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Manufacture and Characteristics of Biodegradable Tableware


Aim at reducing the plastic pollution of some countries and areas, scientists took action of improving the plastic production technology to reduce pollution from plastic to environment. The main technology is biodegradable plastic products.

Current Situation

At present, there are three important types of biodegradable plastic tableware in the world. The first one is based on natual high polymer, the second one is based on natural monomer synthetic polymer, and the last one is based on high polymer produced during fermentation process. In the 1970's, people had strong feelings when plastic products were thrown away into the environment as rubbish, its advantage of being applied so widely had become its disadvantage and burden for human beings. Because these plastic products are durable in use and will not degrade under environment condition, they cause threaten pollution to environment. Thus, people hope to use plastic that could be degraded by organic microorganisms and biodegradable plastic that could be made from renewable resources. As a result, new biodegradable catering disposables technology arised at the historic moment.

Disposable Food Container


There are so many biopolymers, biopolymers produced by biological process and biopolymers produced by natural monomer polymerization in the natural world. All of them are of biodegradability and are the significant resources for making biodegradable plastics. Biopolymers of biodegradable plastic tableware are of essential degradability, but there are some additional agents put into biodegradable plastics to improve their performance, which are of different degradability.


Among various types of biodegradable plastic tableware, some have already enjoyed a certain scale of consumer markets, some have not yet commercialized because of technology reasons, and some could not attract enough investment for production even though they are available on manufacturing technique. However, some will be successful in the near future. People are looking forward to more new type biodegradable paper pulp tableware coming into being and entering the market.

www.biodegradabletableware.com.cn is one of the biggest disposable tableware manufacturers in China, which is specialized in research, development, production and marketing of eco-friendly paper tableware and packing materials. At present, we have 12 production lines with the annual production capacity of 1 billion pieces. All the biodegradable packaging products are mainly made from such eco-friendly raw material as bagasse pulp and bamboo pulp. It is the first package manufacturing enterprise in China who has simultaneously obtained standard of ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO22000 Food Safety Management System (HACCP, GMP, SSOP, etc. included).

Views of Button Cell Battery

What is Button Cell Battery?

Button cell battery is, as the name suggests, small, round, flat batteries similar in size to buttons you find on clothing; they are 5/16 of an inch in diameter, to be precise. Button cells are used to power small portable electronics devices such as wrist watches, pocket calculators, and hearing aids. Lithium cells are generally similar but somewhat larger; they tend to be called lithium cells or batteries or coin cells rather than button cells.

Button Cell Battery

What is LR44 Button Cell?

A battery may consist of a single cell or two or more cells in a single package, such as the 2CR5 (two lithium cells) or a 4LR44 (four alkaline LR44 cells), or a 1604 9-volt battery which has six cells. lr44 button cell batteries produces 1.5 volts, but only retain a small amount of energy, so they are used to power items that draw very little power, such as LED displays and watches. If you have an item that uses a small amount of amount of electrical energy, but requires more than 1.5 volts, arrange your LR41 button cell batteries in series and you can increase the voltage. For example six LR41 button cells arranged in series produce 9 volts, enough to power a strip of LED lights.

Package Size of Button Cell Battery

Package size of button batteries using standard names is indicated by a two-digit code representing a standard case size, or a three- or four-digit code representing the cell diameter and height. The first one or two digits encode the outer diameter of the battery in whole millimeters, rounded down; exact diameters are specified by the standard, and there is no ambiguity, e.g., any cell with an initial "9" is 9.5 mm in diameter, no other value between 9.0 and 9.9 is used. The last two digits are the overall height in tenths of a millimeter.

http://www.battery-products.com. Chung Pak Battery Works Limited is one of the major battery maker and exporter in Hong Kong. It offers famous brands -- "Vinnic Battery" and "Vinergy Battery", which are welcomed by customers from all around the world.

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New Efficient LED Lights are Inspired by Firefly

Lens form LED lights inspired by Firefly were developed

The yellow-green flash of a firefly is one of the simplest pleasures in summer. The generations of children are dreaming that the courtyard is filled with the flash of fireflies. One day it might be possible that you've got lights full of firefly, or at least a firefly-inspired light bulb. The latest research has found lens form LED lights inspired by the use the Firefly, which requires less energy to be able to issue a stronger light. Scientists have developed the lens for LED lights, similar to the small folds of Firefly "lantern" coverage. This lens allows 98% of light to pass through it, which is better than the traditional bulb effect and this improvement similarly coat the bulb with a layer of expensive anti-reflective coat.

The firefly abdomen structure and LED bulb structure comparison

Zheng Jixun and and colleagues in Korea Advanced Technology Research Center studied the firefly abdomen by means of a scanning electron microscope. They found that abdominal luminous lanterns part is composed of three layers, and has obvious similarities with the LED bulbs. A standard LED bracket light bulb is composed by a reflector cup and the light source covered by the lens. Similarly, firefly lantern is composed by a reflective layer, a light-emitting layer and a cuticle or crustacean covered with tiny folds. Compared with the remaining part of the carapace of the fireflies, the fold part of firefly abdomen transmitting light is quite orderly. Zheng Jixun found that the fold helps the fireflies special optical wavelength more effectively go through the firefly lanterns, so they try to use the plastic to etch a similar pattern. It is as expected that to create a similar pattern on an LED bulb is be able to transmit more light. The researchers said that this technology can be used to enhance the camera phone flash, auto headlights and even home lighting light.

LED Bulb

The inspiration of new LED bulb is from nature

This inspiration is not the exact case borrowed from the Mother Nature, because artificial led bulbs China is more neatly and regularly than a firefly's tail. Researchers package the bulb into a honeycomb shape by using nano-etching method, rather than the firefly same long folds. But just like a real firefly, when the light wave length is 560 nanometers or similar to the yellow-green light of fireflies, this model seems the most effective. Zheng Jixun said that it doesn't necessarily mean we all carry fireflies color lights. Such nano structure can be changed to enhance the different wavelengths. Transmittance is very sensitive to the shape of the nanostructures, this appearance can be more optimized for a specific wave length.

www.t5-lighting.net was established in 1991, which is an intergrated lighting corporation and focus on R&D, manufacture and marketing in T5 lighting industry. Our products have got CQC Energy-saving certificate, CQC Safty certificate, 3C certificate, CE certificate and ISO9001-2008 certificate. Searching for the future of light, we hope to walk with you hand in hand.

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Something You Should Know about LED

Do You Really Known LED

Mentioning regarding light, I do think many people in my age group use a deep impact involving tube light, which can be generally seen from the house. The particular tube light all of us use is neon light. Though the returning of the LED tube lighting will require location of neon tube lighting. There occur numerous enhancements and benefits with one of these LED tubes to get them to an optimal lighting effects option compared to some other sources of lighting effects. LED Tubes are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. It is important to find a supplier that can offer you all the 5W LED panel light different types of mailing tubes that you could need. You should also expect your supplier to offer a fast delivery time so that you are never kept waiting for the stock that you need. If you are a regular user of these tubes then you will, no doubt, want the products you buy to be as environmentally friendly as possible so you should make sure your supplier offers tubes of this type.

t8 led bulbs

The New Type of LED

The new type of super bright led t8 tubes available today produce about 80 lumens per watt of power input. Old halogen spotlights and filament bulbs produce about 12 lumens per watt of input power. Now that we know how many lumens each produce, we can see that LEDs are more than six times as efficient as halogen and filament bulbs. Put another way, LEDs use less than a sixth of the energy used by halogen and filament bulbs to emit the same amount of light.

Modern LED Light

Modern led t8 tube light produce a good strong light which provide a good alternative to other less efficient technology such as filament or halogen lighting. However this type of LED bulb is new onto the market place and some information is inaccurate. In many cases led spotlight manufacturer and manufacturers are giving over exaggerated claims regarding the light output and efficiency of LED lighting. As a rough guide, expect a 3 watt LED spot light bulb to produce a similar light output as a 20 watt halogen bulb. Many retailers and manufacturers state that a 3 watt LED spot light bulb is equivalent to a 50 watt halogen spot light which is simply not true.

www.ervan.cn is a professional LED tube manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China. ERVAN is our trade mark. Our Company was founded in 2002 and started Researching and Developing LED tubes since 2005. We have a strong engineer team which composed of 16 individuals with perfect designers. Our management system is strictly conducted according to ISO9001-2008 standard. We always stay ahead of this field because of our talented creativeness, like Unique designed structure and attractive appearance, stable quality proved by TUV/CE/RoHS/FCC and UL certificate.

