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How to Choose Good Door Handles

The door handle and extending from the inner door lock by using this working process into a concave portion, which means that in the drawings, the door cannot be drawn open or simply broken ...

The easiest is a simple door handle outcrop in the door with one hand to seize this gives a place, in order to take the door toward a closed-door. However, many families choose to use the door handles add a mechanism to ensure that the entrance was still closed pre-trigger mechanism, until the trigger mechanism, the door remains closed.

Door handles with this mechanism in work by utilization of a latch which runs from within the door right into a recess in the frame. This ensures that the door can't be pulled open or maybe broken open by a handle, but that the knob must certanly be made in order for the mechanism to work. Rotation of the cheap door handles cause the latch, the latch caused by the rotation of the handle to withdraw to the door itself, between the removal of the blocking gate and frame in the frame and the door, and to allow the door to be opened. It is very easy to call, as these also add a lock into them, it works to prevent the movement of the rotating handle. General, they must push or distorted depending on the type of the handle, and then stop to the form of the handle in the form of a button in the knob of heart. This is the simplest type of lock, may be useful, because they are very easy to perform, and a lock means does not have to be installed in bathrooms and other areas. However, in some cases, a lock may be helpful, for example, if the door outside the mortise lock, in this case, for safety reasons is definitely recommended.

Many people believe that these door handles, as the only option, they doorknob to complete most of the standard. However, you can find different styles each time the handle may be helpful different handle design, may be helpful when the occasion. Because of these's knob needs a good grip good grip through these knobs, so you can take them, they may be heavy elderly or grip, easy to hire. They may need to use both hands to operate the knob, this will be useful at any time, for example, if they are to carry things. If the knob is located nearby, it may also cause problems. The problem may be caused by it, you may find themselves with a connection to the wall, turn the knob, you may find their own experience in the wall when the rotation knob, knob, can be found near the problem can also be caused by it an issues problems may be caused by it, you may receive turn the knob on the wall, If the knob near. In this case, maybe you recommended lever handle.

These work exactly the same process, because the custom door handle is accurate and the same system of the door handle but their management Press the use of the lever. This may be easier to use for the majority of tourists, because it does not rely on the strength of the individual, but in addition to gravity and physical laws of leverage because it depends not only the strength of the individual, but also about leverage and the law of gravity physics, which is easier for our personal use. They don’t require you to have a company grip on them either, so those who find gripping materials difficult must certanly be able to use them far more quickly. is recognized as a reliable door handle supplier and furniture hardware manufacturer in China. We provide high quality products, including custom door handle, aluminum furniture legs, cheap furniture drawer slides, and other cutomized furniture hardware.

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Introduction about Insulation Paper Features

Application of insulating paper

Insulating paper is a general term for electrical insulating paper. The insulating materials used for the cable, the coil and other electrical equipment also have their own characteristics in addition to have a good insulating performance and mechanical strength. The products are widely used in electric motors and generators, which are used for wedge insulation, phase insulation, the end portion laminate, etc. The Insulation Paper enables all types of rotating equipment (AC and DC motors, random coil and mold line criterium, as well as large turbo) to have better insulation, better mechanical properties, higher security, and longer life.

Classification of insulation paper:

1. Insulating materials mostly use different types due to the use of physical characteristics, temperature, humidity, resistance to chemical environments, the insulating paper is one of them; from the chemical point of view, Nomex insulation paper is an aromatic polyamide, which collectively is called an aromatic polyamide. We can usually seen NOMEX aromatic polyamide in the place where need electrically insulating. It has a unique and appropriate balance of properties, which has been widely used in transformers, motors, generators and other electrical equipment in order to improve the reliability of the electrical insulation for many years.

2. Insulating paper can use different model specifications depending on the thickness of the insulation, the staff can adjust according to the length in the actual needs.

3. In the premise of the original the insulating paper, divide the insulation tape into various width can effectively control costs, save time and improve efficiency, and reduce a lot of trouble;

4. Insulation paper can effectively guarantee the short fibers and chromatography fiber insulating medium, ash loss performance mix in water-based slurry, and made into a continuous sheet-like structure by specialized manufacturing machine. The density of the paper just out of the machine is lower, having only moderate mechanical and electrical properties.

Characteristics of the insulation paper: 1. High toughness 2. Excellent dielectric properties 3. High thermal conductivity 4. Easily inserted and fitted 5. A certain hardness, and resilience. 6. UL insulation system certification, Level 200 ° C (N) 7. CSA certification, temperature rating of 180 ° C and 2 is specialized in production and sale of braided sleeve, power supply cable sleeving and components service. Our products mainly include: glass fiber products, silica gel products, woven casing products, PVC casing products, cable sleeves, seal extrusion products, wires, insulation paper and other insulation related products.

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Performances of Baby Monitor

Performances of baby monitors are reflected through their internal parameters and functional grouping. Here show some applicable performances a high quality baby monitor should have. These requirements are suitable for all audio/video, digital/analog-style home baby monitor and wifi baby monitor, which do not change by compound mode between monitor end and control end.

Small size as possible: small baby monitors (monitor end and control end) are further suitable for installation at home and carrying.

Low electric quantity should be displayed: baby monitors, in particular the monitor end, have to continuously work for long time. Once the products are out of electric power, they will be not able to remind parents for battery charging. When the power is continued to use up, the control end will not be able to continue to receive any signal.

Baby Audio Monitor manufacturer

Voice control trigger notification: voice control trigger is defined that once the monitor end detects noise caused by abnormal behavior of infants or children, the baby monitor will immediately display that on the control end by means of a noise reminder light.

Adjustable emission signal frequency: monitor ends of baby monitors provide audio and video digital signals by transmitting wireless signals. If the emission frequency of the monitor end is not chosen correctly, it will lead to electromagnetic interference with is other home appliances, digital equipments in the family, affecting their normal use. Therefore, it is very essential to select a baby monitor that allows the user to adjust the monitor end emission signal frequency.

Adjustable volume: a friendly-using baby monitor will provide a volume selecting knob or button on the control end. When parents are in places with large background sound around, they can turn up volume to hear activities sound of baby or children; when all is quiet at dead of night or parents are in sequestered places, small volume will let them hear babies' sound normally but not affect people's normal rest around.

VOX function: VOX is short for voice activation start. Baby monitors with VOX function stay in standby situation under normal state, and the screen and horn stop working to reduce products energy consumption; once the baby monitors detect unusual sound of the monitored targets over set standards, they will immediately light the alarm lamps or directly lighten the screen to synchronously play the audio and video information sent from monitor end. is a high-tech baby audio monitor manufacturer specializing in the R&D, manufacture and sale of video baby monitor, wireless home security cameras and other wireless products.

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Do You Use Electric Oven?

Using electric oven has become more and more common in modern society. It is no longer western kitchen appliances but global house appliances. What can a commercial electric oven do? How does it work?

Usage 1. Dry food As we all know, melon seeds, crackers and other food will get wet after being placed in the home for a period of time. That will not only affect the taste, but also seriously affect the food's storage time. Electric ovens can have these moist foods dried to what they were when we bought them, which are delicious and healthy. 2. Snack food processing - DIY Everyone loves delicious food, especially the children, particularly sensitive for snack. If there is a household electric oven at home, children can enjoy the delicious snacks by baking bread, baking cookies and other means. 3. Barbecue can be done at home As long as the spices are good enough, you can barbecue at home. You may eat what you want easily and cleanly. 4. Ferment dough and make chocolate foods. Put dough which needs to ferment in the electric oven, set the temperature to the lowest value, and fermented dough will be made as soon as possible. In the same way, you may make chocolate foods. Melt chocolate by the electric oven, and then you may use them wherever you need.

Working Principle

Electric oven is a heating appliance baking foods through the use of radiant heat sent by electric heating elements. With it we can make grilled chicken, roasted duck, baked breads, cakes and so on. According to the different needs of the bakery, electric oven's temperature can be adjusted in the range of 50 to 250 ° c. Electric oven mainly consists of oven box, heating element, thermolator, timer and capacity control switch. Its box mainly consists of shell, interlayer and liner. There are turned edge in the front and back of liner to cut off air inside the box; in outer box, there are insulated expanded perlite products, making temperature of the shell greatly reduced; at the same time, there is a spring structure installed under the door, making the door always holding down tight with the door frame, which provides sound tightness. is a considerable large corporation specializing in hotel kitchen equipment, baking equipment and commercial kitchen oven in South China. Wellborn accumulates a great deal of experiences in production of restaurant kitchen equipment, including commercial refrigeration & freezing equipments, electric fryer, electric griddle, bain-marie, and roller hot dog warmer, etc.

