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Inevitable Future Trend of Auto Parts Industry

The changes and the development in the China's auto parts industry are imminent

Developed by now, every piece of the profits of traditional shopkeeper in the China's auto parts industry market has been excavated and exhausted, non-standard operating advantage is gradually losing. Although it is painful for the traditional shopkeeper to transit to terminal peddler, the costs are enormous, and full of risk, but they will die if do not go to the terminal, which has become the consensus of the domestic auto industry. Traditional subaru outback parts market has been greatly compressed, the changes and the development in the industry are imminent.

The terminal market of auto parts industry will enter an era of fierce competition

The terminal market of auto parts industry will enter an era of fierce competition, individual enterprises will be subject to many constraints if they become bigger and stronger. First, the Chinese market is the feast of the international car dealers, the rapid growth of the automobile market does not leave enough time to the tender growth of the independent aftermarket, it will be very difficult for the enterprises to get bigger relying solely on their own. Secondly, traditional Chinese auto parts market based on decentralized management, norms cost is high, which is difficult to bring up the scale chain enterprises. Again, the newborn non-sizable independent aftermarket chain is difficult to contend with the powerful vehicle aftermarket system.

STI Metal Paster

Auto parts enterprises must make up the lesson of the service

Clearly, the auto parts enterprises must make up the lesson of the service if they want to compete with the automobile companies in aftermarket. The independent aftermarket enterprises without strength are difficult to provide the services as well as the automobile companies. At the same time, any auto parts enterprises in the current independent aftermarket solely rely on their own, which do not have the strength to meet the requirements of the repair factory’s "full" requirement for auto parts. In addition, the strength of any single Subaru OEM auto parts companies is insufficient to establish a strong distribution system and cannot solve the stock pressure of terminal network to meet “full" auto parts” through timely delivery. The 2S shops whose car sales chain are vigorously developing are constantly diverting downstream of the auto parts enterprises –independent repair station's living space. Automobile companies have also launched the independent aftermarket authorization 2S shop to sell their own brand of auto parts, such as GM, FAW, SAIC and Toyota.

The competitive strength of the auto parts alliance enterprises will also be greatly increased

In addition, multinational auto parts giants also spent great efforts to build authorized brand repair plants to control the terminal, such as Bosch, Aisin Seiki. The international independent aftermarket auto parts chain enterprises also began to get involved in the independent automotive aftermarket in China, such as Germany's Cooper. Though the independent aftermarket auto parts enterprises are small, but the enterprises with different characteristics can achieve resource sharing, complementary advantages purpose through cooperation, the competitive strength of the alliance enterprises will also be greatly increased. is concentrated on SUBARU exterior auto body parts' developing, producing, selling for almost 8 years, our items including bonnet, spoiler, side visor, front bumper guard, grille, roof luggage rack, door sill plate ,strut bar, carpet and some accessories about SUBARU car.

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Good Prospects of Ceramic Solar Panels

Ceramic Enterprises Enter the Field of Solar Panels

Under the big environment of the transformation of economic growth mode and energy saving, the traditional architectural ceramics industry began to explore the extension of industrial chain, and that is the transition to a low carbon route. Solar is one of the extensions of the fields that the ceramic enterprises are more optimistic about in recent years. At present, many domestic ceramic production base bold step into the field of solar energy, and coincidentally spotted ceramic solar panel project, and they are ready to begin the scale production of household 500 watt solar panel. The Faku County in Liaoning Province, known as the Northeast Porcelain City” has rich clay resources, and since the 2002 the introduction of the first ceramic production line, it began to expand the resource advantages into industrial advantages of strategic offensive, making the ceramic industry rapidly grow.

Solar Panel

Energy Issues Promotes Industrial Development of Solar Panels

The energy and environmental problems are the problem that the whole global is concerned about and have the urgent need to address. As the rapid energy consumption of conventional energy, coal, oil, natural gas and mining, at the same time, it also brings many environmental problems. Solar energy, as a clean energy, is the irreplaceable energy of conventional energy sources and renewable energy. The fundamental problem of direct use of solar energy is the problem of use of solar energy device manufacturing costs, energy costs, environmental costs and the use of the cost is high or low. Ceramic solar technology precisely can solve the issue of the utilization of solar energy device manufacturing costs, energy costs, environmental costs and the use cost. In 2009, ceramics solar panels finally came out of the lab and to meet with the world in Shandong, and from then on the 140w solar panel, one of the ceramic solar panels began to be used in a large number of small families. Insiders said that the ceramic solar panels is a revolutionary breakthrough in human field of new energy technology application and it fills the blank of the world ceramic solar industry and the energy industry.

Prospects of Solar Panels

Construction ceramics industry in China gets a huge achievement, but our country is a country relatively poor in energy and resources, and the construction ceramics industry is a high energy consumption industry, from the firing to the raw materials preparation to process fuel, electricity and other energy costs accounting for 23% ~ 40% of the entire ceramic production costs. In terms of building ceramics production, energy saving is the general trend of ceramic production. With the rapid development of the socio-economic and ceramic industry, ceramic industry waste is increasing, causing tremendous pressure on the urban environment. Currently, waste processing and utilization of China's ceramic industry is relatively low, the shortage of funds resulting in a large number of waste residue crowding of arable land, water and air contamination. It is precisely because of this that a lot of ceramic enterprises will fancy ceramic solar panel project. Low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection is precisely the biggest feature of the ceramic solar panels. So we can see that the market prospects of solar panels is large. is a high-tech photovoltaic company specialized in the solar module, PV system project research, produce, sales and after sales service. Our products get VDE, SGS, CE, CSA and MCS international certificates. Welcome to visit our website!

Knowledge of Used Excavators

Prices of Imported Second-hand Excavator

Price of imported second-hand excavator is obviously not fixed. In fact, no matter what kind of commodities, their prices are not a long time fixed in the same position. Especially like the imported second-hand excavators, such products come from abroad, and its price is bound to be the impact of national policies as well as all aspects of the economy. Imported second-hand excavator has long been a focus of attention. Among them, the price of imported second-hand excavators each year is to be the focus of discussion topics. Price of imported second-hand excavator is high, even if the imported second-hand excavator parts are expensive. However, in opening-up policy as we gradually implemented, the price of imported second-hand excavator also changed. Compared with before, now imported second-hand excavator price is a very reasonable. After a period of time, the domestic and international economic exchanges will be more closely, the price of imported second-hand excavator. There must have room to decline.

Cradle of Used Excavators

Follow the pace of the times, the advancement of technology and the technology developed in the new machine foothold in the domestic market, more and more people is not optimistic about that, that is because the longer shelf life of some second-hand machines and the economic cycle cause the phenomenon, the occurrence of this phenomenon is also some new machine manufacturers attention to a certain extent, so some used equipment development for some second-hand machines, but also with the development of second-hand products marketing link, the invisible problem exposed by the instability of the transaction, the shoddy, so that people are not familiar with some of the second-hand excavator market shouted deceived slowly that they are covered with a layer of black armbands to people psychologically. At this point, the one does better is China used excavator market.

How to Buy a Second-hand Excavator?

Check the excavator engine parts to make sure they are in good conditions, when throttle, to see whether the digging machines work properly and whether the smoky sound is abnormal, and hold your breath. At big effort of the pump, the engine is idling, the fuselage from the top, not the top from the pump when no effort or top engine sounds unusual for the lack of engine power. Throttle stretching all cylinder listen to large pump voice changed. Do the chain link and plate detection. Dial left and right, up and down the clearance check, allowing around a little gap, but up and down to die. Look at the number of vehicle replacement tubing, the less prove more new cars. The normal throttle speed check. All cylinders should be checked for injuries. is one of the largest professional mechanical construction enterprises in China. Our company is specialized in producing, developing, and selling the whole range of Excavator Parts, such as all kinds of Filters, Alternators, Starters, Water Pumps, Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Oil Covers, Oil Coolers, Oil Separators, Stepping Motors, Pistons & Piston Rings, Liners, Ignition Switches and Camshafts etc. Welcome to visit our website for more information!