Top China Kitchen Cabinet Trends of Future Cabinet Industry

Integrated Kitchen Cabinet is Popular

Nowadays, more and more customers select brand cabinets, this is absolutely a good news for the integrated cabinet market. As for Chinese cabinet industry, design, service, management and many other aspects lead the continuous development, and what trends the integrated kitchen will show in the future? Let us come and have a look. In the future market, the integrated kitchen will be very popular. "Integrated home improvement is in one." That is the integrated wardrobe, kitchen appliances, bathroom, and soft furnishings and the integrated home improvement organic coordination will be integrated into one, and the trend is gradually increased. The kitchen cabinets design is escalating, becoming perfect, and will develops to the direction of intellectualization and network marketing. The pace of modern life reminds people the time to improve efficiency, this idea achievements innovative design concept, the emphasis on home life philosophy and overall home has already been very common. The furniture in addition to emphasizing the shape and function, to combine the electrical and modern home kitchen design has been the trends.

Kitchen Cabinets
Multi-function Integrated Cabinet Market Trends

Changes have taken place in traditional home furnishing, and open to enjoy the type of modern furniture, furniture is no longer the traditional form, but a set of multifunctional living space integrates cooking, entertainment, leisure, meetings and learning exchange. When customers are in the selection of furniture, they not just choose for cooking and storage, also experience and enjoy life. Scale, standardized production methods will not only promote the development of the domestic industry, as a whole, the brand enterprises throughout the whole home market will dominate the market development workshops and manufacturers will gradually be eliminated in this competition. Various industries and overall home implement powerful combination, and make the home improvement system, the complete and integrated custom kitchen cabinets trends highlight.

Kitchen Cabinets Should Pay Attention to User Experience

The raw materials and component selection of furniture must focus on health and environmental protection, space design reflects the humane care, focusing on the function of the foundation embodies the harmonization of furniture design and home environment, the integration of the kitchen and the living room reflect the masters of personal aesthetic taste. Combinations such as user participation unit cabinet or directly provide the "building block" style components by the user DIY drawer, and combination with more features, providing more mobile space, and self-regulation function. Users pay more attention to the quality, style, service levels and reasonableness of household appliances price. So kitchen cabinets should pay attention to user experience.

www.chinakitchencabinets.net is a leading manufacturer in cabinetry industry, offering products like custom kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, bathroom products, kitchen appliance, kitchen accessories, home furniture, and commercial kitchen equipment worldwide. Welcome to visit our website for more information!

Do You Know Unglazed Porcelain Tile?

What is Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain tile is a product made by high temperature burning of ceramic clay, feldspar, pottery stone, quartz, and other materials. It is typically used on walls, floors and other surface need to be decorated in inner or external buildings. Cup body of face brick that has been glazed is called "glazed porcelain tiles", while the one that has not been glazed is called "unglazed porcelain tiles".

Unglazed Porcelain Tiles

Unglazed Porcelain Tile

Unglazed porcelain tile is also called clay square brick, sintered brick, road tile, as well as culture brick. It sinters naturally so that it is environmentally friendly, natural, resistant to corrosion, without any color fading but with sound water absorbability. The unglazed porcelain tile is the classic material to express the architectural style of. Its warm colors, chromatic aberration of natural transition, as well as the special appearance texture, all of them not only have the natural beauty, but also condense heavy sense of value.

Unglazed porcelain tile is a natural, environmentally friendly material. The tile building is the same cultural theme of natural environmental protection. Although the tile building's initial investment is large, but the beauty of the building will not disappear with the passage of time. It does not need later frequent maintenance, but preserves and increases the value. It can witness the hundred years of history, and each investment reflects the value.

Unglazed porcelain tile can proof fire, and can withstand the wind and rain. Even if the ultraviolet irradiates and the acid rain corrodes, its color will not fade. The tile is good at moisture absorption, which is conducive to maintaining the local environment of moist, and avoids dry air caused by rapid evaporation of water. Also it can avoid the wall condensation. At the same time, the thermal conductivity of unglazed tile is unmatched by other materials. It can adjust the temperature to create a comfortable environment. With pure ingredients, and the unglazed surface, some of these products can be recycled. Unglazed porcelain tile, without radioactivity, is a clean, safe and environmentally friendly product.

Abiding by the tenet of promoting brand by means of excellent products, high technology and good public opinions, www.dongpeng.com, a leading ceramic tile factory, has introduced globally latest equipments and technologies, by which it successfully developed diversified new products such as Navona Carrara, Travertin, Golden Marbe, Golden Beighe Stone, Tianshan Stone, Galaxy Stone, Flying Stone, Sand stone, Coral Jade etc, which received consumers’ recognition.

Cuba Opened Fiber-Optic Cable and Synchronously Playback Foreign

TV Programs for the First Time

Cuba opened the first undersea fiber-optic cable

Recently, Cuba opened the first undersea fiber-optic cable, making the data one-way entering Cuba's speed enhanced to a certain extent. Though there is still a long way to go away from achieving people truly freedom access to Internet target, but this really is a real step forward in Cuba" change" road. At the same time, Cuban television broadcast television programs of foreign broadcasters for the first time simultaneous on 20th, which is the first time in Cuba in nearly 50 years.

Cuba has begun to use the fiber-optic cable

Global Internet monitoring company Leineixisi said in a report on the 20th, they detected the Internet service provider in Spain - Telefonica and Cuba's national telecommunications company established a new network connection on the 14th of this month. Been tested, network speed has been significantly improved in four cities in Cuba and the United States, Mexico and Brazil, and this proved that Cuba has begun to use the wholesale hdmi cable. Although the speed is still very slow, but it is the first step that Cuba which has the worst Internet technology Latin American country has taken toward truly achieve Internet-based.

TV Cable

Introduction of newly opened fiber optic cable in Cuba

It is understood that value of the newly opened fiber optic cable is $ 700,000,000, from Venezuela to the south through the Caribbean end, and to the eastern part of Cuba to the north. In May last year, Venezuela's Minister of Science and Technology said this fiber optic cable from professional electrical cable manufacturers had made good preparation for opening, Cuba can decide how to use it. Cuba can be said that the last country to connect the fiber optic cable in the Western Hemisphere, which is one of the world's countries that has the lowest rate of network connection. Earlier, Cuba's network services are connected through the satellite system, the speed is very slow. Approximately 16% of Cubans are access to the Internet, many people use the network in work and learning process, but most of them are domestic LAN, which will be subject to many limitations. Only 2.9 percent of Cubans in the country can unrestrictedly browse the web around the world.

The program of "Southern Television" TELESUR television stations is broadcast simultaneously in Cuba

Analysts pointed out that the opening day of this cable is the implementation date of new regulations Cuban broadening residents’ travel abroad, which is likely to be a sign of Cuba becomes "freer, more open". However, the opening of this cable will not bring too much change to restrict Internet phenomenon for the majority of the Cuban people. On the 20th in local time, the program of "Southern Television" TELESUR television stations by some government-funded Latin American countries, headquartered in Caracas, capital of Venezuela, broadcast in Cuba for a long time, which is the first time the Cubans can legally watch foreign TV program at home in nearly a half century. This television program is designed to promote the integration of Latin America, from the 20th, the station's program will be broadcast simultaneously in Cuba from 8 pm every day to 4 o’clock and a half in the next afternoon. Previously, the station's program is broadcast one hour daily in Cuba, named best Southern Television, the program is processed by a special clip, integrating news and documentaries.

www.winlead.net is specialized in developing,manufacturing and selling Cable & wire products,the main products are sold to USA, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Japan, England and other Euramerican country. It is the international window for subordinate factory to know the world.

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The Future of Kitchen Appliances

Many consumers may flinch, because prices do not dropped the way they have recently with computers and large-screen TV. Many of us are apparently willing to hobble the 15-year old refrigerator or range until it conks.

However, this does not prevent retailers and electronics manufacturers try to lure you to buy the latest thing. Even the big box stores are providing more and more appliances.

Their hall only a few kitchen appliances brands to look at, they said, exactly what you want, and provide fast, can be ordered. Some people even carrying luxury brands such as pirates and THERMADOR.

So, if you seek out and consider what to what to buy, here are some suggestions:

Cooking and baking

Steamer is becoming increasingly popular as an independent unit, stand on the kitchen countertop or built-in cabinets.

Why would you want one? Since steam is a healthy choice, of course. The range hood manufacturers claim that, with them, you can even baking, but it is difficult to get a crust of toast or brown.

Sometimes, these steam units are build into the range or oven. There is a big drawback: The water is fed into the unit, as well as electricity.

Large is used in some parts of Arizona was built in the backyard barbecue stove. These huge restaurant-style ranges of sales may be slowing, but they still need a bigger house in Scottsdale, Arizona, according to Kent Greenhalgh Walsh wholesale.

If you have a monster-sized kitchen, they also become the focal point of the room. But they can be as small cars cost up to $ 13,000 - $ 15,000 and above.

