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LED Industry Prospects Analysis

Chinese LED Industry Status Quo

With the decline in the cost of manufacturing and luminous efficiency, the light fades and other technical bottleneck breakthrough LED increasingly obvious advantages. Its fully replacement of the traditional light source is within sight. For technical constraints, LED industry is on a very different downstream aspects of upstream products is extremely difficult, and downstream packaging and application barriers to entry are low, the lack of core technology, Chinese enterprises can only be gathered at the end of the industry. The advantage of "low cost", China is rapidly becoming the global LED packaging base, but the competitive position is weak. The fourth quarter of 2008, LED products, prices plummeted, orders dropped by almost half, the Pearl River Delta and other industry gathering area many companies is out of the large-scale intervention, while the powerful combination of leading enterprises as well as the traditional lighting industry giants, will enable the survival of small and medium enterprises more difficult to establish core strengths far not an easy task. The analysis showed that the upstream and downstream LED downlights dimmable different trends for the different characteristics of the industry, the investment strategy should also be different.

The Embarrassing LED Sunrise Industry

The discussion on the prospects for wholesale LED lights is commonplace, due to the long life, low energy consumption, small size, fast response, and seismic resistance to low temperature, pollution and other prominent advantages, its application is extremely broad field. Preliminary calculations, China's future LED lighting saves electricity equivalent to the annual generating capacity of the Three Gorges Power Station, at the same time to reduce the 80 million tons of CO2, 65 ton SO2 and 320,000 tons of NO2 emissions. The development of semiconductor lighting is very rapid. Statistics show that since the birth in the 1960s, every decade, LED costs dropped tenfold while the luminous efficiency ten-fold increase. And technical progress is always to exceed the expectations of the market. In 2006, Japan's Nichia 150Lm / W luminous efficiency, six years earlier than the target set by the Optoelectronic Industry Development Association (OIDA). A few years ago, the market is looking forward in 2010 to commercialize watt-level single lamp, in 2006, had entered the commercial has been quite popular in the current.

Large Games Promote the Development of LED Industry

LED industry in China started in the 1980s, has gone through the imported chip package to import epitaxial wafers package to the stages of homemade materials and devices. Into the 21st century, environmental protection and energy saving has become a hot market, LED industry also began to heat up. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games give LED and hit a shot in the arm on the opening ceremony of the "Fantasy scroll" is displayed in over 4500 m2, called on the world's largest single full-color LED display, when 45,000 LED grouping of "Dream Five Rings" launched, people of LED's enthusiasm reaches a new high point. is a hi-tech enterprise combining technical research, development, manufacture and marketing. It specializes in researching and manufacturing LED residential and commercial lighting, ranging from LED Downlight, LED Panel Light, LED Tube light and LED Bulb light. Welcome to have a visit to our website!

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Mobile Power Industry Status

Mobile Power is a Business Opportunity!

Why the mobile power is increasingly hot, what does this mean? Is this a business opportunity? With the constant attention of the mobile power supply manufacturers to e-commerce, network, as for mobile power, is a fast channel for integration, marketing and communications. Continue to shorten the distance of exposing rates and sales on the Internet can achieve the biggest beneficiaries of the investment of integration of brand communication and product sales. The wave of e-commerce is in full swing, both small and medium-sized enterprises, and large enterprises at home and abroad all want to get some profit. All the activities that such as in May this year that Tencent acquired Icson, Baidu enters group buy, 360 enters search engine, the merger of Tudou and Youku, all theses series of mergers and acquisitions activity show the days of the war side of the electricity suppliers, and at the same time they resolutely resist channels for electricity providers, for their own building barriers from the traditional line channels, that's their current existence and prosperity! In fact, to shield mobile power online and offline channels, mainly in two aspects: to compete for consumers with price shocks. It is just this situation dramatically muster the disordered condition of the portable power bank market. Why the so popular mobile power markets will be in a mess, in the final analysis, there is no uniform industry standards for guidance!
portable mobile charger

Why the Mobile Power Industry Standard Isn’t Formed?

For any one industry, the answer is very obvious. Of course, it has the need to develop industry standards. Without standard, it will not be bound to undermine the health of the industry. From a practical point of view that the mobile power market is in the destruction of the rule. Then it will lead to the question: draw up the industry standards? The answer is yes. The standard of the industry, coupled with the government's support and cooperate with various big brands, you will naturally develop and lay it down. However, seen from the current situation, these three conditions are not ripe. Without industry standard, to realize the actual standard capacity of high mah external battery will be just a blue suburban dream. There are three factors affect the situation, as follows:
1.1 No big mobile power brands, even now they have a certain influence, their products are not necessarily the best. There exist many problems. There is a real evaluation of mobile power network for nearly 100 brands of mobile power. There are big brands and also small brands. The fact that among many of the so-called hot sale good brands, the vast majority of them is non-compliant.
1.2 The government will not participate. Associated with the influence of mobile power, because there are many consumers do not know the mobile power is what a thing, in addition to the peace of mobile power industry, and therefore seen from all things, we can predict that the government will not actively enters this participation. 1.3 Mobile power is just a small part, is still not enough to make giants to carve up the cake. In other words, one thing must form something of industry standards, it must be an independent appendage attached to certain products.
So the conclusion is: there is an urgent need for the development of industry standards, but the situation is complex, currently it is unable to develop standards, not to perform it! is the subsidiary company of Global Vision Group (HK) limited, which is a leading company specialized in the R & D, manufacturing and marketing of various external batteries. Our own brand "SUNWITH" has won a great popularity and market share. At the same time, OEM service is offered and we want to establish a long term relationship with customers all over the world. Welcome to visit our website!
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Metal Parts Applications and Technology

Metal parts are collectively known as various specifications and shape metal blocks, metal rods, metal lathe parts manufactured by metal materials.

Metal parts material: steel and non-ferrous metals (non-ferrous metals)

Steel: the iron alloy whose carbon content is 2% to 4.3% is cast iron, the iron alloy whose carbon content is usually between 0.03% and 2% is steel. In the Fe-C alloy, various appropriate amount of alloying elements are added to improve the strength, hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance and other properties of the steel. Commonly used alloying elements are Si, Mn, Cr, Ni, Mo, W, V, Ti, Nb, B, etc. which forms all kinds of alloy cast iron or steel alloy.

Application of metal parts

Metal parts are widely used in the production and life: According to statistics, 71% of the overall structure of the Concorde supersonic aircraft is manufactured with special aluminum alloy; high-speed trains, cars and other transport continue to increase the amount of demand for aluminum; architectural decoration aluminum is more and more, which are not only beautiful, but also corrosion resistance; the aluminum wire copper wire in the power systems and household appliances exceed the amount of copper wire; aluminum foil can be used for packaging food and cigarettes; aluminum can also be used as capacitors; the compressors, turbines, pumps and other equipment in petrifaction equipment both require wear resistance (because the rotating member and the medium will produce friction and there are impurities in the medium, etc.) but also requires the custom metal stamps with corrosion resistance (usually the media has a corrosive) and propeller in the marine transport equipment.

Treatment process:

1) Corrosion resistance and rust resistance treatment: cook black, boil blue handle is referred as phosphating, making the metal parts to have corrosion-resistant, rust-proof performance. 2) Hardening process: the processing methods to increase in the hardness of the metal parts: 1. Use surface carburizing to increase the surface hardness of the metal parts, the surface color will be blackish after carburizing; 2. Quenching treatment can increase the hardness; 3. Vacuum heat treatment improves the overall hardness.

Processing technology:

Machining, stamping, precision casting, powder metallurgy, metal injection molding, laser machining, electrical discharge machining, ultrasonic machining, electrochemical machining, particle beam processing and ultra high-speed processing. The processing like milling, forging, casting, grinding, CNC machining, CNC numerical control machining centers belong conventional processing. is an enterprise which combines development, production and sales by itself, with the experience of more than 20 years professional metal parts processing. We provide various kinds of machining, metal stamping, metal casting and other machining services.