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Major Problems of Chinese LED Light Export

LED light export industry status

The export volume gets rapid growth and Europe and the United States are the major trading countries. At present, there are totally 373 LED lighting export enterprises in Ningbo, China. In 2012, Ningbo exported a total of 19,490 batches of LED lamps, and the value is up to $ 1.22 billion. Seen from the main exports geographical, the oldest districts have the largest export volume, and the total exports reached $ 186,344,000. And from the view of the exporting country, Europe and the United States are the major trading countries and regions. Ningbo export value of LED lamps to the EU amounted to $ 2.15 billion in 2012, accounting for 78.2% of total exports; export value reached 126.503 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 22.0% of total exports. Corporate earnings in good condition, and they are more optimistic about the prospects for development. Compared with traditional lamps, led point light source profit to be about 30% higher, and therefore the profitability of the business is in relatively good condition. And this kind of enterprises is mainly those that have certain industrial base and they are mainly small and medium-sized enterprise scale companies. The survey shows that 48.6% of the enterprises in the LED lighting industry previously engaged in the traditional lighting industry, 26.4% of enterprises engaged in the electric light or other LED industry, while engaged in the industry has nothing to do with the LED or new enterprises accounted for 25%. At the same time, firm size is still small or medium size.

LED Lamps Export Difficulties

Funds have become the primary problem in the business. The LED business transformation and upgrading and cost control is difficult. The impact of the economic environment at home and abroad, now many enterprises, especially SMEs operating conditions are facing greater difficulties. The problems caused by the sharp rise of raw materials, labor and other costs and financing difficulties enterprises face greater financial pressure, cost control and restructuring and upgrading in the survey, 57.1% and 27.1%, respectively inherent high labor costs and difficult start-up capital. The commercial led string lights distribution of industrial structure is irrational, upstream is lack of core technology is the major bottleneck of industrial development.

Exports Suggestions of Chinese LED Lights

Improve the LED lighting industry development planning and form the development joint forces. Local governments should support the LED upstream chip manufacturing industry and improve the upstream and downstream industries, focusing on the development of the implementation of the Industrial Technology Development Rules, clear the duties of each department. And at the same time, and learn from LED professional production base across the country, such as the successful experience of the cities of Dongguan, Zhongshan, Shenzhen. Using LED products the implementation of demonstration projects, the establishment of the LED industry park, opened LED International Procurement Exchange Center, promote LED lighting products widely applications, and strengthen the industrial cluster effect, enhance the industry brand advantage and competitiveness. is a professional manufacturer whom specialized in LED drivers, LED stage lights, LED lamps and wireless remote controls with infrared. Also, Tianyu offers OEM, ODM electronics processing service, such as SMT mounted, AI insert, DIP Post-weld0, Assembling and Ageing service. Welcome to visit our website for more details!

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The Brief Introduction of Tempered Glass

What is Tempered Glass?

With modern technology, the permutation of types of tempered glass panels were both varied and exciting. Tempered glass is a type of glass that is strengthened by chemical techniques which make it as safer than normal glass. Installing one of these large panels is very easy, at least if it is the type of renovation. When purchasing solar panels, do not forget that this is an important point to ascertain – as mentioned, it should be clearly indicated on the product specifications on the type of glass used because it is a important. Low E, or low emissivity glass is a special type of tempered glass which takes into account the reflection of infrared radiant energy. The two different types of glass that you can use is usually tempered flat glass.

tempered glass panels

The Feature of Tempered Glass

Properties:-Shock – is two times stronger than float-temperature resistance – it can withstand temperatures up to 295 degrees Celsius. The dangers of cheap drink architectural glass panels cheap solar can darken over time. A major breakthrough in glassmaking was the discovery of glassblowing some time between 27 BC and AD 14, attributed to Syrian craftsmen. Reachingits height as an art form in the Middle Ages, many churches have windows which mainly produces presented Bible stories in visual form because there was no widespread literacy at the time. Now, place each piece of the model, one at a time, on the tempered glass and a black marker, trace around the room. While considering tie ups with the glass supplier and manufacturer points that must be considered is the timeframe for production, shipping, limiting the size they have, the complexity of the shapes they can produce and also the services they provide. support the solar panel is another place where recycled materials as well as new work. Glass solar panel is extremely important for anyone looking to build their own solar panels or if you are looking to repair those broken. Renovation panel, then, is one designed to be easily installed long after the home is occupied. Flat glass in solar panels This is most often found in cheaper brands of monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels made by small businesses unclear, but it can also be found in well-known brands in amorphous (thin film) of solar panels which have a glass component. When the fire access panels or panels fragile necessary, tempered glass is used. Use the smallest of your squeegee at the end to complete the picture if necessary. is a modern enterprise which is professional on high-class glass processing. Located in Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, our company neighbors 107 National Road, Guangzhou-Qingyuan highway, Huadu Port and Guang zhou Baiyun International Airport, so we process great advantages of convenient waterway, overland and aerial transportation.

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Modification and Process Specifications of CNC Cutting Machine

The choice of transformation implementation

The quality of CNC cutting machine overhaul program design, the merits of the overhaul of the results depend largely on the quality of the construction team besides the economic factors. This is a very important work and the construction companies involved in the project shall meet the following conditions.

First, complete and efficient technical support system key is the human factor. The company of cutting machines should have a team of engineers with the full range of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, process tooling with years of design, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning work experience, and at the same time there should be an on-site construction team. This mode of operation is a popular mode of economic conditions in the market today.


Second, the factor meet the key management mode under the conditions of a market economy is human. We should abandon the organizational forms and management methods under the planned economy conditions which hinder everyone's positivity, and make the formation of the corporate structure which is able to respond quickly to market demand, and not only make continuous improvement in the development of the market economy, but also consider many other factors, such as the company's size, financial status and so on.

Hardware orders

As the full consideration, the construction team has been selected, the technical details of the program have been determined and the order list can be listed. Users and engineering firm can be with the attitude of mutual trust to reduce costs and ensure reliability considering determining the list of domestic and foreign orders, and the signing of the formal transformation contract.

The site commissioning

It is the key aspects of this transformation to the success of the project completed at this stage machine, the final commissioning of the Union stressed that the NC system, drive system parameter optimization regulatory work, and is in preparation for the acceptance. Trial processing acceptance Usually there are two elements: the standard sample test cutting, in accordance with international standards, the different types of cnc cutting machine cutting programs have the corresponding standard tests; the calibration of the accuracy of CNC cutting machine depends on the level of the plant measurement, using the corresponding means of conditional user laser interferometer can be used to measure the compensation of such CNC cutting machine position measuring system can be used to obtain the data, thereby improving the accuracy of the CNC cutting machine.

Information, training and warranty

After the end of the inspection work, it should also need the technical data compilation, archive and made available to the user, but also provide the user technology training and warranty work.

The main products of are the processing equipment of aluminum alloy metal doors and windows, plastic steel window and door, curtain wall, aluminum composite panel and various punching machine. Furthermore, it can design and make various non-standard equipment and molding tools according to custmers' different needs.

The Aluminum Profile Equipment in the Economic Crisis

The influence in the aluminum profile equipment trade

First, fluctuations in the global economic effect the foreign end-consumer, China's aluminum profile equipment exports pressure fluctuations in global economic performance of China's aluminum exports in two ways, first weaken the direct consumption of aluminum profile machining equipment of other countries, resulting in the limitation of our aluminum timber exports, and the data shows that China's aluminum exports fell. Although China's aluminum equipment exports have been restored, exports remained the growth, the growth rate has been in the declining trend; Second, other countries are not optimistic about the use of the consumption of aluminum products, leading to the decline of the indirect consumption of aluminum, foreign demands are not the product of China's electronic products, household appliances, automobiles, rail vehicles, and these exports are aluminum inevitably affect indirect export of aluminum.


Second, an increase in the rise of trade protectionism, trade disputes global economic fluctuations, aluminum consumption worldwide is affected, in order to protect their own business interests, some countries take trade protection measures, and in the past two years, the global trade for our aluminum equipment dispute was significantly increased. The EU has initiated anti-dumping investigations of the exports of China's aluminum wheel hub, and eventually lost Europe's second-largest aluminum wheel export market in China; the India safeguards Bureau had originated in China's aluminum plate and aluminum foil initiated the review of the investigation of the special safeguard; the European Commission announced that should the European Metal Industry Association application the aluminum foil volumes exported to the EU to launch anti-dumping investigation against China; addition, Canada, Australia, the United States, Colombia had on China's aluminum, cutting machines, anti-dumping investigation or the imposition of anti-dumping duties.

