Thursday, September 27, 2012

Innovation and Green Lead LED Lighting Industry

China LED Lights Development Direction

Innovation is the key to promote industrial upgrading, and it is also the breakthrough point of China's lighting industry from large to strong. Future direction of innovation and upgrading of traditional lighting is green low-carbon, in addition to the existing LED technology, solar and LED technology converged applications. In fact, the Chinese LED industry newspaper reporter learned that, just in two years, green carbon is from the concept of a representative of the direction of industrial development and trends, many China led light companies become hot in the market to push the product features and technical characteristics. Global lighting market in Europe, the Americas, the green low-carbon products sales boom has been formed, LED bulb, LED fluorescent lamp, LED ceiling lamp, LED spotlights, LED mining lamp, LED wall washer lights, etc. The series of LED products have popular blend of green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving advantages of LED lighting industry.

Widely Use of LED High Bay

LED high bay has a wide range of use in the global popularization. But many manufacturers in the high-power LED high bay have not found a good solution; With the wide application of LED high bay light, customers have higher requirements for LED high bay; this means that the thermal conductivity of the LED high bay is a problem that must be addressed; rely on the thermal conductivity of aluminum single LED high bay heat conduction can meet the demand, if the heat conduction out will affect the lamp life. The reporter learned from the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China this year will vigorously promote energy consumption of iron and steel, mines and other enterprises, the replacement LED high bay lighting products.

LED High Bay Performance Characteristics

The excellent performance of explosion-proof, and can be safely used in a variety of flammable and explosive places. Imported chips, optimized LED package structure, to achieve low light failure, the advantages of high luminous efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection; need power supply key components used brand in the world, to ensure the service life of the lamp; crystal lens with light, meet different occasions lighting ; using pass-through structure design to optimize heat dissipation structure, to ensure lamp life; lighting angle locking device can ensure the long-term point of view is still in shock environment change; the LED lamp body is made of light alloy material, special sealing surface coating, to ensure that the lamps never harsh environment such as humidity, high temperature corrosion, never rust; pedestal and pendant variety of installation methods.

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