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Energy Consumption of Compact Mini Fridge

The compact mini refrigerator is designed to use space efficiently—they fit in a home office, master bedroom, bar or dorm room. But they aren't as efficient at using energy. In our latest refrigerator tests, some mini refrigerators used as much energy as a full-sized refrigerator, and one used more energy than several of the largest refrigerators we've tested. Stricter federal energy standards, slated to go into effect in September 2014, should help. But if you don't want to wait that long, our tests found some more efficient models as well as ways to keep energy costs of current minibar fridge down. Unlike full-sized refrigerators, which have an external condenser and fan, compact refrigerators typically use their exterior walls to dissipate heat. As a result, they tend to be much more sensitive to room temperature than full size models. The warmer the room, the more energy they use.

mini fridge

Side-by-Side Small Refrigerator is Low-energy

These annual costs are different from what you'll see on the models' yellow Energy Guide label because the Department of Energy's efficiency tests are run under different conditions than the refrigerator tests at Consumer Reports. Based on our limited tests, your energy use could be higher or lower than what the label says depending on how you use the unit. A mini hotel small fridge will use more energy if placed inside a cabinet or other enclosure, and or if squeezed into a corner and surrounded by other things. This could trap heat and drive up energy costs. Try to keep any compact refrigerator in a cooler spot away from heating registers or radiators. By way of comparison, our top-rated French-door refrigerator, the LG LFX28991, $2,700, has a claimed capacity of 27.6 cubic feet and costs $54 per year to operate. A top-freezer model that we named a CR Best Buy, the Frigidaire Gallery FGUI2149L, $850, has a claimed capacity of 20.6 cubic feet and costs $47 per year to run. If you need a second refrigerator and have the space, you might want to consider a larger energy miser over a small energy hog.

Mini Fridge is More Sensitive on Power

Some mini fridge models are more sensitive than others. The Magic Chef MCBR445W, for example, has a claimed capacity of 4.4 cubic feet, along with glass shelves, a can dispenser, and other useful features. It costs $180 but could cost you $80 per year to run if the refrigerator temperature is set to the recommended 37 degrees (based on a national average of 11.8 cents per kilowatt hour). That's more than some 31 cubic foot models. The two-door Avanti RA3100WT, $200, with 3.1 claimed cubic feet could cost you about $50 per year to run. A better option is our top-rated compact, the Frigidaire FFPH44M4L, $220. This 4.4 claimed-cubic-foot fridge costs about $27 a year to operate, according to our tests. is a leading company engaged in hotel appliance design and manufacture since 1997. We keep on studying and designing hotel mini refrigerator (also hotel mini fridge) used in guestroom for many years. Welcome to visit our website!

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Something You Need to Know about EL Wire Clothing

Although EL wire can be a good choice for creating uniform lines of light, there are some practical limitations that should be considered when using el wire clothing.

The primary concern is durability. EL wire is flexible, and can be bent into a variety of shapes, but it should not be installed in a manner that will require repeated flexing (such as the knees or elbows), since this will eventually cause the solid copper wire core to break. This might not matter if you only need to wear it for a short period of time, but it is something you should be aware of before purchasing an EL wire garment. We do not warranty custom EL installations against wire breakage - we will only guarantee that it will work upon arrival.

EL T Shirt

EL wire is available in multiple sizes, and the thicker types are more resistant to this kind of damage, but the thicker wires are also less flexible and may interfere with the drape of a garment.

Second, the amount of light produced by EL wire is considerably less than what can be achieved with LEDs. EL designs will look good in dark environments, but they may be overwhelmed by stage lighting or bright indoor lighting (on the floor of a trade show, for example).

Another potential issue for EL wire installations is the presence of a high voltage, high frequency driver that makes a high-pitched whining sound that may be picked up by microphones.

Furthermore, clothes using electroluminescent materials are not washable. The wire itself is water resistant, and can withstand sweat or some hand-washing, but if it is fully immersed the ends of the wire are vulnerable to having moisture leak inside and damaging the phosphor (the part that glows).

EL wire is NOT recommended for: Parts of the body that flex repeatedly (elbows, knees) Thin stretchy fabrics or tight bodysuits (EL wire does not stretch) Parts of a garment you will sit on, walk on, or crush Performers wearing a microphone Extreme acrobatic movements Long-term use as a critical part of a show (unless you have backups, staff available to do maintenance) Our company is a professional manufacturer of el electroluminescence(EL), such as EL advertising, EL panel, EL backlight, EL t-shirt, EL cap, EL wire, el strip ,touch screens and other related products. Our company brings in the most advanced technology and machine equipment. All of the original materials were best quality with green products. No harm for the body. The products of my factory were passed CE, RoHs SGS, Reach, ISO9001 certificate.

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The Development Contents of Glass Machinery

Mechanical development of the container class glass contains mainly the following aspects: improve the mechanical positioning accuracy of suppress class equipment, good stability, low failure rate and development or even three double gob press molding process.

The tempered glass pressure blowing class seeks a breakthrough in manufacturing high-precision container products, which seamlessly turn pressure blowing glass machinery. The centrifugal molding is to reduce glassware materials, reduce the cost of the mold of the important process and fully develop the automated multi-station centrifugal mechanical hot market. The determinant bottle making machinery is developing toward the trend of high-precision and high-yield.

The key technology to improve the surface quality of the glass products is flame polishing of the surface of the article, how to improve the precision and degree of automation of the polishing machine to accommodate a large number of mass-produced; glass products process between the transmission is developing toward the requirement of automation, which is able to adapt to the needs of the many varieties more specifications.

glass machines

Glass mechanical polyurethane timing belts and polyurethane timing belt is composed of thermoplastic polyurethane and high strength steel wire. It has high strength, high toughness, low noise, small deformation, wear, oil, acid, and anti-aging properties. Polyurethane timing belts can withstand the high temperature of 110 ℃ instantly without polluting. It needs no lubrication and maintenance in the process of use of glass edging machine.

Products are widely used in textile printing and dyeing, tobacco, printing, printing, packaging, glass, ceramics and other industries. The glass plays an important role in the room lighting and insulation. Full oxygen combustion energy-saving technological transformation can save energy and the whole plant can reach “zero electricity”, which can greatly reduce energy consumption.

The feature of glass machinery

Glass machines has the advantages of a simple structure, small size, high power transmission, constant transmission ratio, basic maintenance-free and long life, and these characteristics determine its using scope will be more and more widely, which is not just for the glass machinery, but is also widely used in cement machinery and other mechanical equipments. always take innovation as the true meaning of success, and as an essential part of brand building. Enkong developed himself as a professional glass machinery manufacturer which is capable of design, machining, and assembly on the basis of 20 years experience in precision machining of glass machine, woodworking machine through unwearied innovation. Since the establishment in 2004, We have gained a series of honors to meet our progress and have won the recognition of the industry.

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Ways To Open A Computer Case Safety

There is always the idea that you need an antistatic strap before opening a computer case. This is undoubtedly the safest way to open the computer case, but there are other options. If you have an anti-static wrist strap, I suggest you use it, but do not panic if you do not have one. All I had to do was to remove a couple of screws from the back and slide the side of the case backwards, away from the front. This is the best computer case open, because they are very obvious and easy. Some computer case, I tried to open an absolute nightmare. The case of some computer manufacturers it so difficult to open the computer case, I could not believe it. You need to enter a magician.

How to open the computer case safely with the right tools

1. Removing all power cord is connected to the mid tower case. 2. This includes cable, modems, printers, and all are waiting for a few seconds, the electric blades motherboard. 3. Make sure your hands are clean and absolutely dry. Remove all jewelry. 4. Open your computer's case by loosening or unclipping. If you have questions, please refer to the instructions in your computer manual. Older computer can be difficult to open. In a safe place, do not let any screws or spare parts. 5. In order to protect your computer from stored in your body's static electricity (ESD) computer case to discharge any static electricity, touch unpainted metal part. Or, if you have an anti-static grounding line, use it. This will prevent the destruction of static-sensitive components. (Memory, graphics card, motherboard) 6. Alright. Now, you have your computer's internal preparatory work.

Computer Case Manufacturer

Open the computer chassis screws

As the computer case supplier says, you need to make sure you take the correct screws. If you look at the picture below the arrows are pointing to the screws that are holding the sides of the computer case on. Metal part screws, but they are holding the computer components. For example, I have been saved to the computer's power supply screws circled in the picture below. The arrow pointing to the screws, you need to remove.

