Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Introduction of Prefab House

What is Prefab House?

The prefab house is a house that made by new concept of environmental protection and economic activities. The prefab house uses light steel as frame, and sandwich panels as the building envelope materials, with a standard module for space series. Its components are connected by bolt. It can be also quickly and easily assembled and disassembled, leading the temporary buildings to achieve a common standard and establish the environmental protection and energy saving, fast and efficient architectural concept. And this also leads temporary housing into a series development, integrated production, matching of supply, inventory and repeated use of stereotypes revolving products.

The Advantages of Prefab House

The prefab house is designed in steel structure. Features: optional disassembly, convenient transportation, convenient movement and the prefab room is located in hillside and it is suitable for hilly, steppe, desert, and river. It doesn't take up space, and it can be constructed for 15-160 square meter. The room is clean, with full indoor facilities with strong housing stability, durability, and beautiful appearance. According to customer requirements for the design, it should be refined and elegant. It can keep warm indoors in winter and cool in summer, and most of the structure is completed at the factory. Prefab house installation has no damage to environment or green environmental protection, and it not only has practical value, but also has more ornamental value. You can bring high returns, the prefab warehouse investment benefit for life. The prefab house has the advantages including: the structure of steel and wood, which can be constructed for 60-240 square meter. There are step type stairs indoors, with clean sanitation, indoor facilities, elegant appearance, novel design, energy saving and environmental protection, good insulation properties, cool in summer and warm in winter, anti seismic wind. The prefab house can be designed according to customer requirements for the design and installation. It has strong stability, long service life, not only has value more ornamental value, but it can take you to the feelings of nature to experience the real European romantic life. It must be the first choice of family travel, resorts, prefab villa, places of entertainment.

Design Direction of Prefab House

The prefab house, most people will be quite strange, but in modern buildings, because of their unique advantages they are widely used. The utility is the first choice in the design, and it will bring a preliminary division of space, the prefab house does not need the massive housing decoration as we usually need, but living in the process, or according to the characteristics of the building, following the simple and flexible principles made or decoration.

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