Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Introduction of RFID Technology

The Characteristics of RFID Technology

The most important advantages of RFID is non contact recognition. It can penetrate fog, snow, ice, paint, dirt and bar code which can not be used in the harsh environment of reading labels, and its reading speed is very quick. In most cases it costs less than 100 milliseconds. Active radio frequency identification system sketch ability is also important. It can also be used to process tracking and repairing of track and other interactive services. Currently, restricting the main problems in the development of radio frequency identification system is not compatible with the standard. RFID system for major manufacturers provides all dedicated system, leading to different applications and different industries with different manufacturers of frequency and protocol standards. For example the rfid key fob is developed in this technology. This confusion and separatism situation has hampered the whole RFID industry growth. Many American organizations begin to address this problem and they have already made some achievements. Standardization of radio frequency identification technology will stimulate substantial development and wide application.

The Usage of Electronic label

Electronic label can not only can be used in jewelry, but also can be used in many big brands of wine, top and protective garment. As more and more people want to have a more comfortable life and those who have the abilities to have conditions to enjoy these luxuries, people will pay more and more attention to the protection of these articles. We can also find my fashionable RFID products in market. The rfid bracelet is a very interesting product. What an amazing world! We can find that more and more products will be developed by RFID technology.

RFID Technology Used in Logistics Management

The essence of logistics management is based on the whole process of logistics management, and reducing costs and improving service levels are the main purposes. How to use correct cost and correct conditions to ensure the right customers at the right time and place and get the right product becomes the highest goal of the logistics enterprises. Therefore, mastering the inventory of the quantity, morphology and distribution to improve the inventory of liquidity has become the core content of the logistics management. In the transportation management of the use of radio frequency identification technology, it only needs having installation of electronic tag on goods packaging or setting reader in transport checkpoint or transit station can realize the visualization management of assets. In the process of transportation, electronic label reader information via satellite or telephone lines to transmit to the transport sector database, and electronic label can through a checkpoint, database data is updated. When the electronic label reaches the terminal, the database will shut down. At the same time, the owner can access in-transit visual webpage by the authority, getting the specific location of the goods to improve the service of logistics enterprise.

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