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Analysis of Aluminum Panel Industry

Innovation in the aluminum industry

Innovative products is more likely to allow the market to accept, is more easily for customers to be interested in. The individual needs of the market are growing and enterprises should increase innovation in personalization, enhance competitiveness, to avoid being eliminated in a sluggish market. Plastic doors and windows enterprise should make efforts in embossing, brushing and coating to produce more attractive and higher-margin products. The lack of technology and the poor application of new technologies, resulting in China Aluminium Panels industry lack of the driving for the sustainable development, and the power to promote a long-term healthy development of the industry is always technology. The R & D costs and technical personnel in China aluminum sheet and aluminum coil enterprise are much lower than the number of the world's leading enterprise level, and the disregard of the technology and the lack of the technical staff have become an important factor restricting the development of China steel doors and windows enterprise.

The status quo of the aluminum industry

Too much attention on the price competition of aluminum doors and aluminum plate business result in the entire industry into a state of profit and loss, overdrafting the social resources, and are unable to carry out technology upgrades, to create a complete value chain. We should see the price competition is used to promote the development of Chinese plastic steel industry, but for the development of the industry, there are differences in the different stages of the push factors. Market crisis seriously affected the development of the industry, which leading to the phenomenon of product homogeneity is more and more serious. Therefore, some of the real estate business is in the choice of decoration products, but only treat the plastic doors and windows as low-end accessory products.

The fierce competition in the aluminum industry

Market competition is increasingly fierce, in order to maintain the sustainable development and produce the benefits, enterprises have to uphold the concept of "integrity". Meanwhile, enterprises should learn more about the market demand in the after-sales service and apply the perfect after-sales service to enhance product quality and brand value, and get a high degree of trust and recognition of the market. Strengthen the brand building and promotion is a priority. The long-term price war and the low innovative ability make the overall quality of the aluminum processing industry is not high, but also the plastic profiles, windows and doors enterprises obtain a poor reputation in the market. Reshape the image of the industry, improve product quality, enhance visibility, is in desperate need for every enterprise. All businesses do not put their sights above the price war, and we should join hands to create a specification, a healthy market environment. is the only powerful, comprehensive and professional manufacturer of modern construction and decoration materials in South China. Our company mainly produces aluminium composite panel, aluminum curtain wall mono board, (embossed) coated aluminium coil, aluminium ceiling panel, plywood panel, fire retardant plywoodand adhesive.

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The Advantages of Air Heat Pump Water Heater

"Security + money + comfortable + environmental protection":

First, safe: use no gas, and will produce neither emission, nor will there be a "gas poisoning"; and it is heated by the electric heating rods, there will be no risk of leakage, which will care more about the health and safety of family. Second, save money: the COP value exceeds 3 or more, high energy efficiency, and air source heat pump absolutely saves power and money, which can save 2/3 to 3/4 of the electricity costs and save 1/2 to 2/3 of gas expenses and solar water heaters in auxiliary heating costs. Third, comfort: patented technology - streaming indirect heating, automatic constant temperature pressure water supply, and it will be sudden hot or sudden cold in the process of using hot water, there is some pressure the hot water offering good comfort. The water supply all day round and all year round, which can make up the embarrassment of the solar hot water system that there is no hot water available in the days of cold, rainy, night and no sun. Fourth, environmental protection: the cold water discharged by the air (heat pump) heater is conducive to lower the room temperature.

Why can air heat pump water heater save power?

Compared to the coal-fired boiler, oil-fired boiler, gas boiler and electric water heaters, heat pump water heater is the water heater with the highest thermal efficiency. The efficiency of Oil-fired boiler is 65%-75%, the efficiency of heat pump water heater is 70%-80% and the efficiency of the heat pump is 300%-500%. Due to the thermal efficiency of hot water heat pump water is up to 300%-500%, the cost of producing water heater is low, which will naturally save power. Other heat pump products are also power-saving, but will not save a lot.

Does the air heat pump water heater have other functions?

Air (heat pump) water heater has the functions of providing hot water, heating, dehumidification, cooling, air purifiers and others. And it can provide a 24-hour continuous automatic hot water throughout the year regardless of rain and snow; It can dehumidify efficiently, and the maximum dehumidification capacity is 6 to 8 kg within the 24 hours a day, the effect is more obvious in the rainy day; The effect of filtering indoor air is more obvious when it is installed in the kitchen. It is equipped with the additional heating accessories, and it allows the temperature indoor up more than 5 ℃ in winter to make learning, entertainment, sleeping more comfortable. has focused on the Research & Development and production of heat pumps since its inception. Now it can provide various solutions for energy saving such as house heating, sanitary and commercial hot water supplying, swimming pool thermostatic dehumifying and central air-conditioning integrated energy saving.

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Application and Function of PCB

The role of PCB

In order to avoid the errors of artificial connection to achieve automatic insertion, welding and testing; ensure the quality and reliability of electronic machine products; improve labor productivity, reduce production costs; convenient maintenance and other conditions in the China pcb assembly. Therefore, the printed circuit board (PCB) is used in the electronic machine equipment. Specifically there are the following three major roles: First, offer the function of parts welding solder graphics; PCB provides solder graphics for the components welding and identification character checks and cartridge for parts repairmen; Second, the wire links to the parts; PCB can achieve the connection between the various parts and electric or electrical insulation, and can provide the required electrical characteristics, such as a high-frequency microwave signal transmission and the characteristic impedance; Third, the function of supporting the parts; offer the assembly of the various components (such as resistors, integrated circuits, capacitors, etc.), and the fixed mechanical support.

The application of PCB

PCB (printed circuit board) has a very wide range of the use, and can be used in almost all electronic equipments, both can be used in the computer mouse and the mobile phone and be used in the car and on the rocket. But it is mainly used in the following ranges: First, computer and peripheral products: monitor, host, server, such as a mouse; Second, Communications products: cell phone, home landline, satellite, etc. Third, consumer electronics products: refrigerator, microwave, air conditioning, etc. Fourth, Industrial Products: punching machines, motors, etc. Fifth, others: military weapons, rockets, etc. China's sustained and rapid development of electronic communications production is an important guarantee of the rapid development of printed circuit continued production. pcb manufacturer China has sustained the annual growth of more than 20% of the speed in the last decade. Not only production output value will become the world's second largest after Japan and the product quality is also rising, developing from the middle and low to high-grade level. High multilayer the HDI board and flexible circuit boards are in rapid development.

The development of PCB industry in China

In order to strive to improve in the international competition, one of the most important things for Chinese enterprises to carry out is to introduce the situation and development of the world's electronic circuit more timely, in particular, to be more systematic introduction of the latest technology, materials, equipment and trends of modern printed circuit, including raw and auxiliary materials and special equipment such as copper clad board, so that enterprises can quickly understand and keep up with the world trend. has more than 10 years experiences in the PCBs industry; our products include sigle-dide, double –side board, multilayer boards (1-20layers), High-density multilayer PCBs and Aluminum based PCB. Various material coating form Neclo and rogers, as well as CEM-1, CEM-3.FR4, halogen –free and PTFE aluminum base type and more. We also offer high –frequency and copper boards.

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An International Wind is Sweeping Xintang Denim Industry

The International Road of Chinese Denim

"The world's denim settles in China, and Chinese denim settles in Xintang." In China, the each ten jeans exported to all over the world, 4 of them are manufactured in Xintang. The "gateway to the world" - the slogan of the Italian fashion design port showed on scene located in Xintang, Guangdong Province, China, and this slogan leave impressive impression for the people come here. The officially launched Chinese - Italian fashion design port is an open public service platform, a studio for the exclusive use by the Italian designer, to release the latest works of the exhibition center, network information center of the global apparel trend will provide the denim costume design, pattern design, image design, professional consulting, services and outsourcing diversified services for Xintang, Zengcheng, Guangdong, China. – With the setting sail of Italian fashion design port (Xintang), marking cooperation in the areas of brand development, creative design, R & D, talent exchange has entered a stage of high-level update development.

Transformation Assist Denim Industry Rise against Wind

Xintang denim industry step a solid pace from "manufacturing" to "creating" in the critical transformation and upgrading. Here gradually formed a consensus: to promote the transition to creative design, invisible wings to plug in the denim industry. The leap-forward development of Xintang denim industry also brings many Chinese wholesale fabric suppliers the unlimited business opportunities. Enhanced between Xintang Jeans R & D design, brand marketing, fashion and Milan cultural functions by such international creative design and fashion culture are interactive, Italy, apparel Cultural Park through the construction of clothing design platform to expedite the implementation of denim garment industry transformation and upgrading, thus promoting urban transformation and upgrading.