Before you start removing screws, take a good look at the computer. In the picture below you can see where all the plugs go into the back of the computer with all the colored port. This means that the motherboard was sitting on the side of the computer. Therefore, the computer you want to access, you will want to open the opposite side. If of the open side of the motherboard laying tablet you will face the back of the motherboard and there is no way to work on the computer. Therefore, in the picture below, I will remove the right to the side of. After removing the screws, the party can simply back toward me. has been dedicated to developing and producing computer peripherals - PC Case, Switching Power Supply, Multimedia Speakers, Mouse and Keyboard, etc.

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Mobile Power Market Prospects

Mobile Power Market Trends

With modern increasing needs of information and entertainment for electronic products, there are more and more electric products around us, and at the same time, the increasing demand for electricity with the popularity of smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile Internet terminal products, all these deepen people's power needs. Nowadays, the 3C products "battery short board" becomes the common troubled big problem for people. And the mobile power product is derived in order to solve this problem, the mobile power is imperative to scabbard. And with the Apple phone is popular quickly in the world, iphone 4 external battery is in full swing in the battery market.

The outlook of mobile power is reflected in three markets aspects:

1, mobile power mobile phone market: This is the largest market of mobile power products. We can see this from the platforms of the major electricity suppliers. Get a reference from industry insiders': where there is mobile phone user, there are the market of mobile power and how big the mobile phone user group is and then how big the mobile power market will be. The best portable charger is always the pursuit of electronic consumers. Currently, the phone users in China are close to 500 million, and now all the smart machine "non-removable battery" are developing in the direction of "big screen", "multi-gaming applications", and "non- dismountable battery", so the standard mobile power for user's mobile phone will become a trend. So the market for this is like a huge cake.

2, Mobile Power Tablet PCs Market: The tablet market for mobile power is indeed a bit embarrassing. Tablets in the past all use the 9V voltage, so the standard voltage of 3.7V lithium batteries for mobile power is a bit stretched. That is, using the now mobile power to charge the tablet PC is a very trouble thing. The conversion efficiency is too low. The good news is that now the new mobile power mostly uses the 5V voltage power to charge the mobile. So the tablet market will be a huge market for mobile power users of the Tablet PCs. It is proved that the tablet PC users occupy 50% of the national population of the United States percent, and is still growing.
3, the mobile power laptop market: generally, the laptop typically uses the 12V voltage, which is an inevitable trend in the portable battery market. Super this greater advantage in portable, battery capacity and life is a bottleneck. And as for the ultra-extreme laptop, its convenience has not much advantage in the market, but it is a future prospect. is the subsidiary company of Global Vision Group (HK) limited, which is a leading company specialized in the R & D, manufacturing and marketing of various external batteries. Our own brand "SUNWITH" has won a great popularity and market share. At the same time, OEM service is offered and we want to establish a long term relationship with customers all over the world. Welcome to visit our website!

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The Truth of Mobile Power

How Much Do You Know About Power Bank?

Mobile power, in the eyes of many people, a product which has no difference with a large-capacity battery, for us, it is not simply just a large capacity battery. For many consumers, the capacity, price, brand and appearance parameters of mobile power are designed to affect whether consumers ultimately purchase the product or not. However, this mini external battery, a product can supply and charge for various digital devices such as mobile phones, and MP3 additional, whether it is truly as simple as we think? Besides the indicated "capacity" we usually see on the packaging, the input and output voltage parameters, are there any factors affect the charging time? Below are some common and important factors that closely related to the working time of the power bank.

Beware of the Trap on the Power Bank Parameters

Every industry has its guild regulations and rules, so it is the power bank industry. Mobile power is a newly emerging industry in recent years, and this, for the domestic market, whether the government or manufacturers, has no norms and parameters of the standard related to a comprehensive mobile power industry production. And many mobile powers just have a few simple parameters of capacity and voltage and current marked on the outside of the package, so that more and more consumers inevitably will have more or less the misunderstanding and doubt when they are choosing and buying mobile power.

Mistakes: the Marked Capacity = the Available Capacity

The vast majority of mobile power are not marked the capacity of its actual output, so inevitably there will be some consumers will be stated on the packaging capacity mistaken mobile power is the actually output capacity, in fact, for example, a 20000mah external battery, the actual capacity it can charge the iPhone4S is 18,000. If you want to figure out this problem, firstly you need to work out the mobile power principle. The internal batteries provide power through the circuit board and rise, buck regulator circuit, and finally reach the output, during this process, the buck circuit plays a conversion role, in this process, the electronic components of the circuit board will inevitably loss out part of the energy of the batteries, and eventually form and waste heat. That is why many people find that their mobile power actual capacity does not meet the packaging label value.
Question: What's the Difference between Lithium Ion & Lithium Polymer Batteries?
Generally speaking, that lithium polymer battery of the same volume has a greater capacity than that of ordinary lithium battery, and it has better security, and the appearance can be made into various shapes and thickness. Compared with lithium ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries inside the electrolyte are solid or colloidal, so to a certain degree, the lithium-polymer batteries have a higher safety factor. Respectively, the simplest method to differ a lithium polymer battery is that its casing is usually made of relatively texture soft aluminum material, and it is relatively easy to get deformed, while the lithium-ion battery shell is generally made of hard texture of steel materials. is the subsidiary company of Global Vision Group (HK) limited, which is a leading company specialized in the R & D, manufacturing and marketing of various external batteries. Our own brand "SUNWITH" has won a great popularity and market share. At the same time, OEM service is offered and we want to establish a long term relationship with customers all over the world. Welcome to visit our website!

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Some of Differences between LED Rope Lights and Incandescent Rope Lights

Rope lights are strings of lamps connected in series and is covered in a round, flexible plastic coating. Rope lights are usually sold in bulk lengths that can be custom cut to fit your need. Rope lights have traditionally used small incandescent lights, however, recently Rope Lights have become available that use LED lights.

Led rope lighting use less than one watt per lineal foot, while incandescent rope light consumes between 5-6 watts of electricity per lineal foot. LED lights last for 50,000 hours or more. A standard incandescent lamp will last only about 1500 hours. Even if the LED rope light is operated for 8 hours a day all year long it should last for more than 15 years. A comparable incandescent rope light would have to be replaced at least 7 times during that same period.

LED lights produce very little heat and are cool to the touch. In contrast, incandescent lights produce heat when they are lit and can reach temperatures in excess of 100 degrees. The heat created by incandescent lamps can be a hazard and limits the locations where it can safely be used. In addition, the heat created by the incandescent light can increase cooling costs of the environment it is in.

LED rope lights are extremely durable, solid state devices that have no fragile moving pieces and are covered in an extremely tough plastic, which renders them virtually indestructible and not susceptible to damage from shock or vibration. LED rope light can easily be stored, moved around, bumped, and exposed to other common hazards in standard applications without suffering wear and tear.

Both incandescent and LED rope light come in a variety of lengths and thickness and are available in a wide variety of colors including, pure white, warm white, green, red, blue, yellow, multi-color, pink, and purple. The 12v led rope light come in varieties to facilitate their use aboard and have their own specialized accessories so you can delight your boat's visitors with a light display that isn't limited to the Christmas tree. Our company is located in the "China Lamp" town named Guzhen, was established in 2010. We specialize in R&D, design, production and marketing of LED lights. Our main product includes: LED SMD strip light, Ceiling light, Down light, Corner light, Ground light, Flood light, Washing light, Wall light, Lawn light, Point light, Underwater light, Jewellery light, Track spot light, LED bulb, T8 tube, Panel light, Street light, Tunnel light and so on.

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Safe Use of Travel Adapter and Plug

Importance of plug and socket converter quality

The plug and socket converter poor quality is an important cause of the electrical fire. The little plug socket converter quality problems will pose a serious danger to the personal and property safety of consumers. Therefore, when consumers buy electric plug adapters and sockets, converters, switching, we should focus to consider the safety of products, and the performance indicators mainly affect its safety are as follows:

1. Sign The sign is the important basis to indicate the correct installation, use and maintenance, and is extremely important safety standard content to ensure the personal and property safety. The plugs and sockets should be marked the rated current, rated voltage, power nature in the apparent position. In addition, the converter (converter means mobile electrical accessories with only one or a plurality of socket portions together at one plug part) should use "MAX (or maximum)" symbols to mark Amps / or power, to guide the user to avoid overload. Signs or symbols should be durable, legible. You should not use the screen printing and paper affixed signs which can be easily erased.

