Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Knowledge of Inflatable Water Slides

The World-grade Water Slide

Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park has two world-class inflatable water slides. The inflatable water slide device is provided by the world-renowned water sports equipment design company Design Speaker Canada PROSLIDE, the device has the 2007 annuity votes Prize Award for "the world's best new water amusement equipment”. Four tourists can take the slide at the same time, and they come into the slide and then slide straightly down from the 20-meter high platform mouth. After through a translucent tubular slide for a period of up to 80 meters, the tourists will be high-speed rushed into a diameter of 21 meters giant bowl, centrifugal force, led by a rotation of about half a lap, along the edge of the giant bowl, and then washed into the hole in the middle of the bowl, and slide into the export of the inflatable water slides. The "behemoth bowl" will allow you to experience the new gliding experience completely different from the other device. Other visitors also can stand the device next to the 8-meter-high viewing platform to see the entire sliding process.

Use Instructions of Inflatable Slides

Under the slides you have better put a mattress, and then expand it. Find the air inlet of the slide, and then connect with the fan vent and fan port truss, then alternate the air inlet with a rope fastened. The inflatable slides will be mustered within 5-10 minutes. Second, the fan support device: 1. Optional GB 1.5mm2-4mm2 cable several meters and fan connected to supply voltage check, before using go check whether and the direction of rotation nameplate match is correct or not. 2. The cabinet should be connected to a reliable ground and regularly check the fan air inlet on the safety net, so as to avoid accidents.

Maintenance Methods of Inflatable Slides

In order to ensure that your equipment reaches the normal useful life, there should not be too many children play the inflatable water games at the same time on the inflatable slides. General speaking, the inflatable accommodate a child of three square meters. The facilities style plays the decorative role, and you cannot let the children use hard things to tear it, so as to avoid damage. When children play, you cannot let the kids doodle on the device by using hard objects in order to avoid damage. In case of equipment damaged, on the breakage, use spare PVC materials to coat with a special glue, sticky hands be five minutes after the glue adhesive to properly squeeze. A few minutes can be used.

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