New Technology Leads the Denim Ecological Civilization

Without water and chemical additives G2 color (rinsing) processor, especially suitable for the use of SMEs like sewage treatment equipment such as washing machines the size of a removable top international digitization jeans sewing professional equipment. In the First Guangzhou Zengcheng International Textile and Garment Advanced Equipment Exhibition, the advanced denim clothing and equipment make the Zengcheng denim clothing practitioners amazed again and again, these state-of-the-art equipment, technical maturity and cost have been merchants can accept the range to make denim fabric production perfectly placed to become a green manufacturing. Promote the use of advanced equipment, to subvert the people's impression of the clothing manufacturing industry, the apparel production industry technology and equipment upgrades can become a green manufacturing industry, in the creation of wealth, while also creating ecological civilization, and it should be vigorously promoted. is by far the sole southern R & D base of China's fashion fabrics authorized by China National Textile Industry Council, as well as the second largest industrial park in Nanhai district. We are specialized in the R & D, production and sales of chemical fabric , suiting fabric, jacquard fabric, and denim fabric. Welcome to visit our page for more details!

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Factors Affecting the Quality of Cable Accessories

The factors affecting the cable accessories quality are diverse, and there are the following aspects in principle:

First, the electrical performance: The quality of electrical performance is the first principle of judging the quality of cable accessories. We have to mainly consider whether the electric field distribution of cable accessories is reasonable, whether the measures to improve the electric field distribution are appropriate and the electrical strength of the material, dielectric loss and insulation. At the same time, we have to consider the stability of the electrical properties, including the chemistry, physical properties and structure stability of cable accessories materials, such as the cable sleeve, such as whether the stress control material performance is stable, whether the stress cone is easy to deform, the effects caused by the cable insulation retraction of the electric field of cable accessories distribution and preventive measures, the combination of various materials compatibility, stability, etc. and the combination of the performance of the interface. In addition, we should also consider the thermal properties, such as dielectric loss, the conductor connecting the contact resistance of its stability, release of the heat conduction, the thermal expansion and contraction of the influence of the electrical properties and mechanical properties of the various components of cable attachment.

Second, the sealing performance: The seal moisture resistant can directly impact on the performance and service life of electrical cable accessories. A sealing structure of the terminal is reliable and stable. In general, the middle connector should be a matched metal moisture-proof enclosure, buried or used in a wet environment.

Third, the mechanical properties: Terminal should have sufficient ability to resist bending and shock. The middle joints (power supply cable sleeving) should be able to withstand a certain amount of tension and measures to prevent external damage.

Fourth, process performance: Process performance is an important condition for the design and selection of cable accessories, the installation process should be as simple as possible, to facilitate on-site construction with short construction period; and the requirements on the on-site environment and the technical level of workers are not high, furthermore, the installation quality is easily controlled, and the quality is reliable.

Fifth, the quality of manufacturer assures the system. Before the preformed cable accessories going out of the factory, as the rubber preform prefabricated stress cone, porcelain sheath, shell, dipping and the other parts provided by the manufacturer are assembled into the overall terminal or connector when installed in the field, therefore, manufacturing quality and workmanship of each of parts directly are related to the final quality of the product.

Our products mainly include: glass fiber products, silica gel products, woven casing products, PVC casing products, cable sleeves, seal extrusion products, wires, insulation paper and other insulation related products. All of our products have passed certifications of UL and environmental quality, and our factory has passed ISO9001: 2008 certification.

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Notes for Decorative Panels Purchase

Quality of a variety of decorative panels varies greatly

Decorative panels can be divided into blockboard, plywood, fiberboard, calcium plastic board, MDF, melamine board. More common wood choice is fir, fir material is loose and light, easy to dry, easy to process, cut rough, medium strength, easy to split, good stalemate performance. We need to use a lot of decorative panels in decoration. The quality of a variety of decorative wall panels on the market varies greatly. Make sure to pay attention to the following points when you choose:

1. Recognize the artificial veneer and natural wood veneer distinction: the texture of the former is basic straight texture, texture pattern is regular; while the latter is a natural wood pattern, texture pattern natural variability is relatively large, irregular.

2. Decorative performance: The appearance of the decorative panels should have a better sense of beauty; the material should be fine uniform, clear color. The texture of wood grain is beautiful, the supporting board and parquet should be arranged according to certain laws, similar wood color, the edge of the patchwork almost parallel to the board.

3. No obvious flaws on the surface: The decorative board surface should be smooth, no burr, grooves or tool marks; no glue penetration phenomenon and the plate surface contamination phenomena (such as turn yellow, black phenomenon in local part); try to pick the interior wall panels with crack-free surface, no cracks, no knots, bark, resin capsule, and gum canal; Nature warpage of the entire board should be as small as possible, to avoid the sand substrate revealed sand permeability phenomenon due to improper operation of the sanding process.

4. Layer structure is stable, no glue open phenomenon: It should be noted that there should have no drum kits, stratification between the surface veneer and substrate, inside the substrate layers.

5. The bonding strength test: Pry with a knife. This method is the most intuitive way to test the bonding strength, pry open with a sharp flat blade along the adhesive layer, if the adhesive layer is destroyed, and timber is damaged, indicating poor bonding strength.

6. Select plate with low formaldehyde emission: decorative plate with the pungent odor should be avoided. Because the larger the smell, the higher the formaldehyde emission, pollution is more powerful, and the danger is greater.

7. Select the products with expressly production enterprises: the vast majority of products with clear factory name, site, trademarks, its performance is good, consumers can priority select. is specialized in producing 3D decorative wall panels. Our 3D wall panels have hard texture, fashion appearance and moisture proof and fire resistant etc concerned standard appearance advantages. It can completely meet the different levels of modern, individual, eco-friendly and life enjoyable consume requests.

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Classification of Product Inspection

Type inspection approval

Type inspection for certification purposes, is to test one or more representative samples produced by the certification agents, and we can prove whether the tested samples are in compliance with the corresponding standards through a series of tests and reasonable evaluation process. It is an important part of the product safety certification. The number of test samples required is determined by the certification body in accordance with the requirements of the laboratory testing. Sampling sites were randomly selected from the manufacturer of the final products. The type inspection must be carried out by the independent inspection agency approved by the State or CQC, such as ccic inspection.

The assessment of the quality system (environmental systems)

In order to ensure the quality of the product continue to meet the requirements of the standard, enterprise must establish a quality management system in accordance with the specific situation of enterprises. Rely solely on the certification of the product to the final product sampling is incomplete. Even the sampling based on the statistics can only prove that the quality of a product batch, while cannot prove that the production of manufactured products consistently meet standard requirements. Inspection and assessment of enterprise quality management system shows that the business has a steady production of the products to meet the standard requirements, and a practical method is proved by practice.

Supervision and inspection

When the products have been certificated, how to maintain the stability of the product quality and safety to keep the production of plant products consistently meet standard requirements is the important issue, so the supervision and inspection must be carried out in the certified products on a regular basis. Supervision Inspection is to take samples from the producers of the final product or market to be tested by a recognized by inspection company. If test results meet the requirements of the standard, and are allowed to continue using the mark; if the test results do not meet the requirements of the standard, you need to take the necessary measures according to the specific circumstances to prevent the certification mark on the product which does not meet the standard. Supervision and inspection cycle is generally once a year. Supervision and inspection is to regularly review on the quality assurance ability of the production enterprises to enable enterprises to adhere to the implementation of the quality system which has been established, so as to ensure the stability of product quality. Supervision and inspection are easier than the first time, and the system put emphasis on whether the non-conformity has been effectively corrected and whether the quality (Environment) system modifications meet quality and environmental indicators requirements. is an independent third party certification and inspection organization dedicated to providing inspection, verification, certification and testing services, with accreditation by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China(AQSIQ), Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China(CNCA) and China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment(CNAS).