Universal Travel Plug

2. Ratings Rating is the most basic electrical interchangeable parameter to ensure the security use of normal electrical appliances connected by the plug and socket, the converter. Such as: the rated current of the universal travel plug shall not be greater than the rating of the plug part. Otherwise, it may cause the current fever and have danger when the user select electrical appliances according to the plug socket rated current; the minimum rating for converter with fuse, overload protector is equal to rating marked on the fuse, overload protection label. Otherwise, it may appear the damage to the product.

3. Size Size is an important technical requirement related to whether the plug socket converter is safe to use, whether meet the universal interchangeability requirements in order to avoid mistakenly insert. The size failure will affect the user use or produce poor contact hazards, which will damage the equipment, seriously will produce fire and electric shock.

4. Protection against electric shock Protection against electric shock is a key safety indicatorto ensure that the plug socket converter will not cause electric shock to the user and others in normal use, or even when some unexpected circumstances. When all or part of plug and socket is mated, the plugs live parts should not be touched; either latch of the plugs should not charge with socket insert set mating. Plug and socket, converter with a protective door should be able to prevent unipolar or probe insert. manufactures all kinds of adapter plugs, such as universal travel adapter and travel adapter with USB. Our main products include universal travel adapter plugs, travel adapter plugs with USB, chargers, power sockets, electric gifts, etc.

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What is Portable Solar Power System?

A portable solar power system is a sophisticated combination of components and raw materials that, when integrated into a system will produce electricity and store energy from sunlight. Each complete system consists of a basic set of components, namely a solar panel, solar charge controller, battery, wiring, a carrying case or pack, and sources for 12-volt DC and/or 120-volt AC power, all of which are chosen to match each other functionally. The solar charge controller is chosen to match and optimize the performance of the solar panel and the battery. The goal of each system is to provide power for electronic devices in the absence of the grid. A portable off grid solar power system is designed for a variety of applications ranging from military to adventure to environmental consciousness.

off grid solar power system

Use a portable solar panel to charge your laptop and mobile phone

Many standard 12V power car adapters for laptops and mobile phones will plug in to the portable solar kits with 12 sockets to allow you to use and recharge all your personal electronics car chargers or you use compact inverters to power small 240 VAC appliances.

Portable Solar Panels from 2 Watts up to 120 Watts There are many sizes to choose from, you can enjoy the convenience of solar power when travelling and camping, so instead of attaching a solar panel to roof of your boat or caravan where it is vulnerable to damage and theft, choose from our range of portable folding solar panels. They all use good quality solar modules and have an attached solar regulator including cables and battery clamps. Whether you need a powerful 120W portable solar panel for the RV or a compact 20w solar panel kit complete with carry bag and regulator you will find the size to meet your needs. was founded in 2006, which is a high-tech photovoltaic company. We specialize in the solar module, PV system project research, produce, sales and after sales service. Products get VDE. SGS. CE. CSA. MCS international certificates. From 10w~300w monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels pass test standard of IEC61215, IEC61730 & UL1703. Solar panel gets CEC from America California approval, solar system also pass America ETL. SunnyPower is strategic VIP partner of Taiwan Motech Inc. so provide powerful reassurance for high quality modules and quick delivery. SunnyPower can also offer OEM and ODM service.

Analysis of the Brand Support of Glass Machinery Industry

Affected by the market downturn of China's glass industry, two or three large glass machinery enterprises have already closed this year and the small factories which are closed down are more numerous, and the exports dropped sharply. The glass machinery enterprises in China are going through the winter. Currently, there are thousands of glass machinery enterprises in China, but most of which are SMEs, there is the irrational industrial structure, the industry is concentrated in labor-intensive products to technology-intensive products significantly behind the developed countries, large industrial energy consumption and low output serious environmental pollution, technological innovation capability is weak, management lags behind and many other issues.

At present, the development of our glass machinery is highly dependent on the international market. In order to ride out the storm, domestic enterprises and the urgent need to establish the "China Glass Machinery” brand. To establish China glass machinery brand requires many efforts. It takes the lead of the industry association, the full support of the export enterprises, through the formal channels of commercial promotion and public relations, to establish the "China Glass Machinery” brand abroad. These factors are indispensable. And we can learn from the successful experience in Germany and Italy and learning.


The good prospects of fine glass processing industry make development of Chinese glass edging machine industry maintain a rapid development trend. Expected demand in the Chinese market, the annual growth rate of approximately 30% from 2011 to 2013, and the automotive and architectural laminated safety glass. This means that there is the great potential for development and endurance for the glass machine China.

As a substrate, architectural and automotive glass, glass products, the process of the development of a wide range are playing an increasingly important role, and have brought opportunities and challenges for glass production and processing equipment. Multi-functional flexible production technology and production equipment is the development trend of the world's glass processing industry. They demanded that the glass processing equipment with a high degree of repeatability and accuracy. Automotive and architectural glass has been committed to meet the needs of the market to reduce the thickness of the glass, and glass deep-processing technology put forward higher requirements. A lot of glass deep processing enterprises began to improve the efficiency of the production line, to integrate all aspects of the glass deep processing. This will be the future trends of the glass deep processing industry. build a flexible incentive system to inspire its staff with innovative initiative. ENKONG takes participate to international exhibitions and technical seminar to improve the capabilities of R&D. What's more, ENKONG has won a series of patents to show its unique charm of quality and innovative verve.

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Tips for Vacuum Mixer

Vacuum Mixer is a kind of mixing equipment which adds the vacuum performance on the basis of the ordinary mixer. The vacuum mixer is mostly used for a variety of viscosity liquid mixing, particularly applicable to the mixing work with higher requirement for the stirring process and material. Currently, the common Industrial Mixing Equipment is dual planetary power vacuum mixer and horizontal vacuum mixer.

First, the Structure of the Vacuum Mixer

The vacuum mixer structural components conclude mixing tube, cover, and turn the shaft, impeller, and diffuser, wall scraping paddle, motor, and gearbox and so on. The stirring parts of the vacuum mixer will have to contact with the material for a long time during the working, so there will be issues such as wear and corrosion, therefore, the stirring members of vacuum mixer being worn and corroded to keep them work in a relatively long working life. In general, the 200A Automatic Vacuum Mixer will be equipped with temperature control means, the inerter control means, self-locking device, the electrical control means, and the hydraulic station and so on. Matching with the temperature control device and disperser, the vacuum mixer can achieve the functions, such as heat stir and material dispersion.

200A Automatic Vacuum Mixer

Second, the Characteristics of Vacuum Mixer

The biggest feature of the vacuum mixer is that the mixing tube can be evacuated and the stirring member can work in a vacuum state, which is effectively to extract the air bubbles entrained in the mixture of compound, thereby ensuring a higher degree of mixing and the better liquid processing. Due to these features, mixers have obtained a great number of applications in various fields.

Third, the Application of Vacuum Mixer

As mixing equipment with high degree of automation and process performance, vacuum mixer is widely used in the manufacturing of battery slurry, adhesives, sealants products and so on. Meanwhile, vacuum mixer is used in the field of food, pharmaceutical and chemical liquid. Furthermore, it is also used in the mixing and dispersing of solid and liquid. There is no doubt that the vacuum will obtain broad prospects in the future, so we have to make efforts to make further research and study in this field to meet the various demands in the modern world. Hongfang Company is a company which has strict requirements on product quality and pursues continuous innovation and excellence. The star product of our company is automatic vacuum mixer with exquisite outward appearance, stable performance, automatic safety touch, and with functions to save space, save labor, and save costs for clients.

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The Characteristics of the SMT Adhesive

SMT adhesive refers to the hardening agents, pigments, solvents, etc. of the adhesive are evenly distributed in the red paste, which is mainly used to fix the component on the printed board, and generally it is assigned by the use of point coating. Smt adhesive adhesive should have the following characteristics: 1. Connection strength: adhesive patch must have a strong connecting strength, and after it being hardened, even at the solder melting temperature is not peeled. 2. Dispensing: the allocation of the printed circuit board to use more dispensing, thus requiring plastic patch has the following properties: A. the mount technology B. it is easy to set the supply amount of each component C. simple adaptation replacement parts varieties D. dispensing amount of stability

SMT High Speed Dispensing Adhesives

3. adapt to the high-speed machine: we must meet the feature of high-speed dispensing and high-speed of mounter, specific, high-speed dispensing without drawing Furthermore, high-speed mount, the printed circuit board in the process of transmission , the plastic patch viscous to ensure that the components do not move. 4. No drawing, no slump: Once the patch glue stick on the pad, components cannot be achieved with the electrical connection of the printed circuit board, adhesive sealant coating, no drawing and no slump avoid pollution pad. 5. Low temperature curing: curing, with wave soldering and welding well does not have to go through the reflow furnace heat-resistant cartridge components, so they requested that the hardening conditions must meet the low-temperature, short time. 6. Adjustment: reflow soldering, pre-coating process, the plastic patch is cured first before the solder is melted, the fixed component, it will hinder the components sank solder and self-adjustment. Therefore, the plastic patch should have a certain degree of self-adjustment.

