Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Introduction of LED Plant Grow Lights

Application of LED Grow LightsM

We know that plants rely on light energy for photosynthesis and growth, flowering results. However, due to the natural world often change due to climate change and the ever-changing light, the plants in different growth period cannot fully absorb the different growth during photosynthesis nutrition to growth adversely, especially in the seedling stage. Red promote chrysanthemum stem segment rooting chlorophyll formation, accumulation of carbohydrates as well as absorption and utilization of the role. The plant grow light complements the use of red light to promote a variety of plants quickly take root and improve seed quality effect in the micro-propagation process. Simulated natural light to maximize led grow light for plant photosynthesis accurate spectral range, to provide customers with a more comprehensive plant growth lighting solutions, for the company aims to provide high quality products and services for consumers and users.

LED Grow Lights Features

In this regard, the scientific and rational artificial spectrum of plant growth and create good absorption and reflection conditions. The energy value of the blue-ray and the red light district is very close to the plant photosynthesis efficiency curve (green plant efficiency is significant) and it is the best light source for plant growth. Simulate the natural light, the 300w led grow light can also be produced according to customer demand for the red and blue mixed light for photosynthesis of plants to provide accurate spectral range, suitable for all stages of plant growth, suitable for any indoor garden, no soil cultivation or soil cultivation. LED with its inherent superiority is attracting the attention of the world. Particularly in the context of global energy shortage concerns rise again. And the LED light source has a high luminous efficiency, long life, safe and reliable, environmental protection and energy saving features, the LED lighting market prospects will attracts for more global attention.

Advantages of LED Growing Light

In general, additional illumination and application of ordinary electric light source used in traditional agricultural production different covering materials such as agricultural technical measures, such as the use of monochrome fluorescent or colored plastic film, changing light environment to plant growth and development regulation cultivation environment. Shan Wei LED plant growing lights uses different from these measures, in order to avoid, there are varying degrees of problems, such as lack of analysis of the specific spectral composition of light quality processing impure inconsistent light intensity close to or below even plant light compensation point, irradiation and energy efficiency and low. The LED plant cultivation environment in a large number of applied research results show that the LED can solve these problems, especially suitable for artificial light-controlled plant cultivation environment.

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