Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Common Kitchen Appliance

Kitchen Appliance Categories

Kitchen appliances mainly include the following 5 categories: the first category is storage appliance; second category is washing utensils; third category is the conditioning appliances; fourth category is cooking utensils; fifth category is the dining utensils.

How to Choose the Kitchen Appliance?

Kitchen appliance should has the ability to resist pollution , especially to prevent cockroaches, mice, ants and other pollution food functions, in order to ensure that the kitchen appliances inherent quality. Currently on the market some ambry has taken full installation of cockroach preventing sealing, and this technology can effectively prevent food contamination. These can be mixed to become kitchen appliance package deals. The kitchen is an only fire area in modern home furnishing, and the material fire retardant ability can decide the kitchen and the family safety, especially the kitchen surface fire ability for the choice is more important. Therefore, formal kitchenware manufacturer all uses non-combustible production of kitchen floor material, flame retardant material. The kitchen operation should have a reasonable process, therefore, in the kitchen design, according to the correct procedure design of each part of the arrangement, whether it is convenient for later use is very important. Then cabinet position has direct impact to the convenient degree of use. Therefore, we should choose kitchen appliance with human body engineering principle and operation procedure of kitchen utensils. Kitchen requires relatively easy pollution, good cleaning performance, which requires the surface material has good resistance to oil, anti smoke ability, make kitchen utensils can be kept for a long time. Kitchen choice should depends on quality, function, color and other factors. Products should have good wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fire prevention, antibacterial, anti-static. The design should take into account the appearance, utility, convenient basic requirements. Function should be fully taken into account the housewife habits and the use of safety. Color in addition to personal preferences, mainly with the kitchen wall floor tile, bedroom furniture coordination.

Range Hood Purchase

Range hood is essential in supporting product that complete kitchen utensils cooking function, and it mainly includes vertical and horizontal types, vertical oil pumping machine has low noise, no oil leakage, low energy consumption, easy disassembly and other advantages, and the discharging ability is more than 30% higher than horizontal, and the blowdown rate reached 95%, especially it is suitable for in the kitchen, dining room integration kitchen use. range hood manufacturers will also develop different kinds of range hood in the future. The choice of form of lampblack machine, before buying and kitchenware manufacturers agreed, in the kitchen should be designed according to the lampblack machine specification to design at the top of the cupboard.

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