Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Status of China Food Machinery Industry

Development of Food Machinery

Food machinery refers to machinery and equipment and device applications in food processing of raw materials into the food (or semi-finished). Currently, the vast space of the development of China's food machinery has broad market prospects. Many China's food machinery manufacturing products can keep up with many of the international advanced level, but companies who really have independent intellectual property rights and technological innovation are even less. Therefore, China food machine manufacturing enterprises from the perspective of innovation to develop new products from the height of the independent intellectual property rights, to develop a world-class advanced equipment, so in order to truly achieve the upgrading of the domestic food machinery manufacturing.

China Food Machinery Manufacturing

To achieve the upgrading China’s food machinery manufacturing industry, the most fundamental one is to improve the overall quality of the industry practitioners. The overall quality of that is the ideology and technical quality. The ideological quality of ideas includes the ways of thinking, decision-making level and innovative ideas. On January 23, 2009, the China National Standardization Management Committee (SAC) issued the national standard food machinery safety and health. The standard provides for the health and safety of the food machinery and equipment, material selection, design, manufacturing, configuration requirements. This standard applies to food machinery and equipment, and also applies to product contact surfaces of liquid, food cutting machine, solid and semi-solid food packaging machinery. In this way, food packaging machinery will have a more solid foundation for the development.

International Requirements of Food Machine

Due to global food security is worsening, the developed countries attach great importance to research and application of safe production of food machinery technology, are starting to reach the health and safety of the food processing from the design of food machinery manufacturing. Realize that there are two ways: First, set up a sound food machinery technology specification; organize food machinery strictly in accordance with these technical specifications of the design, manufacture and application. These technical specifications, the most important is the food machinery, mechanical safety and health requirements, which covers all aspects of the design and manufacture of food machinery, equipment selection and matching, equipment installation and verification aspects, which is the study of international food machinery, development, manufacturing prevailing requirements. Food machinery manufacturing industry of other countries to be achieved with the international standards, must comply with health and safety technical requirements.

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