Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Problem of China Hot Tub Industry

Standard Constraints Bathtub industry Development

The bath tub is the shower bath product takes the biggest space in the toilet. Whether consumers install a bathtub at home or not, it has a direct relationship with the initial bathroom design size of the housing. Currently, the new real estate lacks a unified standard guidance for the toilet and shower size ratio, the pattern varies also makes more specifications, design style bathtub production bathtub needs, so it is difficult to form scale production. While with the rapid development of China's sanitary ware industry, the imperfect standard has become a major bottleneck of restricting the sustainable development. Toilet and shower building standardized formulation will promote the bathtub industry's healthy development, which will also provide favorable conditions for the development of the bathtub product quality specifications.

China Bathtub Industry Development Limitations

Although China has become a large country of hot tub manufacturing and sales, but looking at the large number of domestic sanitary ware brand, no one company can have a 10% market share in the domestic sanitary market. Some international brands enter the Chinese market and soon become the leading brands in the industry, and the absence of the leading brands of domestic enterprises has direct impact on the difficult development of China hot tubs wholesale, trending to make the homemade bath tubs difficult to improve the image. Bathtub production enterprises in Foshan learned that at present, the domestic production of bath products, no matter in quality or technology, they all reach the international advanced level, but in the domestic market, the consumer domestic brands overall impression is still relatively poor. The main reason is that many businesses do not do well in shaping the brand image and branding promotion in the domestic market, they wrongly think that it will be able to bring order by the export business model, resulting in low brand value. The recommended domestic market branded consumer era. Business to survive, the development path of branding is the only way. Companies must focus on brand building and promotion.

Suggestions for Hot Tub Development

In recent years, the sanitary ware market is hot, commercial hot tub industry has got rapid development. However, the bathtub industry access threshold is low, and driven by interests, so many companies have joined the ranks of the bathtub manufacturing, many of whom are family workshops SMEs. A large number of enterprises to enter the competition have been in the extremely fierce price war, the product quality is uneven and shoddy, plagiarism is rife in the market. It is recommended to apply for a business license in the bathtub enterprise, improve their access requirements. Such as increasing the registered capital, plant area, production equipment number, to ensure that the normative entering the enterprise, but also improve the cost of illegal enterprises, which enable businesses to weigh the pros and cons, actively abide the law-abiding and maintain regular sanitary line order.

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