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The Analysis of Wet Wipe Industry

The Development of Wet Wipe Industry in China

China has undergone earth-shaking changes since the reform and opening-up, the widespread use of disposable wipes is sign of the improving living standard of people. This is a course of development, from the period of using the "handkerchief" to the development of the use of "tissue" era, and then today entered into a new era of disposable wet tissue. Wipes are disposable daily necessities, it is used by everyone, and it is the daily necessity for home, travel and merchants, so there is huge market demand. For most consumers, the most popular functions are the aspects of cleaning and care, which are convenient in life. This is why people choose it. With the further transformation and the rise of the people's living standards and consumer awareness, in the near future, the disposable wipes with various use consumption function will multiply increase, the day consumption will certainly quickly exceeded 500 million.
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Several Features of Our Wet Wipe Industry

With the accelerating pace of product replacement, especially in the tissue industry, wet wipes are developing quietly. After the SARS in 2003, our wet wipes market gets rapid development, and new brands are emerging, product ranges are also increasing. First, the market prospect is broad: now the wet wipe market is for the personal care, and the market penetration rate is relatively low. Second, the average price dropped: the growth of wet wipes market demand has attracted a growing number of investment decision-makers to come into the wet wipes industry, causing a decline in product prices. Third, the high concentration of brand: there is only one or two famous brands active in the market. Fourth, healthy development requires multi-directional change: at present, the quality of China's wet wipes products are varying, the homogeneity of product is serious and lack of industry standards, these issues all become common concern in the industry.

Two Industrial Bases in the Development of Wet Wipes Industry

First, the widespread adoption of the substrate and the development of non-woven fabrics and dry paper, and now the environmentally friendly, green, biodegradable wet wipes material is the direction of development. Second, the solution configuration system is relatively mature, the mix of solution with materials and shelf life and environmental protection have become the key issues. Currently, although, there are dozens of companies in the wet wipes industry, it still has not formed a certain scale, and consumer awareness has not been established, so if we promote the wet wipes products as a separate category of market, it will accelerate the industry's development. There is no doubt the wet wipe industry in China has an extremely bright future.

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