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The Application of Non-woven Fabrics

According to the durability, the garment is divided into two categories: the durability and non-durability (disposable). Currently, the applications of non-woven clothing are mainly in the field of non-durable clothing. Non-woven applications in the non-durable clothing have been very popular, such as spunlace medical protective clothing, PP disposable spunbond protective clothing, and SMS medical protective clothing, etc. So non-woven fabric manufacturer is making efforts to develop in this area.Currently, new product developments in this area include two aspects: one is the new expansion of the existing materials in clothing applications; second, is the development of a new type of non-woven fabrics.

non woven fabric supplier

Non-durable non-woven apparel fabrics

SMS nonwoven spunbond and meltblown composite products, has high strength, good filtering performance, adhesive-free, non-toxic, etc., has played an important role in the field of medical and industrial filter material, new applications SMS breathable not produce fiber dust, to prevent particle exchange characteristics of the human body with the outside world, for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, optoelectronics processing, electrical components and chip requires a high degree of clean production environment. The spunbond non-woven consists from high-strength continuous filament, account for a large proportion of disposable protective clothing market. The latest development is adding special additives or spunbond production process finishing, so the products have the function of flame resistance, anti-static, anti-radiation, hydrophobic guide wet, antibacterial, warmth and other features. In the development of new fibers, the water-soluble non-woven fabric is an environmentally friendly product, and is gradually expanding its scope of application. The Spunlace nonwoven produced by polyvinyl alcohol-soluble fiber is a good material for the production of radiation protection and pollution preventing clothing. In order to increase the protective effect, it can be composited with the water-soluble film to increase the barrier properties of protective clothing. In addition, in the use of the new fiber, the technology is invented that add the super-absorbent fiber (SAF) in the non-woven production process. This nonwoven fabric containing SAF particularly has good soft feel and absorbency, which can rapidly absorb sweat, increasing the microenvironment comfort between clothing and human.

Durability non-woven clothing fabric

Due to there is gap between the non-woven fabric and the apparel fabrics in the requirements of drape, elasticity, strength and elongation, the opacity and pilling and other aspects, and lack a certain sense of art in appearance, so it is quite difficult to be applied to the field of the durability garment. However, non-woven fabric has the advantages of casual side and slipping directly selvage involved in the design, do not need ironing and sewing clothing hemmer characteristics that distinguish it from machine woven and knitted fabrics. It is optimistic about the advantages of simple non-woven garment sewing process, many researchers and non woven fabric supplier have the courage to face the risk of product development. The focus of research in recent years focused on how to improve the performance of the non-woven fabric drape, abrasion resistance, flexibility and elastic recovery capability to make it suitable for the requirements of the durability of the garment fabric. is dedicated to construct a knowledge acquiring company and has its company culture as being strict, passionate united and win-win acquisition. The staff team of the company is well-trained, competitive in technology, and having rich manufacturing experience and sales experience.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Development Trend of Silicone Watch

The advantages of silicone watch

Silicone watch is equipped with the advantages of abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, no distortion, non-toxic, tasteless, no cracking of the human body without side effects. It is also soft with long service life, and its silicone bracelet does not irritate the skin, etc., in addition, the products are cheap, it is one of the most suitable promotional gifts and green silicone jewelry.

silicone slap watch

The classification of silicone watches

Now there are three mainstream categories silicone watch on the market. First, Jelly watch Jelly watch takes use of queen-size square or round watch head, combined with thick silicone strap and the design inspiration comes from the jelly appearance characteristics with bright colors highlighting the personality, and the manufacturer will add the LED lights on the dial to promote the dynamic of the jelly watch.

Second, Slap watch Bracelet takes use of the encapsulation in the silica industry technology to position the elastic steel alignment on the word mold to make a molding pressure in a vulcanizing machine. The bracelet of kids slap watch has the elastic of the steel sheet, and has a silica soft feel. At the same time, it increases the fun of shrapnel. Third, Anion watch The anion watch is added some ion powder titanium powder and some other ion trace elements to the silicone raw materials to make the silicone strap with a trace of radiation and to promote blood circulation.

Precautions and maintenance:

First, when contact with water, it is recommended to take down the watch to avoid damage (as a low-price fashion watch, silicone watch usually will not use highly waterproof movement); Second, do not put the watch close to the source of fire or dark place, pay attention to moisture-proof battery aging; Third, if the watches were encountered with dust or water, wipe with dry cotton carefully; Due to the superior performance, coupled with silicone is the non-oil product, which does not rely on increasingly scarce oil resources, making silicone products become the alternative to similar plastic products, silicone products can be applied to the field which a lot off plastic cannot be applied, such as baby pacifiers, human organs, so the application prospects are very bright. We have to seize this opportunity to develop the sunrise industry, while there are still a great deal of aspects for us to pay attention to.

We have a product from idea to end sales of the full set of processes and production equipment, Including product R & D team, mold development and manufacturing team, production team, the sales team, the establishment of a sound quality control system, and has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification, the silicone products passed the SGS, ITS and other agencies of the testing, in line with ROHS, FDA, UL standards.

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The Application Field of Smart Card Industry

China Smart Card Development Overview

China smart card has already gone through nearly 20 years of development history. Looking back at the past, it is still clearly remembered the telecom card at the end of the 90s of the last century swept overwhelming industry market. If the smart card implementation in the field of telecommunications is an industry applications expand, after entering the new century, the residents of the second generation ID card renewal of the development of the smart card will be pushed to the first peak. Almost at the same time, the development of public transportation card is in the basic applications to serve the people's livelihood has once again become the focus of the industry. Maybe for ordinary people, initially their smart features of the second generation ID card is understood not too much, but the bus card's RF card was the first to have a tangible impact on their daily lives. Subsequently, in the benefit of the people's livelihood, campus card and citizen card, etc. gradually develop. After gradually improvement of transaction security, affected by the EMV migration wave of the international market, the domestic smart card manufacturer makes the smart card migration change from magnetic stripe to chip and the pace is gradually quickened.

Contactless ID Card

Rapid Development of Smart Card Technology

Changes in the financial field have played a catalytic role in the development of composite card multi-application. In August 2011, started a pilot social security card loaded financial functions opened the first "multi-purpose card". In the card multi-industry, and the process of development and in the field of research and development, workers in the country encryption algorithm have never relented, and it also is in tune with the chip security requirements of the country and the people. And the same, because of security considerations, in terms of document forgery, the ordinary electronic passport with a number of anti-counterfeiting technologies began to issue. In 2012, in the field of communications, cable TV set-top boxes promoted a nationwide focus. The proximity card payment in the mobile communication field also showed the unstoppable momentum of development in 2012.

Application of Smart Card Industry

Smart cards in China has experienced 20 years of development, to 2012, in terms of financial, social security or public transportation, medical health field, it has emerged as a good trend. Now, let us together to review the development of the smart card industry in China in 2012. First is smart card in the financial sector. According to the central bank's Web site message, the People's Bank of China said in the news released on November 26: the Bank Cards continued to grow, till the end of the third quarter, the country totally issued 3.4 billion bank cards. Second is the social security field: According to the "12th Five-Year Plan", by the end of 2015, the unified national social security card number will reach 800 million. is a professional high-tech enterprise producing and selling contact and contactless smart cards. Our company is committed to research and development of smart card products currently covered by the low-frequency, high frequency and UHF series. Welcome to have a visit to our website!

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How Do Parents Choose Right Wifi Baby Monitors?

In order to facilitate the parents who first contact with the baby monitor new product, so as to be satisfied, easily to buy the products suitable for their own family needs, we will raise some tips for the selection of baby monitor. We hope that it helps parents or friends that intend to purchase a baby monitor in the near future.

Steps / methods:

1. Product Type Baby monitor is divided into three types in accordance with the use of the environment and the functional division, mom and dad should select the correct style based on the actual condition of the home and the use requirements: * Ordinary China Wifi Baby Monitor: Suitable for one parent staying at home to take care of the baby, roommate but n different room, need to be concerned about their behavior when you do housework; * Straight record type: Suitable for parents going to work or for activities, only the nanny takes care of at home, but you want to understand the situation at home when outside; * Network type: Only baby is at home, and you hope to see the situation at home in any place which is access to the Internet or phone signal at any time;

Digital Audio Baby Monitor

2. Transmit signals

The Wifi baby monitors on the market are divided into two kinds of the digital signal and analog signals in accordance with signal propagation. In the case of the economic conditions permit, it is recommended to choose to buy a baby monitor using analog signals, because the digital signal is easier to decipher the data and interfered by other wireless devices.

3. Power supply

The power supply of baby monitors includes AC power supply, built-in lithium battery powered, and ordinary disposable battery-powered. Most of the products are in support of two or more of the power supply. It is recommended that user choose the Digital Baby Monitors support for lithium-ion battery-powered, because there were cases in foreign countries using the AC charging and the cable wrap around the baby’s neck lead to suffocation and death. The standby life of ordinary disposable batteries is too short.