Cooker of equipment put on the market a few years ago, mainly from European manufacturers. Now, they are becoming more and more widely used in the United States.

Is selling price has declined, more people, but they can still run about $ 1,300 - $ 1,600 for the basic model. Induction burners do not need to preheat for as long as regular electric cooktops do. This is because, directly into the electromagnetic field energy transfer from the induction burner magnetic cast iron or stainless steel cookware.

That transfer causes pans and their contents to heat up superfast. The stove cooled fast, if the disk is removed - and therefore it can be for a child safety. Disadvantages: You may need to purchase steel or iron pots and pans will work.

Range Hood Manufacturers


When you are going to buy appliances, you may notice the first thing, almost all of the refrigerator, the French top and bottom drawer freezer compartment door.

This design, first hit the market about 15 years ago, the standard now. The reason is obvious. French doors, you do not run into a huge door, other doors or cabinets. The bottom of the freezer compartment, you will not have large frozen items falling on your toes when you are looking for chocolate ice cream. You can provide drinking water inside the device with a distributor.

What is new on the market is listed refrigeration. Some luxury brands, you buy a self-contained columns refrigerated, frozen food and wine, perhaps another store. You can put these columns in a separate kitchen, you can have them match your cabinet doors.

Columns have different widths - 18, 24 or 36 inches - depending on what suits your kitchen space. The two side by side, if you wish, but they are still independent units separate door.

www.ouyi-kitchenappliance.com is selling more than 2.8 million products to the global markets every year. OUYI kitchen equipment include range hood, gas stove, sterilizer, gas/electrical water heater, gas cooker with oven, gas heater, bath warmer and compositive suspended ceiling sold both for OEM/ODM and under our esteemed OUYI brand.

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The Further Development of Led Display in China

Sales Increase of LED Display in 2012

Manufacturers of 7-segment LED displays in China are working to launch more units in full-color and with extended life span to boost adoption used in home appliances and electric meters. The first sector is anticipated to account for more than 70 percent of total output in the months ahead. From the latter category, China led lighting manufacturer are counting on a demand boost surpassing 10 percent. The products and other terminal applications sustained the line’s annual sales increase of 5 to 10 percent in past years, a trend that will persist in 2013.

Chinese Led Display Manufacturers’ Attitude to Led Display

In terms of life span, led display manufacturer target a baseline higher than 50,000 hours for mainstream selections. led display manufacturer generally adopt constant current solutions to reduce diode attenuation and prevent damage. As a further measure, enterprises use ICs for reverse peak current and automatic shutoff overheating protection. Customization continues to drive R&D. China churns out more than 70 percent of global supply for the line. The majority of businesses send 30 to 80 percent of yield overseas, and others manufacture solely for exports. Europe, North America, and Southeast and East Asia are the key destinations. Led display manufacturers are optimistic about steady economic recovery this year. Most posted 5 percent growth in shipments abroad in 2012. Encouraged by the positive outlook, companies are boosting production. China has about 300 suppliers in the line, including foreign-invested operations. The majority of the businesses also offer dot-matrix LED displays, and high-power and SMD LEDs. Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces are the main manufacturing hubs. The first gathers more than 50 percent of the makers in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou.

Changes of Led Display

Typical products from China come in anode and cathode types with one to six figures each between 7.1 and 177.8mm in height. Those featuring three, four or five figures dominate shipments. Units come in red, green, yellow green, yellow, amber, blue, white or full-color. The options extend to static- and dynamic-mode versions. The displays have up to 60 lm/W luminous efficacy, 625 to 640nm peak wavelength and 0.1μs response time. These operate in -40 to 80 C, with some supporting up to 105 C. The main applications are home appliances, set-top boxes and other multimedia devices, and test instruments. Output meets RoHS requirements.

www.leddisplaylight.net. Our company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of LED display and energy-saving LED lighting. 8 branded Yamaha & Panasonic & Fuji SMT lines and 8 automatic production lines assure lead time in require; 36 experienced R&D engineers assure attractive products and competitive price; ISO9001:2009 &ISO14001:2008, CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE and TUV certificates and 40QC staffs assure superior quality.

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Do You Know Where to Use Spring?

Spring is an elastic object used to store mechanical energy.

Springs are usually made out of spring steel. Small springs can be wound from pre-hardened stock, while larger ones are made from annealed steel and hardened after fabrication. Some non-ferrous metals are also used including phosphor bronze and titanium for parts requiring corrosion resistance and beryllium copper for springs carrying electrical current (because of its low electrical resistance).

When a spring is compressed or stretched, the force it exerts is proportional to its change in length. The rate or spring constant of a spring is the change in the force it exerts, divided by the change in deflection of the spring. That is, it is the gradient of the force versus deflection curve. An extension or compression spring has units of force divided by distance, for example lbf/in or N/m. Torsion springs have units of force multiplied by distance divided by angle, such as N?m/rad or ft?lbf/degree. The inverse of spring rate is compliance, that is: if a spring has a rate of 10 N/mm, it has a compliance of 0.1 mm/N. The stiffness (or rate) of springs in parallel is additive, as is the compliance of springs in series.

Depending on the design and required operating environment, any material can be used to construct a spring (such as stainless steel springs), so long as the material has the required combination of rigidity and elasticity: technically, a wooden bow is a form of spring.

Main function

1.Control the mechanical movement, such as the valve springs in the internal combustion engine, control springs in clutch, etc.. 2.Absorb the vibration and impact energy, such as the buffer spring in automobiles and railway carriages, the vibration absorbing spring in coupling, and so on. 3.Storage and output energy as a power, such as clocks spring and firearms spring. 4.As dynamometer components, such as the dynamometer springand balance spring. The ratio of the load and deformation of the spring called spring stiffness, the greater stiffness, the harder spring. Besides, there are also kinds of springs used in other field, such as battery contacts spring. Spring is widely used as a resilient element in the mechanical and electronic industries. The spring can produce a larger elastic deformation while loaded, and convert mechanical work or the kinetic energy to deformation energy. Remove the load the deformation of the spring disappears and convert the deformation to mechanical power or kinetic energy.

www.precisionhardware-rj.com The company introduced Taiwan and foreign advanced equipment and production technology, which professionally manufactures various kinds of wire springs, extension spring, compression spring, torsion spring, battery spring, nozzle spring, snap spring, square flat wire spring, constant force spring, clockwork, shrapnel and all kinds of high precision springs. Our products are widely used in all kinds of hardware, lamps, electronic toys, electrical appliances, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, digital products, mobile phones, nuts, sports equipment and other fields.

THis article is come from: http://www.chinawoodenflooring.com/index.php/do-you-know-where-to-use-spring-2/

Silicone Industry Development Trends

Features of silicone products

Silicone products are finished products based on silica gel as raw materials, which are used in all aspects of the products and life. The silicone products have waterproof, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, security, no compression and not deform extensive features! Silica gel is the raw material of silicone products, which can also become silica gel or silicone rubber; silicone product is produce molded products; it is based on silica as the main raw materials, semi-finished products made through mixing, high temperature vulcanized silicone, which must be molded through the hot stamping.

There is gap between the overall quality of the domestic silicone industry with foreign countries

First of all, due to limited development time, the experience accumulation and technological innovation has been largely restricted, there is a certain gap between the overall quality of the domestic silicone industry with foreign countries. Most of the custom silicone wristbands produced by the domestic enterprises can meet the basic needs of its customer production requirements, but we need to adopt imported glue or special types of plastic when encounter customers require very high performance. In special glue and high-performance plastic, there is a great gap in the domestic market.

The survival of the survival of the silicone enterprises has encountered a great challenge enterprise has encountered a great challenge

Second, because the silicone industry is a capital-intensive industry, the economic situation also determines the seriousness of the living environment, cash flow is difficult, product homogeneity is serious, raw material prices are rising, the survival of the enterprise has encountered a great challenge. In addition, a vicious price war circle inside the silicone rubber industry is also gradually formed; the target customers for some manufacturers are the low-end manufacturers, who continue to drive down prices, shrinking profit margins for the entire industry.

The silicone industry's prospects are still considerable

To analyze from the other aspect, the silicone industry's prospects are still considerable. Silicone industry is a capital-intensive industry with high technology content, which will have better development momentum compared to the labor-intensive industries. The silicone raw materials are used in electronic appliances, medical equipment, wholesale baby products and other large industries, involving a wide range, and many of the products using rubber previously will be gradually replaced by silicone. We have to realize the intensity of competition within the silicone rubber industry, due to the downturn of the economic situation and the appropriate monetary policy, capital flows of small and medium-sized enterprises are more difficult, this is a challenge for capital-intensive industry, but if we can go through this economic winter, the silicone rubber industry tomorrow will be very beautiful.

www.custom-silicone.com is specialized in kinds of silicon rubber products, plastic products, and die-cut products, etc. Our silicon rubber products contain silicon cuff, silicon accessories, silicon kitchen, silicon case, etc. Plastic products include plastic case of mobile phone and computer etc. Die-cut products cover types screen protector of mobile phone and computer, rubber foot, Anti-slip mats, etc.

