Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Analysis of Wet Wipe Industry

The Development of Wet Wipe Industry in China

China has undergone earth-shaking changes since the reform and opening-up, the widespread use of disposable wipes is sign of the improving living standard of people. This is a course of development, from the period of using the "handkerchief" to the development of the use of "tissue" era, and then today entered into a new era of disposable wet tissue. Wipes are disposable daily necessities, it is used by everyone, and it is the daily necessity for home, travel and merchants, so there is huge market demand. For most consumers, the most popular functions are the aspects of cleaning and care, which are convenient in life. This is why people choose it. With the further transformation and the rise of the people's living standards and consumer awareness, in the near future, the disposable wipes with various use consumption function will multiply increase, the day consumption will certainly quickly exceeded 500 million.
wet tissue
Several Features of Our Wet Wipe Industry

With the accelerating pace of product replacement, especially in the tissue industry, wet wipes are developing quietly. After the SARS in 2003, our wet wipes market gets rapid development, and new brands are emerging, product ranges are also increasing. First, the market prospect is broad: now the wet wipe market is for the personal care, and the market penetration rate is relatively low. Second, the average price dropped: the growth of wet wipes market demand has attracted a growing number of investment decision-makers to come into the wet wipes industry, causing a decline in product prices. Third, the high concentration of brand: there is only one or two famous brands active in the market. Fourth, healthy development requires multi-directional change: at present, the quality of China's wet wipes products are varying, the homogeneity of product is serious and lack of industry standards, these issues all become common concern in the industry.

Two Industrial Bases in the Development of Wet Wipes Industry

First, the widespread adoption of the substrate and the development of non-woven fabrics and dry paper, and now the environmentally friendly, green, biodegradable wet wipes material is the direction of development. Second, the solution configuration system is relatively mature, the mix of solution with materials and shelf life and environmental protection have become the key issues. Currently, although, there are dozens of companies in the wet wipes industry, it still has not formed a certain scale, and consumer awareness has not been established, so if we promote the wet wipes products as a separate category of market, it will accelerate the industry's development. There is no doubt the wet wipe industry in China has an extremely bright future.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Prospect of Car DVD Industry

The Status Quo of China Car DVD Industry

With the growing sophisticated of electronic technology, the cost-effective car DVD navigation have entered the market one by one, and they largely promote the consumption of the owners, therefore, vw navigation dvd is accepted by more and more owners, according to the statistics, 95% of new home car owners will install the car DVD navigation. There is an increasing competition in the market of car DVD navigation, as the world's largest automotive supplies consuming nations, automotive supplies industry profits are declining. Throughout the whole of today's automotive supplies industry chain, car DVD navigation market has become the major component of Chinese automotive car supplies market. Demand produces market, there is a market there is competition, facing the car DVD navigation market, more and more manufacturers focus on the car DVD navigation industry and private capital also compete in this market. However, due to the low barriers to entry, the lack of effective supervision and proper guidance, there are disorderly market competition and patchy quality in the car DVD navigation market which have a serious impact on the orderly and healthy development of the industry.

The Multi-function of Car DVD Navigation

At beginning, the reason why owners buy car DVD navigator was only for the convenience brought by navigation, car dvd player china has a detailed map of the country to cities and towns covering dozens of provinces and cities, when owners choose the origin and destination, the navigator will give the most appropriate route with the full voice prompts help owners successfully reach their destinations, while the error is only 5-10 meters. The initial purposes for Owners to buy car DVD navigation is relatively simple, while with the growing competition car DVD navigation, as well as owners’ requirements on car DVD navigation function, a variety of new functions have appeared.

The Development of Car DVD

Along with social progress, there are higher entertainment requirements on Car DVD navigation car audio and video, the original car CD, VCD can no longer meet the requirements of the owner, the original car stereo effect is also largely been unable to meet the owners and the unviewable car CD player largely limits the entertainment, car DVD navigation multifunction is designed to meet the requirements of these owners, Car DVD navigation is no longer the new force in the automotive supplies market, car DVD navigation possesses a relatively large proportion of automotive supplies market, and there is no doubt that this proportion will keep on increasing. So we cannot deny the fact that Car DVD will play more and more important role in our future life.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

The Current and Future Development of Aluminum Products

The Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium is a usual material that used in the building products and for building a house. Many factories often search for different aluminium profiles to compare and choose the right one. Many products are made of aluminium, the familiar aluminium window frame is also made of aluminum. These products are made of aluminum and aluminum alloy. And the aluminum alloy can be divided into two types including casting aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy.

The Development of Aluminum Products in China

As China is one of the largest aluminum producer and consumers in the world, its development seems to be good. However, because of the constraints of energy conservation, resource shortages and other factors, its development has met many problems. The actual production of the energy consumption of aluminum products equivalent to only 3% -5% of the preparation of electrolytic aluminum energy consumption, its demand for energy is more comprehensive and it gets rid of the dependence of electricity. As industrial aluminium profile is more conducive to the healthy and stable and long-term development of the aluminum market, recycled aluminum industry has great potential and advantages in terms of energy consumption saving. Because of its environmental protection, recycled aluminum attracts more and more people’s attention. 2/3 of the supply of recycled aluminum is used for the production of casting alloys, and 1/3 is used in the production of Aluminium Panels, while in the supply of virgin aluminum, 2/3 is the production of aluminum, 1/3 is the production of casting alloys. From the production process, we can see that the production of one ton of electrolytic aluminum takes 1.9 tons of alumina, 14500 degree electricity, and the two accounted for 70% of the total cost of electrolytic aluminum.

The Aluminum Products Market

Nowadays, the makert of the aluminum seems to be optimistic. The home decoration is often related to the decoration of the ceiling, especially the kitchen, bathroom, ceiling decoration are priorities. Aluminum Products have the features of low energy consumption, less pollution in the production process, as national support for the secondary aluminum industry, and the industry's advantage will be more obvious reflected. Stable development of the downstream automotive industry gives obvious support for the demand of recycled aluminum. As a result, this features can make it become popular in the market as people will buy according to different demands.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Brief Introduction of Aluminum Products

Definition of Aluminum

Aluminum includes 728 Aluminum, 768 Aluminum, and 868 Aluminum. They are just the codes for the specification of Aluminum without any professional definition. But there are many differences from the specifications in the material thickness, the width between the orbital frame, design, and application. In thickness, diamond window of the future is 1.2mm thick, of which 728, 768 are 1mm thick. All these kinds of Aluminum can be processed in Surface Treatment. Of course, the Aluminum supplier should pay more attention to the same material, thickness of greater intensity is higher, but this not mean that home decoration must use 1.2 thick aluminum, according to the company renovation experience, 1mm thick aluminum is also capable of high building balcony needs.

The Aluminum Window

If we want to decorate our house to become elegant, maybe we should choose the aluminium window. We should use the to mix tempered glass, figured glass, frosted glass, coated glass, low-e glass, tinted glass etc.. It has the functions of wind pressure resistance, airproof capability, waterproof capability, heat preserving capability, soundproof capability. And we can also choose its surface with powder coating, electrophoresis, anodize, wood grain and PVDF and it is sliding smoothly, in elegant style and profile.