4. Use distance The further, the better. More and more families now live into the big house, and even multi-storey villas, baby monitors with strong signal reception ability can provide more convenient use for these families, the parents no longer need to move in the room next to the child in order to be able to see and hear the child's every action, they can even go out with a control terminal for a short-range walking around!

5. Low power indication Baby monitor, especially the monitoring end, must work for long-term and continuously, once the product power is low and cannot timely remind parents charging, the power continues to consume until depleted, the console will not be able to continue to receive any signal, which may miss sudden accident. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, manufacture and sale of wireless baby monitors, wireless home security cameras and other wireless products. Our products have obtained CE, FCC and RoHS certification. Your OEM and ODM orders are welcome. Contact us today for further details.

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Basic Introduction about LED Spot Lights

1. LED Spotlights basic definitions

LED spot light is also called projection light, spotlight, floodlight, etc. which is mainly used for architectural decoration lighting purposes (not yet reached functional lighting purposes), its appearance is available for round and square, because generally we have to consider the reasons of heat dissipation, therefore the appearance of led spot lighting still has some differences with the traditional spotlights.

2. LED Spotlights basic parameters

Currently the commonly used LED spotlights on the market basically use 1W high power LED tube (each LED tube has a high optical efficiency lens made of PMMA, whose main function is secondary distribution of the light emitted by the LED tube), few companies choose 3W or higher power LED tube because cooling technologies are handled well. There are 1W, 3W, 8W, 12W, 18W and 36W power forms, because all have to take cooling factor into account, therefore each high-power LED spot light will be equipped with a cooling device (aluminum is commonly used). The size of the heat sink depends on the size of the LED tube power, which more or less brings a little inconvenience to the LED spotlights shape design. Throughout the industry, affected by the price, light efficiency and universal recognition and many other factors, the application of high-power e27 led spot light is not very wide, but this situation is slowly changing, and there are a lot of engineering in the country has applied high-power LED spotlights.

LED Spot Light

3. LED spot light control form

LED spotlights have external control and internal control two control modes; the internal control doesn't need external controller, can be built-in with many change modes (up to six), and the outer control will have to configure external control controller before color change. The majority applications on the market are external control.

4. Main applications and the effect can be achieved

LED spotlights can be used without controller in minor works applications through the control of built-in microchip, to achieve a gradual transition, color flashing, random flashing, alternating gradient dynamic effects, which can also achieve scan results by DMX control chase. Currently, the main application areas are: single building, historical buildings exterior lighting, the building "inner light penetrating outside" lighting , indoor local lighting; greening landscape lighting, billboard; medical, cultural, and other specialized facilities lighting; bars, discos, etc. entertainment atmosphere, lighting, etc. As LED technology continues to evolve, it is believed that it will replace the traditional spotlights one day. is a high-tech company giving priority to environmental protection, energy saving and carbon reduction. The company joins hands with Hong Kong ASTRI to develop efficient LED products in oudoor lighting project, to provide the society with more energy-saved and environmental protection products. This article is come from:

Monday, December 24, 2012

Methods to Identify Button Cell Battery

Composition of button battery

Button cell is also known as button battery (button cell), in general the diameter is larger, and thickness is thinner (relative to the column battery, such as 5 AA batteries on the market). It is actually a lithium battery. Button battery has single monomer and stack distinction in accordance with the appearance, the same battery classification has columnar battery, square battery, shaped battery. More common button batteries are AG3, AG10, AG13 battery used for toys and gifts, CR2032 CMOS battery used on the computer motherboard, CR2025 used for electronic dictionary, CR2016 or SR44 type used on electronic table surface, SR626 and so on. The alphabet letters in front of button cell battery model name represents the type of battery and numbers indicate the size, the first two numbers indicate the diameter, and the latter two mean the thickness.

Button Cell Battery
Button cell applications

Button batteries have been widely used in a variety of micro-electronic products due to their smaller size, the diameters range from 4.8mm to 30 mm, and thickness ranges from 1.0mm to 7.7mm; generally used as back-up power supply of all kinds of electronic products, such as computer motherboards, electronic watches, electronic dictionaries, electronic scales, memory card, remote control electric toys, pacemakers, electronic hearing aids counter camera.

Button battery is also divided into chemical batteries and physical battery two categories, among which chemical batteries are commonly used. They consist of (positive) anode, cathode (negative) and its electrical contact liquid. Its appearance of lr44 button cell is stainless steel material, and as a positive electrode, its negative is stainless steel round cover, and there is seal ring insulation between the positive electrode and the negative electrode, the sealing ring can also prevent leakage of the electrolyte in addition to insulation. There are many different types of button batteries, the majority are named by the materials, such as silver oxide batteries, lithium batteries, alkaline manganese batteries.

Pay attention to three aspects to identify shoddy button cell:
1. Recognize from the battery sign. They don't have trademark, no origin, no production date, no inspection certificate, which are marked with “BUTTON CELL" in English, giving the illusion of a foreign-made. 2. Recognize from the battery appearance. Most of shoddy button anode side surface is coated with yellow, giving the sense of being plated "gold". Cathode bottom of the enclosure is prone to rust spots. 3. Recognize from the battery performance. Most alkaline manganese battery capacity is low, usually less than the national standard 1.55V, short life; it is prone to leakage, corrode electrical appliances; poor voltage load characteristics, the battery discharge curve sharply slash downward; prone to flatulence, cause the battery "bosomy belly." is one of the major battery maker and exporter in Hong Kong, China. Our products include carbon zinc battery products, carbon zinc battery products, button cell battery products, lithium button celling battery products, alkaline battery products, nimh rechargeable battery products.

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Structural Characteristics and Uses of the Vacuum Mixer

Vacuum Mixer is a kind of mixing equipment which is added with vacuum performance on the basis of the ordinary mixer. The 100a automatic vacuum mixer is mainly used for a variety of mixing of viscosity liquid, particularly applicable to the material mixing work with the higher requirements on the stirring process. Currently, the mostly common used vacuum mixers are dual planetary power vacuum mixer, horizontal vacuum mixer and several other kinds.

The structure of the vacuum mixer

The structural components of the vacuum mixer include mixing tube, cover, the turn shaft, impeller, diffuser, wall scraping paddle, motor, gearbox and so on. The stirring parts of the vacuum mixer will contact with the materials for a long time during the process of working, and there will be issues such as wear, corrosion, therefore the stirring members in the vacuum mixer usually take use of the multi-use wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant material. Under the common condition, 200A Automatic Vacuum Mixer may be equipped with the temperature control means, the inverter control means, self-locking device, the electrical control means, the hydraulic station and so on. After the vacuum mixer being equipped with the temperature control device and dispersed equipment, which can achieve the function of heat stirring and material dispersion.

200A Automatic Vacuum Mixer

The characteristics of vacuum mixer

The biggest feature of the vacuum mixer is that the mixing tube can be evacuated and the stirring member can work in a vacuum state, so that the air bubbles entrained in the mixture of compound can be extracted effectively, thereby ensuring a higher degree of mixing and better process. The excellent features of vacuum mixer are the reason why we select the machine in various fields in the modern world.

The use of vacuum mixer

As excellent mixing equipment with a high degree of automation and fabulous process performance, the vacuum mixers are widely used in the production fields, such as manufacturing of battery slurry, adhesives and sealants products. At the same time, vacuum mixer is used in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical fields for liquid mixing, solid-liquid mixing and dispersing. As we all known that the vacuum mixer plays more and more important role in our daily life, for a large number of products need the use of the machine. So there is no doubt that its prospect is extremely promising, we have to make efforts to develop it.

Our long-term commitment to fine chemicals, new energy, plastics and other industries in the development and production of special equipment. Constantly improve and perfect the product features, the introduction of new processing technology, absorb advanced technologies to all parts of the further modularization, standardization, automation.

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Competitive Engineering Adhesive Sealant Industry in China

China Engineering Adhesive Industry

Engineering adhesives are mainly used in transportation, electronic appliances, optical instruments, building materials, auto mechanics, aerospace, new energy, medical and other fields. It can be classified into reaction type acrylic acid ester type, anaerobic, CN-based acrylic ester type, epoxy type, silicone, and (no solvent) polyurethane adhesives in accordance with the characteristics of the different types of adhesives and the downstream demands. China's engineering adhesives get rapid development. In the "Twelfth Five Year" period, we are focused on the development of environmentally friendly energy-saving, high-value-added type adhesive. The "12th Five-Year Plan" on the adhesive part of the proposed phase-out limit inferior and solvent-based neoprene type, styrene-butadiene thermoplastic PU and PMMA universal product development; accelerate the MMA-Et copolymer emulsion, high peel strength ring oxygen and other high-end products, research and development; focus on the development of environmental protection and energy saving, as well as other high-performance, high-quality, high-value-added adhesive sealant.