There is no doubt that we should spare more time in the study of the technology of SMT adhesive to take more share of the market and capture the trend of market. And try our best to reduce the cost of the raw material. provide the following electronic adhesives and technology service: Flame retardant RTV silicone, yellow glue, white glue thermal conductive silicone (silicon) , thermal silicon grease (thermal paste), SMT placement glue, the screw glue, LED module potting glue, circuit board 3 –resisting glue, fast drying, two-component sealing glue, epoxy AB glue, lead-free solder paste, lead-free reducing slag, lead-free disposable flux and other electronic industrial adhesives and dispensing equipments.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

How to Select Helical Gear Reducer?

Product characteristics of the helical gear reducer Highly modular design, installation location is unrestricted, high strength, small size, long life, low noise, high efficiency, can withstand greater radial load, can withstand axis load not more than 5% of the radial force.

1. Selection of models at the helical gear reducer selection Usually it is determined by the customer according to the form of drive mounting arrangement. GR, GF series helical gear reducer are used for the input shaft and output shaft parallel occasion, that is the parallel shaft helical gear reducer we often say, GS, GK Series are used for the input shaft and output shaft vertical occasions.

2. The determination of actual condition coefficient fa (see sample) 1) General requirements 2) Special use requirements

3. The determination of the model (specifications) Must satisfy the condition fb> = fa

1) Constant power selection (1) Motor and reducer straight or connect by coupling (2) The motor and reducer is connected by pre-reducer coupling

Bevel Gear Reducer

2. Constant torque selection (generally used when reducer and r series helical gear reducer in dual-class series) Check the selection parameter table by motor power, stages and transmission ration (constant torque). At this time, the working torque must be limited in the maximum torque range of the selected deceleration.

4. Radial load test When the reducer shaft head is equipped with gears, pulleys, sprockets, it will produce a large radial load. In this case, we need to test the radial load. See the aforementioned selection parameter table definitions.

5. Installation conditions test This inspection should be carried out if there are size installation restrictions. I.e. compare the chosen machine model structure dimensions and the dimensions of the space. If all of the above can be met, write according to the respective machine model method. If there are special requirements, it can be described in texts. Helical gear reducer model can take reference to the s series reducer representation.

We need to understand the ordinary supplier conventions when considering how to select helical gear reducer:

1. Y2 series motor supply is IP54 degree of protection, F class insulation, but should be Class B insulation conditions in general use unless there is other statement, for example, when spiral bevel gearbox reducer is equipped 3KW motor, 3KW motor protection class is IP54 and insulation class is F grade.

2. If not indicate the motor terminal box position, usually supply according to the 0 ° position of the installation diagram.

3. If not particularly point out the input and output shafts spin relationship, generally not make logo on the reducer.

4. The reducer should be added with lubricant before being shipped out of the factory.

5. Installation structure size icon indicates the attachment outside the standard scope of delivery is generally not available. is the largest professional manufacturer of decelerators including gear reducers like worm speed reducer, bevel speed reducer and helical reducer in South China. Our gear speed reducers are exported to South Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and sold in over 20 provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government and regions nationwide, with a sales volume topping in the industry in South China and the quality widely recognized on the market.

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Selection Skills for Food Packaging Bags

Four distinct phases of packaging bags

With the development of the commodity economy, the marketability of the packaging itself is also growing significantly, which has become the special product no longer attached to the commodity production, and product all goods are inseparable from, and widely used. The development of wholesale packaging bags experienced four distinct phases: original packaging bags stage, the stage of large packaging bags, sachets packaging stage and gradually entering a new stage of the environmental (green) packaging bags.

Food Bags

Plastic bags have toxicity

However, though many farmers' markets, supermarkets are packing cooked food with plastic bags, in fact, a lot of plastic bags have toxicity, especially colorful plastic bags, they contain a lot of toxins. Because the colorful plastic bags are recycled plastic bags, the colorants they use usually contain benzopyrazole, which is a strong carcinogen, it may be transferred to the food in contact with food, make people chronic poisoning. In addition, the latest research shows that the plasticizer in plastic products is a carcinogen and the plasticizer of renewable plastic is easier oozing when in contact with food and especially oily food due to the shabby process and other reasons.

How to identify whether aluminum bags food packaging have toxicity or not?

Sensory detection: non-toxic plastic bags are milky white, translucent, or colorless, transparent, lubricated when touched by hands. The color of the toxic plastic bags is opacity or pale yellow, feel sticky.

Water detection method: Place plastic bag in the water, and press into the bottom, non-toxic plastic bags will emerge from the water, but toxic plastic bag sinks.

The jitter detection method: Grasp the plastic bag at one end and firmly shake, the packaging bag issue crisp sound is non-toxic, which is toxic if the sound is boring and astringent.

Burning detection method: non-toxic polyethylene plastic bags are flammable, flame is blue, dripping like candle tears when burning and have the paraffin flavor. Toxic PVC plastic bags are not flammable, put out after away from the fire, and issue pungent odor.

Food must be packed by PE film

Quality supervision department has asked the supermarket to use PE cling film to pack food, if there is any PVC cling film, they should be immediately withdrew. At the same time, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine has issued requirements for non-corporate distribution PVC cling film containing DEHA (plasticizer). For public doubt about how to distinguish PVC cling film and PE cling film, the expert said that the two plastic wrap radiate is colorless and transparent. As the most direct identifying method, the public can identify through the plastic wrap packaging, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine has asked food wrap producers to express on the product packaging. is a professional soft packing manufacturer, which focus on all kinds of plastic bags with advanced equipments and experienced hi-technology. The main products of our company are all kinds of plastic bags used in food, garment, electronic, gift, chemical and medicine industries, such as color-printing multilayer compound middle-seal bag and three side-seal bag, compound header bag, plat bag, zip lock bag, stand up zip lock bag, anti-static bag, vacuum nylon bag, retort bag, aluminium foil bag, etc.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lack of Industry GB Makes It Hard to Identify Power Bank Quality

Mobile Power Markets Urgently Need to Establish GB

In recent years, with the rapid development of a variety of mobile electronic products, mobile power also rises overnight. But at present, due to the lack of industry GB, mobile power quality in the market is uneven, many consumers simply has no way to distinguish the authenticity of the various power bank. In this case, the reporter interviewed Mr. Lu, who is the marketing CEO of Guangzhou Sunwith Co., LTD, which is a large mobile power wholesale company in Guangzhou. According to the introduction of Mr. Lu, mobile power industry now has no single standard, in addition to the professionals use the professional tools for testing, the average consumer is difficult to use conventional methods to measure the actual capacity of the mobile power. Various manufacturers in order to compete for customers, and to attract the eye, they have adopted a virtual object means without exception. Many mobile powers that are marked external battery 10000mah, the actual capacity is only 8000mAH, which is why in the market we often see some mobile power of large capacity and the price is very low.

