Thursday, August 30, 2012

Display Stand Helps You Attract More Clients

The feature of display stand

According to the feature of display stand, design the promotional products display related to products, and add some attractive logo to make the products more outstanding, which can promote the products more effectively. The design can directly affect the sale of products, so we should pay more attention to it. The graceful looking, firm structure, free assembly, rapid dismounting, convenient transportation of cosmetic display stand makes show the products vividly and colorfully.

Classification of the display stand

Nowadays, there exist thousands of display stands. According to the style, it can be divided into floor type, desk type, wall-mounted type, heterotype and rotation type. And on basis of material, we can divide it into paper, mental, organic glass, and composite material display stand. At last, according to the usage, it can be divided into exhibition, dress, food display stands, lubricating oil, information, jewelry, promotion, and display stands and so on.

The maintains of display stands

As we all know, everything should maintain, so does the display stand. We usually clean and rub the display stands, but you may not know that some wrong clean methods may destroy the display stands in the long term. So I summarize some useful methods to help our costumes avoid the problems. First of all, you have to make sure if the rag is really clean when you clean the stand. Don’t be lazy to reuse the same side of the rag all the time, in case that the dirty side may destroy the varnish of the stands. Second, you should focus on the choice of care agent. So far, there are two kinds of agents can be chosen: wax spray and cleaning and maintenance agent. The former on is used in all sorts of wood, polyester, painted, formica display stands. And the latter is appropriate for synthetic wood and blend material display stands. You can clean it better if you choose the appropriate agent. How to eliminate the water print in a quick way? There is a useful method. You can put a piece of clean wet cloth on the desk, and press it with an iron in a low temperature in order to eliminate the water print. But you should keep this in mind that the cloth shouldn’t be thin, the iron’s temperature shouldn’t be high.

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