innovation and investment in the area of special materials, LED materials, especially the thermal conductivity plastics will have very good prospects for the application and space for development. is a high-tech lighting enterprise deal in develop, produce and sales. Our LED diodes, such as DIP LED, High power LED, COB LED. are widely applied in lighting, backlight, indoor and outdoor display screen, etc. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us!

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New Continuous Cut-Off Wall Technology Application in Hydraulic Slotting Machine

Methods to realize continuous slotting

Hydraulic notching machine is a continuous hydraulic slotting machine, which adapts to the slotting for the straight line or a curvature with large radius corners; when the curve radius of curvature is small, the slope of saw body will often severely exceed the design or specification requirements in the slotting process, lowering groove sag and saw body will easily twist and damage. In view of this situation, you can adjust the wall axis of the original corners in the design of the wall axis range to two or even more than a straight line segment polyline, carry out slotting construction according to broken line; drill a hole at the fold point to connect. When slotting near the drilling, control the saw slotting slope, make sure the lower end of the saw body go into the hole, then hang out saw body to adjust the slotting direction and continue slotting, which can not only adapts to the performance of slotting machine, which also realizes continuous slotting.

Damage of groove wall collapse

Groove wall collapse. Groove wall collapse has a variety of reasons, and the situation of the collapse is also different. If the groove wall collapses, it will not only seriously bury the hydraulic notching machine saw body in the ground, delaying the progress of the project, which may make the machine dump due to the collapse of the ground surface. Therefore it should be highly valued. Except special foundations, we can think that if mud liquid level in the tank drops, then tank wall collapse is bound to happen, which even makes the slots comprehensively damaged. The majority of the tank level drops are caused by the leakage of plasma. If there are tainted slurry signs, you should immediately take measures, raise the saw body to the ground.

Prevent catheter being buried in concrete

Prevention of catheter blockage, prevent catheter being buried in concrete. Carefully check whether the catheter is bent, whether there is residual consolidation of concrete on the inner wall of the catheter before installing the catheter, if the catheter is bent, then it should be corrected or abandoned, clean the residual concrete. Also note that if the catheter insertion concrete depth is too large or if stop pouring concrete for too long on the midway, the catheter will not be able to pull out. To prevent the catheter being buried in the concrete, you should measure height of the concrete surface, determine the safety insertion depth of the catheter, and the interrupt time of pouring should be as short as possible, continuously pouring.

Hydraulic Notching Machine

Hydraulic notching machine new technology has good prospects for development

Currently, the hydraulic notching machine continuous impervious wall new technology has been widely used in the section of reinforcement project in the lower reaches of the Yellow River, and has achieved good results in the promotion and application of the Songhua River and the Pearl River Basin. The hydraulic shearing machine technology is widely used in the reservoir dam foundation seepage, embankment foundation seepage control and reinforcement project. It can rapidly complete the seepage control and reinforcement of tasks at low-cost, which has good prospects for development. is one of China's larger-scaled manufacturers of heavy forging machinery, heating and ventilating equipment and sheet metal equipment. We specialize in cooperative manufacturing and development of the machinery and equipment in the industries of ferrous metallurgy, petrochemical, nuclear power, ship traffic, spaceflight and aviation, military project, etc. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us!

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kitchen Appliances urgently need Unified Energy Consumption Signs

Kitchen electric products have no energy-saving sign

With the gradual implementation of the national energy saving initiatives, kitchen electric industry is also undergoing huge changes under the energy-saving baton. Energy saving is not only attached importance by the kitchen electric industry, the consumers awareness to buy energy-saving kitchen appliance package deals are also being strengthened. But now the kitchen electric products on the market have no energy-saving sign, which makes it very difficult for the consumers to judge.

Two concepts of efficient and universal effect

According to the introduction, efficient and universal effect is the two corresponding concepts; the focus of the products produced under the guidance of different philosophy is different. In the general efficiency era, manufacturers lay emphasis on single product performance, what Chinese range hood compares is whose wind is large and gas stove compares the firepower, disinfecting cabinet compares sterilization technology. In efficient times, they consider the issue from the point of view of the user experience, which should not only achieve excellence of product features, and also need to eliminate the side effects of one-sided zoom of function indicators, and continue to seek balance between product features and environment full effect. In other words, you cannot blindly pursue large firepower and wind large at the expense of high energy consumption.