Influence in the domestic aluminum equipment consumption

The main areas of consumption are affected, and the aluminum consumption growth was reduced based on our previous aluminum data and the experience of developed countries, aluminum consumption is highly correlated with GDP. A few years ago, it is benefit from the high-speed growth of China's GDP, and benefit from the high-speed development of the industry in China, aluminum consumption can maintain a high growth rate. After the global economic fluctuations, China's economic slowdown, and in the period of the "12th Five-Year", and China's average annual GDP growth rate is reduced to 7%. The data shows that, with the decline in GDP growth in the past two years, China's aluminum consumption growth also declined. takes the "Kingtool Machine, Professional Quality" as the principle, the "Realistic and Innovative, Solid and Enterprising" as guideline, the "Strive for prosperity, Contribute to the society" as spirit, and "Help customers to choose satisfied product." as tenet. In the foundation of firmly grasp the product quality, it not only provide professional before service, service during sale and after sale service for custoemrs, but also provide industrial information freely.

Standard Operation Requirements of CNC Cutting Machine

The status quo of CNC cutting machine enterprises

CNC cutting machine tool industry in China started late, which is supported by the downstream machining industry needs and its overall size has grown, the enterprise's comprehensive strength has improved, and the international visibility is also improved. Although our cnc cutting machine tools sector and production is diversified, production is rising, and the industry as a whole is in a rapid development process. But for now, many companies are still in the extensive operating mode. As a result of excessive competition, product homogeneity is serious leading to narrow profit margins, but the development of many enterprises is also fettered. In the low-price competition of the adverse market environment, many domestic manufacturers and brand are not a lack of technological innovation, heavily dependent on foreign advanced technology, lack of core competitiveness. At the same time, labor costs rise, coupled with rising raw material greatly increased cost pressures for many businesses. Intensive development model must be the direction of development of the CNC cutting machine tool companies in the future.

Methods to change the development direction

Make the transition from extensive to intensive management, which is to change the low-tech, low-level, low-cost-effective way to the mode of the high capital content, the high level of management, high economic quality and high economic efficiency. First, we need to change their ideas, establish a long-term development of the concept and set achievable targets and plans. At the same time, CNC cutting machine tool enterprises have to come out from the price competition, steering practicing internal strength. And focus on optimization of product structure, product quality improvement, the master of core technologies and innovations, as well as the corporate brand influence expansion. Of course, this series of changes in enterprise needs more funding. Multiple channels to improve operational efficiency intensive management is the ultimate goal to improve efficiency, to go the route of intensive development, be sure to the low-input, high-yield business objectives and efforts, which requires a cutting machines tool companies to proceed for change from a number of aspects. On the one hand, companies need to continually improve the management level, improve the management of the overall performance, optimize departmental structure to avoid the waste of human resources and time, while optimizing the internal competition mechanism and improve the professional quality of the staff. On the other hand, the CNC cutting machine tool companies may wish to try high-tech operations, vigorously develop the computer network engineering, and enhance operational efficiency through improved office tools.

The meaning of the development

The centralized development of CNC cutting machine tool enterprises should strengthen the close contact with the upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain to form the concentration of CNC cutting machine with a powerful competitive district, for some CNC cutting machine tools businesses and enterprises, it is of great significance to enhance the competitiveness and expand market share. has become largest scale production base of construction doors, windows and curtain walls at home. It is also the first company to develop such kind of products and its matching products are complete. In addition, its main products are the processing equipment of aluminum alloy metal doors and windows, plastic steel window and door, curtain wall, aluminum composite panel and various punching machine.

The Intensive Road of CNC Cutting Machine Enterprises

The status quo of CNC cutting machine enterprises

CNC cutting machine tool industry in China started late, which is supported by the downstream machining industry needs and its overall size has grown, the enterprise's comprehensive strength has improved, and the international visibility is also improved. Although our cnc cutting machine tools sector and production is diversified, production is rising, and the industry as a whole is in a rapid development process. But for now, many companies are still in the extensive operating mode. As a result of excessive competition, product homogeneity is serious leading to narrow profit margins, but the development of many enterprises is also fettered. In the low-price competition of the adverse market environment, many domestic manufacturers and brand are not a lack of technological innovation, heavily dependent on foreign advanced technology, lack of core competitiveness. At the same time, labor costs rise, coupled with rising raw material greatly increased cost pressures for many businesses. Intensive development model must be the direction of development of the CNC cutting machine tool companies in the future.

cnc cutting machine

Methods to change the development direction

Make the transition from extensive to intensive management, which is to change the low-tech, low-level, low-cost-effective way to the mode of the high capital content, the high level of management, high economic quality and high economic efficiency. First, we need to change their ideas, establish a long-term development of the concept and set achievable targets and plans. At the same time, CNC cutting machine tool enterprises have to come out from the price competition, steering practicing internal strength. And focus on optimization of product structure, product quality improvement, the master of core technologies and innovations, as well as the corporate brand influence expansion. Of course, this series of changes in enterprise needs more funding. Multiple channels to improve operational efficiency intensive management is the ultimate goal to improve efficiency, to go the route of intensive development, be sure to the low-input, high-yield business objectives and efforts, which requires a cutting machines tool companies to proceed for change from a number of aspects. On the one hand, companies need to continually improve the management level, improve the management of the overall performance, optimize departmental structure to avoid the waste of human resources and time, while optimizing the internal competition mechanism and improve the professional quality of the staff. On the other hand, the CNC cutting machine tool companies may wish to try high-tech operations, vigorously develop the computer network engineering, and enhance operational efficiency through improved office tools.

The meaning of the development

The centralized development of CNC cutting machine tool enterprises should strengthen the close contact with the upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain to form the concentration of CNC cutting machine with a powerful competitive district, for some CNC cutting machine tools businesses and enterprises, it is of great significance to enhance the competitiveness and expand market share. has become largest scale production base of construction doors, windows and curtain walls at home. It is also the first company to develop such kind of products and its matching products are complete. In addition, its main products are the processing equipment of aluminum alloy metal doors and windows, plastic steel window and door, curtain wall, aluminum composite panel and various punching machine.

Speakers for Computer

"Most computers allow you to hook up external speakers using the sound output jack."

Speakers are popular output devices used with computer systems. They receive audio input from the computer's sound card and produce audio output in the form of sound waves. Most speakers for computer are active speakers, meaning they have an internal amplifier which allows you to increase the volume, or amplitude, of the sound. Speakers usually come in pairs, which allow them to produce stereo sound from two separate audio channels.

speakers for computer

Computer Speakers Do Not Work There are many reasons for computer speaker stops working, even you bought best portable speakers 2012, you may have no ideas for it; let’s see what the reasons may cause it. Cause This issue could be caused by any of the below reasons.

Sound card does not work Speakers are not connected properly No power to the speakers Volume on speakers turned down Volume on sound card turned down Bad hardware

Getting Better All the Time Starting in the 1990s, vendors began to offer higher-quality computer speakers. Similar to home theater and stereo systems, many computer speaker systems include a pair of small speakers for the midrange and high (treble) frequencies and a large subwoofer for the low end (bass). The small speakers are placed in a left/right stereo orientation, while the subwoofer can be located anywhere on the floor because bass signals are unidirectional. See sound card and subwoofer. Speakers typically come in pairs, which allow them to produce stereo sound. This means the left and right speakers transmit audio on two completely separate channels. By using two speakers, music sounds much more natural since our ears are used to hearing sounds from the left and right at the same time. Surround systems may include four to seven speakers (plus a subwoofer), which creates an even more realistic experience. was established in 1999 for trading. In 2006, we started producing USB hub, card reader, portable speakers, HDD case, and others accessories of Computer and iPad.

We have more than 10 years experience for OEM and ODM for clients from European countries, USA and Japan, our 60% clients from European countries, 20% clients from USA, 15% clients from Japan, Korea, and Australia, 5% clients from other areas.

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Five Cases in the Selection of CNC Cutting Machine

First, cutting accuracy

For the construction industry, the general cutting requirement is less than 0.5mm; the requirement on the car mirror is less than 0.01mm and the cutting thick of steel plate should be as thin as possible. Now the cutting accuracy provided by various machinery manufacturers is generally less than 0. 2mm, but it cannot be judged by the introduction of the product manual, and there should be a complete set of test procedures to test the cutting accuracy in the acceptance, to measure the actual cutting accuracy, we generally have a dozen test sample surfaces. We can completely control the flatness of the cutting platform, control system and the synchronization level and crimping machine according to the test.

cutting machine

Second, the cutting speed

We cannot talk about the speed until we can meet the cutting precision, due to the cutting platform is short, it is difficult to judge whether it is the highest speed with eyes. So we can take advantage of the cutting machine servo drive with software simulation function to see whether the speed of the motor is at the highest speed. Each axis can be tested separately, but also can be tested simultaneously.