Characteristics and Use of Aluminum

The most obvious characteristic of Aluminum and Aluminum alloys is above its bulk density of about 1/3 steel, rather than strength can be reached or exceeded the structural steel. Secondly, aluminum and aluminum alloy is easy to be processed into various shapes, can adapt to all kinds of connection technology, so it can provide the most economic and reasonable section form with favorable conditions for building structure. They resist aging, their intensity is high and coefficient of expansion is close to Aluminum in the right temperature. Both of heat insulation and sound insulation are excellent. When the adiabatic profile combined along with insulated glass to be assembled as a window, the difference in temperature between indoor and outdoor is up to 10-120 Celsius degree. It is also with excellent air sealing and high performance of anti-water leakage. The volume of sound insulation is up to 30-40db. It can be produced with two different colors and lines for the connection of profile to show personality. The color of aluminum and aluminum alloy is beautiful with good corrosion resistance, and they have light and heat on the high reflectivity, good sound absorption performance, through chemical and electrochemical methods can obtain different colors. So the aluminum material is widely used in industrial and civil building roof, walls, doors and windows, framework, internal and external decorative plates, ceilings.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Introduction of RFID Technology

The Characteristics of RFID Technology

The most important advantages of RFID is non contact recognition. It can penetrate fog, snow, ice, paint, dirt and bar code which can not be used in the harsh environment of reading labels, and its reading speed is very quick. In most cases it costs less than 100 milliseconds. Active radio frequency identification system sketch ability is also important. It can also be used to process tracking and repairing of track and other interactive services. Currently, restricting the main problems in the development of radio frequency identification system is not compatible with the standard. RFID system for major manufacturers provides all dedicated system, leading to different applications and different industries with different manufacturers of frequency and protocol standards. For example the rfid key fob is developed in this technology. This confusion and separatism situation has hampered the whole RFID industry growth. Many American organizations begin to address this problem and they have already made some achievements. Standardization of radio frequency identification technology will stimulate substantial development and wide application.

The Usage of Electronic label

Electronic label can not only can be used in jewelry, but also can be used in many big brands of wine, top and protective garment. As more and more people want to have a more comfortable life and those who have the abilities to have conditions to enjoy these luxuries, people will pay more and more attention to the protection of these articles. We can also find my fashionable RFID products in market. The rfid bracelet is a very interesting product. What an amazing world! We can find that more and more products will be developed by RFID technology.

RFID Technology Used in Logistics Management

The essence of logistics management is based on the whole process of logistics management, and reducing costs and improving service levels are the main purposes. How to use correct cost and correct conditions to ensure the right customers at the right time and place and get the right product becomes the highest goal of the logistics enterprises. Therefore, mastering the inventory of the quantity, morphology and distribution to improve the inventory of liquidity has become the core content of the logistics management. In the transportation management of the use of radio frequency identification technology, it only needs having installation of electronic tag on goods packaging or setting reader in transport checkpoint or transit station can realize the visualization management of assets. In the process of transportation, electronic label reader information via satellite or telephone lines to transmit to the transport sector database, and electronic label can through a checkpoint, database data is updated. When the electronic label reaches the terminal, the database will shut down. At the same time, the owner can access in-transit visual webpage by the authority, getting the specific location of the goods to improve the service of logistics enterprise.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Common Kitchen Appliance

Kitchen Appliance Categories

Kitchen appliances mainly include the following 5 categories: the first category is storage appliance; second category is washing utensils; third category is the conditioning appliances; fourth category is cooking utensils; fifth category is the dining utensils.

How to Choose the Kitchen Appliance?

Kitchen appliance should has the ability to resist pollution , especially to prevent cockroaches, mice, ants and other pollution food functions, in order to ensure that the kitchen appliances inherent quality. Currently on the market some ambry has taken full installation of cockroach preventing sealing, and this technology can effectively prevent food contamination. These can be mixed to become kitchen appliance package deals. The kitchen is an only fire area in modern home furnishing, and the material fire retardant ability can decide the kitchen and the family safety, especially the kitchen surface fire ability for the choice is more important. Therefore, formal kitchenware manufacturer all uses non-combustible production of kitchen floor material, flame retardant material. The kitchen operation should have a reasonable process, therefore, in the kitchen design, according to the correct procedure design of each part of the arrangement, whether it is convenient for later use is very important. Then cabinet position has direct impact to the convenient degree of use. Therefore, we should choose kitchen appliance with human body engineering principle and operation procedure of kitchen utensils. Kitchen requires relatively easy pollution, good cleaning performance, which requires the surface material has good resistance to oil, anti smoke ability, make kitchen utensils can be kept for a long time. Kitchen choice should depends on quality, function, color and other factors. Products should have good wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fire prevention, antibacterial, anti-static. The design should take into account the appearance, utility, convenient basic requirements. Function should be fully taken into account the housewife habits and the use of safety. Color in addition to personal preferences, mainly with the kitchen wall floor tile, bedroom furniture coordination.

Range Hood Purchase

Range hood is essential in supporting product that complete kitchen utensils cooking function, and it mainly includes vertical and horizontal types, vertical oil pumping machine has low noise, no oil leakage, low energy consumption, easy disassembly and other advantages, and the discharging ability is more than 30% higher than horizontal, and the blowdown rate reached 95%, especially it is suitable for in the kitchen, dining room integration kitchen use. range hood manufacturers will also develop different kinds of range hood in the future. The choice of form of lampblack machine, before buying and kitchenware manufacturers agreed, in the kitchen should be designed according to the lampblack machine specification to design at the top of the cupboard.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Introduction of Prefab House

What is Prefab House?

The prefab house is a house that made by new concept of environmental protection and economic activities. The prefab house uses light steel as frame, and sandwich panels as the building envelope materials, with a standard module for space series. Its components are connected by bolt. It can be also quickly and easily assembled and disassembled, leading the temporary buildings to achieve a common standard and establish the environmental protection and energy saving, fast and efficient architectural concept. And this also leads temporary housing into a series development, integrated production, matching of supply, inventory and repeated use of stereotypes revolving products.

The Advantages of Prefab House

The prefab house is designed in steel structure. Features: optional disassembly, convenient transportation, convenient movement and the prefab room is located in hillside and it is suitable for hilly, steppe, desert, and river. It doesn't take up space, and it can be constructed for 15-160 square meter. The room is clean, with full indoor facilities with strong housing stability, durability, and beautiful appearance. According to customer requirements for the design, it should be refined and elegant. It can keep warm indoors in winter and cool in summer, and most of the structure is completed at the factory. Prefab house installation has no damage to environment or green environmental protection, and it not only has practical value, but also has more ornamental value. You can bring high returns, the prefab warehouse investment benefit for life. The prefab house has the advantages including: the structure of steel and wood, which can be constructed for 60-240 square meter. There are step type stairs indoors, with clean sanitation, indoor facilities, elegant appearance, novel design, energy saving and environmental protection, good insulation properties, cool in summer and warm in winter, anti seismic wind. The prefab house can be designed according to customer requirements for the design and installation. It has strong stability, long service life, not only has value more ornamental value, but it can take you to the feelings of nature to experience the real European romantic life. It must be the first choice of family travel, resorts, prefab villa, places of entertainment.