Kitchen appliances should be concerned about a wide range of user experience

Li Bin, the expert who is responsible for the drafting of the new GB range hood, said that in the trend of environmental protection and energy saving, it requires that the kitchen appliances should be concerned about noise, smoke fumes effect and a wide range of experience when used by the users, converting energy-saving and noise reduction into the core of the product competitiveness. When the energy-saving products are launching in the industry, at the same time, consumers are changing in consumer awareness. Producers and consumers reach an agreement on the energy-saving, but the new problem emerges - It is understood that the development of the energy-saving stove industry is not mature, industry access threshold is low, the uneven quality of the product make the competitive landscape of the entire industry to be more disorderly. Consumers reflected that there is a lot of energy-saving stoves publicity concept on the market, which is confusing in technology, such as the direct injection suspension combustion technology, super solar terms stove, etc. but there is no logo for consumers to base which is energy saving.

Range Hood
The Energy saving is very necessary for kitchen appliances

Insiders pointed out that in fact the power of the kitchen appliances is large, the power of the induction cooker, electric kettle, microwave ovens,and other small appliances is more than one kilowatt or the hourly power consumption is the same as a 1.5 air conditioning, or even greater than the air conditioning power consumption, therefore, energy saving is very necessary for these appliances. But there is no uniform energy consumption sign for kitchen appliances, which brings trouble to the consumer's purchase, and is not conducive to the mutual competition of manufacturers on the energy-saving. is a leading supplier specializing in household appliances, selling more than 2.8 million products to the global markets every year. OUYI products include range hood, gas stove, sterilizer, gas/electrical water heater, gas cooker with oven, gas heater, bath warmer and composite suspended ceiling sold both for OEM/ODM and under our esteemed OUYI brand.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quality is the Fundamental Development Way of Wire and Cable Industry

Initial Success of Wire and Cable Products Quality Enhancement

Wire and cable industry is an important basic industry of the national economy, and wire and cable products quality is directly related to the economic and social development and people's vital interests. In order to strengthen the comprehensive improvement of the quality of wire and cable products, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the wire and cable industry, in recent years, relevant departments of the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, Industry and Information Technology Ministry of the scientific development concept as a guide, adhere to the Government to promote enterprise-based, market guidance, the principle of social participation, the comprehensive improvement of long-term mechanism to establish the quality of the implementation of the wire and cable products, and vigorously promote the wholesale hdmi cable products to enhance the quality, and all these received remarkable results. is specialize in developing, manufacturing and selling Cable & wire products, the quality products are sold to USA, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Japan, England and other Euramerican country, it is the international window for subordinate factory to know the world.

HDMI cable
Wire and Cable Industry Development Must Based on Quality Upgrade

The quality is the foundation of economic and social development and protection, and is a manifestation of the enterprise and the industry's core competitiveness, but also a manifestation of the comprehensive national strength, the degree of civilization, and the people's living quality. The size of the output value of China's wire and cable industry is over trillion, has become the second largest industry, electrical appliances industry is second only to automobile manufacturing, the development of the wire and cable industry is impressive. When custom cable manufacturer is in the full affirmation to improve the quality of wire and cable and industrial development achievements, they should also address the weaknesses and problems, to seize the eternal theme of quality and safety, and to accelerate the promotion of scientific development.

Make Efforts to Promote the Quality of Wire and Cable Products

First, make efforts to further enhance the level of corporate self-regulation. Should always supervise and support enterprises to implement the product quality main responsibility as to enhance the quality of the primary task. Second, make efforts to further strengthen the quality supervision. Quality inspection departments at all levels should conscientiously carry out their functions, to strengthen supervision of product quality, promote the wire and cable industry structure adjustment and optimization and upgrading. Third, make efforts to further standardize the market order. Take effective measures, and efforts to promote and solve some of the critical impact and institutional problems of the development of the wire and cable industry. Fourth, make efforts to further improve the quality enhancement mechanisms.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Daily Maintenance Knowledge about Range Hoods

The Importance of cleaning kitchen appliances

In our daily life, most people rarely clean range hood and other kitchen appliances. In fact, the kitchen appliances need to learn to “Third use and seven support" like the car. Understand how to make better use of list of kitchen appliances, how to better maintain kitchen appliances will reduce the chance you encounter little trouble, which enables you to be more handy when cooking.

