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Green Revolution of Packaging - DN-90 Quick-Drying Starch Adhesive

Confusing SMT Adhesives Market

With the development of market economy, China's small and medium-sized cardboard box factory is everywhere, due to the relevant departments for a long time is not clearly sodium silicate binder materials, cannot be used on the domestic packaging carton, the carton standard adhesives do not clearly defined. Currently, it is popular on the market a "the carton treasure", "starch glue, its prices are less than ideal performance, cause confusion to the market, allowing users to select glue caused psychological barriers, for many small carton factory crude the easy way, so the use is more than 100 years of traditional products sodium silicate carton adhesive material, not knowing that there are many drawbacks to do with sodium silicate binder, experts called to reiterate carton production should be eliminated sodium silicate, and requires a Starch smt adhesive.

Drawbacks of the Sodium Silicate Adhesive

Sodium silicate is an aqueous solution of sodium silicate, is a strong base, weak acid salt, showed a strong alkaline, the free base is 6% to 7%. The sodium silicate is able to penetrate the carton surface, corrosion contents, does not meet the packaging requirements of food hygiene, and foreign trade. In a humid environment, the sodium silicate absorbent deliquescence, loss of adhesion, carton paper softened and deliquescence efflorescence, affecting printed effect help cartons appearance. As we all know, the use of sodium silicate, as an adhesive material cartons is hygroscopic, toxic, endangering human health and ecological environment seriously affect the quality of packaging products and merchandise sales, our packaging solved cut key issues, the paper and packaging industry tilted the period of waiting for a new generation of adhesives speedy advent! Developed capitalist countries in the 1950s are out of the sodium silicate in 1984, China began to limit and prohibit the use of sodium silicate in the export and food packaging.

New Multi-functional Starch Adhesive

In May 1991, the State Economic and Trade Commission, Bureau of Technical Supervision, the Ministry of Foreign Trade again noticed "disabled since 1992 all packaging plant sodium silicate adhesive material". But what suffers is that unable to find a substitute. And some foreigners even ridiculed: Chinese have the first class products, but the packaging is not inflow, such as the Heat Sink Paste. Especially in the current paper packaging industry trends, all require the use of green packaging, so as to protect the environment, and in particular the accession to the WTO will be higher on the packaging requirements of environmental protection. There should be a new generation of patented products in order to meet the requirements of the times and the binder demand and trends, so the DN-90 series multi-functional starch adhesives came into being, it is a new type of solid powder adhesive material as the main raw material.

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