Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Prospect of Car DVD Industry

The Status Quo of China Car DVD Industry

With the growing sophisticated of electronic technology, the cost-effective car DVD navigation have entered the market one by one, and they largely promote the consumption of the owners, therefore, vw navigation dvd is accepted by more and more owners, according to the statistics, 95% of new home car owners will install the car DVD navigation. There is an increasing competition in the market of car DVD navigation, as the world's largest automotive supplies consuming nations, automotive supplies industry profits are declining. Throughout the whole of today's automotive supplies industry chain, car DVD navigation market has become the major component of Chinese automotive car supplies market. Demand produces market, there is a market there is competition, facing the car DVD navigation market, more and more manufacturers focus on the car DVD navigation industry and private capital also compete in this market. However, due to the low barriers to entry, the lack of effective supervision and proper guidance, there are disorderly market competition and patchy quality in the car DVD navigation market which have a serious impact on the orderly and healthy development of the industry.

The Multi-function of Car DVD Navigation

At beginning, the reason why owners buy car DVD navigator was only for the convenience brought by navigation, car dvd player china has a detailed map of the country to cities and towns covering dozens of provinces and cities, when owners choose the origin and destination, the navigator will give the most appropriate route with the full voice prompts help owners successfully reach their destinations, while the error is only 5-10 meters. The initial purposes for Owners to buy car DVD navigation is relatively simple, while with the growing competition car DVD navigation, as well as owners’ requirements on car DVD navigation function, a variety of new functions have appeared.

The Development of Car DVD

Along with social progress, there are higher entertainment requirements on Car DVD navigation car audio and video, the original car CD, VCD can no longer meet the requirements of the owner, the original car stereo effect is also largely been unable to meet the owners and the unviewable car CD player largely limits the entertainment, car DVD navigation multifunction is designed to meet the requirements of these owners, Car DVD navigation is no longer the new force in the automotive supplies market, car DVD navigation possesses a relatively large proportion of automotive supplies market, and there is no doubt that this proportion will keep on increasing. So we cannot deny the fact that Car DVD will play more and more important role in our future life.

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