Notes for maintenance of range hood

First, in order to maintain the performance of the range hood, and extend its life, we should always pay attention to the day-to-day maintenance, and please unplug it to ensure safety at the maintenance.

Range Hood

Secondly, keep clean the outside of the body, wipe the shell and nets with a dry cloth or soft cloth moistened with mild detergent after use.

Thirdly, when the dirty oil filled in the oil cup is up to eight full, it should be drained to avoid overflow to pollute the environment, the oil cup cannot be soaked cleaned by acid or alkali cleaning agent.

Fourthly, the filter used for a period of time (usually about twenty days) will affect the results due to the adhesion of oil, which must be removed for cleaning.

Fifthly, never use water to directly wash the range hood to prevent water entering the electrical parts.

Sixthly, if the range hood has unusual circumstances, you should immediately cut off the power and suspend it.

Tips for range hood maintenance

The installation height of range hood must be appropriate, which would both ensure that it will not bump your head, but also to ensure that the effect of the fume extraction. In order to avoid the voice of the range hood or vibration is too large, drip, oil spills and other situations occur, we should regularly clean the range hood to avoid excessive viscous oil in the motor, turbine and range hood table. When using the range hood, we should keep the air circulation in the kitchen, which can prevent the air in kitchen to form negative pressure to ensure the pumping capacity of the range hood. You’d better not disassemble the range hood for cleaning on your own, because once the motor do not install well, it cannot ensure the effects of the smoking, and will increase the noise. Therefore, it’s best to turn to the professional of range hood manufacturers to clean.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Scaffolding that Can Save a Lot of Wood

Significance of New Scaffolding

A new building with a template composite structure can obtain four national patents, and this is a thing that the designer of the Changli farmer entrepreneurs Wei Zhiguang has never thought of. Industry experts commented on the composite structure of the set of template like this: "the successful development of the template system for the construction industry is a revolutionary innovation, it can greatly improve the efficiency in the building industry, and if do general promotion, the annual savings for the state timber can be up to 2000 million cubic meters."

Aluminum K-Ring System
The Invention of New Building Scaffolding

The 44-year-old Wei Zhiguang once worked as a construction worker and carpenter, and then he starts up a decorative interior design company. He found that when the workers pouring concrete construction, structures assembled wooden structure of the bracket takes great time and effort, and the wood used to build scaffolding tower would became fuelwood after several times use. The project started construction of the country each year tens of thousands, and the resulting waste timber amazing. So, Wei Zhiguang initiation of an idea: If you could invent an installation to facilitate the demolition, the attrition rate and the low modular template support structure, it not only can save hours of work, but also can save wood. The love-pondering Wei Zhiguang began his research in 2002. Access to large amounts of data, he found, are not a new building with template support system at home and abroad. So, Wei Zhiguang acted quickly to form a small team to the edge of the edge manufacturing, he is responsible for drawing paper and others responsible for the production. Test failed after 20 times, and has invested more than 200 million of development fee, in 2004, the new building structure using a combination of templates scaffolding poles finally successfully developed. In 2005, this new building, the template composite structures, and its technology beams, template supporting combination structure and template support mandrel respectively won the olecranon card four national patents.

The Advantages of the New Scaffolding

The new building with template combination structure is made of high-performance cold rolled steel, a smart telescopic structure, the installation and removal and height, and pitch adjustment flexibility and does not need to use a timber, a round nails and wire fixed in greatly when improve efficiency and at the same time, saving a lot of wood and other supplies. After testing, the use of the construction technology, 4 group people and 8 hours to install the template structure of 400 square meters, and the same amount of work, if use the traditional technology requires a minimum of two days.

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Tips for Choosing LED Light Bulbs for Your Home or Business

LED is an abbreviation for light-emitting diode. They tend to be very small lights that, till now, have been found mostly in electronic equipment, but are being used more often in homes and offices. They’ve been used mostly as task lighting since the bulbs are quite small. MR16 light bulb don’t have filaments, but semiconductors. LED bulbs don’t emit heat or ultraviolet light and require much less electricity than regular incandescent or CFL bulbs, which make them a super energy efficient lighting option. They’re usually fitted on floodlights or even in tubes or ropes, which makes them easier to install in awkward places, like under sink cabinets. Understanding LED bulb descriptions will help you choose the right bulbs for your home or business.

