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Chinese Packaging Machinery Industry

Packaging Machinery in China

Packaging machinery in China started late, after 20 years of development, China packaging machinery has become one of the top 10 mechanical industries, and this provides a strong protection for China packaging industry rapid development. Some of the packaging machine have filled the domestic blank, and they have been able to basically meet the needs of the domestic market. Some products are also exported, the automatic labeling machine automatic labeling machine in this regard have certain achievements. But at present, China packaging machinery exports is less than 5% of the total output value, and the total production value of imports are roughly equivalent, with a long distance contrast with the developed country. In 2006, Chinese all packaging equipment manufacturing enterprises realized a total industrial output value of 12181594000 yuan, and the national packaging machinery total output is 92167.50 with achievement of a total sales income of 11036951000 yuan, and the cumulative total profit of 644591000 yuan. In 2007,from January to December, the accumulative total of countrywide packaging machinery production is 88001.85 units which compared to the same period in 2006 has 8.13% reduction. In 2008,from January to October, the accumulative total of countrywide packaging machinery production is 83602.50 units with 24.09% more than the same period of 2007.

A Series of Problems of Packing Machine

In the rapid development of the industry, at the same time, there are also a series of problems. The present stage of China's packaging machinery industry level is not high enough. The packaging machinery market is going to become monopoly except corrugated carton packaging machinery and small packaging machine have certain dimensions and advantage, and other packaging machinery almost has no system and scale, especially the high demand on the market of some complete packaging production line, such as a liquid filling production line of complete sets of equipment, beverage packaging, aseptic packaging production line in bottle labeling machine labeling equipment, packaging machinery market in the world have been in several major packaging machinery enterprise group monopolized, facing the strong impact from foreign brands to domestic enterprises should adopt positive measures.

Current Situation and Future of Packing Machines

According to the current situation, the global demand of packaging machinery has an annual growth rate of 5.3%.The United States has the largest packaging equipment manufacturers, and the following is Japan, and the other major producers include Germany, Italy and China. However the future packaging equipment production is the fastest growing in the developing countries and regions. Developed countries will benefit from the stimulation of domestic demand, and in developing countries to find appropriate local manufacturers, particularly in the food processing factory investment to provide packaging machinery and equipment. Since China joined the WTO has made considerable progress after , China's packaging machinery level upgrades very quickly, and the distance to the world's advanced level narrowed. As China is opening wider, the packaging machinery will also further open the international market.
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