Friday, September 28, 2012

Methods to Maintain Leather Laptop Sleeve

Importance of Laptop Sleeve

With the continuous improvement of people's lives and the level of consumption, a variety of bags have become indispensable jewelry beside people. People have more requirements not only in the improvement of practicability but also expansion of decoration. leather laptop bags for men just like any other leather bag, it should be taken good care of to its longer working life. Taking care of genuine leather computer bag is as important as women's skin care, then, how to care for the brand computer bag?

Methods for Cleaning Leather Laptop Sleeve

Oil on the leather computer bag must be cleaned as soon as possible with a leather detergent instead of wiping strongly mess with the chemical lotion. In general lens cloth which is used to wipe glasses is a cheap and good helper to wipe with leather cleaner, and it will not scratch your beloved computer bag, spread evenly and it will be able to restore luster for your bag. The bag should be placed in ventilated place to dry after cleaning, do not put it under the sun in order to be done quickly, because after scrubbing, the bag is the most vulnerable, a sudden high temperature bake causes 11.6 inch laptop sleeve fade or leather to become hard and brittle. The little filthy synthetic leather computer bag can be cleaned directly with a dry cloth, if it is heavily oiled, you can add a little neutral detergent in water, with a soft cloth dampened with water, and placed in clean well-ventilated place to dry naturally. Do not use cleaners containing gasoline, alcohol to clean. Do not use machine wash or soak in water wash. Avoid cleaning by brush, otherwise it will cause the surface of the solid color pigment being washed off.

How to Maintain Leather Laptop Sleeve

Leather computer bag need to be hung up or flatted when it is not in use. Before collection, hang it in a cool dry place to ventilate without exposure. In order to keep the beautiful color of leather computer bag, a layer of milk or glycerol can be painted on the leather topcoat, do not expose, broil, wash, sharp object impact and exposure to chemical solvents. A group of paper or cloth can be put into the bag to maintain the bag's shape, then put the bag into the soft cotton bag and collect it in the cabinet and undue compression should be avoided. The natural oils of the leather will be gradually reduced with time, so even very advanced leather also need regular maintenance. Before each store of leather computer bag, you should remove dust to clean it up. Then wipe the oil on a clean cotton cloth and evenly wipe the surface, to avoid smearing the oil directly on the leather in case of the damage of the leather.

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