Design Direction of Prefab House

The prefab house, most people will be quite strange, but in modern buildings, because of their unique advantages they are widely used. The utility is the first choice in the design, and it will bring a preliminary division of space, the prefab house does not need the massive housing decoration as we usually need, but living in the process, or according to the characteristics of the building, following the simple and flexible principles made or decoration.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

How to Run a Certification and Inspection Group Successfully

Implementation Spans Development, Continuously Enhance the Comprehensive Strength

It is not an easy job to run a certification and inspection groups successfully, and it must attach great importance to the quality of work and service. Service network should be arranged around the world includes an important industrial area, port city, and distributing center of goods, for global customers to provide inspection, identification, authentication,inspection services. Adhere to the principle of the service first, quality first. Continuously improve work efficiency and service level. It is committed to promote the construction, and constantly improve and perfect the network testing, certification business management system, especially the authentication service system to achieve certification work of the whole business, the whole process and the whole information management. To regard quality as the certification and inspection work lifeline, adhere to honesty, justice, independent business principles, to establish a set of perfect the inspection and certification of quality management system.

Strengthen The Exchange, Cooperation, and Internationalization

For inspection and certification bodies, if you want to run it to a strong development, it needs being developed not only in the domestic market to occupy an important position, but also in the international market occupies a space for one person. Through effective way, further enhance the international certification stage participation and influence. To expand the inspection company market, the service capacity of the national economy promotes ceaselessly. Carry out quality revitalizes, and compete on quality, increase government and big business, international cooperation, at the service of the state, society and customers to actively take new initiatives, and strive to open up new areas of business to accelerate the pace of expanding domestic and international markets.

Pay Attention to Enterprise Culture Construction, and Increase Enterprise Development Vitality

Pay attention to culture construction, support actively and create a fusion, unity, harmonious working atmosphere for the staff, provide learning, communication, communication platform, which greatly enhances the company's cohesion for the group's development inject vitality and motivation. The construction of the spiritual civilization is not preaching, but through a variety of activities, the staff have influence character by environment effects of broad worker into a conscious action. Deepen reform, integration of resources, capital accumulation, international expansion; the implementation of innovation management, accelerating the pace of mergers and acquisitions and capital operation. Expanding the business expenses, to ensure that development speed, reduce the management cost, increase the funds for development, and increase investment projects, to ensure that development, innovation system mechanism, enhance development power; seize the opportunity, solidarity and innovation, constantly improve the inspection certification authority, validity, impartiality and service, strengthen management, the to open up the market, participate in competition.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Do You Understand the Mains Transformer?

What is a Transformer?

Main transformer is a device to change the AC voltage by using the principle of electromagnetic induction means, and the main member is a primary coil, the secondary coil and the core. Main functions: voltage conversion, the current conversion, impedance transformation, isolation, regulator (magnetic saturation transformer). According to different uses, the transformers can be divided into: distribution transformers, power transformers, hermetically sealed transformer, combined transformer, dry type transformers, oil-immersed transformers, single-phase transformer, furnace transformer, rectifier transformer, and ei core transformer, etc.

Basic Components of Mains Transformer

Components of the mains transformers are including the body (core, windings, insulation, lead), transformer oil, transformer fuel tank and cooling devices, pressure regulating device, protection device (moisture, security airway gas relay, Chu oil tanks and temperature measurement devices, etc.) and the bushing. The core is the portion of the main magnetic circuit in the transformer. Usually higher silicon content, thickness were 0.35 mm \ 0.3mm \ 0.27 mm from the surface coated with insulating paint, hot-rolled or cold-rolled silicon steel sheet piled. The core is divided into two parts, the legs and the cross-piece and the leg sleeve windings; cross-piece is the use of the closed magnetic circuit. The core structure of the basic form is heart-and shell-and-two. Windings, the winding is the transformer circuit, it is double wire insulation flat line or enameled round wire wound into.

Operation and Maintenance of the Transformer

Prevent overload operation of the transformer: the long-term overload operation will cause coil heating, insulation gradually getting aging, resulting in a short inter-tray phase short circuit or shorted to ground and oil decomposition. Guarantee the quality of the insulating oil: transformer insulating oil in the storage, transportation or operation and maintenance, if the oil is of poor quality or impurities, too much water will reduce the insulation strength. When the dielectric strength is reduced to a certain value, the transformer will short circuit caused by spark, arc, or a dangerous temperature. Run transformer oil quality tests on a regular basis, and the substandard oil should be replaced. Prevent transformer core insulation aging damage: aging core insulation or the clamping bolt casing damage, and causes the core to produce a large vortex caused by the core long-term and heat insulation aging. Prevent to overhaul accidentally destroy insulation: transformer overhaul hanging core, should pay attention to the protection of the coil or insulated casing, if found to have abrasions injury, should be timely treatment.

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Green Revolution of Packaging - DN-90 Quick-Drying Starch Adhesive

Confusing SMT Adhesives Market

With the development of market economy, China's small and medium-sized cardboard box factory is everywhere, due to the relevant departments for a long time is not clearly sodium silicate binder materials, cannot be used on the domestic packaging carton, the carton standard adhesives do not clearly defined. Currently, it is popular on the market a "the carton treasure", "starch glue, its prices are less than ideal performance, cause confusion to the market, allowing users to select glue caused psychological barriers, for many small carton factory crude the easy way, so the use is more than 100 years of traditional products sodium silicate carton adhesive material, not knowing that there are many drawbacks to do with sodium silicate binder, experts called to reiterate carton production should be eliminated sodium silicate, and requires a Starch smt adhesive.

Drawbacks of the Sodium Silicate Adhesive

Sodium silicate is an aqueous solution of sodium silicate, is a strong base, weak acid salt, showed a strong alkaline, the free base is 6% to 7%. The sodium silicate is able to penetrate the carton surface, corrosion contents, does not meet the packaging requirements of food hygiene, and foreign trade. In a humid environment, the sodium silicate absorbent deliquescence, loss of adhesion, carton paper softened and deliquescence efflorescence, affecting printed effect help cartons appearance. As we all know, the use of sodium silicate, as an adhesive material cartons is hygroscopic, toxic, endangering human health and ecological environment seriously affect the quality of packaging products and merchandise sales, our packaging solved cut key issues, the paper and packaging industry tilted the period of waiting for a new generation of adhesives speedy advent! Developed capitalist countries in the 1950s are out of the sodium silicate in 1984, China began to limit and prohibit the use of sodium silicate in the export and food packaging.

New Multi-functional Starch Adhesive

In May 1991, the State Economic and Trade Commission, Bureau of Technical Supervision, the Ministry of Foreign Trade again noticed "disabled since 1992 all packaging plant sodium silicate adhesive material". But what suffers is that unable to find a substitute. And some foreigners even ridiculed: Chinese have the first class products, but the packaging is not inflow, such as the Heat Sink Paste. Especially in the current paper packaging industry trends, all require the use of green packaging, so as to protect the environment, and in particular the accession to the WTO will be higher on the packaging requirements of environmental protection. There should be a new generation of patented products in order to meet the requirements of the times and the binder demand and trends, so the DN-90 series multi-functional starch adhesives came into being, it is a new type of solid powder adhesive material as the main raw material.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eco Friendly Tableware Dominates the Market

Pater Tableware Needs to Cross the "5 Cents Threshold"

The development of environmental protection tableware production industry also faces many problems, but the support of relevant policies, worth looking forward to the future market prospects. For the high cost of environmental protection tableware, was the image of the foam plastic tableware cheaper than environmental tableware, 0.5 RMB called "environmental tableware encounter threshold of 5 cents. Paper tableware wants to reduce cost, and there is a certain degree of difficulty. Foam tableware uses fewer raw materials, and environmental protection tableware uses more "material." For example, the market price of one ton of foam plastic dinnerware is 8,000 RMB, while the price of 1 ton of raw materials of biodegradable dinnerware is 7,000 RMB, but a foam tableware raw material weight is 5 grams, and the biodegradable tableware is 15 grams. Plastic foam tableware production technology has matured, the costs can be controlled. Production of environmentally friendly tableware is still under development, all sectors of production and efficiency is not high, naturally lead to the costs do not fall down.