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Some Basic Knowledge about Film Capacitor

The introduction of the metallized film capacitor

The films used in the metallized film capacitor are polyethylene ethyl acrylate, polypropylene, polycarbonate, etc., in addition, there are also the wound-type and the stacked type. This type of metalized film capacitors of film capacitor manufacturers has the role of the so-called Self Healing Action, which assumes a tiny part of the fragile quality of electricity sector and cause a short circuit, caused by a short circuit around the electrode metal part of the electrode, or short-circuit current due to the electrostatic energy of the capacitor brought, and lead to the dissolution of the larger area integration evaporated to recover the insulation, make the capacitor again return to the role of the capacitor.

metallized popypropylene film capacitor CBB15 4uF 500V

The features of metallized film capacitor

Metallized film capacitor that is taking the surface of the polyester film of the vapor-deposited layer of metal film as the electrode to take the place of the metal foil, because the thickness of the metal film layer is much thinner than the thickness of the metal foil, the wound volume is much smaller than the metal foil capacitance. The biggest advantage of metalized film capacitors is a "self-healing". The so-called self-healing property is if the thin film dielectric shows the phenomenon of short-circuit breakdown because the defects are in the presence of some points, and the condition of over-voltage, and the breakdown point metal layer may be in the arc under the action of an instant melting evaporated forming a small non-metallic area , the capacitance of the two pole pieces are re-insulated from each other and can continue to work, thus greatly improving the reliability of the work of the plastic film capacitor. Analysis from the above principle, metalized film capacitors should not have the short-circuit failure mode, while there will be a lot of short-circuit failure phenomenon in the metal foil capacitor.

The disadvantages of the metal film capacitor

Although the metal film capacitors have the great advantages as described above, but compared with the metal foil capacitor, there are the following two disadvantages: First, the capacity stability is poorer than a foil type capacitor, which is because in the long working conditions, the metallized capacitor is prone to capacity loss and the capacity will be reduced after healing, therefore, the metal foil capacitor should be better used in an oscillation circuit with the higher demanding in capacity stability. Another major drawback is the large current capacity is poor, which is because the metalized film layer is much thinner than the metal foils, and the ability to carry large currents is weaker. To improve this shortcoming of the metallized film capacitors, metalized film capacitors in high-current products in the manufacturing process has been improved, and the major improvement ways are: first, take the use of the double-sided metallized film as the electrode; second, increase the thickness of the metallization layer; third, the end face of the metal welding process improvements to reduce the contact resistance.

For film capacitors, www.film-capacitor.nets dielectric materials are polyester film, polypropylene film and the dielectrod is envaporated metal layer or Aluminum foil or Zine-Aluminum foil. And the construction is wound or stacked.

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Food Processing Machine in Food Industry

What is Food Processing Machine?

Food processing is the transformation of raw ingredients into food, or of food into other forms. Food processing typically takes clean, harvested crops or butchered animal products and uses these to produce attractive, marketable and often long shelf-life food products. Similar processes are used to produce animal feed. Food processing machine is a specialized machine for it. There are many types of food machines in the industry.

Benefits Food Processing Machines Bring

Thanks for food processing machine, processed foods are usually less susceptible to early spoilage than fresh foods and are better suited for long distance transportation from the source to the consumer. When they were first introduced, some processed foods helped to alleviate food shortages and improved the overall nutrition of populations as it made many new foods available to the masses. Processing can also reduce the incidence of food borne disease. Fresh materials, such as fresh produce and raw meats, are more likely to harbor pathogenic micro-organisms (e.g. Salmonella) capable of causing serious illnesses. The extremely varied modern diet is only truly possible on a wide scale because of food processing. Transportation of more exotic foods, as well as the elimination of much hard labour gives the modern eater easy access to a wide variety of food unimaginable to their ancestors.

Types of Food Processing Machine

Numerous types of food processing machine and beverage processing equipment are used in food processing plants. Some of the pieces of equipment used for food processing are slicers, shredders, and pumps. Peelers, which are used to peel fruits and vegetables, are another type of food processing machine, for example, potato peeler machine is for processing potato peel. Can-seaming machines used for closing and sealing cans are another type of equipment. Metal detectors are often considered another variation of food processing equipment used in the industry.

www.china-foodmachine.com. We are one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of food machinery, baking machinery, and other electric food equipment in China. With the constant technology research and market development, we have gradually become the Asian center in food machinery industry.

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Focus on Mobile DVR Systems

Uses of Mobile Security Systems

All of innovative surveillance cameras and security systems are designed to provide a cost effective means to protect industrial sites from unauthorized access, vandalism and theft. Most of these systems are 'standalone' solutions, and can operate and record footage without the need for additional equipment. When monitoring vehicles and other mobile property, however, it is not always practicable to install such a system, so often a solution is employed that utilizes a number of CCTV cameras connected to a mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) system.

Where Mobile Surveillance Systems are used in? Applications where mobile surveillance systems can be utilized include in: Buses Trucks Public transport Vessels Heavy machinery

Users can search video by date, time and event or filter by type of recording quickly and efficiently. A Smart Search function enables you to set specific regions of interest (ROI) in the field of view and search for relevant video within the ROI in order to efficiently review significant activities. The Snapshot Search extracts images at a defined interval to quickly locate events.

Important Points in Designing DVR System

Designing a DVR system that is appropriate for mobile use presents some challenges. Foremost, the system needs to be able to cope with the bumps and vibration of constant movement. Further, if employing a HDD to record footage, a sufficient backup system often needs to be put in place to ensure that the HDD does not fail under this constant movement. Another important consideration, and one that applies to DVR systems more generally, is the quality of footage the MDVR is capable of capturing. There are two factors that can affect the overall quality of surveillance footage. One is the quality of the security dvr recorder, while the other is the camera resolution.

There is no point in using a high quality DVR system with low resolution CCTV cameras, and by the same token, using high resolution cameras with a poor quality recorder is equally counter-productive.

www.dvr-securitysystem.com. Our company is a professional high-tech enterprise in vehicle security products in China. We are specialized in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of SD card Mobile DVR, hard drive DVR, 3G/GPS/GPRS/WIFI Mobile DVR, GPS tracker and CCTV camera.

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Disposable Kitchen Products Make Your Christmas Party Better

Biodegradable Paper Plates

By Customer Service On December 13, 2012 · Leave a Comment ....With Christmas right around the corner, everywhere you look, people are planning parties. In fact, you probably have plans to attend several parties this year, between family get togethers and work parties. There’s nothing like celebrating Christmas with friends, family and co-workers. However, when you’re the one hosting, one of the things that can certainly put a bit of a damper on the festivities is having to worry about cleaning up the mess when the party is over. biodegradable paper plates take care of that problem for you, allowing you to fully enjoy the party along with the rest of your guests. At Sylko, we’ve made it our mission to be sure your party goes off without a hitch. We even incorporate our own dose of holiday spirit into our products with beautiful, vibrant colors that will bring a bit of cheer to the table.

biodegradable paper plates

Advantages of Disposable Plates

When disposable paper plates first hit the market, there was one kind and they were strictly utilitarian. They were white and round. The idea of a plate that you could use once and throw away was so revolutionary. No more dishwashing after a big event and no more worries of children or clumsy adults dropping plates. The realization that you weren't limited to the number of plates you owned made entertaining easier. Plus, disposable plates are easy to store. So they can be kept on hand and readily used in any situation. What started out as something that you could take on-the-go, like at a picnic, soon turned into a standard anywhere lots of people and lots of food would converge. Disposable paper plates are a must for all family outings or wedding parties. So, why not support our planet by "going green" at your next function? Natural Paper Plates are clean, safe, completely bio-degradeable, and 100 percent all natural.

Great food and close friends and family are the perfect

combination to make a party successful. When you choose to use our products for your special event, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is, we can supply every product you might need. Our paper plates are sturdy, so you don't have to worry about food getting spilled accidentally once your guests overfill their plates. We even have colorful paper bowls that are perfect for serving salads or fruit. All of our products are designed with you, our customer, in mind. It’s our goal to get you out of the kitchen and into the party, enjoying it with everyone else. So whether you fall in love with our festive cupcake wrappers, or you appreciate the ease of cleaning up and storing your food in the fridge with our cling wrap, your satisfaction is our main concern. This year, don’t hesitate to have the big party you’ve always dreamed of having. With Sylko handling all of your serving needs, you’ll have more time to spend with those you love. That makes for a very merry Christmas.

www.biodegradabletableware.com.cn is the first package

manufacturing enterprise in China who has simultaneously obtained standard of ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO22000 Food Safety Management System (HACCP, GMP, SSOP, etc. included). The product inspection reports we can provide include Silliker, BRC/loP, SGS, ISO9001, ISO22000 and so on. Shengling has also passed the compostable tests of ASTM D6868 and EN13432 and various third party factory audit.