LED light bulbs for home

Wattage is a unit of electrical power that’s based on a light bulb’s rate of energy consumption. A very bright, cold white light has a higher wattage than a light that’s warmer and more yellow. The most common wattage for a traditional incandescent bulb is 60 watts, the LED equivalent is around 12 watts. That big difference in wattage used by LED bulbs gives them their huge energy savings advantage.

Color Temperature

Color temperature is determined by comparing the spectrum of a light bulb to that of a black body. The color temperature is measured in kelvins or K. Red and yellow light is considered to be of a cooler color temperature than blue and white light. The color temperature for the typical “warm white” bulbs used in most homes would be around 2700K. Higher color temperatures would provide cool white to stark white lighting.

Incandescent Equal

When you look to purchase an LED light, you’ll be interested in how much light the bulb gives off and how much energy it uses in comparison to an incandescent bulb. So, manufacturers will provide an “incandescent equal” measurement. For example, a 12.5 watt 2700K LED light bulb would have an incandescent equal of a 60 watt incandescent light bulb.

Life Hours

This is how many hours of life, or use, a light bulb has. An incandescent bulb has only 750 to 1000 life hours, but a halogen bulb can have as much as 3500 life hours, despite the fact that it’s intensely hot. An LED can last as long as 100,000 life hours. par 38 light bulbs just don’t need to be replaced for a very long time. Their long life is another one of the major contributors to it’s lifetime energy savings advantage.


A lumen is the amount of light a bulb admits. The higher the lumen, the greater the output of light, though as a bulb ages the amount of lumens it puts out decreases. The LED bulb lumens rating for the traditional 60 watt incandescent bulb replacement is around 800.

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Various Industrial Spray Nozzles

Classification of Industrial Nozzle

Industrial nozzle is mostly installed in the spray washer, spray oil, injection, sand blasting, spraying and other equipments, it plays different roles in different equipments, widely used in petroleum, chemical, steel, metallurgy, electronics, cement, food, paper, printing, livestock and other industries. Industrial nozzle includes industrial burners and common industrial nozzle two categories. And general industrial nozzle is divided into the following categories: 1. According to different materials, it can be divided into: metal nozzle, plastic nozzles, ceramic nozzle, and alloy nozzle; 2. According to different spray shapes, it can be divided into the conical nozzle, square nozzle, the nozzle of rectangular, oval-shaped nozzle, fan-shaped nozzle flow column (DC) nozzles, other than the latter two nozzles, they contains both solid and hollow nozzles; According to the fluid nature, it can be divided into single (a) fluid nozzle and dual (b) fluid nozzle and multi-fluid nozzle; According to different applied industries, it can be divided into petrochemical nozzles, agricultural nozzles can be divided into , textile nozzles, nozzle of paper, printing nozzle, environmental protection (desulfurization, denitrification, nitrogen removal, dust, etc.) nozzles, steel metallurgy nozzle, coking nozzle, electronic nozzle, food nozzles, etc.; According to different spraying medias, it can be divided into water nozzle , oil nozzle, the powder nozzle, gas nozzle, mixed-media nozzle, CWS nozzle (such as Texaco, four nozzles).

atomizing nozzle
Classification of Atomizing Nozzle

Generally, there are totally two kinds of atomizing nozzles: First, fine atomizing nozzle. This kind of nozzle has some special features. It can work without the use of compressed air; it can have very fine atomized spray only use the hydraulic pressure. Very small particles can form a mist spray effect. It is wall mounting type, can be installed in external walls, vessels and piping. A variety of nozzles are removable, convenient and easy to clean and install. The majority of the nozzles have built-in filters. Second, Air atomizing nozzle requires a single air source to provide atomizing air. Some models are equipped with automatic cylinder or clear or drying needle, an additional air channel is needed. All models require flow channels. The flow channel through the supercharger equipped with a siphon to transfer or gravity delivery device for the transmission of the liquid. The function of the fine mist, spray and the air atomizing nozzles is the same, that's to produce very fine atomization effect.