Methods to Reduce Cost of Disposable Tableware

To further reduce the cost of production of disposable tableware, we can have multifaceted explorations. We can rely on a new recipe, to find a lower cost of raw materials to improve processing; the new design of the mold; expand the production scale. But no matter in what way, and only when the market price of the environmental protection tableware is equal to twice the price of raw materials enterprises to make a buck. This is a clear need for policy support. Shenling eco friendly paper tableware works out so one way: the research and development of new formulations and looking for a lower cost of raw material, and improve the production process, relying on the progress of production technology, continuously improve product quality while reducing production costs, aiming to build China's largest disposable environmentally friendly tableware enterprise and enter into the world market.

QS System Raises Threshold for Paper Tableware

At present, the situation is in the right direction. The QS audit work has been carried out for a year, food plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products production license review of the rules was released in July 2006 in accordance with the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine requirements of at least 1/3 of the small and medium-sized companies will certainly be eliminated. Our food with plastic products QS audit from September 2006 by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine was officially launched. And in accordance with the requirements of the rules, the production of food, plastic products business should have good ventilation, disinfection , dust and other facilities.

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Classification of Range Hood

Range Hood Exhaust Structure

Divided from the exhaust structure, range hood can be divided into top suction type, near-priming type, and suction side. Top suction type: Top suction range hood fan system is placed in the top of the smoke cavity, air inlet directly facing the rising fumes, the quick exhaust fumes. Completely airtight smoke chamber, completely isolated with the body's internal network by filtering oil separation fumes, smoke fumes better. In addition, the top suction-type hood daily cleaning is very convenient. Whether you choose the Chinese range hood or range hood, top suction-type hood should be your first choice. Side of the suction type: on the side of the smoke lumen side suction range hood, fan system is side, compared with the top of the suction-type structure, soot, smoke effect ceiling smoke fumes form a vortex in the smoke lumen machine significantly. By the structural constraints at the same time, the smoke cavity forming one often cannot be achieved. Cleaning is too much trouble, so the suction side of kitchen range hoods has gradually replaced the top suction and near-suction range hood.

Range Hood Style Forms

From the styles morphological points, both Chinese and European range hood. Chinese range hoods have a deep smoke chamber, rope better smoke effects, and more suitable for domestic cooking environment stir. Range hood is after "the Chinese" transformation, the smoke effect increased dramatically, comparable with the Chinese range hoods. It is combined with beautiful appearance style, making it a Chinese kitchen, the crowning touch of European style of decoration. According to the European kitchen range hood panel appearance, the industry is usually divided into the arc, pyramid, T-shaped, wall mount hoods, and other types: curved range hood: the panel form arc-shaped, softer visual morphological comparison easy to get. If you do not like the tough stuff, the kind of hood is more suitable for you.

Range Hood Material

Chinese range hood material is relatively simple, basic paint panel market, surface is phosphide (to prevent rust) process and then paint spraying, it is durable. Range hood material selection has close relationship with the form of its appearance style, as the saying goes: what people wear what kind of clothes. Curved range hood: HOOD material is basically brushed stainless steel panel generally transparent and tempered glass. Pyramid range hood: the panel of the hoods is generally used the stainless steel material. European range hood: T-type hoods material is generally stainless steel-based, but the panel material is usually a combination of two materials.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Application and Technology of Heat Pump

Development of the Heat Pump Industry in China

Marketing of heat pump technology in China has been for almost 10 years, and it only makes 10 billion market shares. Heat pump industry with 10 years only made 10 billion market shares, so its market share still have a lot of room for improvement. The heat pump industry is the rise of new industries in the country before and after 2000. HVAC consulting "according to the media in the HVAC industry, from the year 1999 to 2002, is the demonstration phase of the heat pump market; from 2003 to 2005, the market share of heat pump technology is a yearly basis, many appliance manufacturers timely follow up, the heat pump manufacturer and vendors gradually increased throughout the industry entered a rapid growth; since 2006, due to the "11th Five-Year Plan" put forward the goal of 20% energy saving, improve the attention of the whole society of energy-saving technologies and energy-saving products, the mass of the heat pump technology is recognized and known, and marketing with a leap, and the solar heat pump also began to a rapid development.

Applications Range of Heat Pumps

Heat pump products in the best position to play its energy saving and environmental protection and economic efficiency requires both cooling and heating. Any kind of separate cooling or heating needs are not economic, and therefore it is in the south of the Yangtze River, especially in Guangdong and Guangxi the application is not much. With increasing comfort requirements are gradually extended the application of heat pump products geographical regions south of the Yangtze River, the market is constantly open. At the same time, the front of the heat pump products mostly for residential and commercial (building use), and has gradually expanded to the field of industrial applications. Air source heat pump cannot be used in cold places, the original only in temperatures above -5℃ After technical improvements, some air-source heat pumps have been in ultra-low temperature -20 ℃ under the conditions used. Such as sewage source heat pump and sea water source heat pump heat pump system, due to the more complex components of the sewage and seawater directly take advantage of possible corrosion unit, it needs further study.

Heat Pump Technology

The heat pump technology has matured in terms of reliability, the major technological breakthroughs and limitations are centralized at applications. The public awareness of energy conservation is to be improved. The principle of heat pump technology is the physics of the classic cycle - reverse Carnot cycle, the truth - "anti-extracting energy" is not difficult to understand, but how to control the energy extraction process, enabling it to be used for human beings, but generations of scientists developed after more than 100 years of research before. Therefore, the control technology is a core technology of heat pumps, and it must be stable and reliable.

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Basic Knowledge of Thermos Vacuum Flask

What is a thermos Vacuum Flask?

Thermos flask is invented by the scientists named Dewar in England. In 1900, he first compressed hydrogen becomes a liquid, that is liquid hydrogen. This thing starting from a bottle, and it did not have such thermos flask at that time. So he developed his own. His vacuum approach that made double bottle, deprived of air in the compartment, and cut off conduction. But this is after the thermal radiation can also affect insulation, Dewar vacuum compartment and coated with a layer of silver or reflective coatings, thermal radiation blocking back. Use a plug blocked the mouth of the bottle. This thermal conductivity three are cut off bottle liner is a long time to maintain the temperature. He will use this bottle to store liquid hydrogen. Later, there is a wide range of application, and then almost every family has thermos vacuum flask.

Liner of Thermos Flask

Thermos flask is composed of liner, shell and additional components. The thermos liner: glass bottles from both internal and external combination. Both connected into one bottle at two sidewall gap evacuated to weaken the thermal convection, jar, plated shiny silver film reflectance infrared thermal radiation. Vial at high temperature, the heat energy of the contents does not radiate outward; cryogenic vial, bottle outer heat not inwardly radiation, thermos effectively controlled conduction, convection and radiation of the three kinds of heat transfer pathway. Apart from the flask that made of glass, there is also vacuum flask made of stainless steel, which is what we usually refer to stainless vacuum flask. Bottle the gall insulation performance the metal bottle gall rugged, difficult to damage, but the thermal conductivity is much larger than the glass, made somewhat less. Single or double wall plastic container, filled foam insulation, lightweight and convenient, not broken, but the insulation performance is worse than vacuum bottle gall.