The Impact Factors of Electronic Adhesive

The electronic glue viscosity is an important performance indicator, such as the high demand of the bare chip (COB) technology to the glue cured heap and potting glue long plastic rheology requirements are the Heat Sink Paste degree requirements.

Heat Sink Paste

Generally, the electronic adhesive with the higher viscosity has relativly large molecular mass with good heat resistance and the initial adhesion strength is high. The products with high viscosity and low solid help to reduce the cost of product. However, in practical applications, the high viscosity of the electronic adhesive will often lead to mutual dissolution of the components in the production process more difficult, so that the rheology of the glue is poor.

Factors affecting the viscosity of the electronic glue First, it is convenient for filler in regulating electronic adhesive degree. After choosing the filler according to the performance need, you can adjust the viscosity of the adhesive through the appropriate choice of particle size and mass fraction, to meet the construction process. Second, the system viscosity obtained from the different types of the prepolymer is different, and in the precondition of satisfing the basic performance, we can make the appropriate choice of the prepolymer based on the needs of the electronic adhesive degrees with the thermal paste substitute, and by adjusting the mass fraction of the prepolymer, to meet the viscosity of the system and optimum performance requirements. Since the adjustment of the system viscosity is not very clear wehn the prepolymer mass fraction is more than 50%, therefore, in order to reduce costs, the mass fraction of the prepolymer generally will not exceed 50%.

Third, a coupling agent has the amphiphilic structure, which can improve the dispersion state of the inorganic powder in the matrix, in order to improve the rheology of the system, and an amount of 2% of the coupling agent is more appropriate. Fourth, stirring allows system mixing, uniformity of performance, and we should choose the appropriate stirring rate and mixing time, in order to meet the desired physical properties. Fifth, adhesive curing process is actually the process of e-adhesive degree change, and the mass fraction of the curing agent affects adhesive gel point balance from the system to the time (valid), so the amount of curing agent should be appropriate. We should keep these points in mind to make the better research in the electronic glue to take more shares in the market.

Thanks to the seven-year arduous pioneering, www.zscnr.com has marched into the stage of rapid development. Confronting to the domestic competition of adhesive, the company takes slow and steady efforts to catch up and now it has created a well-known brand among the domestic adhesive industry. The whole company will tenaciously strive to enter into the top 100 of the domestic adhesive industry.

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How to Tell SMD 3528 from SMD 5050

The Difference of SMD 3528 and SMD 5050

SMD 3528 & SMD 5050 are two mainly used chip types for SMD LED tube T8 nowadays. It’s necessary to distinguish the difference as this will affect the price, and also the performance of the LED lights.

t8 led replacement lamps

The Introduction of SMD 3528

SMD 3528 is a medium soft output, low-heat LED chips. In the 5300 meter reels they are generally between the chip 120 to 220lm/m (pure white), which is enough to project a level of about 300 millimeters, or even light from there to install (1 ‘). Some vendors provide ultra-white version, can provide up to 360lm/m for this type of LED chip area, the average power consumption of 5W/m, however, provide a higher density of large firms also scroll, 5 meters per roll of 600 chips, which provide up to 440lm/m (pure white), which can even be higher 720lm/ultra-white version with the manufacturer meters. In this case, the power consumption of about 10W/m most of the 3528 light bar can be cut every 3 LED modules, or 50mm(2 “) 300 chip reels and 25mm(1″ 600 chip scroll). SMD 3528 asingle color SMD LED tube with lighting solutions. In terms of price, they are cheaper options.

The Introduction of SMD 5050

SMD 5050 is the most common t8 led lights, each 30 meters (360lm/white rice), about 7.5 W/m power consumption, the normal density of reel also offers a high number of vendors density, usually in a short reel, such as 3 meters, 60 meters of each chip, providing about 14.5 W/m power amazing 720lm/white rice, as we have seen, can provide more than 3 times the 5050 patch, 3528 shall, therefore, 5050 LED light output is a very suitable for light work may be subject to high levels of ambient light. 5050 light can also work as an ordinary fluorescent tube lighting replacement and light boxes. Therefore, logically, they are more expensive, but for high brightness, they are preferred because of their generally lower cost per lumen requirements of the installation. In addition, the SMD 5050 is in both monochrome and RGB color change models. Change the color version requires an additional control, but can produce millions of different colors, so finding the right shade or combination is a simple matter of programming. Well it’s hard to give an answer which kind is better, really it depends. If your requirements for low luminosity, color and cost are key factors, SMD 3528 prevail. And for more demanding installation projects or RGB, SMD 5050 is the obvious choice.

www.ervan.cn is a professional LED tube manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China. ERVAN is our trade mark. Our Company was founded in 2002 and started Researching and Developing LED tubes since 2005. We have a strong engineer team which composed of 16 individuals with perfect designers. Our management system is strictly conducted according to ISO9001-2008 standard. We always stay ahead of this field because of our talented creativeness, like Unique designed structure and attractive appearance, stable quality proved by TUV/CE/RoHS/FCC and UL certificate.

Kitchen Cabinet Selection Detail and Quality Identification

Tips to choose kitchen cabinet

When selecting kitchen cabinet for decoration, take a stroll in different halls, see all kinds of kitchen cabinets, especially the cabinet table and hardware are available for diverse choices, but how to choose? Site shopping guides have their divergent views, which makes you do not know how to choose, finally, you can only follow your feeling. We will teach you several tips to choose a good oppein kitchen cabinet, providing for your reference.

1. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of hardware The hardware is an important part of the kitchen cabinet. According to the use nature of the kitchen cabinet, plus the weight of the door cabinet, many domestic hinges are difficult to achieve the necessary quality requirements of the kitchen cabinet. Inferior rails can not only open and pull freely, due to the uneven stress surface within the rails, resulting in unstable drawer shaking. Currently, most of the best kitchen cabinet brands select imported hinge.

Expert suggestion: the poor hinge is generally welded by thin metal, cause the door to fall off due to poor bearing. Poor quality hinge spring elastic is bad, no resilience, which will lose its elasticity after a long time, making the door cannot be shut tightly; the good hinges use one time stamping, smooth surface, thick coating, not easy to rust, solid and firm, and thick steel, flexibility, good corrosion resistance, high base, long arm, randomly orientate without displacement. The drawer of kitchen cabinet with good load-bearing capacity uses the rail for connection, sliding more freely.

Kitchen Cabinet

2. Select the professional design

Because the size and the shape of the kitchen are different, personal requirements for performance and style are also different, whether the kitchen design is professional or not is particularly important. From the first door measurements to the final program determination, we should not only consider the harmony and unity of overall style, and should pay greater attention to the reasonability of the layout. There are many cases the kitchen cabinets cannot be installed due to unreasonable design.

Expert suggestion:

Ask the professional designers to plan kitchen layout according to your actual situation, determine whether waterway, circuit, electrical position is reasonable; whether the wall cabinet and countertop height is compliant with the ergonomics and the actual cooking demand; whether kitchen function partition can guarantee the normal operation requirements.

www.chinakitchencabinets.net is the leading manufacturer and wholesaler in China, offering kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, bathroom products, kitchen appliance, kitchen accessories, home furniture, and commercial kitchen equipment worldwide. OPPEIN is famous for custom kitchen cabinets and online service.

Antifouling Technology of Polished Porcelain Floor Tile

Antifouling Technology

The antifouling principle of polished porcelain floor tiles is to use the solid surface modified principle. That is to change the structure and properties of the solid surface by the use of solid surface adsorption characteristics and various surface treatments. The antifouling substance is surface active material. After the surface modification, there will be an adsorbed film formed in the surface layer of the tile. That film has a hydrophobic nature so that the glazed porcelain tile shows antifouling effect. Currently, due to their low surface tension, excellent weather resistance, durability and chemical reactivity, organosilicone and fluorine-containing polymer have a wide range of applications in the polished tiles antifouling field.

