Thursday, August 30, 2012

LED Lights Symbolize the Modern Life

The design concept of LED lights

LED is the technology of light-emitting diode which developed from the middle of 20 century. It is a sort of solid-state semiconductor devices which can turn the electricity into light directly. The heart of is a semiconductor chip. The appearance of wholesale LED lights breaks the traditional light source’s design method and thinking. At present, there exits two new design concepts. 1. Scene lighting: It is put forward by Philip in 2008 that is designing lamps and lanterns according to the need of environment. 2. Emotional appeal lighting: It is raised by Cosio in 2009, which is based on people’s emotion, and to create an artistic lighting environment form the perspective of people. There exits differences between these two lighting, emotional appeal lighting is dynamic one which can meet people’s spiritual demands, and makes people feel emotional. However, the scene lighting is in static image which can only emphasis on the light of scene without expressing one’s emotion. In some sense, emotional appeal lighting includes scene lighting. There are four aspects existing in emotional appeal lighting: energy saving, health, intellectualization and hommization.

Tips for selecting LED lights

Select LED lights with three guarantees and with CCC certification mark. You have to check if all the LED produce marks are there, they should exist in normal products. You also have to find out if led tube light manufacturer has the quality certification. The electrics should not be exposed out of the lights, and the mental lamp hold cannot be touched by fingers.

Applications of LED lights

At first, LED is used as indicating light source, and then different colors LED lights are widely used in traffic lights and display screens which bring excellent economic benefit and social benefits. Take the 12 inch red traffic light as an example, in USA, they took the filament lamp in 140wat as the light source which produces 2000LM white light. But through the red optical filter, it loses 90% light, leaving 200LM red light. And in the new design, Lumileds uses 18 LED with red light source. Automotive LED lights is also the source of important areas, in addition, the products are widely used in a variety of indoor and outdoor display traffic lights, car lights, lawn lamp as well as high-power LED lighting applications.

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