Inferior Mobile Power and Its Harm

In addition, the production of mobile power threshold is very low, it is made by a battery and a circuit board, but this battery has many things that we don’t know. As for the power bank manufacturer, if the batteries are selected from the first-tier manufacturers, then the prices of their products do not have the advantage, so in the materials used, as long as they are not too bad, that will be OK. In particular for some cottage manufacturers, in order to reduce costs as much as possible, they purchase some unsolicited batteries and use in the power bank products. These inferior products are not guaranteed in functions, and they also pose a serious threat to the personal safety of consumers.

portable power bank

Advise: Choose the Regular USB Power Bank Brand

The virtual standard capacity and the jerry-built situations are the chaos in the production and sales of mobile power. This is not only against the consumer's right to know, but also leads to lower quality and poorer safety of mobile power. And thereby, it affects the use safety of consumers. Consumers Miss Guo once stayed at a hotel for business trip. She purchased a cottage mobile power to charge and led the hotel gates trip, and then continued to charge and finally resulted in the explosion of the mobile power, but fortunately it caused no casualties. Mr. Lu introduced that explosion of mobile power is mainly because of the poor quality batteries, and they do not pass the security certification, while all the external battery products supply by Sunwith Co. have passed the quality certification. So which mobile power is safe? First of all, when purchase a mobile power, it's best to purchase the guaranteed band products, such as buying a registered trademark brand (namely the product with the identity of the "R" on the trademark), this will have a significant degree of security; Finally, make sure the products should have registered trademarks identifications. is the subsidiary company of Global Vision Group (HK) limited, which is a leading company specialized in the R & D, manufacturing and marketing of various external batteries. Our own brand "SUNWITH" has won a great popularity and market share. At the same time, OEM service is offered and we want to establish a long term relationship with customers all over the world. Welcome to visit our website!

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Mattress And Pillow

Do you sleep well at night if you have neck, back and hip pain? Have you thought about the type of your pillow or mattress may be the reason of the problem. Sleep is essential to us, so it is important that we get a good night's rest. In order to do this, you should make sure that the mattress you sleep on and the pillow you use are suitable for you.

Which a pillow or mattress, I should choose? This is a very common question in clinical. My answer is, "not any single type or style of mattress for everyone, because we are all different in shape, size and weight." I can give you a guide you should be looking for when testing out pillows and mattresses:

When you choose a mattress, don’t be scared to lie down on it to have a try, rather than sitting! You should, if you can lie on a mattress produced by a good mattress factory for at least 5-10 minutes, normally lie on their backs. If you share your bed with your partner, you should lie on it together, to test how it can support your weight.

Mattress Supplier

A bed that is too soft will not give adequate support for your spine, will allow it to go out of the line and may cause muscle stiffness. Too hard mattress may put too much pressure causes pain and certain parts of the body, particularly in the hips and shoulders.

When the back lying on the bed mattress should support you, so keep the natural curve of your spine. Someone hand sliding behind the small of your back. If there is a gap between your lower back and the bed, and the mattress is too hard, does not support your back. If people struggle to get their hands underneath your back because your back is rounded, then the mattress is too soft. If the persons hand slides through but stays in contact with your back, then this is a good mattress for you. Mattress, if you lie on your side, your spine should be kept straight. The mattress should be both supportive and comfortable.

Like the selection of the mattress, choice of a pillow is very important. More than 10 pounds, the weight of your head so your pillow, you need to provide adequate support, and comfort. If the support is not appropriate to the neck can be a state of tension.

As a mattress manufacturer says, a good pillow should keep a clear head in line with your spine. If you sleep on your back, just run a hand along the back of your neck, the neck should not feel normal bending forward or backward. If you lie on your side should stay neutral in your neck, do not bend any party. For a normal sleeping position, only the head and neck should be placed on the pillow, rather than the shoulder.

The amount of support needed from your pillow will be dependent on your sleeping position, as well as your weight and type of mattress. Important to take into account your shoulder distance between your head and the bed depth. is a professional mattress manufacturer and exporter in the international market. EIG has four mattress factories, over 1,000 employees and owns daily production capacity of 3,000pcs.

Types of Door Lock Handle

Two Points of Large Difference of Price

Price difference mainly shows on these two points: one is the brand, and the other is styling. The reputation builds brand, and quality supports reputation. Famous brands are definitely with superior quality. Nowadays in the building materials market, most of those upscale door lock handles are imported, especially mainly from Germany, such as Hoppe, Hafele, and DEBON. According to different models and styles, door lock handle prices are most in between 600 Yuan to 3,000 Yuan, as well as 6,000 Yuan to 8,000 Yuan or even luxurious type costing tens of thousands Yuan; mid-range door lock handles mainly come from joint ventures, Taiwan, China or Guangdong, China. There are JIADE (joint venture), Taiwan ZMT, Guangdong FUYU, and FUANTE, etc. Their prices are in between 300 Yuan to 600 Yuan; low-end door lock handle price is below 100 Yuan, generally between 60 to 90 Yuan. There is also a cheap door handles of the twenty or thirty dollars, materials and workmanship is very rough. Quality is the same or close to the door handles, from one model to another, prices vary. In General, bar door handle expensive than spherical one hand, feel better; finish higher, the higher the price. Also has a model perfectly "shaped" door handles, a Tarantula, a lizard in Africa or a carp jumped the Dragon Gate, are likely to become your family door handles. "Special" door handles can also be customized, such as a celebrity's hands, so that you once, and admired figure in the eyes of you "hold your hands", exhilarating. Or as far afield as a lover's hand in a foreign land, and also had a unique flavor. However, it may have to make you money. "Special" is expensive, typically thousands of million.

Buy Door Lock Handles According to Circumstances

As to home, everybody wants to use the money on the blades. For your new home purchase a suitable and cost-effective door handle it? In a Word, suit measures to local conditions. Simply must be solid, such as household insurance, with the Ministry of public security-approved best, interior doors more beautiful and convenient. Bedroom door, living room door is not closed or locked, to buy number switch guarantees less, 100,000 in General would have been enough, 200,000 times was a bit "overkill" and the bathroom door lock, high frequency switch and lock, would like to buy good quality, frequency of switching high door knobs. In addition to this, health factors cannot be ignored when buying door lock handles. For example, brass door lock handle is suitable for washrooms. Because it seems stainless steel door lock handles are clean, but in fact they can breed thousands of germs, including Glenn's bacteria, Escherichia coli and streptococcus. Bacteria on the brass door handles are much less than that on stainless steel door handles, because brass can destroy bacteria. Therefore, it is best to install brass door handles of the bathrooms in your home, which is good for your health. is a professional door handle supplier, established in 1995 and specialized in producing door locks, panel handle, cylinder, padlocks, hinges (co-leaf), ball rail and other hardware.

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The Industry Hotspot of the Smart Card

1. Mobile payment and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology applications become the focus, and the NFC in the development of non-contact technology and mobile payment terminal in each booth has a lot of application technology shows, such as Oberthur technologies, Inc. Oberthur has exhibited a short-range wireless communication vehicles or NXP Semiconductors (NXP), e-bike bike. The twelve smart card supplier provide mobile payment solutions, including transaction management, Trusted Service Management (Trusted Service Management), smart phones, tablet PCs and other smart mobile devices in mobile payment Pavilion.

2. There are a lot of new projects in the e-government and e-health care safety fields, and identity information protection field is growing rapidly. The identification and authentication technologies displayed by some exhibitors can be of many kinds of file identification and authentication (biological identity passports, electronic ID cards, driver's license, vocational certificate, medical card, etc.). Electronic health system is put on the important position during the exhibition, there are smart health card, electronic medical record, health card, remote diagnostics, and other aspects of the latest innovative technology in the exhibits were these technologies can greatly improve the quality of medical services provided to patients convenience, but also helps to prevent counterfeiting and prevent a substantial increase in medical costs.


3. Identification is impressive The next generation of passports and visas which can store biometric data attracts the concerns from all directions, which show that the technology trends of contactless ic card and chip. Infineon, Philips Semiconductors and Sharp Microelectronics STMicroelectronics have released with such large capacity non-volatile memory chip products. Focus on biometric identification display area to show more than 10,000 visitors to obtain information on the practical experience of the latest authentication and identification methods.

There is no doubt that the market of smart card is promising, and more and more companies are taking use of the technology and apply it in various fields, so we have to make all efforts to capture more market by studying the high end, advanced technology and new skills.

www.lbdtech.comalways upholds the spirit of "people-oriented, and technology is the core". Set quality as fundamental strategic, we continuously innovate and use advanced production equipment and strong technical force to strictly manage production, to strengthen quality control, and to strive to provide satisfaction high quality products for the majority of users.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Solar Panels for Camping

Enjoy camping? Hate shattering the peace and quiet and scaring local fauna with a generator? Clean and silent solar power is a great way to add a little comfort to your camping experience while being kind to the environment. You can easily make a camping solar energy system yourself, or take advantage of portable solar panel products on the market specifically targeted towards camping applications.