Third, the automation of cutting machine

At the edge of the CNC cutting machine, considering processing costs and the special types of volumes chip, which requires the operation of cutting machine is simple, easy to understand and not too complicated, otherwise it will cause the embarrassing situation that we can afford the machine but cannot feed the machine, such as bending machines for sale. So the manufacturers should make some researches to find out the easy and high-efficient operation mode.

Fourth, easy maintenance
The signal and the mechanical sensors are unnecessary to be equipped to much, and the switches and indicator lights should be as less as possible, because the fault in a mechanical device will affect the use of the cutting machine, and the fewer parts will bring low probability of fault, in addition, the small number of lines is convenient to find fault and replace the parts, so it is the best that will be able to debug the I / 0 signal state on the screen. The maintenance cost is a important factor that should be considered in the purchase of machinery.

Fifth, save energy
We should select the cutting machine with less energy consumption when they can complete the requirements of the same cutting size, and which will bring many benefits to the enterprise. First, protect the environment, save energy; second, save the daily expenses. is an integrative enterprise of R&D, production and management. It is a director unit of China Building Metals Construction Association of Ministry of Construction and became the profession standard drafter of national aluminum processing in June,1998. Furthermore, its product have gained the honor of "Chinese Famous Product".

Brief Introduction of Speakers for Computer

Mini Speaker, USB Speaker, Portable Speaker

Computer speakers, or multimedia speakers, are speakers external to a computer that disable the lower fidelity built-in speaker. They often have a low-power internal amplifier. The standard audio connection is a 3.5 mm (approximately 1/8 inch) stereo phone connector often color-coded lime green (following the PC 99 standard) for computer sound cards. A few use an RCA connector for input. There are also usb speakers for laptop which are powered from the 5 volts at 500 milliamps provided by the USB port, allowing about 2.5 watts of output power. Computer speakers range widely in quality and in price. The computer speakers typically packaged with computer systems are small, plastic, and have mediocre sound quality. Some computer speakers have equalization features such as bass and treble controls. The internal amplifiers require an external power source, usually an AC adapter. More sophisticated computer speakers can have a subwoofer unit, to enhance bass output, and these units usually include the power amplifiers both for the bass speaker, and the small satellite speakers. Some computer displays have rather basic speakers built-in. Laptops come with integrated speakers. Restricted space available in laptops means these speakers usually produce low-quality sound.

For some users, a lead connecting computer sound output to an existing stereo system is practical. This normally yields much better results than small low-cost computer speakers. Computer speakers can also serve as an economy amplifier for MP3 player use for those who wish to not use headphones, although some models of computer speakers have headphone jacks of their own.

microphone function mini bluetooth speaker

Common Features of Computer Speaker

Features vary by manufacturer, but may include the following: An LED power indicator. A 3.5 mm headphone jack. Controls for volume, and sometimes bass and treble. A remote volume control.

Cost-Cutting Measures and Technical Compatibility

In order to cut the cost of speakers for computer (unless designed for premium sound performance), speakers designed for computers often lack an AM/FM tuner and other built-in sources of audio. However, the male 3.5 mm plug can be jury rigged with female 3.5 mm TRS phone connector to female stereo RCA adapters to work with stereo system components such as CD/DVD-Audio/SACD players (although computers have CD-ROM drives of their own with audio CD support), audio cassette players, turntables, etc. Despite being designed for computers, computer speakers are electrically compatible with the aforementioned stereo components. There are even models of computer speakers that have stereo RCA in jacks. We are dedicated in producing USB hub, card reader, portable speakers, HDD case, and others accessories of Computer and iPad. We have more than 10 years experience for OEM and ODM for clients from European countries, USA and Japan, our 60% clients from European countries, 20% clients from USA, 15% clients from Japan, Korea, Australia. 5% clients from others Area.

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Basic Knowledge of Gear Reducer

The gear reducer is widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, cement, construction, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other fields. The gear reducer should be used when: 1. High-speed shaft under 1500 rev / min 2. Gear peripheral speed is less than 20 m / sec 3. The working environment temperature is around -40-45 ℃. If less than 0 °C, before start the oil should be preheated to a temperature above 0 ℃ 4. The gear reducer can be used in both directions

RV Worm Gear Reducer

Machine Features 1. Gear is made of high-strength low-carbon alloy steel carburized. The surface hardness reaches HRC58-62 and the gears are processed by CNC grinding with high accuracy and good contact. 2. Transmission rate: single level is greater than 96.5%, two-stage is more than 93%, and three –level is more than 90%. 3. Smooth operation, low noise. 4. Small size, light weight, long life, and high load carrying capacity. 5. Easy to be overhauled, and easy to install

Power speed ratio torque reduction ratio: 25 ~ 4000r/min (RX, R, K series combination can achieve greater speed ratio) Output torque: 2600000Nm Motor power: 0.4-12934kW

Maintenance of gear reducer First, the reducer (such as helical gear reducer) uses 460 # load industrial gear oil, and working environment temperature is 0 to 40 ° C. Second, after the first 100 hours of use, you should wash inner cavity replaced with new gear oil after oil change once every 2,000 hours. Third, disassembly reducer should avoid hammering in order to avoid damage to the normal mechanical. Fourth, if shaft connected at oil leakage phenomenon, skeleton oil seal and seals should be replaced.

Features of four series of gear reducer 1. R, K, S, F four series gear reducers including worm gear reducer are designed and manufactured based on module combination system. They have lots of motor combinations, install forms and structure programs. They have fine drive score level which can meet different use conditions to achieve mechatronics. 2. The four series gear reducers use unit structure modular design principle which provide a significant reduction in the types and inventory parts. 3. The four series of gear reducers drive efficiency with low energy consumption and superior performance. 4. They have the high rigidity ribbed cast iron box. The gears are made of high quality alloy steel with hardened surface carburizing by precision machining grinding. They provide smooth transmission with low noise, high carrying capacity, low temperature rise, and long life. (formerly Zhujiang Reduction Machinery Factory), is the largest professional manufacturer of decelerators including gear reducers like worm speed reducer, bevel speed reducer and helical reducer etc. in South China.

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Looking Forward to Led Display Development

With a high delivery rate is low and CPM two advantages, outdoor media 2005 has become the fastest growing advertising media. According to leading market research firm CTR data show that in 2005, appeared in the newspaper 1%-negative cases, outdoor media growth rates of up to 79%, 5% per cent of the market share, but will also maintain the momentum continues to grow strong. Every outdoor led display manufacturer will be excited by the news.

As society advances in technology and the development of outdoor advertising, people increasingly higher requirements for outdoor media, conventional signs, light boxes, neon lights, single column and other manifestations of a single outdoor media have been unable to meet the needs of the audience. Outdoor advertising market competition will be on brand value, customer management and professional quality, so the LED begins to emerge. Blue led strip large screen is the perfect combination of technology and media, can give full play to the idea, to become the future development trend of outdoor media yield to nobody.

LED full color display is a 1990 new information display developed rapidly in the global media, which uses light emitting diodes led dot matrix or pixel units consisting of large areas of display screens, combines micro-electronics, optics, computers, information processing, and many other modern high technology, has a strong environmental adaptability, high energy saving, long life, many changes, Lee Green, high-tech tip and a series of advantages.

Its features apart from advertising, also may release information, rich cultural and entertainment life of the people, was the audience favorite medium of information dissemination, popularization and application of large cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, and has received very good results. Recently, the famous Oriental Pearl mobile advertising company focus media, enter the outdoor LED Bulbs market, demonstrates the vitality of the market.

A China led tube light manufacturer forecasted that global demand for various types of LED display screen in the coming years is expected to reach billions of dollars a year, and every year. And in China, according to national optical photoelectron industry association LED display branch statistics, last year LED display full industry of sales about for 4 billion yuan, as joined WTO, and with 2008 games and 2010 Shanghai Expo brings more of eye economic, and national on environmental problem of attention, multiple good factors of effect Xia, LED display in sports, and outdoor advertising, and traffic, many area of market will has significantly of increased. Experts forecast that: LED full color in the domestic market demand growth rate to as high as 30%. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of LED display and energy-saving LED lighting. 8 branded Yamaha & Panasonic & Fuji SMT lines and 8 automatic production lines assure lead time in require; 36 experienced R&D engineers assure attractive products and competitive price; ISO9001:2009 &ISO14001:2008, CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE and TUV certificates and 40QC staffs assure superior quality.