SMT Red Glue

Engineering Adhesive Types and Application Range

Engineering smt adhesive can be divided into reaction type acrylic acid ester type, anaerobic, epoxy type, silicone, and polyurethane adhesive sealant according to the characteristics of different types of adhesives and the downstream needs, The adhesive is mainly used in transportation, electronic appliances, optical instruments, building materials, auto mechanics, aerospace, new energy, medical and other fields. The support adhesives industry in the development of new industries is accompanied by the development of solar energy, wind energy, aerospace, new energy vehicles and high-speed rail, rail transit and other emerging industries, the future of wind power with polyurethane epoxy structural adhesive, solar cell sealing glue, plastic packaging peritoneal adhesive, automotive structural adhesive, water treatment, and ultrafiltration membrane water purification equipment end-capped gum will usher in rapid development.

Broad Prospects of Engineering Adhesives Industry

With the strong support of the new national industrial policy as well as the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", China's engineering adhesives industry develops rapidly. Improvement of the quality of domestic products gradually replace imported products; gradually optimize the industrial structure, the value-added products has been significantly improved, especially for new energy, automotive, LED, electronics, construction, health care, and aerospace and other fields adhesive products development. China in the future will focus on the development of silicone, epoxy glue, and polyurethane glue, part of the engineering adhesives production growth will exceed 15%. is a professional enterprise that engaged in the technology development, production and distribution of electronic adhesive. The price of our products is competitive and the quality is the top-class. Welcome to visit our page for more details!

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How to Choose the Nozzles?

Selection of different types of nozzles

There are many types of nozzles, available for many options. Generally, the degreasing and washing step nozzles can choose the jet-type nozzle with strong impact force: Take "V" type that is the segment-type nozzle for example, the angle of injection is 60 ° and has a larger impact strength; phosphating process nozzle can use centrifugal nozzle with good atomization, fine uniform water tablets, weak impact: Take "Z" pattern cone nozzles for example, the optimum distance of the nozzle workpiece is 40cm ~ 50cm, which has dispersion, atomize the liquid spray function. The arrangement of spray gun nozzle on the spout can use parallel and cross two forms, channel type using a vertical cross arrangement, whose spray is better.

Fan Nozzle

Factors affecting the selection of nozzles

The factors for the selection of nozzles include flow, pressure, spray angle, coverage, impact, temperature, materials, applications, and these factors often implicate and mutually restraint each other. Flow and pressure, spray angle and coverage are in proportional relationship. Any nozzle injection purpose is to continuously maintain the bath in contact with the workpiece, the flow factor is more important than the pressure. The temperature of the liquid does not affect the performance of the spray nozzle, but it affects the viscosity and specific gravity, and also influences the choice of materials. The nozzle material should be determined based on the chemical properties of the bath; non-corrosive bath can be cast in bronze or plastic die-casting according to the ease of processing. To prevent corrosion, non-metallic materials can be used; for sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid strong etching bath, nylon plastic can be used; nozzle material used for phosphating commonly use acid-resistant stainless steel, rust resistant nozzle can use stainless steel or nylon to produce.

Examples of nozzle selection

The nozzle with a certain impact should use small-angle nozzle, plume flow (jet) is the best; fan spray nozzle is suitable for cleaning, degreasing, cooling; conical nozzle is suitable for bleaching cream, the surface layer, phosphide, humidification, dust, etc. Venturi mixing nozzle should be installed in the reservoir paint cylinder, tank, take the "H" type mixing nozzle (also known as venturi nozzle), for example, the bath mixing diffuse and eject with the sucked liquid at after mixing 1:4 at a certain pressure, achieve solute air mixing effect, thereby preventing the precipitation, because the agitation ensurse a uniform mixing of chemical solution. is a high tech company which combined R&D, sales and production together. We have become one of the biggest manufacturers of spray nozzle in China after a development of more than 11 years.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Classification of Card Reader

It supports USB1.0 and USB2.0 port, plug-and-play, and currently it takes the largest market share and it is the most practical. It is the leapfrog development compared with the previous product -- TF card which can be just read by adding SD configurator, furthermore, it is economic and practical.

Sim card reader

It is relatively common in the modern world, and sim card readers can backup sim card information and sim card contacts at the pc end, which is a good tool for backup of personal data.

multiple card reader

Universal card reader

The CRW-X-type non-contact It supports Non-contact CPU card ISO14443 TypeA / TypeB and Mifare one card, and there are two built-in SAM small IC card in line with ISO7816-3, and supports a variety of communication interfaces and communications protocols, and is applicable to a variety of non-contact IC card application system. The appearance is new, the performance is stable and powerful with rich interface and strong expansion. The CRW-VI External universal IC card reader is miniature IC card reader equipment, mainly for portable applications. According to the different way from the computer interface, best business card reader can be divided into USB interface (CRW-VIu type) and serial interface (the CRW-VIs type), which is suitable for a variety of applications, and the needs of the application environment. We can also develop a dedicated IC card reader for the specific needs according to the needs of the user. CRW-V series IC card reader is connected to the computer or laptop through the USB port or serial port, to support the operation of the CPU card and MEMORY card, and the double card reader provides two kinds of deck can be selected. WatchCore is a smart IC card interface chip for the convenience of user to develop the embedded IC card application, and the operation program of the built-in IC card reader is suitable for the development of a variety of special embedded IC device, mainly can be applied in the smart IC card meter, water meter, gas meter, automated teller machines and IC card refueling equipment.

Electric card reader

It is now commonly used in the automatic fare collection system (AFC), the field of ID identification systems, product certification recognition systems, card management systems, and the meter retail system. The main features of the electric reader: First, embedded high-performance and non-contact IC card high-speed reader module. Second, support the combination of the use with the series issuing machine. Third, has a unique card function of automatic finding. Fourth, has the storing application data area with reading, writing, and other functions. Fifth, supports the ISP online features.

Our 8 qualified and experiences engineers are all experts of circuit designs and 2D,3D,Pro E computer modeling. We have own molding plant,and it take us only 25 days to finish a new design from moldings to mass production. We also focus on develping new products to meet the ever-changing market demand as well. Every new product, not only our engineers will do many different aging test, but also we will take our samples to professional test lablike TUV,SGS to do final test.

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The Application of Nozzle in Ship

First, the promotion of ship is inseparable from the application of the nozzle, the operation of ship relies on spects spray water is to the back of the hull to help the boat forward, relying on the reaction force of the water to drive the boat forward, of course, it can meet the atomizing nozzle is not an ordinary nozzles need to withstand a lot of pressure, and resistance to water , but also be able to adapt to a variety of waters, to meet the general material to meet in a variety of waters is not, first of all the various water pH are different, and it failed to find conditions waterborne, so the The material must be special to adapt to the needs of the boat.

atomizing nozzle

The importance of nozzle

For such special requirements of the boat, the nozzle needs to have a strong impact, to ensure the vessel's normal high-speed. The running speed of ship is achieved to forward by the momentum of the boat, we should control the injection to meet the ship's steering needs. For the development of China's shipping industry, marine nozzle will also be improved and perfected to meet the needs of the ship. Of course, marine nozzle is not only the drive of the rear portion of the ship as well as the cleaning of the dirt on board, it also needs specialized marine washing nozzle to wash to meet the clean in the ship running, in addition, the disinfected treatment on board also needs to be completed by flat fan nozzle to maintain the normal operation of ship.

Analysis of the nozzle application prospects

The nozzle is small, but its role cannot be ignored. In the chemical production units of operating device, such as gas absorption, washing liquid distillation, direct heat transfer and atomization burn. The spray tower consist of the nozzles has been popular with its advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, and low cost. As the small investment equipment, the fire nozzle spray system is more and more widely used in the oil and gas tank farm and other flammable occasions. Mine in easy fly ash dust, warehouse, cement plant and powder engineering, the atomizing nozzles with a small amount of water will be able to reduce the amount of dust in the air. The nozzle has been widely used in the petroleum, power, chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical fertilizers, environmental protection and other industries. In recent years, in a variety of industrial sectors, especially in the coal chemical project, PVC project, fertilizer projects, synthetic ammonia and urea project, synthetic rubber items, ship fire cool project, industrial exhaust gas washing purification project, fluorine chemical projects, desulfurization environmental projects, phosphoric acid, phosphorus the ammonium projects, power plant projects, the most are standard and non-standard nozzle and injector with more practical experience, and it is the guarantee for a successfully normal operation of your project.