Classification and Uses of the Thermos Vacuum Flask

The vacuum flask can be divided into three categories: first is the small mouth bottle. Usually it is known as thermos flask. It has small diameter of the mouth, good insulation properties, mainly used to hold boiling hot water, fried avid concoction, hot drinks and cold drinks. Second is the big mouth portable thermos vacuum flask. Usually, it is also known as ice bottles. Mouth diameter of large items pick and place convenient the main costumes ice, sorbet, with a container of cold drinks, iced pharmacy, liquid gas, anti-fermentation substances also bloom hot food, hot drinks with container. The third is the cup-shaped portable thermos. Usually it is known as insulated cup. The mouth portion is large diameter, small capacity, mainly for eating with a short time and it can reduce the influence of ambient temperature on the contents.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quartz Tile Gives Birth to a Huge Industry

A Huge Quartz Tiles Market Space

Artificial quartz slabs in the international arena have become a new kind of countertop materials, quartz products in Europe and the United States more and more into consumers' homes. 2006 Milan International exhibition cabinets, new products launched by the world famous cabinet, we can obviously feel this trend. Quartz stone products market with the past 20 years of stone market, and 10 years ago are artificial in stone market conditions, there will be 500% annual rate of increase in the future market, so there is a huge market space for the development of quartz tile.

Industry Applications of Quartz Slab

Initially, the Quartz Slabs are only used in higher surface requirements cabinet table, furniture table, laboratory operating table. With the economic development and further mature market, more foreign ground, walls, furniture and other fields began to use quartz stone, such as a variety of large hotels, luxury residential landmark, quartz stone is gradually become the alternative of natural stone products . Quartz use customers are constantly changed, from traditional wholesalers to real estate development companies, to building decoration companies, more and more people are added to the quartz consumer trend. International customers generally considered high hardness of quartz products, high-end, compared to natural stone more design, environmental protection, no radiation may Although the market share of the largest stone or granite, quartz future trends soon future will replace other artificial stone and a large part of the natural stone, quartz slabs are now in short supply in the global market, and this situation will continue for at least five to ten years.

Chinese Quartz Stone Market Prospects

China artificial stone market capacity in 2010 IS 50 billion RMB, quartz accounted for less than 10% of the share of the artificial stone products, with more quartz enterprises entering the market, the further improvement of production technology and the market continues is getting mature, the market gradually quartz is activated, and consumer demand is increasing. From the cabinet industry statistics data from 2005 to 2010, within five years, China will have a capacity of 29 million sets of the overall kitchen furniture market, an average of 5.8 million sets per year, if the average of 10,000 RMB cabinet table accounted for in which the proportion is 40% of the cost of the year cabinet table, there is a 34.8 billion RMB market space. The quartz in turn become cabinets’ countertops mainstream products. Plus the application of bathroom countertops, desktops, floors, walls, and other areas, quartz is pregnant with a huge industry.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Knowledge of Adhesive Sealant

Classification of Adhesive Sealant

Classification of adhesives many ways, it is not unified, commonly there are: according to chemical composition: This is a more scientific method of classification, it will be the adhesive divided into organic adhesives and inorganic adhesives. Organic adhesives are divided into synthetic adhesives and natural adhesives. Synthetic adhesive resin types have rubber type, complex type; natural adhesives such as animals, plants, minerals, natural rubber adhesive. Inorganic adhesive is divided by chemical components such as phosphates, silicates, sulfates, borates variety: Liquid adhesive and solid adhesives can be divided into morphological classification. A solution type, emulsion type, paste, film, tape, powder, granule, glue sticks. Uses: This can be divided into three main categories of structural adhesives, non-structural adhesive sealant and specialty adhesive sealant. Application methods: room temperature curing, heatset, hot melt, pressure-sensitive, and then wet-bonding agents.

Development Trend of the Adhesive Sealant

Now the non-solvent adhesive develops rapidly. The many adhesives contain a large number of highly volatile solvents, and these solvents not only endanger the physical and mental health of the people and the destruction of the ozone layer in the atmosphere. In recent years, causing the public and government attach great importance, so natural to the adhesives industry brought a new development trend, namely solvent-free adhesives development. Nano-adhesives will be the star of a dazzling new technology. Namely develops in the direction of multifunction adhesive. When a thermal paste substitute with a variety of functions at the same time when its value is often steep, so the multifunctional adhesive is one of the trends of industrial adhesives. Development of the military, defense adhesives is necessary. Development of military, defense adhesives for future war and counter-terrorism, counter-terrorism needs, so it must have developed by leaps and bounds.

Adhesives in Industrial Applications

Adhesive technology in addition to a simple, fast, efficient, inexpensive features and it can also be used to bond some other connection cannot connect or structure, such as metal and non-metal bonding, to overcome the cast iron, aluminum welding fissile and aluminum cannot be cast iron, steel welding. And can in some cases effectively replaced by welding, riveting, threaded connection, and other mechanical connections. At present, the application of the adhesive has been infiltrated into all sectors of the national economy, to become an indispensable technology in industrial production, a wide range of applications in high-tech fields, according to reports: Foreign production car to use 5 ~ 10kg adhesive; a Boeing aircraft bonding area of 2400m2; an aerospace aircraft need bonding 30000 ceramic pieces.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cheap Imports of Solar Panels Impact on the Domestic Market

The 2011 global PV market is ups and downs, and the polycrystalline silicon

Solar panels market price is way down, the unit price reduces from the beginning of $ 80 to $ 30, a decrease of 60%. This is of course the technology level of domestic polysilicon enterprises, cost reduction, capacity release downstream demand reduction, more important reason is polysilicon products market is a global market, foreign enterprises to take advantage of its large-scale, low-cost, low price advantages to attract domestic downstream manufacturers and bundled downstream enterprises avoid risks through long-term contracts and high premiums. The domestic polysilicon solar module manufacturer in terms of the level of technology on the industrial scale, innovation, or financial support, and the government supported efforts, with the big companies in the world, we have a big gap.

Korea-US Vigorously Dumping Solar Panels to China

The view on the domestic market, the domestic polysilicon production is still far less than the demand, but a large number of imported products surged squeeze the domestic market, especially the Korea-US polysilicon manufacturers continue to increase efforts to do dumping of low-priced products to the Chinese market. According to customs statistics, in 2011 China imported 64,600 tons of polysilicon, a year-on-year increase of 36%; imports amounted to $ 3.8 billion, an increase of 42% year-on-year. South Korea surpassed the United States in April 2011 to become China's largest polysilicon wholesale solar panel importing countries, exports accounted for 32.2% of total imports of China's polysilicon. OCI the long unit price of exports were lower than the domestic price in order to compete for the Chinese market, 30,000 to 80,000 RMB / ton, and the spot price is 50,000 to 100,000 RMB / ton cheaper, this is particularly evident impact on China's polysilicon market.

Survival of China's Polysilicon Solar Panels Enterprises

Polysilicon production enterprises in China are nearly forty enterprises. And the annual production capacity is 1000 to 3000 tons, annual production scale of enterprises and even kiloton. Some enterprises put into operation a long time, the technology should be further improved digestion and absorption. 2009 voted to build the production line is relatively high investment costs, high energy consumption of equipment, thus the relatively high cost of the integrated enterprise. The current market price of polysilicon solar panels is priced at $ 30, has been lower than many domestic polysilicon production costs, while the viability of large enterprises in the process of falling commodity prices, the market instead concentrated to the leading enterprises. Large domestic polysilicon companies were forced to cut production, especially since the fourth quarter of last year, domestic enterprises capacity utilization rapid declined, stocks surged, so many companies face greater threats to survival.

