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Three-in-one Laminated Bags

Characteristics of Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Due to the light weight, high strength, stiffness and many other advantages of aluminum honeycomb panels, it has been widely used in the building fa?ade decoration. The positive aluminum sheet of aluminum honeycomb panels meets the ECCA quality standard PVDF fluorocarbon paint, and it is divided into ordinary color and metal color. Therefore, the surface also has excellent weathering performance. The sound source lung bath of 100-3200HZ can be up to 20 ~ 30dB, the thermal conductivity is 0.104-0.130W/MK, thus the energy absorption capacity of aluminum honeycomb panels is 150-3500KJ/M2, so it is an ideal energy-saving material. Aluminum honeycomb panels generally use fluorocarbon roll coating aluminum plate panel. Fluorocarbon roll coating aluminum plate is the most important point is that with a continuous roller coating technology, aluminum sheet painted to complete a one-time, no color, the coating flow degree is good and the quality is reliable. At the same time, it can be a long time to maintain the bright colors of the external walls of buildings. After long-term sun and rain or industrial air pollution, it has good adhesion and weather resistance, and is recognized by the World Architecture as the first class material.

Use of Aluminum Honeycomb Sheet

Honeycomb aluminum panel is used for building curtain wall siding board; interior decoration works; billboards; shipboard construction; aviation manufacturing; indoor partition and commodities showcase; commercial truck and container car body; bus, train, subway and rail transportation vehicles; environmental protection with very strict requirements for the modern furniture industry, aluminum honeycomb panel is also used at the processing of the furniture materials, the new century is a good choice of materials, it is completely non-toxic green quality, when processing furniture, the furniture dealer has less unnecessary environmental program; aluminum honeycomb panel diversification can be various, such as solid wood, aluminum, gypsum board, natural marble material, can be made of honeycomb panels, easy material selection. Aluminum honeycomb panel abruption: the appearance of aluminum honeycomb panels abruption breaks the traditional partition mode, its noble, fresh and impressive style wins the market share of the high-end office space.

Advantage performance of Honeycomb Aluminum

Anti-fire: aluminum sheet is the non-combustible material. Corrosion-resistant: aluminum honeycomb panel surface is through epoxy fluorocarbon treatment, has strong corrosion resistance. It has no pinholes, cracks and blisters by salt spray in 48 hours. Environmental protection: honeycomb panels belong to pure aluminum stand products, not to volatilization any harmful gas, non-radioactive and can be completely recycled, hundred percent eco-friendly products. Aluminum honeycomb panels are easy to dismantle the assembly, and will not dismantle a bad plate. Because of its light weight, easy to transport, so it can be transported to a different place for repeated use. This is the other partition plate cannot be compared.

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