What is Portable Solar Power System?

A portable off grid solar power system is a sophisticated combination of components and raw materials that, when integrated into a system will produce electricity and store energy from sunlight. Each complete system consists of a basic set of components, namely a solar panel, solar charge controller, battery, wiring, a carrying case or pack, and sources for 12-volt DC and/or 120-volt AC power, all of which are chosen to match each other functionally. The solar charge controller is chosen to match and optimize the performance of the solar panel and the battery. The goal of each system is to provide power for electronic devices in the absence of the grid.

140w solar panel

Do It Yourself Camping Solar Panels

The camping rig is powered by 140w solar panel perform well while camping in the sometimes freezing and often scorching conditions of the Australian outback and are one of the most economical solar panels available. The cabling from the solar panel leads to a Morningstar solar regulator which is connected to a 100 amp Haze Gel deep cycle battery.

The collapsible frame weighs less than 2 kilos and was made from 1 meter lengths of angle aluminum which is available pre-cut from most large hardware stores. A couple of hinges were added for where the solar panel attaches to the frame, some chain with carabineer clips attached to provide stability and easily adjustable angles and a few screws and bolts to put the whole thing together. To make such a frame costs under $60 and is quite stable even under quite windy conditions. Our company was founded in 2006, which is a high-tech photovoltaic company. We specialize in the solar module, PV system project research, produce, sales and after sales service. Products get VDE. SGS. CE. CSA. MCS international certificates.

CNC Cutting Machine Purchasing Guide

Recently, CNC cutting machine production in China ranks first in the world, and gantry CNC cutting machine, CNC flame cutting machines, CNC plasma cutting machine, portable CNC cutting machine and other products occupy a considerable market share in Southeast Asia and the U.S., so does the shunde kingtool.

With the continuous application of modern scientific and technological achievements in the industry, the competition in the CNC cutting machine industry has become increasingly fierce. CNC cutting machine and other industries are obviously affected by the global financial crisis. Some people say that this is a battle without smoke, and there is no real sense of the enemy in battle, the real opponent is yourself. Mainly because many export enterprises is OEM, without their own brand and sales channels and which is fully exposed in the current financial crisis.


The various enterprises confuse customers

CNC cutting technology has not been put into application in the domestic market for a long time, but learn from the development experience of similar foreign products and more rapid popularization of cnc cutting machine technology and related products in the domestic market, and a large number of stickers brand trade enterprises also appeared in the market, which also led to the confused user at the time of purchase. The actual situation is that mostly domestic CNC cutting machine companies are mainly the low-end products, or OEM, and the high-end products and brand products is still dominated by the United States and Europe. CNC cutting machine profit margins were compressed, downward movement is dwindling, so enterprises should explore a new path of development.

The fierce situation in the future

Facing with the increasingly fierce competition in the market, if the domestic enterprises shall not pay more importance, which will affect their own long-term development, and good after-sales service is a top priority. In the sales of CNC cutting machine, the vast majority of production and exports from China, China has become the world's leading CNC cutting machine suppliers. Some problems are also increasingly exposed in the CNC cutting machine industrial development. In particular, the reform of scientific research and development system, progress has been slow down, obvious gap with foreign export products low foreign exchange earnings, lower level of performance, low price, small scale, low concentration, the raw material prices factors severely restricted the further development of the industry and improvement of the quality. CNC cutting machine enterprises must seize the new developments, increase scientific and technological innovation, and actively carry out product certification, to accelerate the technological transformation of enterprises efforts, improve supporting measures, and actively create conditions for attracting foreign investment and promoting the restructuring of corporate assets, the only way to the new situation under invincible. is an integrative enterprise of R&D, production and management. It is a director unit of China Building Metals Construction Association of Ministry of Construction and became the profession standard drafter of national aluminum processing in June,1998. Furthermore, its product have gained the honor of " Chinese Famous Product".

How To Choose The Suitable Mattress

The choice of the mattress is one of the most important decisions you can do. Proper sleep is essential to the health and your overall mood. The wrong mattress will not only interfere with sleep mode, but also cause physical problems such as back pain or neck stiffness. A good mattress can reduce back pain, 57% and 59% of the stiffness.

Not all mattresses will fit all people. This is one reason why there are so many types of mattresses. Under normal circumstances, the inner spring mattress is ideal. Many doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists recommend spring mattress, because they provide support and comfort sleepers. Under normal circumstances, a bonnell spring mattress provides a good compromise between the traditional firm mattress and cushioning pillow-top mattresses.

Mattress Manufacturer

Use the following guide to help you choose the right mattress for your specific sleep problems or habits:

1. Upper back pain: If you are suffering from pain in the upper back, your mattress may be the culprit. If you have chronic upper back and neck pain, soft pillow-top mattress can help eliminate tension in the back. Add soft pillows also help.

2. Low back pain: If you suffer from back pain, hard mattress is a good choice. A firm mattress provides support that prevents the sagging of the spine, which can lead to lower back pain. Higher-end mattresses provide cushioning with support for ideal comfort.

3. Side to sleep: If you are a side sleeper, with luxury mattress is a good choice. Provide a buffer against the outline of your body at the top of the luxury. A plush mattress can also help dispersed in bed the entire weight of the body.

4. Stomach to sleep: If you like to sleep on your stomach, soft bed pressure on the spine. Please choose a firmer mattress, if you like to sleep on your stomach.

5. Joint pain: If you are suffering from joint pain, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, then you will understand that the mattress can disperse your weight across the largest surface area. A plush, high-end mattress will provide the best support and comfort of joint pain.

Before you go out to buy a mattress, it is important to consider your sleep and the specific needs of what you might have. Many people find it to access the unique needs of a chiropractor to determine their own body. Chiropractors can also help recommend a specific type of bed, which will eliminate the common body aches and pains.

Take your time when shopping for a mattress. Pretend you are sleeping at home, try a normal sleep position. This is the best way to determine whether to provide the comfort of a bed or pain while you sleep. A mattress manufacturer can also offer the sick bed of 30-90 days trial period, which makes it easier to select a bed. is a professional mattress manufacturer and exporter in the international market. EIG has four mattress factories, over 1,000 employees and owns daily production capacity of 3,000pcs.

Ways to Choose A Right Spring Mattress

First, test the hardness of the spring mattress before purchasing flexibility. Human spine is not a straight line, but shallow S-type, and therefore requires appropriate hardness support a the rich healthy spring bed, spring mattress purchase online furniture stores comfortable sleep, it is too soft or too hard mattress not appropriate, especially in a time when the developmental stages of childhood, mattress quality is good or bad, will directly affect the child spine development.

Second spring mattress purchase is the first real understanding of the main structure of the mattress ergonomic? Whether it can provide modest support of the human body, lying on one of the most natural and well-being of the state to maintain, no oppression and reluctantly.

Mattress Supplier

Third, according to a person's sleep habits spring mattress purchase. Hard and soft elastic demand everyone mattress, spring mattress purchase furniture brands should I know about before the sleep habits of normal individuals, especially the elderly need to pay special attention to their sleep habits, too soft mattress is easy to fall got up the difficulties of the bones gradually loose elderly, or choose the higher hardness of the mattress is appropriate.

Fourth, consider the size of the mattress which is produced by a spring mattress supplier. Spring mattress purchase, personal height plus 20 cm for the most appropriate size, in addition to the reserved space placed pillows and hands and feet stretched, but also reduce the oppressive sleep.

Fifth, spring mattress purchase in various positions try lying, flip, feel the mattress support the spine and whether to allow the spine to be good, even support, non-light pressure to the hands or hips touch the mattress, spring mattress purchase should first try to lie down, feel the feel and firmness of their mattress.

Sixth, spring mattress purchase should choose a trustworthy and well-known brand with good after-sales service. Because the mattress market, whether imported or domestic manufacturers furniture row not only thousands of home, consumers must have a correct concept optional and judgment, China bonnell spring mattress purchase should choose a reputable and perfect after-sales service and the quality of the protection of well-known brand while to remember to obtain a copy of the original warranty or dealer, the dealer’s warranty, do not superstition import tariffs single original imported mattresses that fooled. is a professional mattress manufacturer and exporter in the international market. EIG has four mattress factories, over 1,000 employees and owns daily production capacity of 3,000pcs.