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Spring Mattress May Do Harm on Your Health

Wrong Concept about Buying Mattress

While frugality is a virtue, but it also does not mean that what must improvise. In our daily lives, from bedding, mattresses, all kinds of sanitary products to wallpaper are not improvised, it is not necessary to change until it is worn out. So, we should make a regular medical examination for all kinds of supplies to the home, the replacement and maintenance should be carried out timely. A lot of things have their life, it will cause hidden damage to your health, and even it is not broken. After some calculations, we will spend one-third of the time each year in bed, we can see the importance of sleep on human. Not sleep the longer the better, sleep quality is the guarantee that our bodies can get adequate rest, and spring mattresses naturally becomes the key to the quality of sleep. Many families have the concept that the mattress can be used until it is broken, but in fact, these are the wrong idea.

Adjustable Replacement on Mattress

Experts pointed out that now people put increasingly high demand on the mattresses, and there is great progress in related technical. Although material and technology of the various mattress used by different manufactures are different, but there is not an accurate expiration date, in general, a decade is a barrel for mattress, there will be some cleaning problems, such as the growth of bacteria which cannot be seen or even touched. So, even if we cannot observe the obvious damage, we should treat the mattress seriously. If you often have a pain in the back after one night’s sleep, which is not because of illness; if there was greater change in your sleep time, you always better wake earlier than before; If you obviously felt more comfortable in other people's bed than your own bed, then you have to check your custom mattress.

Methods to Extend the Life of Your Mattress

First, you should remove the packing bag before using the mattress, which allows the mattress to breathe fresh air. Second, you need to turn over your new mattress every three months in the first year of using to make every part of the mattress can force evenly. Third, you should try not standing on the mattress, jumping or long-term sitting on the edge of the position, because these will shorten the mattress useful life. Fourth, select appropriate bed prop or bedstead for the mattress to ensure a comprehensive and flat support, in order to prevent mattress from sagging or damaging. Fifth, you should not use water to clean the mattress, if water is sprinkled on mattresses, you should dry the water immediately by the cloth and then blow-dry the mattress with hair dryer or fan, but we must use cold or warm air instead of hot air.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Concept of Personalized in Furniture

Current Trend on Living Room Furniture

In recent years, people start to pay attention to the whole art of living at home consumption, for bedroom is the core of life, furniture plays more and more important role in our life. However, faced with a variety of furniture brands, consumers do not know how to select, living room furniture manufacturers have begun to doubt what the consumers concern most when buying furniture, what kind of furniture is the most lovable and whether consumers have new purchase demand. In the purchase of furniture, most consumers firstly concern the quality of the plate, because it directly determines the level of quality furniture. In the aspect of quality, many high-end brands have reached a consensus that the quality of the furniture board is an important factor to attract customers and drive sales. With the improvement of quality of life, requirements on the furniture environmental performance are much higher, environmental indicators directly affect the consumer's purchase intent.

Proprietary Customized Concept on Furniture

With the growing of house prices, the proportion of decoration in the small and medium size is increasing, people pay more attention to not only style but also focus on furniture space share and storage volume. Original kind of home industry industrialized mass production pattern is unable to meet the aesthetic needs of the real-life. Consumer’s demand for personalized custom products, is continuously improving, custom furniture is to account for a growing market share. Customer demand will follow the trend, people will focus on the proportion of colors and styles when buying Chinese modern furniture, such as which design can match the other home furniture, what color is suitable for the whole family atmosphere, so if we want to meet these requirements, our first consideration is to customize according to the consumer's home environment. Custom furniture is not only limited to the production, the more important design and services are to establish the reputation of the brand, and improve the terminal sales system by service.

Service of Furniture Industry

Excellent products lie not only in the quality of the product itself, but also the service. Low prices in the past few years tend to be more easy to get the part of consumers of all ages, but the quality of workshop furniture product often receive a lot of dissatisfaction of consumers, and attractiveness of low-cost is slowly weakening, while consumer demand for the after-sale service is slowly prominent, and therefore the service is a common slogan of the furniture industry in recent years. On the concept of service, professionals say that furniture is easy to be involved service from plate to installation. Now many brands have paid great attention to the word-of-mouth marketing. So when the brand is developed to a certain extent, service is more important for service will brings the secondary sales driven by word-of-mouth sales.

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Channel Construction of the Heat Pump Industry

Solar Channels of the Heat Pump

Dealers of solar channel have accumulated a wealth of thermal water recourses which are just used for solar dealer channel in the distribution of solar products. Due to solar channels tend to promote in the console markets, it is necessary to have deep tentacles in hot water market. However, because there are much different between solar products and split heat pump systems products in principle, there is a serious weaknesses in the solar distribution channel - lack of technical support. Because of the lack of technical support, it is even more difficult for solar channels to be involved in the field of commercial machine. For the reason that commercial machine put higher requirements on technology. Solar channels must make an effort in the technical support to develop, technical training is a key when the heat pump enterprises cultivate quality dealer.

Air-conditioning Refrigeration Channels of Heat Pump Industry

Throughout the industry view on the air-conditioning refrigeration channels, technology is one of the biggest advantages of this channel. With the development of industrial heat pump, heat pump products will go to the depth direction of development, while the deep development of the product is bound to make the technology improved, and the requirements on product technology will be higher. However, relative to the foreign market development of heat pump, there are a lot of measures to be taken to develop the home machine market in the heater air conditioner and refrigeration channels. At present, main direction of air-conditioning refrigeration channels Domestic heat pump market is the field of business machine, an important reason to the slow development of household machines is for the lack of heat pump products sales.

Heat Pump's Store Channels

Stores once established, it is a big leap regardless of the brand or market coverage. The store network has the highest coverage and the depth distribution channels in the market. Therefore, the open of store market is a strong attack for the heat pump market. So, in the face of this channel of the stores, a lot of heat pump companies do not intend to test the water, only a number of local stores can be cooperated, the era of the stores comprehensive development has not yet come. However, the industry experts claim that the store is the only way for the product to enter the deeper market. The reason for the limitations of the heat pump products in store channel is because the heat pump industry has yet to be developed. Therefore, the era of the heat pump products go store channels is expected to arrive, but be delayed.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pneumatic Nails and Staples Introduction

The Principle of Making Pneumatic Nails

If you want to use pneumatic nail gun, you have to find some pneumatic nails that are suitable for it. These nails are made by specialized equipments, by forging a one-time molding. Pneumatic nail guns are commonly used supplies for the decoration industry and furniture manufacturing industries. The raw materials are in certain hardness and tensile strength of galvanized iron wire and special glue. A finished product should pass three steps: Step one: Being flattened. Step two: In the doubling machine with special glue will be squashed wire bonding to be rolled ribbon semi-finished products. Step three: Semi finished oil press or press shear bending or punch, after packing can leave the factory. The principle of pneumatic nail gun is when the gun is under pressure, it will push the bullet firing pin position, and then pulled the trigger, fired bullets, bullets produce high pressure gas, and then it will push the firing pin push nail. Pneumatic nail use need have the aid of pneumatic nail gun to shot. It is the use of firing blanks that produced gunpowder as the driving forces, with the nail insides the building tool. Releasing nail blank cartridge with a common military blank only in the difference of size, however it also has harmful effects on human beings.