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Descriptions for Computer Power Cords

Meaning of different power cord color

Power cord color: Green cord is the boot cord, the black cord is ground cord, make green and black wires short circuit, and the power will begin to run, try to power the device, which is a simple way to determine whether the power is good or bad. In addition, yellow represents the 12V power supply, the red represents 5V power supply, but do you understand other colors, as well as more detailed computer power cords works? Learn more about these help you have a more in-depth understanding of the computer as well as decide and maintain computer failure. Now let's learn more, in particular, to make in-depth explanation of the purple cord, the green cord and the gray cord and boot principle.

Yellow: +12 V

Yellow cord should be a large number in the power supply, with adding the CPU and PCI-E graphics card powered ingredients, +12 V role is pivotal in the power supply. +12 V has been providing power for hard disk, CD-ROM drive, floppy drive spindle motor and seek motor operating voltage and serial devices, and provide circuit logic signal level and ISA slots. When +12 V voltage output is not normal, it often causes instability of the hard drive, CD-ROM drive, floppy drive disk read performance. When the voltage is low, the performance of the optical drive pick disk seriously, logical bad sectors of the hard disk increase, and there are often bad sectors, the system is easy to hang, and cannot be used normally. When it is high, the optical drive speed is too high, prone to runaway, and is prone to have the phenomenon of disk burn, the hard disk performs to stall, turn to fly. Currently, the +12 V power supply shortage will directly affect the PCI-E graphics performance, and impact on CPU, direct result the crash.


-12V voltage provides serial logic to determine the level, little current is needed, which is below 1A in general. Even if the voltage deviation is too large, it will not cause a malfunction, because the 0 level of logic level ranges from -3V to-15V, and there is a very wide range.

Red: +5 V

The number of +5 V wires and yellow wires is considerable, +5 V power supply is available to the operating voltage of the CPU and PCI, AGP, the ISA and other integrated circuits, which is the main power for computer. Currently, CPU use mixed supply of +12 V and +5 V, the requirement for it is not so high. Only the latest Intel ATX12V 2.2 version has enhanced the +5 V power supply capacity, strengthen the power of dual-core CPU. Its power quality is directly related to the stability of the computer system.


There is few commercially available power with a white computer monitor cables, white-5V determines the level for logic circuits, the current is very small, generally does not affect the system to work, which is basically dispensable. is a manufacturer and exporter of electronic products. We supply complete specifications of cables, including AC & DC cables, USB & HDMI & Lan cables, AV &TV cables and other related products. They are fine in quality, fair in price and prompt in delivery.

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Something You Need to Know about Wine Refrigerator

The use of household wine refrigerators is becoming very common and they are in fact offered as an option with some new properties. As a house option they are in the class of media rooms and boat docks. Many various types of wine cooler refrigerators and home wine cellars exist depending on size, and cooling technology applied. Such as thermoelectric wine cooler, compact wine cooler, etc. These house options are certainly nice but wine refrigerators are seldom considered essential to survival. Wine refrigerators are designed to store wine from about 40 degrees Fahrenheit to about 55 or 60 degrees. They can be used to store or stage wines for serving; however, as serving and storing temperatures are different only one wine refrigerator can be used for one purpose at the same time.

The Correct Temperatures

For bottles that you plan on keeping for more than six months before consuming, or are laying down for aging, you may need to consider using wine refrigerators. The storage temperature of wine is considered ideal at a temperature of 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity of seventy percent humidity. Temperatures below this slow the aging of the wine but otherwise have really no impact. If you live in the northern latitudes and are able to find a natural cavern, cellar or basement that maintains a fairly steady temperature in the summer and does not freeze in winter then you should not need to use wine refrigerators for the storage of the wine.

White wines are best served at 45 degrees. Normal general refrigeration maintains a temperature of from 32 to 40 degrees and is typically a little too cool for white wine. However, for most of the world allowing the wine to warm just a little is not considered a problem and the use of Wine refrigerators are not required.

Red wines should be served at about 60 degrees, which is a little cooler than most room temperatures which are in the 65 degree range in winter and 70 in summers with air conditioning. For these wines general refrigeration is too cold for serving and you may want to consider locating a place where you can maintain airflow over the wine to keep the temperature over the bottles a little lower than room temperature. However, should you prefer and can afford, you can solve this problem with the use of wine refrigerators. is with aim of researching and developing updated wine refrigerators and wine coolers. We are expert in compact wine cooler and thermoelectric wine cooler. Our main products are compact refrigerator, thermoelectric refrigerator, mini wine refrigerator, wine chiller, built in wine cooler, hotel mini bar, wine refrigerator freezer. Our wine refrigerators perform as real wine cellars, to keep your wine properly and fresh.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Polished Tiles

Advantages of Polished Tiles

1, first, no radioactive elements: natural stones are mineral substances, without high temperature sintering so that they contain trace amounts of radioactive elements. Prolonged exposure to natural stones is harmful to the human body; polished tiles will not cause harm to the human body; 2, second, basically color difference can be controlled: natural stones suffer serious color aberration due to diagenesis time as well as rock strata's different chromatic shades. Polished tiles are elaborately mixed so that products of the same assignment have the same design and color, basically without color aberration; 3, third, high bending strength: due to differences of natural formation, forming time, weathering, natural stones have different densification levels and strength; polished tiles are made by pressing of thousands of tons hydraulic press, and then by high temperature sintering of more than 1200 ℃ so that they are of high strength; 4, fourth: polished tiles are thin and light: because of low strength, natural stones are thick and heavy after processing, which increases the load of floor building, makes a potential threat, rises costs, and increases transportation, paving and other difficulties. 5, fifth, polished tiles are anti-skidding: it is important for floor tiles to be safely anti-slip. In particular homes with the aged and children pay more attention to tiles anti-slip effect. Polished tiles' surface is so bright and clean that many consumers think their anti-slip effect is weak. If there is water on the tiles, it will be more dangerous. Thus consumers avoid it like the plague, but choose matt tiles. In fact, all polished tiles are anti-slip. If there is soil on the tiles, they will be slippery while if there is water on the tiles, they will be hard-going. So keeping daily cleaning will not affect their anti-slip effect. On the anti-sliding performance, polished tiles are the same as matte tiles.

Critical Defect of Polished Tiles

Due to their hardness, wear resistance, and suitability for indoor and outdoor large-area pavement, polished tiles are popular among consumers. However, pores left on the polished tiles during production will hide dirt and dust, causing pollutants infiltration to tile surface. Even some tea sprinkled down on the polished tiles, they cannot be saved. Perhaps the tile industry has been aware of that, then some high-quality polished tiles have been added an antifouling layer when leaving factories. But this layer of antifouling makes polishing tiles losing their effect of vetrified tiles. There is also a method in fitment industry that wax before construction to prevent sticking dirt. Now countries with top antifouling technology for polished porcelain tiles are Italy, Spain and other European countries. And anti-fouling technology has become a required course for good polished tile products. is a modern enterprise, which specializes in the research, production and sales of middle or high grade ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles.

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Packaging Bag is an Environmental Problem but We Need It

Packaging industry has now a day’s great area and scopes for gaining profit. Manufacturing bags is now the best business if you want to start with because a bag has now become the necessity of the human being. You start your day with bags “The milk bag” this demand for bags will not reduce as it is very beneficial too. Flexibility has always been the basic need of humanity. One rarely finds a man who is adjusting in nature. And when flexibility is found in bags the work becomes more and more easy. This thing actually occurred when reclosable bags were invented. We use them to pack, freeze, refrigerate or store something, or anything, needed to be contained and organized.

When these bags were provided with a zip the work became more and more easy. New kind of zip lock bag is now in fashion. Plastic was replaced by paper and paper was replaced then by bio degradable bags. Plastic zip lock bag had also its own benefit. Even though most bags that are used for food, they are perfect for anything from a flexible bag that opens and closes easily and is highly flexible. It also has an advantage that it is acid free, and they protect the inside contents from moisture, dust and dirt. Companies require supplies that a plastic packaging company can provide them with in order to make certain their items are sent safely to place. Packaging reclosable bags are mostly used in gift packaging, or some jeweler packaging. Then it is used to pack food stuff.

Packaging bags have an advantage that they are light in weight so can be easily transported.

