Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eco Friendly Tableware Dominates the Market

Pater Tableware Needs to Cross the "5 Cents Threshold"

The development of environmental protection tableware production industry also faces many problems, but the support of relevant policies, worth looking forward to the future market prospects. For the high cost of environmental protection tableware, was the image of the foam plastic tableware cheaper than environmental tableware, 0.5 RMB called "environmental tableware encounter threshold of 5 cents. Paper tableware wants to reduce cost, and there is a certain degree of difficulty. Foam tableware uses fewer raw materials, and environmental protection tableware uses more "material." For example, the market price of one ton of foam plastic dinnerware is 8,000 RMB, while the price of 1 ton of raw materials of biodegradable dinnerware is 7,000 RMB, but a foam tableware raw material weight is 5 grams, and the biodegradable tableware is 15 grams. Plastic foam tableware production technology has matured, the costs can be controlled. Production of environmentally friendly tableware is still under development, all sectors of production and efficiency is not high, naturally lead to the costs do not fall down.

Methods to Reduce Cost of Disposable Tableware

To further reduce the cost of production of disposable tableware, we can have multifaceted explorations. We can rely on a new recipe, to find a lower cost of raw materials to improve processing; the new design of the mold; expand the production scale. But no matter in what way, and only when the market price of the environmental protection tableware is equal to twice the price of raw materials enterprises to make a buck. This is a clear need for policy support. Shenling eco friendly paper tableware works out so one way: the research and development of new formulations and looking for a lower cost of raw material, and improve the production process, relying on the progress of production technology, continuously improve product quality while reducing production costs, aiming to build China's largest disposable environmentally friendly tableware enterprise and enter into the world market.

QS System Raises Threshold for Paper Tableware

At present, the situation is in the right direction. The QS audit work has been carried out for a year, food plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products production license review of the rules was released in July 2006 in accordance with the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine requirements of at least 1/3 of the small and medium-sized companies will certainly be eliminated. Our food with plastic products QS audit from September 2006 by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine was officially launched. And in accordance with the requirements of the rules, the production of food, plastic products business should have good ventilation, disinfection , dust and other facilities.

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