The Use of Pneumatic Nails and Staples In Decoration

Pneumatic Nails and Staples can be also used in decoration. Actually, upholstery staples in furniture design industries have increasingly become the indispensable elements of design. Upholstery staples used for furniture bring them different taste and texture, and become a designer of dotting tool. Upholstery staples include a variety of types, for examples, dome staples with special-shaped top color logos.

The Use of Pneumatic Nails and Staples In Art

Feet nail, widely used in scrapbook, greeting cards, cards, photo album, album, flower accessories, toys accessories and paper products accessories such as DIY crafts jewelry accessories. It is also called brad nail. 18 gauge brad nails, which are commonly known as the feet nails, and they are originated from the western countries cuttings culture. Nail feet is divided into a variety of shapes, and it is also suitable for housewives and children all over the world. Feet nails industry in China has just started, and the situation of development is good, mainly for domestic DIY scrapbook, photo album, photo frame ornament and decoration. And many coastal city preschool education institutions use it to cultivate and improve children's hands-on, mental and physical abilities. The staple, is usually made of wire, nickel or nickel plating on zinc alloy as rust, iron wire inside the Fe, C, S, P, Mn, Si, there are also a small number of Cu, in which Fe is about 99%. The staple includes two kinds, one kind is made of iron, and the other is made of copper.

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Profile of Glass Drilling Machine

Introduction of Glass Drilling Machine

Glass drilling machine is the machine designed for glass drilling, drilling large diameter base overhang large vacancy, it can be used to process large-size glass table, low height, easy to operate, under the drill pressure governor, speed and stability, effectively improve the processing performance. This machine has high production efficiency, and it can be used in mass production and assembly-line. Just as the glass edging machine, glass drilling machine is the indispensable machinery and equipment in the production of glass processing.

Glass Drilling Machine Features

The latest glass drilling machine uses the automatic control design, pneumatic clamping glass to feed hydraulic cushioning technology, free to adjust the automatic drilling time and speed up and down the drill up and down the drill has nesting drilling. The table adopts pneumatic lift with activities positioning and automatic feeding device, it is faster and more accurate positioning of the batch processing glass work piece. The product is divided into automatic and manual two options.

Use of Glass Drilling Machine

When drilling glass, the lower drill is easy to crush the glass, so when drill thin glass, the pressure must be adjusted very low, may vary within a range of 0.18 ~ 03MPa to drill the thick glass, the pressure can rise to 0.46MPa about. Before the start of class work, the lubricant should give each oiling parts and check the belt tension level on the drill shaft operation with or without abnormal, drill bit wear until everything is functioning properly before they start work. Splice drawer in the core material should be cleaned, or the accumulation of material core too will be stuck catcher. Especially when the drilling diameter is greater than 100mmj big hole, when drill several holes it should be cleaned once. Clean up the core material should be the catcher position is then expected to Splice drawer smoothly drawn, clean up the core material on the drill starts rotating, the catcher is in the position of the then expected, so it is easy to clean material core.

Glass Drilling Machine Precautions

Commissioning and use of attention should be safe, do not touch moving parts and the live parts when the machine starts; tools and other objects not on the conveyor rails and cast; emergency, immediately press the emergency stop button or pull down the air switch; ready sufficient amount of cooling water to keep the tank clean water, to avoid burning the grinding wheel and glass, and promptly clean up the grinding impurities out of the water pipeline to keep waterways open; should check the trip switch is working properly before class grinding work to control whether the direction of correct as incorrect, control in the wrong direction, should immediately stop checking, otherwise the machine will have fatal damage; less than or equal to the ambient temperature of +50 °C motor temperature.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spray Nozzle Becomes Popular with the Concept of Environmental Protection

Fashion Tread of Nozzle

With the concept of environmental protection is gaining popularity, people has become even more concerned about the utilization of water resources. In order to maximize the utilization of the environmental protection of water resources, the nozzle industry also began to flourish, and compared with the traditional use of the atomizing nozzle, the using of industrial nozzle technology, such as atomizing nozzle technology, spiral nozzle technology and clip buckle nozzle technology will enhance the utilization of water resources to the next level. And in recent days, the experts agreed that, with the acceleration of the process of industrial development and urbanization, water scarcity will become a factor in China's economic development which cannot be ignored, while solving the problem of water shortage in China through sewage treatment, wastewater reuse, and desalination water treatment pathways will have broad market prospects.

Developments Status of Nozzle Technology

The progress and development of all kinds of industrial nozzle technology is the main driving force, the developments from the steam engine to the internal combustion engine, gas turbine thermal power plant all promote the development of fuel or material spray technology, because it is essential for the various processes link. The increasing requirements of energy saving and environmental protection is another driving force to promote the innovation and improvement of spray gun nozzle technology. Increasingly serious trend combustion results in poor air quality. The diversification of fuel materials spray needs also promote the diversification of all kinds of nozzles. Technology development of all kinds of nozzles spraying is reflected in diversification of the structure and applicability, in addition, it is also reflected in the expansion of the spray quality assessment indicators and the development and improvement of the detection means.

The Gap of the Nozzle Technology

In the past 20 years, China has also tracked the world's advanced technology and made some innovations in various fields. But the gap with foreign advanced level is still there. The industrial nozzles are mainly used for the combustion of nozzles, and the pollution emissions are much higher than that in abroad, which does not meet the concept of environmental protection. A large number of low-power, low-pollution, and high-performance combustion kinds of nozzle devices have to be imported from abroad. There are no domestic enterprises with high-volume production capacity to contend with all kinds of nozzles companies. Even the kinds of match nozzles spare parts are from abroad and the regulation match burner components are also from the well-known professional company in the world. This is mainly due to the lack of competitiveness of quality, price and reliability of the domestic, this situation will soon always be changed.

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the use of foam board

Food Packaging Foam Board

Foam boards are ideal food packaging materials. The foam board sheet, because of its thermal stability and thermal insulation, has become the senior food packaging alternatives. Density of 0.5-0.7g/cm3, foam board sheet in a thickness of 0.5-1.5mm is the production of high rigidity and good heat-insulating tableware (plate, bowl), beverage cups and the like raw materials; the 0.2-0.5g/cm3 density and thickness 1.0-3.5mm foam board sheets are used for meat, food packaging materials (such as processing into pots, plates, used in the applesauce, lactic acid casein, low acidity food packaging) and bottle gasket. German co-extrusion method, density 0.1-0.5g/cm3, and the thickness of 1-3.5mm foam board sheet. These foam board sheets can be used for food or meat packaging, can also be used for the production of shell products and a variety of utensils (plates, dishes, bowls, boxes, etc.). Monolayer foam board sheet from May 1999 to be applied to all kinds of microwave tableware and security, and more resistant to heat, and started in 1998, it is widely used in the manufacture of food packaging containers.

Building Thermal Insulation Foam Board Material

The foam board sheets have low thermal conductivity and thermal heat insulation properties, so the construction foam board is usually used as advanced insulation material applications. Steam pipe insulation materials begin to use foam board, and as the air conditioning pipe insulation materials are also under study. According to statistics, China's domestic air-conditioner production in 2000 reached 18.26 million units, and the foam board with good heat resistance is used as the air conditioning pipe insulation has a huge market. Foam board insulation materials also can be used as a petrochemical pipelines, water pipe freeze protection insulation kits, as well as hot water pipes, conservatory, tank heat insulating material. Due to the high heat resistance of the foam board, the foreigners widely use it for the heat resistance and meet the requirements of the occasion of the foamed sheet, such as for the 90-120℃ heat carrier cycle battery heat insulating material, the engine room and workshop insulation materials, heating pipe insulation kits. In short, in all a portion of the heat problem exists in the use of foam board, a foam board material can be used.