Antifouling Technology of Waxes, Organic Coating, and Hydrophobic Surface Active Agent

Waxes and organic coating are more commonly used polished porcelain tile surface antifouling treatment agent, but the results have been unsatisfactory. Waxing is antifouling, but the wax surface tension is large, which is maintained only for a short time on the tile surface, and the wax is a coating material, a gas-impermeable sealant. Finish a wax, the outside water and moisture cannot enter the tile interior, which isolates the water vapor, offering excellent antifouling effect. However the wax is exposed in the air and sun for a long time, prone to turning yellow, and the wax film is easy to wear, suffering from short-lived antifouling effect. Also the wax itself is vulnerable to pollution. Because dust and other small particles will embed in the wax forming wax dirt, cleaning of the porcelain tile is inconvenient. Thus, waxing is not a good anti-pollution measure. In addition, the organic coating affects the gloss of the polished porcelain surface. Hydrophobic surface active agent enjoys low surface tension. Micromolecule hydrophobic surface active agent contains stearic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid, naphthenate, water-soluble salts of the mixtures, rosin acids, and their alkali water soluble salt. Its surface tension is large, in between 30 to 40mN/M. Porcelain tiles with this type of surface treatment will adsorb the angent and form a thin hydrophobic layer, with a certain degree of antifouling effect, but since that layer only adsorbs on the surface unstably, it easy to fall off and lose antifouling efficacy impacted by external force or the flow. So its durability and antifouling efficiency is not good enough.

Glazed Porcelain Tile

Antifouling Technology of Organosilicone

The ability of the surface energy of polished ceramic tiles surface treatment agent is a very important factor in the tile surface antifouling properties. A low surface energy can prevent the adsorption of dust, micro-organisms, the aqueous material, and particles, etc. Under external force they are easy to desorb. Organosilicone enjoys low surface tension, which can be as low as 21 ~ 22mN/M and is more desirable and widely applied polished tile surface waterproof antifouling treatment agent. Organosilicone antifouling treatment principle is different from the commonly used surface treating agent. Organosilicone surface antifouling treating agent generates a layer of a few molecules thick insoluble hydrophobic resin film on the surface of the tiles from a chemical reaction with the structural material. It not only has hydrophobic anti-stick properties, but also keeps the tiles normal breathable effect. Tiles treated by organosilicone surface are keeping clean, non-stick dust, easy to clean, durable for scrubbing, and more and more welcomed by ceramic tile manufacturer and customer.

www.dongpeng.com is located in Shiwan, Foshan the renowned ceramic town of China. Sticking to the core concept of "joint effort and sincere trading", the Company specializes in making ceramic floor tile and ceramic wall tile, industrial tiles and sanitary wares is one of the specialized ceramic manufactures that enjoy largest production scales, complete product specifications and good reputation.

How to Buy Four Seasons General Car Seat Covers?

Definition of Biodegradable Tableware

Biodegradable tableware is those products seemingly like disposable plastic fast-food dishes, cutlery, which will not cause white contamination to the environment after being thrown and decompose in the soil. For example, disposable biological degradable container, cup and plate, lunch box made by using corn starch as raw materials.

The Significance of Developing Bio-degradable Plastics

Photodegradable plastic only degrades under daylight. The plastic which can degrade into small molecule compounds into the ecological cycle is just a very small part, the vast majority of plastics are just gradually disintegrating into fragments or powder, may be invisible to the naked eye, but the situation that they are absorbed by microorganisms in the soil for a long time is not yet clear. Part of the plastic waste is buried in the soil or underground as a landfill, which do not degrade due to the lack of light or hypoxia, lack of water and, only making the pollution from visible to invisible, and bring big potential hazards to the ecological environment. Therefore, the development of bio-degradable plastics will have a positive meaning to the entire biosphere.

Disposable Paper Lunch Box

Reasons for Difficult Promotion of Degradable Plastics

However, despite the degradable plastics research and reports, many of the specific problems cannot be solved; the promotion is extremely difficult, and the outlook is not optimistic. Reasons: First, because the biodegradable plastic bags load-bearing capacity is low, which cannot meet customer requirements of loading more things and repeated use; Second, biodegradable plastic bags are faded yellow, low transparency, giving a sense of not clean enough and ugly, which is not assured to use; Third, the price is high, businesses are given free, so the cost is difficult to accept.

Disposable Tableware is Produced to Take Instead of EPS

In another example, to solve EPS fast food clamshell boxes pollution problems to the environment, which is to replace paper lunch boxes. However, due to the presence of the following reasons, it is extremely difficult to promote: First, EPS is high strength, light weight, good insulation; Second, EPS price is 1.5 to 2.5 times as the price of paper boxes; Third, even with the degradation PP boxes, its performance is worse than EPS. Recently, the relevant departments require using plant fiber to produce disposable tableware to take instead of EPS. However, since the plant fiber tableware the use hot polymer sol in the molding process, it still exists handling problems and residual pesticide content in the plant fiber tableware control problems.

www.biodegradabletableware.com.cn is one of the biggest disposable tableware manufacturer in China, which is speclialized in research, development, production and marketing of eco-friendly paper tableware and packing materials.

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The Reason Why We Choose to Use T8 LED Tube

The Brief Introduction of LED Tube

Mentioning regarding light, I do think many people in my age group use a deep impact involving tube light, which can be generally seen from the house. The particular tube light all of us use is neon light. Though the returning of the LED tube light will require location of neon tube lighting. There occur numerous enhancements and benefits with one of these LED tubes to get them to an optimal lighting effects option compared to some other sources of lighting effects.

led tube t8

The Advantage of T8 LED Tube

LED t8 tube light is a kind of LED tube. T8 is called in accordance with the height. The particular pontoons are generally minimal light attenuation with out RF disturbance simply no danger associated with mercury. Longer lasting life expectancy interprets in order to significantly less hoses for the very long time. These are very easily reused meaning minimum waste materials visit the setting. LED t8 tubes are super cost effective excellent accessories which transform almost all of capacity to light as opposed to temperature. Unlike a great deal of additional causes of lighting effects which convert good deal capacity to heat, they turns most of the power to light, which results in the prime efficiency as well as allows them a much better selection for illumination. Given that they create significantly less temperature after that some other light origin, LED tubes tend to be cool to touch even though number of years operation.

Other Advantages

LED Tubes are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. It is important to find a supplier that can offer you all the 5W LED panel light different types of mailing tubes that you could need. You should also expect your supplier to offer a fast delivery time so that you are never kept waiting for the stock that you need. If you are a regular user of these tubes then you will, no doubt, want the products you buy to be as environmentally friendly as possible so you should make sure your supplier offers tubes of this type.

www.ervan.cn is a professional LED tube manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China. ERVAN is our trade mark. Our Company was founded in 2002 and started Researching and Developing LED tubes since 2005. We have a strong engineer team which composed of 16 individuals with perfect designers. Our management system is strictly conducted according to ISO9001-2008 standard. We always stay ahead of this field because of our talented creativeness, like Unique designed structure and attractive appearance, stable quality proved by TUV/CE/RoHS/FCC and UL certificate.

Tile Countertops, an Economical Choice for Kitchen Counters

Tile Countertops for Kitchen

Tile countertops offer an economical choice for kitchen counters. There are hundreds of colors and styles to choose from, so it is easy to find a good fit for your kitchen. Someone like a white and bright kitchen, the white quartz countertops will be a good choice for them. There are several considerations to keep in mind before choosing tile countertops. First, be careful of mixing tile countertops with tile floors. Too much tile can be distracting, and the two surfaces can easily clash. Wood floors are a good choice when using tile countertops. Second, tile countertops are not as flat as the other choices. Plates and dinnerware will not lay flat on tile, and many people cannot accept tile as a viable choice. Others do not mind this, and love the soft, charming feel of tile counters.

white quartz countertops

Different Tiles for Kitchen Countertops

Tiles are available in different sizes, ranging from 1squares all the way up to 18 squares. They are also available in various shapes, but be careful to not over do things. Your countertops should look beautiful, but simple in design. Consider using tile on the perimeter cabinets, and top the island off with a nice looking granite, quartz, or wood counter. If using tile, a plywood underlayment must be installed on the top of the cabinets. Depending on the tile and application, sometimes it is also advisable to install a product called concrete board or ardi-backer. Check with the tile manufacturer on the preferred prepping required for your particular tile. This all must be determined early on, so that you can plan for the appropriate heights of the cabinets, backsplash, and counter edging.

Granite Tile is a Good Choice for Kitchen Tops

Granite tile is a natural stone product that is widely popular in kitchen tops. Tiles made from granite offer the beauty of natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Granite tiles often have a mottled surface that helps to hide dirt and fingerprints and are incredibly strong and long-lasting. Like all granite products, these tiles must be sealed after installation and at least once a year for the duration of their use. www.china-quartzstone.com. As China's leading supplier of quartz tiles, Foshan Yixin Stone Co., Ltd. is specialized in production of all kinds of quartz stone products, including quartz slabs, quartz tiles and quartz countertops, etc.