Applications of Flat Fan Nozzle

The flat fan nozzle is also widely used in daily manufacturing processing. Such as the cleaning of metal processing, spray coating, spray cooling, remove grease stains, plating line rinse, and agricultural products; cleaning of spraying and cooling applications such as food, steel, paper and other industries; cleaning of printed circuit boards, display, film and etching process, the rain test, spray cooling, semiconductor cleaning, CPT glass bulb cleaning, LCD glass cutting and cleaning.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Toyota made the Fuel Cell Buses into External Power

Toyota developed a new type of External Battery

According to Japanese media reports, Japan's Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has developed a new type of External Battery supply system. The system utilizes the fuel cell of fuel cell bus to provide power supply for appliances. The system is researched and developed based on "FCHV-BUS" fuel cell hybrid buses running between the Central Japan International Airport, central Tokyo to Haneda Airport and the Toyota city. It installed two jacks which output AC (AC100V, 1.5kW) from the car and can supply a maximum output power of 3kW power. The system is capable of supporting more than 100 hours of continuous power to home appliances and other 3kW output power.

Fuel cell electric vehicle (FCV)

It is reported that the fuel cell electric vehicle (FCV) which uses hydrogen to convert into electrical energy to drive the car will become a strong environmentally friendly vehicle that realizes automotive fuel diversification and zero emissions target in the future. Furthermore, compared to electric vehicles (EV), FCV can realize a large capacity power supply, wherein FC passenger car that mounts a large amount of the hydrogen is expected to be utilized as a mobile External Battery Charger vehicle for shelters in disaster.

Plans of newly R & D external power supply system

It is understood that the FC coach powered by the newly R & D external power supply system will supply electric power to the information display for disaster prevention headquarters tent in "very power supply training" activities that will be held on September 2, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. It can power supply for about 20 information display together with the plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV) which is equipped with an supply.

Toyota continues to R & D work of V2H system

In addition, Toyota also continues to push forward the R & D work of V2H system that use the FC bus to supply power through the electrical wiring of the building (Vehicle to Home, the system using EV and PHV vehicle battery and FCV fuel cell power supply to provide power through the electrical wiring of the facility), which is designed to achieve the maximum output power of 9.8kW and about 50 hours of continuous power supply capacity, this power supply is equivalent to about five days of the school gymnasium lighting electricity consumption (an FC passenger in the hydrogen-filled state, the school gymnasium lighting power is approximately 100kWh (light on 12 hours in a day), calculate on the basis of this). In the future, as an important part of the "Toyota low-carbon society empirical project" used by METI's "new generation of energy ? Social systems empirical business", Toyota will implement the verification tests which are assumed to provide power supply to the refuge facilities for disaster during the year 2013 (April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014, the following analogy) and the year to 2014.

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Choosing the Correct USB Hub

This one is a bit of a pet peeve of mine

To the casual computer user, utilizing a USB hub would probably consist of plugging in a thumb drive or two into it. Considering a thumb drive or two will not require all that much power, not more is needed. What about larger devices like printers, USB HDDs or optical drives, and even other cool gadgets like a fan or LEDs? That is when you will need to know which USB hub you should buy.

USB hubs
What Is A USB Hub?

I’m assuming most everyone already knows what a multiple usb port (pictured above) actually is and how it functions. For those new to the computer world or just generally picking up knowledge, a USB hub is nothing more than a USB extender essentially, in that it will take up one USB port on your tower, and allow you to plug multiple devices into it while the Operating system treats them all as individual ports. Some are powered strictly off of the USB port, putting extra stress on your Power Supply and if it is a stock PSU from a corporate manufacturer, that could be an issue as they are designed with smaller PSUs.

Most people that own a computer will never have to worry about buying a USB hub because the 4 or so Onboard USB ports will suffice. But what happens when you need more USB ports than your computer has? You have to purchase either PCI USB expansion cards or invest in a USB hub. If you are planning on just running every day normal things like a USB thumb drive or any USB device that has its own external AC adapter, then it really doesn’t matter all that much which USB adapter you choose. But for those devices that require all of the power to come from the USB hub, there can be an issue if the USB hub you bought is just basically a USB expander, turning one USB port on your PC to 4 or 6 without supplying any additional external power. In cases where power could be an issue, I recommend you buy a USB hub that has its own external power source therefore not relying on the PSU to take care of all of its needs. I’m not saying you have to buy office depot usb hub as your new USB hub, unless you want an expensive but really sweet one. You should be able to get by with something like these two pictures below from DLink (Dub-H7) or Tripp-Lite (U222-007-R). They have the AC adapters that come with them to supply the much needed extra power or can optionally be powered via the USB port on the PC for quick jobs.