Spray nozzle is of high degree accuracy and intractable. On the basis of spray nozzle processing, Changyuan Co., Ltd. is developing precision finishing of hareware parts industry. Changyuan Co., Ltd. has twenty Japan-made CNC automatic lathes whose precision can reach 2 micro or below and several sets of five spindle lathes whose orifice precision can reach 0.10mm. All the advanced equipments ensure that we can supply good quality products to our customers.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Features and Classifications of Silicone Rubber Products

Silicone Products Overview

All the products that are made by the main raw material of silicone are called silicone products. Silicone is an appropriate dehydration by the silicic acid gel particles of different sizes of a porous substance. Having an open porous structure and can absorb many substances, it is a good desiccant, an adsorbent and a catalyst carrier. Silica gel adsorption is mainly physical adsorption, can be regenerated and used repeatedly. Add acid, acidified, and then a certain amount of electrolyte are added and stirred, i.e. silicic acid gel is generated in the alkali metal silicate solution. Silicate gel is combined with cobalt chloride solution soaking and then drying and activation available silica gel. Food-grade silicone products is non-toxic, tasteless, insoluble in water and any solvent, the product is a highly active green product, food grade silicone has the inherent thermal stability.

Characteristics of Silicone Products

High temperature: Suitable temperature ranges from -40 to 230 degrees Celsius, and it can be used in the microwave and oven. Easy to clean: silicone products used in the rinse can restore clean dishwasher. Long life, the chemical properties of the silicone material is very stable, use it to make the products have a longer life than other materials, and it is soft and comfortable: and thanks to the softness of silicone material, silicone cupcake molds products feel comfortable, they are highly flexible, no deformation. Diverse colors, according to customer needs, the deployment of different beautiful colors. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, not produce any toxic or hazardous substances from raw materials to finished products.

Silicone Products Categories

Silicone products, according to the molding process, can be divided into three categories: Molded silicone products: Molded silicone products are usually through high-temperature mold into the add the vulcanizing agent's solid silicone raw materials through the vulcanizing machine to exert pressure, high-temperature sulfur into a solid molding, molded silicone hardness is usually in the 30°C - 70°C. Mainly used for the only silicone industrial accessories, buttons, silicone gifts, silicone wristband, silicone watches, key cases, mobile phone sets, silicone kitchenware, silicone mat, Ice Cube, Cake, etc.; extruded silicone products: extrusion of silicone products extruded silicone molding, extrusion machine is widely used in medical equipment, food machinery; liquid silicone products: liquid silicone products, silicone injection molding injection molding, soft products, hardness can reach 10°C - 40°C , because of its soft characteristics it is widely used in the simulation of human organs and the medical silicone bra pad. is a professional manufacturer of silicone rubber products, integrating designing, developing, manufacturing, selling & service. If you are interested in our products, welcome to visit our website!

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Precautions for Aluminum Profile Purchase and Use

There are many types of aluminum profiles, such as anodic oxidation colored profiles and thermal profiles. They have many advantages, corrosion-resistant, long life, light weight and so on. Aluminum profiles can be divided into the following categories by application:

1. Architectural aluminum profiles(divided into windows, doors and curtain wall two kinds) 2. Radiator aluminum profiles 3. General industrial extruded aluminium profiles: mainly used for industrial production, manufacturing, such as automated machinery and equipment, the enclosure skeleton as well as customized mold made by the companies according to their own machinery and equipment 4. Structural rail vehicle aluminum profiles: mainly used for track vehicle body manufacturing 5. Framed aluminum profiles: made into aluminum alloy frame for mounting a variety of exhibitions, decorative painting.

Aluminum profiles must have new, high requirements In view of the use of the profiles, there are opened flat flip window profiles, sliding flip window profiles, the roof window profiles, yarn window profiles, louvers, window profiles, ventilation network profiles, hollow door profiles, solid door profiles and fixed aluminium sliding windows profiles. The experts predicted that aluminum extrusions in China will be mainstream in the market in the next few years. When aluminum windows and doors develop towards high-tech, multi-functional, we must have new, high requirements for aluminum profiles to meet the development needs of the new aluminum doors and windows.

So how do we buy building aluminum profiles? Purchase and use of aluminum profiles products should pay attention to the following points: 1. View products factory certification, pay attention to the date of manufacture, specifications, technical conditions, the corporate name and production license number. 2. Carefully inspect the surface condition of the product, the product should be bright in color, good gloss and there should no rub scratches, bubbles and other defects on the surface. 3. Must pay attention to the wall thickness of the product, door and window material thickness should not be less than 1.2mm 4. Note that the thickness of coating on the product surface. The thickness of the anodization product is not less than 10μm, the thickness of the electrophoretic coating product is not less than 17μm, the coating thickness of the powder coating does not exceed the range of 40-120μm, PVDF coating product should be more than 2-coat, cannot be less than 30 μm. 5. Coastal users best choose for electrophoretic coating profiles, powder coating profiles or fluorocarbon coating profiles products with better corrosion resistance. 6. Brush and other hard objects cannot be used as a cleaning tool at routine maintenance, you should choose a soft, cotton yarn and cotton cloth. 7. Water, detergent and soap can be used at cleaning, but not with other organic matter. is a comprehensive large size aluminum fabrication enterprise for its largest production scale, most advanced equipments, most full ranged product varieties in China. Our products include aluminium profiles, aluminium sheet/foil, plain carbon steel and galvanized steel, etc.

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Methods to Select High Quality Navigation

First, select chip: for the navigation products, what we are most concerned about is definitely its ability to receive satellite signal and reception ability. At present, the most of car GPS on the market take the third generation chip of SiRFStarIII, and the advantages of this type of chip is that it can capture and track the signal in a sheltered and the bad weather conditions to alleviate the signal interference brought by the skyscrapers. In addition, the performance of chip is directly related to the accuracy of calculated path. The different chips may appear different routes, such as the route of mazda navigation dvd may be different from the other brands, even go to the same destination, and we need the best route.

vw navigation dvd

Second, select brand: the products of famous brand not only have quality assurance, but also can enjoy free upgrade service for a certain number of years. International brands including vw navigation dvd, Mio series, as well as the brands from Europe. There are also various domestic brands. It is said that selecting the brand is actually in the selection of after sales service. For GPS navigation products, the follow-up service is more important, because the map is updated in real time. The different vendors access to map data from different sources, and there are many ways for the free updates. We should have good understanding at the time of purchase to avoid some unnecessary trouble.

Third, select map: the electronic navigation map is another important component of the GPS navigator's work, and the correction of electronic navigation map directly determines whether the owner can easily reach their destinations more quickly. In the current market, whether domestic or fully imported, built-in car GPS products map is nothing but only a few map the resources, the quality is uneven, and often cannot update the map information in a timely manner bringing the inconvenience to the user. In general, the formal GPS navigator will provide one year of free updates, and offer free update service about 2 times. But you need to pay a fee for the update after the 2 times. In general, the GPS map will be updated every half a year, and there are some vendors updating the data every three months and the upgrade will be finished by downloaded through the network, and is also relatively simple.

Fourth, select speed: the speed includes the speed of receiving the signal, boot speed, and speed of response. Due to we have to pay attention to car safety and car traveling at high speed, then the faster speed can improve the accuracy of vehicle navigation, but also can save the user's operating time, and save time.

We are mainly engaged in car multimedia entertainment, car GPS navigation and car PC etc, with car products development, manufacturing and marketing. We have built up a long-term strategic partnership with many well-known international brands via new product and technology development.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Future Prospects of Solar Energy Development

The Advantages of Solar Energy Products

With today's science and the progress of time and the scientific research on human development, some environmental sound and extensive use of cutting-edge new energy technologies was born, like wind, nuclear, hydro, and the 21st century's most promising energy -- solar energy, is forwarding to development of these new energy. Solar energy, as one of the most promising research directions, because solar energy does not belong to the non-renewable energy. Solar energy belongs to the primary energy and also belongs to renewable energy. Rich machine solar energy resources can be naturally used and does not require transport, and at the same time it is environmentally friendly on the environment, no pollution at all. Solar power is one of the important projects of the human use of solar energy.

solar panel

Development of the Solar Industry in China

The overall situation in the world today is in the face of resource depletion. China is also faced with this situation, which generates the recent years beginning in solar energy technology research and onrush. In the solar market, wholesale solar panel has gradually developed. But someone may ask that solar energy in which research and which can be applied to life. In fact, the industry as well as the direction of the point of the development of solar energy is very vast. The solar water heater is everywhere in life. China's real estate industry is the rapid development of the life of the solar water heater is convenient and practical device also has been developing, and the demand will continue to increase.