Moreover they provide the safety of the material being packed. Plastic products as well as packaging bags are employed broadly by food markets to display products for instance meat and also vegetables. Plastic food packaging can be seen everywhere. Travelling has a great benefit from packaging bags as they are clear they provide us the clear view of the things being packed and thus we can easily separate things when we want to open it as per the choice. They are available in each size from small to large ones. Moreover these bags can be printed also with companies’ logo for promotion. is the top one manufacturer in irregular shaped plastic bags and the second in aluminum foil bags in China. Our main products are header bags, header bags with self-adhesive tape, pillow shape bags, three sides sealing bags, ziplock bags, stand up bags with ziplock, side gusset bags with ziplock, shopping bags, handle bag, shrink label, woven bag, non-woven bag, sandy beach cushion, film printing, sublimation spent membrane and heat- transfer film products.

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Introductions about Electrodeless Lamps

Electrodeless lamp is an abbreviation of the Promise Light high frequency plasma discharge lamp. It is the high-tech product integrated the latest scientific and technological achievements in the field of application optical, power electronics, plasma, magnetic materials and other research and development, which is the new light source representing lighting technology high light efficiency, long-life, high color rendering future direction.

The electrodeless lamp belongs to the fourth generation lighting products, no filament, no electrode, which is the abbreviation of no electrode gas discharge fluorescent. Compared with the traditional energy-saving lamps, metal halide, high pressure sodium light sources, it has significant advantages.


The electrodeless lamp is composed by three parts of the high-frequency generator, couplers and bulb. It is coupled to the lamp by the electromagnetic wave of high-frequency generator through induction, so that the gas inside the bulb avalanche ionization to form plasma. Plasma is excited and atoms return to the ground state, the ultraviolet is radiated. The phosphor excited by ultraviolet lamp lining to produce visible light.

Advantages and disadvantages:

1. High frequency induction lamp has small size, bulb shape changes more, which can be equipped with many lamps. The old induction bulbs can also be used after making a little modification. Higher light efficiency under the same power. The light bulb use nano-level the alumina coating to eliminate electromagnetic radiation. But the disadvantage of high-frequency induction lamp is obvious. Poor heat dissipation, resulting in low power, most manufacturers only do 200W for the sake of stable quality.

2. Low-frequency induction lamp power can be bigger, high-power electrodeless lamp is the existence that other commonly used conventional lighting cannot match, external coupler, bulky lamp, the cooling effect is also very good. But the fittings can be equipped with lamps is very small because of the large volume, resulting in a loss of some lumens. Further, the external coupler causes the leakage of a small amount of the electromagnetic.

Electrodeless lamp light efficiency deficiencies:

The electrodeless lamp theoretical light efficiency is only 80Lm / W, but the luminous efficiency of the actual product is only 65Lm / W, compared to energy-saving lamps, it is quite impossible to compete with sodium lamp / metal halide currently used in street lights (sodium / metal halide light efficiency is 110Lm/W--120Lm/W). Because the lighting efficiency of electrodeless lamp is low, compared with sodium lights, sending out the same light means more power consumption and more heat dissipation. It will be darker if you replace 250W sodium lamp with 185W electrodeless lamp, do not argue the fact. is a company focused on technical research, product design and manufacture of electromagnetic induction lighting (or electrodeless lamps, electrodeless lamps) products and accessories, the 21st century green energy-saving light sources.

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Tips for the Selection of Computer Case

Step 1: the selection of accessories

First, determine the color and style of the monitors and peripherals (such as a mouse and keyboard), in order to determine the color and style of the chassis main are harmony with the former. Second, computer case supplier provide a good distribution into the motherboard, the motherboards on the market are now divided into Micro ATX, ATX and standard ATX motherboard, of the three types of different size chassis compatibility requirements will vary. Third, the amount of storage, storage is cheap, whether the prices of CD-ROM drive and hard disk are cheaper than before with a significant drop. Many users have two or more hard disk and CD-ROM drive, and with the upgrade will continue to purchase new storage. Not only to buy the chassis storage ready for immediate position, but also to plan for the future, earmarked think enough storage expansion bit.

Step 2: look at the workmanship

After the selection of chassis prototype, we can judge by the workmanship. You can view from the following two aspects: first, whether the edge of chassis is vertical, and the general chassis have achieved this. Second, remove the side panels to judge whether the disassembly of the side panel is smooth, designed in accordance with the conventional card slot chassis side at the time of installation are a little effort, however tentatively counted as qualified products. Real disassembly a convenient chassis general price is also more expensive. Third, touch the edge of the chassis, if you feel rough or sharp edge. If you prefer to use this chassis easily removable hardware is scratch the skin, and with such shortcomings also exist in many big brand chassis, the wood is often in the acquisition market camera chassis scratched finger.

Step 3: judge the quality of materials

Cutting corners is a common problem in computer accessories, and this problem will continue to exist in almost all of the accessories. The cheat on the chassis is in order to save the cost of production, such as Mid Tower Case, so vendors will cheat in the thickness of the side panels, the internal structure of the steel plate thickness, internal structure and product materials several aspects of tricks. There are various prescriptions to identify materials and for common steel structure chassis, for example, we can weigh its weight, the weightier the better; or grasp two sides of the panel corner, and shake the side panels, if it is easily shaken, the thickness side panel is certainly not too ideal; the product quality of the general side panels internal paint is not good, because the painting is done in order to cover up the side panel material.

Since 1993, has been dedicated to developing and producing computer peripherals - PC Case, Switching Power Supply, Multimedia Speakers, Mouse and Keyboard, etc.

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Car Seat Cover Purchase and Maintenance Method

Car seat covers function and classification

Car seat cover suggests that it is the cover for car seat. Car seat covers can protect the original car seats dry and clean, to prevent the leather aging. Car seat cover is the automotive supply, car seat covers are generally divided into universal seat covers and custom made car seat covers: Universal seat cover material uses the high elastic fabrics, which has large contraction and expansion space, and is decided by universal seat car seat cover performance. To take care of a variety of models, the cars use the same seat cover.

Car seat covers selection method:

1. Color: whether the seat cover color matches with the car. For example, if the car interior color is beige, it’s best to choose gray or beige color, so as to better highlight the car noble and beautiful consistency, and also fully demonstrate the owner's personal taste.

2. The brand of car seat covers: seat covers coincide with car seat. Currently the seat cover manufacturers mold and manufacturing based on models and structure, dedicated for special car, so that the breathable car seat covers set up is comfortable and will not be baggy. So the selection of car seat cover manufacturers is very important. To choose seat cover manufacturer who has the strength, support for custom-made, private car models.

3. Car seat cover material (fabric): Now the seat cover fabric is available for suede, cotton, suede, silk ice, sandwiches, yarn and butyl, South Korea velvet, PU, etc. Select suitable car seat sets fabric according to your own preference.

4. Price: No matter the seat cover fabric is high-end or low-end, first the car owners should prefer. Choose different price fabric according to the actual situation.

Car seat covers maintenance:

1. Daily maintenance should be conscientious. Usually be careful not to let the sharp objects scratch the car seat cover, do not let stains on hands or clothing to come into contact with the car seat cover, do not let the liquid spill into the car seat cover; often flat car seat cover, to avoid seat cover wrinkles, to ensure that the car seat cover is neat, obedient, beautiful; if the car seat cover is accidentally dirty, use wet towels to wipe gently, do not force too much so as not to affect the docile and beauty; usually pay attention to avoid car seat cover long-term direct exposure in sunlight, which may appear discolor, so as not to affect the appearance. 2. Be careful to install and remove. When install and remove, do not be too hard to pull the sewing gluing rubber band, rope, so as not to affect the use. 3. Beware of cleaning seat covers, car seat covers should be prepared for several sets, replace and clean every other months; Before cleaning the seat cover, remove the small steel hooks or small accessories, so as not to damage the seat covers or washing machine; automobile seat covers can be dry cleaned or washed by machine, but do not directly put the cleaning agent for cleaning; when washing seat covers with water, the washing machine should select the high water level and gentle washing, you can soak the seat cover at 30 ℃ water temperature for 10 minutes and then wash; When washing seat covers with water, do not wash mixed with other clothes; after washing seat covers, dry naturally, do not wring, drying or heat drying. is one of the biggest and the most powerful operators of car accessories. We mainly produce universal and special car seat cover, car cushion, car mat, steering wheel cover, interior car accessories, Car LED lights and other more than 1000 products with the production capability of USD 30 million every year.

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The Price of Fasteners Affect the Development of the Common Standard Parts

The phenomenon of excess production capacity and raw materials skyrocketing will appear in the fasteners and other basic components industry. Everyone said capacity refers to the common standard parts (less than 8.8 fasteners) should develop restrictively. Recalling the history of Stainless Steel Fasteners and other basic parts industry found a regularity phenomenon whenever the market, followed by an inevitable product saturation, followed by the macro-control and compression, followed by a short supply, the manufacturers again on large capacity, so the product again saturated, so the cycle fastener industry for nearly 20 years.