Cushion Packaging Foam Boards

The most important performance in the cushion packaging requirements is energy absorption. Foam board molded products can be used to withstand high loads and repeated shock protection capability than can be made of polystyrene moldings or foam superior. Foam board can be used for computer, medical instruments, precision instruments, audio-visual materials, cameras, glass, ceramics, arts and crafts, a variety of household appliances such as shockproof cushion packaging, in order to avoid injury and damage suffered during transport. Further, the foamed sheet also has advantages and can be directly recycled, the texture is soft and will not damage the surface of the packaged objects. According to statistics, in 1997 only two color TV and color picture tubes on the use of foam boards of over 20,000 tons.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Analysis of Gas Oven Industry

The Current Situation of Gas Stove Industry

China gas stove has got rapid development in the past 20 years, and with development of economy, the ordinary households in China gradually make higher requirements in production quality. Small kitchen appliances spread into the consumer's home with its image of energy-saving, environmental protection, healthy and it is gradually gaining consumers' recognitions. In recent years, the infrared Gas stove's sudden emergence attracts customers' attetions with its outstanding characteristics, such as energy-saving, environmental protection, strong firepower without smoking the pot.

Analysis of Gas Oven Parts Industry

The key to do business is to develop the industry, if you have not reached the height, then you cannot prolong the length of the corporate life. The first step to develop market is to create the trend, because you cannot make the depth and breadth of the market, if there is no basis for consumer trends and resource gathering. Gas stove parts industry is an industry segments, and the market size is relatively small, but we should also see small products can be made into a big market and the development of the gas stove parts industry is also promising. There is no doubt that the development of the gas stove parts industry is to grasp the rise and fall of the industry life cycle and industry resources flow time, rhythm and spatial layout. At present, most parts of China have completed initial popularity of the medium and low gas oven, but the high, low different grades of products in the market of the regional distribution of the differences and the sales volume differences are very obvious. As the parts industry is in a subordinate position, by the pattern of the whole industry is very large, but also by the upstream industries such as suppliers of raw materials and hardware processing extrusion, belongs to survive in the cracks of the state. The industry is quite a mixed bag, and the number of enterprises certified by qualified suppliers is much smaller than the number of general practitioners. Future opportunities belong to those enterprises who can grasp the trend and improve ability and strategic layout initiatively.

Existing Problems in Gas Oven Industry

Our gas stove industry started earlier, but the technical development is very slow. In recent years, there are no national energy efficiency standards or energy-efficiency labeling in gas oven industry. Industry experts point out, although the gas stove is not a technology industry with high threshold, or a lot of stagnant water barriers. Stove on the overall performance requirements are higher. Gas stoves have to not only meet the basic safety and energy saving properties, but also have the characteristics of the fierce fire, sparking convenient, durable.

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ackaging Machine Industry Analysis

Brief Introduction of Packaging Machinary Industry

The packaging technology is an important symbol of modern civilization, and packaging machinery is the material guarantee of modern civilization. With the rapid development of society, the prosperity of the commodity economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, packaging of goods has been paid more and more attention to, and the industry of China packaging machine associated with the packaging industry gets the rapid development. Overall packaging machinery in China started late, after the rapid development in recent years, it has become one of the top ten industries in the machinery industry, and with the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of the technical level of packaging machinery, and packaging machinery industry in China will usher in a period of rapid development.

Current Situation of China's Packaging Machine

There are a few professional manufacturers in the domestic packaging machinery manufacturers, and this is the shortcoming of our country. But the domestic packaging machinery manufacturers make great efforts in the aspects of measurement, manufacturing and technology, especially beer, beverage filling equipment has the features of high-speed, sets, high degree of automation, good reliability and so on. Furthermore, food packaging machine technically has also got significant improvements. Currently, domestic packaging machinery manufacturers are committed to working on high-tech, the high-quality production of horizontal packaging machine and reliable service. Domestic packaging machinery is also growing as the change of market, and they are developing to the direction of high-speed, low-power and low-cost. In one word, the majority of advanced packaging machinery researches are still in the stage of imitation and the capacity of the independent development is still very limited. For this reason, many large foreign enterprises have introduced the technology and components into China to process in the local, thereby reducing the cost and engaged in a fierce competition with local products. So local manufactures should seek some useful way to keep in pace with the foreign enterprises to create a brand new stage.

Future of China's Packaging Machinary Industry

There is great potential for the development of China's packaging machinery industry, with the continuous development and progress of science and technology, microelectronics, computers, industrial robots, image sensor technology and new materials in packaging machinery will be more widely used in the future. Packaging machinery enterprise needs to learn and bring in new technologies, and strive to the packaging equipment with high efficiency, high degree of automation, excellent reliability, flexibility, high technological content to create a new type of packaging machinery, leading packaging machinery to the direction of integrated, efficient and intelligent.

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Methods to Select LED Strips

Introduction of LED Strips

With the development of LED lighting technology, LED lighting products are more acceptable by people no matter in the product technical indicators or price. A variety of traditional lightings in the places are more and more replaced by LED lights, but sometimes facing with so many models, consumers really do not know how to choose. We must choose the regular manufacturers of products when purchase LED strip light, it is recommended to buy LED light strip in the electronic market network, after all, it is very formal.

Features of LED Flexible Strip

There are two kinds of LED strip, and LED rigid strip. LED flexible strip products have long life and low energy consumption, and its assembly circuit board is made of FPC assembled by SMD LED, so that the thickness of the product is only the thickness of a coin, does not occupy space. The LED flexible strip product is soft and flexible resulting in particular convenience in the decoration of nook dead ends, such as circular and irregular design and the imported 3M double-sided adhesive is on the back of decorative lights with casing the series of lock accessories, it is easy to install, and it can be cut at will. Multi color LED strip is commonly used in: Skyline lighting, irregular design of body decoration (hotel / nightclub / KTV establishments polygonal walls, water droplets line smallpox groove design), the home dark trough trim (door frame, bar, wine cooler, closet, TV cabinet ), auto beauty (body, vehicle bottom) and jewelry showcase, etc.

Features of LED Rigid Strip

LED rigid strip’s assembly circuit board is assembled by PCB hard board, and the lamp beads may the plug-in or SMD, but SMD is used widely currently, the choice depends on the needs of different lamp beads. LED Rigid Strip is easily fixed, and its processing and installation more convenient, with the V-shaped aluminum trough base and high brightness, and its light angle can be adjusted, length can be customized according to the actual use requirements, while it cannot be bent arbitrarily which is not suitable for irregular. Commonly used in: Jewelry showcase lighting, display cabinet lighting place. It is usually used in the cabinet lighting, wardrobe lighting, the specialty decorative lighting, art lighting, advertising light boxes lighting as well as hotels, guest houses, villa home decorative lighting and so on. No matter LED flexible strip or LED Rigid Strip, they all have the same characteristics of the product: DC12V or DC24V low voltage power supply with high security and normal life is up to 30,000 hours or more, and can be selected depending on the lighting environment such as white, warm white (normal color), cool white, red, yellow, green, blue, color.

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