Using the Right Spring Mattress

Spring mattress and beyond eight out of 10 mattress purchased by buyers are spring mattress. There are both benefit and drawbacks to whichever you purchase. Appear, you may have fallen asleep before spring mattress. You will find that it is firm and your backbone provides a great help, if you sleep in different varieties. A variety of quality coil decision. If you favor the texture of a spring mattress, look out for a gauge coil of no less than 315 as that’s the so-called minimum desirable help consultants have recommended.

Spring mattresses, latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses have supreme comfort and support to your physique and boundless happiness and uninterrupted night of sleep. Just think about it similar advantages. Let's try a mattress spring air back supporter and a more in-depth study of the numerous advantages, each mattress can be provided to our consumers. You might think that just an ordinary spring mattress, and it does not hold a candle to a better memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses.

Mattress China

Even if two people share the same mattress, the mattress will help every individual support to allow them to apply. From head to toe, you will experience the advanced stage, help pocket spring mattress. Another advantage is that it reduces the addition to the roll-off mattress Release. Additional weight difference can be used as appropriate to sleep in this mattress, which can adjust according to your physique contours, which provide good help for you.

These mattresses with spring units manufactured. Steel spring mounted in Bonnell spring mattress, provide each other with a strong spring structure with spiral. Global demand better high quality mattress provides higher stability and adaptability of bedding merchandise products. Therefore, the mattress benefits of proper spring mattresses to choose, you have a good night's sleep, in order to support your backbone line, your physique. Comfort and support the mattress. These mattresses are produced by a professional spring mattress wholesale and made by utilizing finest raw material & ensuring additional support & comfort needed to the physique.

Memory foam mattress is usually the ratio of the density of a typical foam mattress. This makes it all even more support and more weight. It is often seen as a good compromise between the tender mattress comfort, and support of a hard mattress. Memory foam mattress can really promote the habit of mattresses, but they certainly last longer. Recalled the foam usually send a clear chemical smell, when it is new, many people find unpleasant. The free airing, but few people the smell fades maintain sensitive.

Respiratory irritation, the result will be a memory foam mattress emissions. Memory foam mattress during takeoff, to ease the pressure. The memories never used foam planned District, but then used in medical applications spring air cushion. Example with bed-certain sufferers or those suffering from pressure sores for a long period. You confused, this is the most effective mattress, buy it for yourself? Here is a quick rundown of the mattress. is a professional mattress manufacturer and exporter in the international market. EIG has four mattress factories, over 1,000 employees and owns daily production capacity of 3,000pcs. BellaRest Mattress, as one of the most competitive products of EIG group, its sales volume, market share and brand recognition is continuing to expanding.
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Is it Necessary to Change the Mattress Right Now?

Do you feel very tired when you get up in the morning? Do you feel you should sleep more than eight hours a day? Do you feel your back painful after you get up? Do you feel lazy going to sleep at night? Do you always sleep at your friend’s place? Do you think that it is wonderful to stay at hotel because of the bed? Have you been using your mattress for ovr ten years?

If you answer yes to the questions above, it’s the signal that you should change your mattress right now.

Let’s find the reasons in detail:

Using the Mattress for Over Ten Years

Ideally, it is not good to use the same mattress for more than 7 years. Maybe you have been using it for more than 10 years because you believe the vendors that told you the mattress would be in great conditions for 20 years. From now on, you will know that sleeping on the bed decreases the age of a mattress.

Getting Pains After You Get up

You may feel fresh to start a new day after sleeping for 8 years. If you feel the other way, it’s a great signal that you should change your mattress with a new one. If you get pains in the morning, you cannot concentrate on doing the activities and finishing the job well.

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Feeling Tired After You Get up

Do you feel a little tired after you get up? Do you feel more tired than after working all day long? Something must be wrong with your mattress. The only way is to replace your mattress with a new one which is made of high quality material and produced by a good custom mattress manufacturer.

Having Certain Comfortable Spot

Before you sleep, have you found the best spot? If you don’t sleep at the best spot for yourself, it’s difficult for you to fall asleep. It’s another signal which shows that your bed is not in good condition. You should be able to get comfort at any points on your mattress.

Loving Sleeping at Hotel

You should love to sleep at your own home rather than any other places. Rather than paying expensive hotel rate for a night, you should use your money to buy high quality mattress for yourself, such as ergonomic coil spring mattress. It’s necessary because you spend one-third of your life by sleeping at home. is a professional mattress manufacturer and exporter in the international market. EIG has four mattress factories, over 1,000 employees and owns daily production capacity of 3,000pcs. BellaRest Mattress, as one of the most competitive products of EIG group, its sales volume, market share and brand recognition is continuing to expanding.

Introduction of Bonnell Spring Mattress

The word "bonnell" means a spring mattress, using a kind of "spring". These mattresses are manual using spring units. Bonnell spring mattress to provide a strong spring structure with spiral steel springs are connected to each other. The quality of the mattress provides a great deal of stability and flexibility, which will cause supplies the product queries bed worldwide. Therefore, the correct choice of the benefits of the mattress, you have a good concept of sleep, to hide your body from your spinal cord.

Bonnell spring mattress offers a variety of unique features, as follows:

The most comfortable, and most supportive mattress. The mattress is by using the best raw materials to ensure that the additional interception and comfort needs of the body. The amount of spring used in development of the mattress makes the mattress more spung and comfortable. It provides enough space free and easy movement. Most durable mattresses are offered in the industry. The design of these mattresses by experienced engineers and creative artisans.

Types of Bonnell spring mattresses are as follows:

Latex spring mattress: mattress is the most comfortable mattress, provide unsound uninterrupted sleep. These mattresses are made of assorted layers of natural latex that provides the greatest softness to the mattress. The latex mattress is the best mattress you never slept. Even if these mattresses are recommended by plastic surgery.

Firm Spring Mattress: The term “Firm” commonly means which cannot be pressed easily. These firm mattresses are especially made by a professional mattress manufacturer and made for the ones who want a firm covering to sleep. These mattresses benefit you in the following ways:

It can be prevented from back pain. It provides companies conceal your body. It is more durable as compared to other mattress for it ensures air circulation valve. It provides maximum comfort and health levels. is a professional mattress China manufacturer and exporter in the international market. EIG has four mattress factories, over 1,000 employees and owns daily production capacity of 3,000pcs.

Differences Between Memory Foam And Spring Mattress

There are so many types of mattresses to choose from, and a lot of information. It can be understandably difficult to decipher, you should choose a spring mattress or memory foam mattress from famous mattress manufacturer. You sleep on the short-term and long-term health has a significant impact, it is vital that you make a wise investment choices your body mattress and sleeping habits.


The most important responsibility of your mattress is to support your body. If the mattress is not providing adequate support, can become your spine dislocation may lead to poor posture, pain, suffering.

Spring Mattress - These spring mattresses and coil system to push back the pressure of your body. Coil system to provide equal, the resistance of the entire mattress, although in some areas, your body produces more stress, such as your shoulders and hips. Spring mattress cannot accommodate all areas of your body, so you may encounter circulation and alignment problems, agonizing, open throughout the night.

Memory foam - High quality memory foam uses state-of-the-art materials, in order to reduce the occurrence of pressure points, distributing the force from your body. In addition, it is contouring to all the curves of your body.

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Spring mattress - A spring mattress produced by a mattress supplier may be acquired in different firmness levels, but it is impossible, they will stay at this level for very long. The springs and coils in the mattress wear and tear over time, just like over used shock absorbers for example.

Memory foam - because memory foam to distribute your weight, your body contour mattress is able to give firm support, ridges and stiff feeling. Some varieties of memory foam than others, more supple and soft.


With a spring mattress, memory foam mattress is temperature sensitive. The foam may need more time to adjust their body, because it is in response to your body heat. This delayed affect is an annoyance to some memory foam mattress owners.


A positive bonnell spring mattress is much cheaper than typical memory foam mattress. This is mainly because they need a more simple and old technology. A coil system costs only $ 15, but these coils wear out fairly quickly. This means you need to replace the spring mattress every few years.

Memory foam mattresses are more expensive, but they are generally considered to be of higher quality investment, which will last a longer time, and require less maintenance than a spring mattress. is a professional mattress manufacturer and exporter in the international market. EIG has four mattress factories, over 1,000 employees and owns daily production capacity of 3,000pcs.