It is not difficult to see, different situations have the different enterprises and the corporate capacity is indeed manifested as surplus. With an internal, product demand, product sales are sluggish. Therefore, cannot be generalized problem of fasteners such as the capacity of the infrastructure components the general overcapacity or excess biased, survival of the fittest, innovation, and a sign of the healthy development of the industry.

Overcapacity, product saturation is accompanied by the continuous rising of cold heading steel wire rod, in fact, the trend of raw material towards is the impact of the international environment. And since 2010, global iron ore prices were rising step by step and the iron ore prices soared 71.5% in 2012, is still expected to rise 10% this year, now commonly used cold heading steel swrch35k of up to 3900 to 4400 per ton, 45 # carbon steel up to 3400 to 3800 per ton last month rose from 500 to 800 per ton.

The main reasons for the recent steady trend of raw material prices: First, control steel industry production capacity to ease the relationship between supply and demand, and the countries strengthen macro-control of the iron and steel and high tensile fasteners industry, the steel market develops orderly. Second, the decline in steel imports and exports are increasing, which is conducive to price stabilization. In addition, market confidence has been restored, operators and production customers are optimistic about the market demand, and dare to procurement.

Fasteners and other basic parts industry are the raw materials industries dependent on the raw materials and the increase of raw materials will naturally enhance the cost of production of fasteners. In the current situation, fasteners and other basic parts manufacturers should timely adjust the product structure, control the scale of investment and compress the non-productive expenditure, which undoubtedly have a positive sense.

In addition, in order to save material expenses fasteners and other basic parts industry have to put into the technology, and only the good technique can also open up wider market resources. was established in 2001, which is a professional manufacturer of motors, electrical appliances, hinge, furniture, machinery and stainless steel hardware accessories. We adhere to the business philosophy of 'advanced technology, excellent quality, reasonable price and perfect service'. There are over 150 sets of small and large scale equipment.

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Brief Introduction of Messenger Bag

Messenger bags, as the name suggests, are bags carried by postmen when they are delivering newspapers and letters. Now bags similar to bags carried by postmen are called by the joint name – messenger bags. Birthland of messenger bags can be traced back to United States. Thanks to the transport improvement used by postmen, their messenger bags had also been improved a lot. All are in pursuit of higher work efficiency. Now messenger bags have become more and more popular, and large amount of messenger bag brands have been built.

Messenger Bags Sources

Since 1978, John Peters has insisted on research and development of functional and innovative products on sport and leisure products market. With 30 years' smell of powder of creating a trend, he returned to his personal brand's works. In addition to its iconic design and the usual fine work, he has also added extra creative and innovative concepts!


The most important feature of messenger bags is that they are single-shoulder with a flip. After fashion designers' discussion, original canvas fabrics are continued to be in use, but the leather material is also very popular. A messenger bag is perfect for leisurely and comfortable parties over the weekend. It can simply hold the necessary items, without the embarrassment of only a couple of things in a large bag. Small and sleek design is particularly suitable for slim dress in spring and summer.

For the busy office workers, zip messenger bags stand out particularly for practical applicability. Generally zip messenger bags have more than one inner bags or external bags design, which is convenient for gathering, with high security. Zipper design prevents small items from accidentally slipping out.

Flip messenger bags are upright, foursquare, and starched, giving modest, professional impression. Their internal capacity should not be overlooked because their storage size is much larger than rigid briefcases'. It seems more capable and experienced to carry messenger bags. In addition, it is convenient to use, elegant and comfortable, providing fashion, simple impression.

Messenger Bags is one of the top laptop bag brands in China. LAFOLIE creates products to protect the consumer electronics that is essential to our lives. Designed to meet the needs of individuals across all interests, professions and passions, LAFOLIE products promote design simplicity and fashion while offering intuitive functionality and increased mobility for an enhanced user experience.

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Car Rearview Camera Structural Principle

Camera Horizon of Car Rearview System

Camera horizon also refers to the camera to reflect the range, or you can say the field of view. There are three elements of the camera horizon in the Industry, namely the distance from the driver's eyes to the rear-view camera; rearview camera size and radius of curvature of the rear-view camera. There is a certain relationship between the three elements, when the car rear view system distance is the same with its size, the smaller the radius of curvature of the camera, the greater the camera reflects the horizon. When the radius of curvature of the camera is the same, the larger the size of the camera, the camera reflects the horizon is greater. But things always have a dual nature, although the larger the field of view, the smaller the radius of curvature of the camera, but the camera reflects objects deformation degree. Industry standards, not be greater than 3% distortion rate of the plane camera, convex camera distortion rate must not be greater than 7%, the requirements do not reflect the crooked-kind images.

Car Rearview Camera Reflectance Index

Meanwhile, car rear view camera also has a reflectivity index. The greater the reflectivity, the clearer the camera reflects the image. The size of the reflectance has something to do with the camera surface reflection film material. The car rearview reflection film for general use of silver and aluminum as the material, they do small reflectance of 80%. High reflectivity in a number of occasions that there will be side effects, such as driving at night under the irradiation of the back car headlights, driving within the rearview camera reflection will produce glare, affecting traffic safety. Therefore, most people generally use the inside rearview camera prism camera. Inside rearview camera there are an automatic discoloration (Auto-Dimming), its electronic photosensitive detector can automatically distinguish impose external natural light the light source, within a few seconds to adjust the camera within the liquid crystal material by the current change, from colorless change to colored in order to adjust the reflectance of the inner rearview camera so as to resolve the glare problem.

Mounting Position of Car Rearview System

The distance from driver's eyes to the rear-view camera is the installation location of the rear-view camera, it has a direct impact on the event horizon of the rear-view camera, clarity and auto contour size, traffic safety is very important. Therefore, the rearview camera mounting position is required to achieve the requirements of industry standard horizon; rearview camera should be as close to the driver's eyes, should be easy for drivers to observe, head and eye movements as small as possible; rearview camera should be installed in the body up and down the position of the minimum vibration. The cars now, for example, the exterior camera is mainly installed on the front door, and the control mode has electric and manual. is a leading high-tech corporation professionally specialized in developing, manufacturing and distributing automobile electronic devices, especially rear view systems. Our rear view systems are good in quality and competitive in price. Welcome to visit our page for more details!

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The Development Trends of Female Jewelry

There is no doubt that it is easy to make money from women, because women are always trying to find a more beautiful, more fashion jewelry to dress, and the jewelry industry's booming can clearly illustrate this point. The jewelry industry is separated from jewelry, crafts and gift industry, and was integrated to form a new industry. From the day when it is produced, it has always been a hot topic for the female consumer. It is also due to the increasing of the female market, all kinds of jewelry shops sprang out, such as wholesale bridal hair accessories.

The fierce competition among jewelry industries

However, with the increasingly fierce competition between the jewelry shop, the distribution of jewelry shop is bound, self, fragmented distribution chipping away unable to survive in the competition, and will eventually embark on the road of franchising and co-ordinate. What is the difference between domestic and international jewelry industry? What is the status of China's jewelry industry? How will the jewelry industry develop in the future? What should pay attention to the jewelry industry practitioners? There are significant differences between the jewelry industries at home and abroad. In the developed countries, due to the jewelry industry was developed earlier, and it has gradually matured. In these countries, a complete system has been formed from production to sales. In a number of countries, when you are walking down the street, you will find there are a variety of grades of jewelry stores, points-of-sale, and stores are filled with a variety of bulk costume jewelry in a great kinds of styles and levels, which can fully meet the needs of consumers growing demands.

The current status of China's jewelry industry

In mainland China, the industry is still in the early stages of development. Before the year of 2000, we have not yet formed a true sense of the jewelry industry. At that time, the jewelry is just one subsidiary product accompanied by the sales of the furniture industry, gifts, flowers, bedding, and other products. With the increasing rise of China's economy, and the popularity of jewelry consumption, we have our own jewelry industry. There is no doubt that the development of jewelry industry in China will be deepened in the next few years, so it is the great opportunity for us to carry out some useful policies to produce some high quality and cheap raw materials to take up more places in the market. has a professional technical team, with exquisite craft, novel style, quality service has won market recognition and trust of customers. We can provide the design, engraving, molding color, proofing, processing, production and all other services. Acceptable to customers samples or drawings of production .

