Thursday, September 27, 2012

Application of USB Flash Disk

Inevitability of USB Flash Drive

With the rapid development of computer hardware, peripherals increasing number of keyboard, mouse, modem, printer, scanner is already well known, digital camera, MP3 player after another, so much equipments, how to access the personal computer? USB is generated for this purpose. USB is a computer peripheral device connected to standardized single interface specification developed by Intel, NEC, Compaq, DEC, IBM, Microsoft, Northern Telecom, Contact. The USB1.1 standard interface transfer rate is 12Mbps, but a usb design device can only get 6Mbps bandwidth.

Introduction of USB Flash Drives

USB disk is referred as U disk, or USB flash drives. It is a removable storage device for backing up data, and easy to carry. U disk is one of the flash disks, also called flash drives. It is characterized by compact it and carry large storage capacity, the price is cheap. The general U disk capacity is 64M, 128M, 256M, 512M, 1G, 2G, 4G, etc. For example, the most common 1G price is around $ 65. U disk capacity has been greatly increase, such as the 4G, 16G metal usb flash drive. They are easy to carry, and we can hang it in the chest, hanging on a keychain, and even into the wallet. Anger the frogs network planning institutions think U disk in fact, is a removable hard drive, but science and technology will always be for the convenience of human services, designers will be huge hard drive narrowed to a small one, is more conducive to the portability and application of human, from the this regard, the science and technology to facilitate human life is also good.

Maintenance of USB Flash Memory

Never unplug the flash drive when flash drive lights are flashing too fast, because the then U flash disk is reading or writing data, the halfway pull out may cause hardware damage data. Do not shut down immediately after the backup documentation related to the program, because that time USB disk indicator is still flashing, the program is not completely over, then pull out the USB disk, easily affect backup. So file backup to flash after-hours, should be some time off related procedures to prevent accidents; attention to the U disk is placed in a dry environment, do not let the U-the Handicap interface exposed to the air for long periods of time, or likely to cause the surface of the metal oxidation, reduce interfaces sensitivity. Not for long periods of inactivity U disk inserted in the USB interface, otherwise the one hand, it is easy to cause the interface aging, on the other hand it is also a loss of USB disk.

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