Monday, October 22, 2012

How to Run a Certification and Inspection Group Successfully

Implementation Spans Development, Continuously Enhance the Comprehensive Strength

It is not an easy job to run a certification and inspection groups successfully, and it must attach great importance to the quality of work and service. Service network should be arranged around the world includes an important industrial area, port city, and distributing center of goods, for global customers to provide inspection, identification, authentication,inspection services. Adhere to the principle of the service first, quality first. Continuously improve work efficiency and service level. It is committed to promote the construction, and constantly improve and perfect the network testing, certification business management system, especially the authentication service system to achieve certification work of the whole business, the whole process and the whole information management. To regard quality as the certification and inspection work lifeline, adhere to honesty, justice, independent business principles, to establish a set of perfect the inspection and certification of quality management system.

Strengthen The Exchange, Cooperation, and Internationalization

For inspection and certification bodies, if you want to run it to a strong development, it needs being developed not only in the domestic market to occupy an important position, but also in the international market occupies a space for one person. Through effective way, further enhance the international certification stage participation and influence. To expand the inspection company market, the service capacity of the national economy promotes ceaselessly. Carry out quality revitalizes, and compete on quality, increase government and big business, international cooperation, at the service of the state, society and customers to actively take new initiatives, and strive to open up new areas of business to accelerate the pace of expanding domestic and international markets.

Pay Attention to Enterprise Culture Construction, and Increase Enterprise Development Vitality

Pay attention to culture construction, support actively and create a fusion, unity, harmonious working atmosphere for the staff, provide learning, communication, communication platform, which greatly enhances the company's cohesion for the group's development inject vitality and motivation. The construction of the spiritual civilization is not preaching, but through a variety of activities, the staff have influence character by environment effects of broad worker into a conscious action. Deepen reform, integration of resources, capital accumulation, international expansion; the implementation of innovation management, accelerating the pace of mergers and acquisitions and capital operation. Expanding the business expenses, to ensure that development speed, reduce the management cost, increase the funds for development, and increase investment projects, to ensure that development, innovation system mechanism, enhance development power; seize the opportunity, solidarity and innovation, constantly improve the inspection certification authority, validity, impartiality and service, strengthen management, the to open up the market, participate in competition.

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