This article is come from: http://www.chinawoodenflooring.com/index.php/tile-countertops-an-economical-choice-for-kitchen-counters/

Which to Choose? Cheap LED Light or Expensive One

Today the energy-saving and environmental protection concept is popular in whole world. More people prefer low-power efficient without mercury pollution LED lighting in the market. There are more than 80% of the lighting shops have LED product sales. At the same time, family customers prefer to accept LED products as well. Behind industrial prosperity, however, there is also serious chaos. Many consumers are puzzled by that why the same LED products has very different prices?

It is said that consumers should try to avoid too low price LED lighting products, because those products usually have bad quality. Some companies use low-quality components to reduce production costs in order to achieve the purpose of the low-price competition. This type of LED product has poor quality and energy-saving effect which is impossible to help with energy-saving and money-saving. Especially for hotels, shopping malls and other commercial establishments, if they choose the poorer quality of the LED light source, they can not achieve the energy-saving effect. Moreover, they pay more for frequent maintenance and replacement, and even may result in additional operating losses.

LED Bulbs

So, what are the differences between high quality LED and poorer quality LED? High-quality LED products, such as produced by professional led lights manufacturer in china, can really help consumers to achieve "three savings”, power-saving, money-saving, and time-saving". The first is "power-saving". The luminous efficiency of low-quality LED lights is faded fast and impossible to achieve power saving effect. But high-quality LED products can save more than 50% power than ordinary fluorescent lamps. Second is "money-saving". Low-quality LED products will not be able to achieve power saving effect, but also with the disadvantages of poor quality, and short life, they require frequent maintenance and replacement, which would make consumer more money wasting. Finally, the "saving-time", no matter who you are, home users, shopping malls hotels users, or other commercial users, for led light bulbs wholesale, maintenance and replacement of lamps are wasting your time and time again. In the high human cost days, the cost of maintenance of lighting products will be greatly enhanced. Qualified LED products do not need frequent repair and replacement and can achieve time-saving.

www.tp-ledlight.com was founded in 1996, located in Shenzhen, China. Topband jointly cooperated with Tsinghua University and was approved by Shenzhen government as a high technology enterprise. As a best manufacturer, Topband provides a wide range of products: PCBA for home appliances, auto lightings, LED lightings, induction lightings, portable charger, new energy, etc. Topband provides end-to-end OEM/ODM service to worldwide customers.

This article is come from: http://www.storage-battery.com/index.php/which-to-choose-cheap-led-light-or-expensive-one.htm

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Development of Wooden Cabinets for Kitchen in China

Create Opportunities for Cabinet Industry

Cabinet industry is a huge market. In the next 5-10 years, there will be hundreds of billions of market capacity, the competition of secondary and third class market is increasingly fierce, but the third and fourth class and even the fifth and sixth class market still has huge gaps in the market, so that more businesses have the opportunity to rush to. So far, the cabinet industry is not mature. Industry production standards, marketing standards, and service standards etc. have not formed a uniform standard of science. The big enterprises of cabinet industry are very little. In addition to the OPPEIN, other best kitchen cabinet brands that reach 5 billion annual outputs are very few, not more than 5, and most are in less than two million. There is huge market space, but there is not the formation of so many large enterprises like appliances. The cabinet industry has not shuffle. Cabinet industry is a custom industry, unlike other industries, as it is not a high-tech one, but it is a tedious project, it does not have a complete set of processes, and if there is not a complete procedure, they cannot do well in this industry. The cabinet industry is inseparable from the technology, and also inseparable from the experience.

Kitchen Cabinets

Concept Innovation of Wooden Cabinet Product

There are five to six kinds of materials for the kitchen cabinet industry products, such as the Wood Grain Kitchen Cabinets, paint cabinets, plastic cabinets, UV cabinets, melamine cabinets, and fireproof board cabinets. And most enterprise's product differentiation is simply designed from the door, product combinations, color, and makes a fuss about the craft, innovation comes from the product itself, they lack of efforts, and cannot do much of the conceptual innovation from product concept. The smart kitchen: kitchen cabinets first put forward the concept, and this is the greatest success of the brand. The cabinet concept innovation is that cabinets introduction of music, while working in the kitchen for cooking you can also listen to music at the same time, and the original kitchen can still be a pleasant place, but it is no longer the kind of boring place. And later, some of the brands also introduce the video to the kitchen, and you can watch the video when you are cooking. The generation of smart kitchen, in fact, is a major change of kitchen space.

Clear Product Positioning of Kitchen Cabinet

We find that most of the cabinet brands in China are "high-end" products. We seldom say our positioning is in the middle or the low end, but the low-end and high-end positioning is very clear. As for cabinet companies, the first things is to clear the product position, you are on mid-end then you are in the mid-end, and high-end for high-end products, low-end for low end products, and then matching the appropriate products for the specific brand. Do not have various products for different class, pay attention to the specific class that you want to launch in the market. Once you clear position your products brand, then you can tightly grasp the market trends.

www.chinakitchencabinets.net is a leading manufacturer in cabinetry industry, offering products like custom kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, bathroom products, kitchen appliance, kitchen accessories, home furniture, and commercial kitchen equipment worldwide. Welcome to visit our website for more information!

Think: How Many Ceramic Flooring Chinese Market Needs?

Question Raised

How many ceramic flooring Chinese market needs? That's a question has been paid close attention to for long time in ceramic industry. In 1996, many experts and officials in ceramic industry began to cry out that ceramic wall and floor tiles were seriously in a glut, beyond the market requirements. However, it seemed that ceramic tile manufacturers did not care about those voices. Depending on their feelings to market demand, their acknowledgement to their competitive capacity of enterprises in this industry, they boldly increased ceramic wall tile and ceramic floor tile production lines, expanded their company, and increased production. Nanzhuang Town in Foshan developed into a mature ceramic town at that time.

Two Different Points of View

Some people regarded ceramic oversupply while some went all out and went fast, persisting their old ways so that media, officials, and even experts described the industry development at that period as "White Terror". Actually, the result was not that horrible. The increase was really terrifying: in 1997, Chinese ceramic tiles output reached 18.42 billion square meters, with an increase of 35.772%. That last for 10 years. On one hand, related departments constantly appealed ceramic oversupply through the press; on the other hand, the ceramic industry expanded continuously. Production was increased year by year. At most of time, both production and marketing thrived. Thus in 2007, Chinese ceramic tiles output reached 50 billion square meters, which occupied 50% of world output. Then, a question came up. When will the ceramic tiles output stop? That is to say, how many ceramic flooring Chinese market needs?

Further Discussion

In "2007 National Architectural Ceramics Industrial Development Situation Analysis" and "2008 Our Architectural Ceramics Industrial Development Analysis and Prospect", author asked "how many ceramic tiles Chinese need?" The answer has come closer and closer. More professionals worry about whether Chinese ceramic tiles output is oversupplied.

ceramic tile


Compared to the world, Chinese average possession of ceramic tiles is not big. Ceramic tiles in China are not oversupplied. Although China is a big exporter of ceramic tile flooring, average ceramic export share is apparently low. China is a developing China and there is demand for ceramic tiles. There is still a certain space for domestic ceramic tile demand.

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Features and Application of Gear Reducer

1.Gear reducer overview

Gear reducer is power transmission machinery, which uses the gear to achieve the purpose of deceleration. Many transmission equipment uses gear reducer to achieve the effect of low speed with high torque. Gear reducer is using the gear speed inverter to reduce the motor turnover number to the required number of rotations and get a larger torque. The worm gear speed reducer can enhance output torque while deceleration. However, the proportion of the torque output of the gear reducer equals to motor output multiplied by the reduction ratio. Be careful that not to exceed the rated torque. Besides, before the gear reducer is officially put into use, we must load commissioning as well as no-load operation. Make a trial run is to check whether the gear reducer has anomalies during operation. After every check, the gear speed reducer can be officially put into use.

worm gear reducer

2. The characteristics of gear reducer:

a. The gear is using high-strength low-carbon alloy steel hardened by carburizing made. All the gears are grinded by CNC process and are high precision as well as good contact. b. The transmission rate: single-stage greater than 96.5%, more than 93% of the two-stage, three-stage is more than 90%. c. Smooth operation, low noise. d. Small size, light weight, long life, high load carrying capacity. e. Easy to be overhauled, and easy to be install.