The Application of Solar Energy Products

According to research, China's solar water heater market gets rapid development, but also lots of solar module manufacturer pointed out that the flat-plate solar water heaters are safer because of its longer life, and it can be better integrated with the building, as well as comfort and some new features, is becoming the new development trend of the future. Then there are solar lights, some University or City for Science and Technology and better facilities street. Solar lights are installed there. Without complex and expensive pipeline laying charges solar lights, lamps layout can be freely adjusted, non-polluting safety and energy conservation. The more important is the use of solar power generation, and it has become a future human development guide. Solar energy has so many advantages and broad prospects that the future is an era of solar energy era. is a high-tech photovoltaic company. We specialize in the solar module, PV system project research, produce, sales and after sales service. If you are interested in our products, welcome to have a visit to our web for more information.

Wet Wipes Classification

Introduction of Wet Wipes

There are many kinds of wet tissue, which clean wet wipe is in the widest use, and it is easy to carry. When you go out and you cannot wash something, cleaning are available at any time, at any time, it is very convenient. Remover type wet wipes clean components and moisturizing ingredients, can remove makeup residue, add water, avoiding facial stem line. Infantile type wet wipes with aloe, glycerol and other ingredients, mild nature. The family type wet wipes the cheapest price, suitable for cleaning requires high degree of family.

wet wipe

Wet Wipes Purchase Notes

The selection of wet wipe should know the different wet tissue types, according to their own needs for the selection of. Pay attention to packaging factory name, the site should be above, telephone, shelf-life, effective components, production batch number, production date, health permits, implementation of the health standard, the use of descriptions and matters needing attention. Different wet paper towels have different shelf life of ordinary wipes for cleaning the skin, expiration period is generally 6 months years. Disinfectant wet wipe is divided into two categories, for a small wound and surrounding skin cleaning and disinfection; the other is a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect, for skin cleaning, lubrication, disinfection, sterilization and daily necessities, sanitary cleaning sterilization, these two kinds of antiseptic wipes the shelf-life of 2 years. Special care baby wipes for cleaning and nursing care of infants with facial or buttocks, shelf life is generally 1.53 years. Lady’s remover wet wipes quality generally for a period of 3 years; women's care wet wipes quality generally for a period of 1 years. In addition to the attention of the senses, the qualified wipe has a soft, elegant taste, texture white, after use will not fluff. There are special attention to the packing sealing, bagged wet packing should be sealed, must not be damaged; boxed and canned wet tissue packing should be intact, not damaged. Packing seal is good, in order to keep wet disinfection role effectiveness. Using wet, should be immediately posted a good seal, to avoid the heat or sunlight, causing wipes drying effect.

The Use of Baby Wet Wipes

Baby newborn skin is delicate, after each toilet, use Baby Wet Wipes can let little ass clean, comfortable. Baby out with a lot of inconvenience, carrying a wet tissue package, can wipe small painted face, small hands dirty and stinky butt, it is convenient.

Knowledge about Decorative LED Lamps

The certification requirements of decorative fixtures

Festive decorative lamps can be divided into two categories, decorative light string and decorative style lamps. Decorative light string includes indoor incandescent light strings, outdoor incandescent light string, indoor LED string lights and outdoor 7 inch led downlights light strings. While decorative styling lights includes the indoor modeling lights and outdoor modeling lights.

7 inch led downlights

Requirements for the festive decorative lamps

For these two types of products, the certification requirements are different. In general, decorative light string can be certificated with flower shell. Compared to indoor products, in the testing and certification, the certification agent would be more concerned about the anti freezing shocks, waterproof and leakage of the outdoor festival decorative lights to avoid causing threat to the personal safety of users. SAA LED downlight is a hot market. The power consumption of the traditional decorative lamp is large and the gloss is not distinctive, while LED decorative lamps are energy-efficient with high brightness and durable characteristics, is the development trend of the future. More and more manufacturers are beginning to pay attention to the production of LED Christmas lights, grasp the psychology of consumers to find the energy-saving products, setting off an environmental green wind. Similarly, producers of LED Christmas lights also need to be taken to ensure that the product through the testing and certification requirements of the target market, to prove that the product complies with the requirements of the applicable standards, to smooth export and attract the attention of consumers. Testing and certification usually more concerned about whether the product fairing can resist -35 ° C low temperature, whether the fairing plastic shell is too fragile, whether the sealed rectifier unit the internal adequacy is waterproof, the resistance is too high or the power too low, and whether they have good low-voltage light strings of power output overload protection as well as the housing meets outdoor requirements.

Tips for purchasing the decorative lamp

Quality products: If you choose to buy a real tree, make sure it is not dry, because the fresh tree is not easy to cause a fire risk. If you choose the artificial tree with lamps, you will need to purchase the product with certification mark and confirm whether the production has the fireproof materials. Replacement of obsolete products in a timely manner: make detailed examination every year to deal with the existing lamps, and replace those damaged power cord, broken lampholders or loose equipment in a timely manner. And pay attention to prevent the risk of electric shock, and to ensure that the new bulbs match the voltage and power relatively.

The company has passed the certifications of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, ROHS, CE and FCC. The "Super Heat Dissipation LED Bulb" received wide appraise of experts, scholars and officials of the industry on the "Communication Conference of LED Industry" held by Tsinghua University. The company has provided service for enterprises such as J1-LED, MrLed, Black&Decker and BYD.

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Excellent LED Bulbs Opportunities after 2014

The status quo of LED light

The mainland LED indoor lighting is mainly decorative lighting, such as entertainment, commercial lighting and public lighting, such as underground parking, star hotel corridors, while it is not really into the huge market of ordinary household lighting. The main indoor lighting products are commercial fluorescent lights, downlights, spotlights, LED light bulbs for home, freezers lights, and so on. According to some foreign countries the development of LED interior lighting plan, it is expected that we mainly push commercial lighting, from 2010-2012 and from 2012-2015, the main push is general lighting ordinary household lighting. From a technical point of view, the quality of light, such as light color and so on is not very good, while home lighting put higher requirement for light, in recent years, the residential lighting should not be encouraged. Among many LED indoor lighting products, LED light bulb is an important form. According to the research, it still needs a period of time for LED bulbs to replace substitution mainstream traditional and energy-saving light source, LED bulbs still in the introduction phase in the market.

GU10 LED lights

The stages of LED bulbs

Overall, the growth of the LED bulbs in the lighting market is broadly divided into three stages: before 2012, incandescent, fluorescent lamps and energy saving lamps will be the main light source of the lamp lighting, and high price of LED is in the demonstration phase, and it is mainly to replace incandescent. In 2012-2014, with the implementation of the global incandescent FMCT disabled policy, incandescent lamps will gradually disappear in the market after 2012. In this stage, the energy-saving lamp market is expected to begin to enter the growing peak period, will occupy a major share of the lighting market. But it is expected that LED bulbs will replace incandescent, fluorescent and other substantial to enter a mature period in 2014. At the same time, the cost of the LED bulbs is declining, so the outbreak of LED market also may be 1 to 2 years in advance.

Methods to seize the business opportunity

There is no doubt that the prospects of GU 10 LED bulb interior lighting market is promising, and we should strengthen the patents and technology research, but also make some publicity to raise consumer awareness of LED. We should also promote the standardization and standardization, and ultimately make consumers choose between from 20 to 50 kinds of standard products, rather than choose between thousands of standard product. Enterprises should strengthen its own research and development efforts to master the technology more core competitiveness and produce some good products.

Our R&D engineers always can come up with new designs of splendid and unique lamp shape, which can make an impact on our customers. We always keep close eye on the new development of LED light and keep us on the frontline of technology innovation. Most importantly, we always keep on improving the design and production of Power drive of LED product, because we know power drive is the heart of LED light; we put a lot of effort on its development and production to improve the power drive's stability and effeciency.

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