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Biodegradable Tableware ≠ Environmental Tableware

"True" and "Fake" Degradable Tableware Have a Problem

Recently, the industry sources said, according to the relevant association survey, nearly 80% of biodegradable material lunch boxes are faked in the market. The biodegradable tableware used in the food and beverage industry is not optimistic. Much tableware is labeled 'biodegradable' but they do not meet the requirements. Degradable raw materials, compared to ordinary tableware plastic, its price is much higher, generally 20% expensive than the ordinary ones. Increasingly prevalent in the environmental awareness of today, however, more and more businesses aimed at the consumer environmental psychology, take an ordinary plastic or the tableware even not up to or less than ordinary plastic tableware required pretending to be "biodegradable" identity. According to the International Food Packaging Association survey, nearly 80% of the biodegradable paper plates wholesale market are fakes. In addition to the "false degradation" in the prevalence of the industry, "true degradation" tableware also has some problems. The safety performance of the 'biodegradable' tableware is poor, when stored, it is easy to mold and decay; and further, in order to achieve degradation of purposes, and tableware tends to have more additives, which is easily dissolved into the oil or acidic foods.

Non-degradable Tableware is Recognized by GB

Precisely because the domestic biodegradable tableware is not yet mature, the recent national requirements implemented issued from December 1st "plastic disposable tableware general technical requirements" requires the biodegradable bowls wholesale cannot indiscriminately labeled the "biodegradable" words. The new standards have more stringent requirements for tableware can be labeled "biodegradable", such as biodegradation rate required achieve the 60% or above, biodegradable tableware with starch content shall not be less than 40%. Biodegradable tableware only indicates that it does not pollute the environment, and it is not tantamount to environmental tableware. In addition, in the new national standard, as for plastic disposable tableware heat water resistance, heat oil performance, leakage performance, load performance as well as microwave temperature performance and are made specific provisions, which is equivalent to an indirect recognition of non-degradable tableware legal status.

Recommended to Use Paper Lunch Boxes

Speaking of how truly be environmentally friendly and safe, experts suggest that consumers may try to use paper lunch boxes. Paper materials, from the point of view of the resources and environment, are renewable two perishable and recycling. In addition, if you use a plastic lunch box, it is best to use pure transparent plastic products. This is safer for consumers, and it can be heated with a microwave oven. Kind of plastic products waste recovery rate is also high. Of course, at the time of purchase, the consumer may not have too much choice, then the need to distinguish whether plastic tableware security. This can be judged from the " looking, smelling, tearing” several easy ways: to see the tableware overpack whether there is production enterprises information.

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Ceramic Tiles Industry Seeks Green Development

China Ceramic Tile Industry Status Quo

In the blooming days that the whole country are promoting the ecological civilization, building a well-off society and building a beautiful grand blueprint passion, green development, cycle development and low-carbon development is the keywords of the 18th Representative Meeting, but also means that 2012 is the first year that ceramic tile towards the way of conscious environmental protection from the "environmental protection". Under the circumstance of resource conservation and energy conservation, environmental protection has become a global trend, and the ceramic brick tiles industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Ceramic tile brick industry can only to face a low-carbon era, and to greet the arrival of this day and age with a positive and courageous attitude, so as to grasp the opportunity to win a bright future. This, to the current Chinese ceramic floor tile industry in "dire straits", the signal of the 18th Representative Meeting will also affect the development and future direction of the industry.

grazed porcelain

Energy-saving Ceramic Tile Product Development Direction

The ceramic tile flooring enterprises should make the energy-efficient as a main direction of the production process, put in place of the energy-saving measures during the research and development processing. Make the low-carbon product innovation adapt to the beat of the times, so that the products have extraordinary power-saving features. As for the ceramic tile business in the face of a low-carbon economy boom for resources and energy dependent, it is necessary to improve energy efficiency as an important goal to promote energy conservation work. Such as the establishment of information centers, the establishment of large-scale ERP information system, and to promote and optimize the modernization of production and management of information technology means; establishment of enterprise energy consumption information platform and flue gas line monitoring system, to achieve the level of energy consumption and on-line monitoring of flue gas emission levels, to take the road of scientific development, it can play a positive role in energy conservation, production efficiency improvement and product consumption reduction.