3. The gear reducer’s scope is as follows (provided by professional speed reducer supplier): a. The high-speed shaft will not turn greater than 1500 rev / min. b. Gear peripheral speed is not more than 20 m / sec. c. The working environment temperature should be -40-45 ℃. If it is less than 0 ℃, use oil to preheat to above 0 ℃ before starting. d. The gear reducer operation can be used in both directions.

www.gearspeedreducer.com is the largest professional manufacturer of decelerators including gear reducers like worm speed reducer, bevel speed reducer and helical reducer etc. in South China. The research institute of Zhujiang Reduction Gear Co., Ltd. specializes in the development of accelerators, speed variators and decelerators. Since its foundation in the 1980s, the company has always been creating famous brand products and improving the new concept of decelerator with performances. The "Qiangzhu" decelerator has won the "TQC" Quality Conformity of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Class II certificate for "Compliance with Metering Assurance System of Guangdong" in succession. By 2004, it has won 6 national patents, a range of provincial and municipal level technological advance prizes, and has been appraised as a "Mass-run Hi-tech Enterprise of Guangdong" by the Science and Technology Administration of Guangdong Province.

Know More about Memory Card Readers

What is Memory Card Readers?

A memory card reader is a device that can read flash memory cards and transfer their contents to a computer. Flash memory cards come in various types and formats, providing removable storage for digital equipment like camcorders, cameras, MP3 players and cell phones (sim card readers for cell phones). Some printers and personal computers have a built-in card reader. There are single memory card readers and multiple memory card readers. The former can only read a single memory card type, while the latter can read a variety of memory card formats. A multi card reader is used for communication with more than one type of flash memory card. Multi card readers do not have built-in memory capacity, but are able to accept multiple types and styles of memory cards.

Memory card reader

Uses of Memory Card Readers:

Some memory card readers are extremely compact, barely larger than the memory cards they read. These plug directly into the USB port, about the size of a memory stick. Others are designed to be internally installed into a free bay on desktop computers, with an array of choices between these two models. One advantage of the external model is that it is portable, able to be used with multiple computers and/or laptops in the household. Many newer computers have a memory card reader built-in by default, including many laptops and notebooks. Printers and even some monitors also have a memory card reader built-in. If you have been thinking about replacing an aging desktop, laptop, printer or monitor, you might look into these options first.

Buying Memory Card Readers

When buying a memory card reader is sure it supports the type of card(s) required. This includes the card's capacity in addition to the format. Some models might not read flash memory cards larger than one gigabyte, for example. Bear in mind too that a more flexible memory card reader that supports additional formats might make the device a little more future proof in the event you acquire more digital devices later, or replace the ones you already own.

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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and Its Composition

A printed circuit board, or PCB, is used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components using conductive pathways, tracks or signal traces etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. It is also referred to as printed wiring board (PWB) or etched wiring board. Printed circuit boards are used in virtually all but the simplest commercially produced electronic devices.

A PCB populated with electronic components is called a printed circuit assembly (PCA), printed circuit board assembly or PCB Assembly (PCBA). In informal use the term "PCB" is used both for bare and assembled boards, the context clarifying the meaning. Alternatives to PCBs include wire wrap and point-to-point construction. PCBs must initially be designed and laid out, but become cheaper, faster to make, and potentially more reliable for high-volume production since production and soldering of PCBs can be automated. Much of the electronics industry's PCB design, assembly, and quality control needs are set by standards published by the IPC organization. You can buy custom pcb from professional manufacturers.

The basic components of the circuit board PCB mainly has the following composition Pattern: the line is conduction. The design will also have a large copper surface as ground and power planes. The line drawing is made at the same time. Dielectric: is used to maintain the insulation between the lines and the respective layers, commonly known as the substrate, such as double sided pcb. Through hole / via: vias line above the two levels can be turned to each other, the larger vias, as part plug with another non-conductive hole (nPTH) typically used as a surface paste installed fixed positioning, assembly screws. Solder resistant / Solder Mask: not all of the copper surface should have tin on parts, non-tin area, will be printed on the copper surface layer of isolation material (usually epoxy) which iseating tin, avoid eat non-tin line between short-circuit. Depending on the process, the materials are divided into green oil, oil, blue oil. Legend / Marking / Silk screen: This non-necessary part’s main function is name of the label the parts on the circuit board, the location box, easy assembly, maintenance and identification. Surface Finish: Because the copper surface in the general environment is easy oxidized which can cause not on the tin (solder) and therefore will eat tin copper surface protection. The protection ways are HASL, ENIG, silver (Immersion Silver), tin (Immersion Tin), and OSP. All the methods have advantages and disadvantages and are collectively referred to as surface treatment.

www.pcbxz.com is a specialist in the production of single, double-sided, and multilayer circuit boards. Founded in 2006, the company now has a plant area of 6000 square meters and over 300 employees. Circuit panels produced by the company have a wide array of uses including lithium batteries, communications, digital, power, automotive, medical treatment, computers, audio and other fields.

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Features of Tin Boxes

Tin box is a stylish, fun and unique way to sell your product, instead of mentioning is the safest, most durable. Handling and transport to prevent leakage and breakage, we provide high quality tinplate packaging for the completion of a professional with lithography embossing, personalization, customization and design consulting.

As we all know, a tin box, make the products on the shelves look just a little bit special, it can make the product look elegant, old-fashioned, state-of-the-art, completely unique, and it depends on what you want your tin box, say you brand. With our extensive experience in making bespoke tin boxes and working to briefs for blue chip clients, to know how to get the most effective design potential tin box of tinplate products.

Therefore, as the most reliable packaging material, in order to maintain the first condition of the food, and to retain a long shelf life, tin box can enliven all kinds of other brand products, including multi-media (books, film, DVD and CD), cosmetics and many other people. But need a little extra for something special, why not use a custom tin box, special and unique products it? Tin box sound function and they are, but they can also be beautiful, special, added value and durability. In fact, the tin box to add a "wow" factor for almost any product.

Food Tin Box

Characteristics of the Tin Box Packaging

Opaque, light will be food reactions resulting deterioration, and it can also be caused by changes in protein and amino acid of. Vitamin C is easier to react when it is irradiated with light, and other food ingredients results in a huge loss. According to this study, the transparent glass milk in the loss of vitamin C is 14 times the dark bottle of milk and the light also causes oxidative milk smell, radionuclide cracking save the custom tanks Vitamin C, the opacity is the highest rate. Is very important to a good seal, retained the nutrition and quality of the air and other volatile gas barrier properties of the packaging container. A packaging container of various juices, said container oxygen transmission rate is saved browning juices and vitamin C and a low oxygen transmission rate of the direct impact, composite cans, bottles, and aluminum foil, food tin box of vitamin C, and save. Tinplate to maintain oxygen within the container and the inner wall and fill the reaction and reduce the chance of the component is oxidized. Tin has a fresh taste and color, and therefore the use of energy-saving lamps juice coated iron canned juice cans save installation canned juice than other packaging materials, nutritional changes acceptable quality flavor is light brown, thus extending the shelf-life of the product.

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The Characteristics and Advantages of the Spo2 Sensor

The SpO2 instrument consists of three main components: the probe, the functional module and the display portion. For most of the monitors on the market, the detection SpO2 technology has been very mature. Whether the spo2 sensors value detected by the monitor is accurate or not obtained is largely related to the probe, in which many factors can affect the probe detection, the detection devices, medical wire and the connection process will affect the test results.

First, detecting device: a light emitting diode of the detection signal and the photodetector element are the core components of the probe and also the key to determine the accuracy of numerical detection. The theoretical red wavelength is 660nm, and the infrared light is 940nm when detected values obtained ideal, but due to the complexity of the process of manufacturing a device, produced by the red, the wavelength of the infrared light in the total deviation. The magnitude of the deviation of the wavelength of the light will affect the detected value. Therefore, the light emitting diode and the photodetector device manufacturing process, it becomes very important.

Lead Wires

Second, Lead Wires: In addition to the use of imported materials (high elastic strength, corrosion resistance is very reliable), is also designed with a double shield, more than single-layer or no shield to suppress noise and maintain signal integrity.

Third, cushion: the probe produced by the R-RUI uses a specially designed cushion (pad), which is comfortable, reliable, allergic skin contact, and can be applied to the different shape of the patient. And is wholly wrapped design can be avoided to cause interference due to the light leakage of the movement of the finger.

Fourth, takes the fire-rated non-toxic ABS material, sturdy and difficult to be damaged. Finger clip design uses shading plate, which could better shield the peripheral light source.

Fifth, one of the main reasons that damage the general SpO2 is due to the loose spring, insufficient elastic and insufficient clamping force, and R-RUI takes the plated carbon steel springs with high tension, which is reliable and durable.

Sixth, terminal: In order to ensure a reliable connection of the probe durable, considering the attenuation in the signal transfer process, using special technology plated terminals on a connection terminal with monitor.

Seventh, connection technology: the connection process of probe is also very important for the test results, and the upholstered position has gone through the calibrated tests, in order to ensure the correct position of the detection device transmitter and receiver.

Eighth, in accuracy, ensuring SpO2 value is 70% - 100%, the error is not more than plus or minus 2%, the accuracy should be higher, so that the detection result is more reliable.

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