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The Procedure of the Design of Curtain Wall

The usages of building

The factors related to the construction purposes are the running time, internal heat load (in the running time or beyond the running time), indoor comfort requirements and user behaviors. In this regard, the decision of the specific curtain walling design also depends on whether the building is the administrative building, corporate headquarters, hotels, shopping centers, cinemas, cultural or educational buildings, museums or galleries, theaters, hospitals, production facilities or airports or train station. The decision is also affected by the use of space and space capabilities, as well as the impact of the basic shape and height of the buildings. Current design is consist of a separate room and open room (office, conference room, reception room, sales area) or space can be flexible arrangement? Lounge (multi-storey) the atrium connected buildings in different regions channel? Stairs and corridors - especially those that bear the function of the means of escape staircases and corridors. But the equally important thing is where to build the buildings.

The external factors affecting the curtain wall

The external conditions that mostly affect the curtain wall of the building are the common external air temperature and solar radiation level. Wind speed and direction also play the important roles. The location of the building also decides the noise and humidity levels, and the degree of freedom of the building's exterior design is also affected by this project, that is whether it is the new construction or renovation or refurbishment project.

The importance of the flexibility of building

Because the changes in our social system, grade, and living and working are faster and faster, the flexibility of the building will be more and more important. This is true, in particular, for a cost-effective building with the long-term for with restricted period must be as short as possible, building maintenance costs, modified (if new users have different requirements) and transformation (such as the addition of new energy-saving facilities or improve comfort facilities) cost low. Cost-effective buildings that are configured only meet but before requirements. Requirements change can quickly and easily make the appropriate changes, and will not produce as much as possible the destruction of double skin curtain wall. Architects, project managers and planning experts can make considerations from the aspect of planning, including the company should pay close attention during work (general contractors and industry experts) to take advantage of this and workload. All construction professionals should do its utmost to reduce their own risk, even when they suddenly had the inspiration to show that the best ideas. This stage will ultimately lead to a detailed set of design specifications and binding. It ensures that every staff forms a concept, which can not only avoid misunderstandings, but also can reduce the risk and cost. is one of leading State-Level II enterprise in Guangzhou of China. We specialize in the design, manufacture, installation, export & advisory services of construction curtain walls, doors&windows system, Steel structure building products, and adopts the comprehensive ISO9001 quality management system.

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Ways for Cleaning Quartz Countertops

What is Your Methods for Cleaning Quartz Countertops?

Your grandmother may tell you that she used to clean everything in her house with a bucket of soap and water and a few good rags. In fact, she would probably recommend doing the same for your quartz table tops. Nowadays, it seems that there is a specialized method for cleaning just about anything — quartz countertops included. Do soap and water do the trick for quartz countertop cleaning? The answer is yes, but there are other methods that work not only at cleaning your quartz countertops, but also help preserve the natural beauty of the quartz. Some of the cleaners claim that their products can help prolong the life of the countertops. If you are unsure about what cleanser to use then stick to the soap and water method, or look into one of the products recommended below.

Quartz is one of the strongest stones used for kitchen countertops. Quartz stone countertops are virtually un-scratchable, but they need to be sealed and polished over time. Proper quartz countertop cleaning includes using a sealant or polish about once a year. It's important to follow the instructions given by the quartz countertop supplier in case your specific quartz stone top requires special care. Some quartz countertops, such as polished quartz countertops, require different care than most unpolished tops (this usually entails using special sealing methods).

white quartz countertops

Best Ways to Clean Quartz Countertops

The number one rule for quartz kitchen countertops cleaning is not to use abrasive cleaners or other harsh cleaning products. While quartz is known for resisting scratches, some cleaners — especially those with a high acidity — can lead to damage marks on your counters.

1. Use Isopropyl rubbing alcohol. It is inexpensive and really helps to clean and shine quartz countertops. 2. Dilute about 1/4 C. vinegar in a few cups of warm water. Pour over the counters and wipe down. 3. Try the soap and water method. Get paper towels or towels ready. Squeeze some mild dish soap on a soft sponge, add warm water to the sponge and squeeze out all over the counters. Wipe them down with the towels until clean. Use a paper towel or towels with only water for a final wipe down.

Quartz Cleaning Products

There are many good quartz countertop cleaning products available, from wipes to sprays to concentrated gels. Aqua Mix produces several good quality products, including quartz counter cleaner spray. is specialized in production of all kinds of quartz stone products as China's leading supplier of quartz tiles, including quartz slabs, quartz tiles and quartz countertops, etc.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Introduction of Glass Edging Machine

Glass processing equipments are based on PSA technology design and manufacture of nitrogen occurred equipment. Generally used in the adsorption tower of the two parallel, strict control of the specific sequence of a programmable automatic control system, the alternating adsorption pressure and regeneration extract the complete separation of the nitrogen and oxygen to obtain the desired high purity nitrogen. Nitrogen effects: as a raw material air, the use of l, which will in the separation of oxygen and nitrogen obtained physical methods. There are three sectors, i.e., the cryogenic air separation method, molecular sieve air separation method (PSA) and membrane air separation method.

Glass cutting machine, with small diesel or gasoline powered, light weight, small size, simple structure and so on. Micro-farming machine is widely used in the plains, mountains, hills, dry land, paddy fields and orchards. Can be coupled with appropriate pumping equipment, power generation, spray, also suitable for short-distance transport towing a trailer, tiller free exercise in the area, and stored in a user-friendly, without large-scale agricultural glass machinery cannot enter the mountain terraces trouble is the best choice to replace cattle farming, the majority of farmers consumers.

Lights, glass edging machine, ceiling fan installation quality management, according to the "Construction Quality Acceptance unified standard" GB50300-2001, "Electrical Building Engineering Construction Quality Acceptance" GB50303-2002 standard, suitable for indoor and outdoor electric lighting, single-tube lamps installed ceiling fans. Does not apply to special places, such as mining, shipbuilding and other places is suitable for indoor and outdoor electric lighting fixtures and ceiling fans installed electric lighting and ceiling fans installation. It does not apply to special places, such as mines, ships and other places of electrical lighting and glass production line installation.

The traditional tomb, glass edging machine beautiful lighting, or the works offered the palace, elegant shape, reflected the current mainstream aesthetic fashion. Many of us there are several interesting lighting design. They are generally more simple workmanship, style generally surprising an Department, the performance inside general public's aesthetic preferences, Grinding machine production line and function requirements. is a professional glass machinery manufacturer in China. With cutting edge technology and strict quality control, our machines has passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality Control System Certificate and got CE Certificate.

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Overviews of Carbon Zinc Battery

What is Carbon Zinc Battery?

A carbon-zinc battery is packaged in a zinc can that serves as both a container and anode. "Super" or "Heavy Duty" batteries, technically called zinc chloride cells, are an improved version from the cheaper "General Purpose" variety. The cathode is a mixture of manganese dioxide and carbon powder. The electrolyte is a paste of zinc chloride and ammonium chloride dissolved in water. Carbon zinc batteries are the least expensive primary batteries and thus a popular choice by manufacturers when devices are sold with batteries included. They can be used in remote controls, flashlights, toys, or transistor radios, where the power drain is not too heavy.

carbon zinc batteries

Know More about Carbon Zinc Battery

Carbon Zinc batteries work best with low or moderate power requirements. With every use the voltage drops until it is time to throw it away. The Carbon Zinc is limited for use in some of the newer portable electronic products with their higher drain requirements, but is still good for flashlights and intermittent use. General purpose batteries like Carbon Zinc don't withstand heat and cold very well. And long storage periods when temperatures soar above 100o F, such as in our cars during the summer, cause deterioration. The heat drives out the moisture from the chemical mix in the cell. It's not a good performer at low temperatures either. At 0o F or below, the cell's chemical activity is so decreased that there is little service life. Carbon zinc batteries had three big advantages: low cost, a wide number of sizes, and they are readily available. Advances in technology and manufacturing techniques have eliminated these advantages by lowering the costs of producing alkaline in a wide range of readily available sizes. Alkaline batteries have almost entirely replaced carbon zinc and zinc chloride in some productive line.

Carbon zinc battery Compared with other batteries Compared with original zinc-carbon batteries, while both produce approximately 1.5 volts per cell, alkaline batteries have a higher energy density and longer shelf-life. Compared with silver oxide batteries, which alkaline commonly compete against in button cells, they have lower energy density and shorter lifetimes. The alkaline battery gets its name because it has an alkaline electrolyte of potassium hydroxide, as opposed to the acidic electrolyte of the zinc-carbon batteries which are offered in the same nominal voltages and physical size. is one of the major battery maker and exporter in Hong Kong. It offers famous brands -- "Vinnic Battery" and "Vinergy Battery", which are welcomed by customers from all around the world.

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