The Future of the Ceramic Tiles Industry

The 18th Representative Meeting points out the direction for future scientific development of the ceramic tiles industry, summons the confidence and provides a major opportunity for another great development, ceramic tile industry will based on the spirit of 18th Representative Meeting as the guiding ideology, trying every effort to do well in ecological civilization, ecological products, seeking green development, cycle development and low-carbon development, to combine the target of the dream of sustainable development of China's ceramic tile industry and the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. We believe we must be able to actively respond to challenges, overcome all difficulties, and to build the ceramic tile industry in China to a new stage.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Development of Baby Monitor

What Is Digital Baby Monitor

Baby monitor which belongs to the wireless home security system, the monitor and display is composed of two parts, in the baby's room is placed in the nursing device, which can display at any time through to the safety of baby care. Digital Baby Monitors as a home security products, this product utilizing the monitoring end of every act and every move every word and action to provide real-time monitoring, monitoring results by analog signal or digital signal radio waves sent to care hand control end device, and to restore the video or audio. Through the use of a baby monitor, the parents or guardians are no longer needed to be closely in the infant or child side can be aware of their behavior, and in the abnormal conditions at the same time can be detected and processed immediately. Baby monitor is not only in infants is the best daily life care products, but also to take care of the elderly and patients must have a good helper.

Baby Monitor Application

Baby monitor greatly improves the parents in the life of freedom and flexibility. Through this device, the parents can be in another room or outdoor courtyard of handling other affairs, at the same time, the child is also well, do not have to always be always on tenterhooks, make baby monitor to become parents family helper. Except for infant care, baby monitors also widely applicable to the elderly care and supermarket, office, company, school, family, hospital and other small places of safety protection.

Digital Baby Monitors
Long Distance Baby Monitor Industry Development

Since 1980, 40/49MHz baby monitor production industry by more than 10 MHz crystal oscillator and then by 3 multiplier way to get working frequency, this scheme has the advantages of simple technology, low cost, but the 3 frequency causes the circuit has flooded many times without need for harmonic and fundamental. In order to filter out unwanted frequencies, long distance baby monitor is usually used in the week is tuned to the selected desired frequency. Production debug complex, the high rate of non-performing, and a working frequency need a crystal, for multiple channel selection listener, you need a crystal, the increase of production cost and complexity in the week tuning. With the rapid development of economy, the electronic product change rapidly upgrading, industries and enterprises in the fierce competition, the product cost control has become the critical threshold for consumer electronics. The baby monitor industry development is relatively mature, but also more widely used.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Prefabricated House and Villa

Brief Introduction of Prefabricated House

The prefabricated house is constructed by light steel frame to sandwich panels for the building envelope materials, as a standard module for space series combination of components, the bolt connection, and the new concept of environmental protection economic activities in prefabricated house.

The Structure of Prefabricated House

The prefabricated house reliable structure and light steel structure composed by its skeleton system, safe and reliable. It is convenient to disassemble, and prefabricated house has a standard component has the advantages of convenient installation, installation of the production of short duration, especially for emergency projects or other temporary works. Movable house beautiful shape the whole house is cool in appearance, both indoor and outdoor decorative plate color, vivid color, texture soft, smooth surface, design and color coordination, good decorative effect. It's widely used, are widely used in building, highway, railway and other field operations of temporary construction space; city municipal, commercial and other temporary housing. It has the function of environmental protection, housing design is reasonable, and can be used repeatedly, the low rate of loss, the production of construction waste, pollution of the environment. High price of housing materials quality, reasonable price, can be repeatedly used, the total cost of the project and the cost of the integrated use of article, cost-effective.

prefabricated house
Prefab Villa Classification

Integral hoisting type once assembled, to countless integral hoisting structure, stable performance, for frequently moving is ideal, it is also the most basic model car. Field assembled no skeleton or a frame welding on site, and then the retaining structure is secured to the structure. It is economical and practical, the best mobile number from one to two times, composite plate of high damage rate, large amount of field operation, artificial costs, expenses will increase. The prefab villa quality reliable, quick installation, complete the internal facilities, utility, suitable for home. Housing design is generous, insulation, quick installation, with good wind resistance performance. Assembled on-site assembly, bolts are used for light steel standard rod connection into skeleton, and then the retaining structure is inserted into the skeleton of the reserved slots formed in the housing. In the New Zealand mounted assembly movable house, a layer of spire with a skeleton, profiles are galvanized profile. Metope uses printing plate very nice, firm structure. Galvanized steel skeleton, blue and white wall, color contrast is particularly strong. The structure of the temporary home in the same site was installed to meet temporary office site, command room, dormitory and medical room comprehensive needs.

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