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Three-in-one Laminated Bags

Overview of Three-in-one Laminated Bags

Kraft paper / PP / woven three-in-one compound bag is commonly known as the three-in-one laminated bag. laminated bag is also called three-in-one composite paper bag, a small bulk containers, mainly to human or forklift unit of transport, which facilitates the shipment the careen in bulk powder granular materials with high strength and good waterproof exterior korea for easy loading and unloading, and other features, is one of the most popular and practical common packaging materials. Outside is a refined white kraft or yellow kraft paper, the inside is plastic woven PP melt the plastic particles by high temperature and pressure, kraft paper and plastic woven composite compose together and it can add to endometrial bag. The form of a laminated bags (paper-plastic bag) is almost the same with the seam bottom open pocket. Has good strength, waterproof superior characteristics. Be applied to the packaging powdered, granular, flake, blocking material such as: chemical raw materials; engineering plastics; food additives; dry powder building materials; feed additives and fine minerals.

Three-in-one Packaging Bag Characteristics

The three-in-one packaging bag is made of the inverse glue and kraft paper composite, the usually plastic layer substrates is flat wire woven, polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE), kraft paper used refined composite dedicated kraft, with high strength, waterproof, good, and beautiful appearance. The most popular is the one of the packaging materials, and the quilt is widely used in plastic raw materials, cement, feed, chemicals, fertilizer and other industries. The specific features are as follows: high strength: the inner layer of PP or PE woven cloth, and the outer layer is refined composite kraft, in the middle of a composite plastic, this product has a strong resistance to puncture, tear-resistant characteristics.

Bags Packaging Advantages and Application

The three-in-one packaging bags have QS quality certification. The PE endometrial bags are mainly for anti moisture. The product complies with the requirements of food hygiene, and the fine impurities contained at least, can handle food commodity inspection, the ordinary commodity inspection, SGS ingredients contained in the detection. Uniform use new plastic. The virgin pulp kraft paper, never use recycled products such as recycled materials, materials outlet to ensure that the quality level quality. The product can be used to packing powdery, granular, flake, block material. Applicable to a number of chemical raw materials, food additives, building materials, plastic granules, coatings and pigments, chemical fiber, milk powder and semi-finished products such as finished or semi-finished products packaging. Kraft paper bag or paper-plastic bag is coated with a layer of waterproof light membrane, instead of cardboard drum, plus a low or high pressure PE bags endometrial.

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