Sunday, October 21, 2012

Do You Understand the Mains Transformer?

What is a Transformer?

Main transformer is a device to change the AC voltage by using the principle of electromagnetic induction means, and the main member is a primary coil, the secondary coil and the core. Main functions: voltage conversion, the current conversion, impedance transformation, isolation, regulator (magnetic saturation transformer). According to different uses, the transformers can be divided into: distribution transformers, power transformers, hermetically sealed transformer, combined transformer, dry type transformers, oil-immersed transformers, single-phase transformer, furnace transformer, rectifier transformer, and ei core transformer, etc.

Basic Components of Mains Transformer

Components of the mains transformers are including the body (core, windings, insulation, lead), transformer oil, transformer fuel tank and cooling devices, pressure regulating device, protection device (moisture, security airway gas relay, Chu oil tanks and temperature measurement devices, etc.) and the bushing. The core is the portion of the main magnetic circuit in the transformer. Usually higher silicon content, thickness were 0.35 mm \ 0.3mm \ 0.27 mm from the surface coated with insulating paint, hot-rolled or cold-rolled silicon steel sheet piled. The core is divided into two parts, the legs and the cross-piece and the leg sleeve windings; cross-piece is the use of the closed magnetic circuit. The core structure of the basic form is heart-and shell-and-two. Windings, the winding is the transformer circuit, it is double wire insulation flat line or enameled round wire wound into.

Operation and Maintenance of the Transformer

Prevent overload operation of the transformer: the long-term overload operation will cause coil heating, insulation gradually getting aging, resulting in a short inter-tray phase short circuit or shorted to ground and oil decomposition. Guarantee the quality of the insulating oil: transformer insulating oil in the storage, transportation or operation and maintenance, if the oil is of poor quality or impurities, too much water will reduce the insulation strength. When the dielectric strength is reduced to a certain value, the transformer will short circuit caused by spark, arc, or a dangerous temperature. Run transformer oil quality tests on a regular basis, and the substandard oil should be replaced. Prevent transformer core insulation aging damage: aging core insulation or the clamping bolt casing damage, and causes the core to produce a large vortex caused by the core long-term and heat insulation aging. Prevent to overhaul accidentally destroy insulation: transformer overhaul hanging core, should pay attention to the protection of the coil or insulated casing, if found to have abrasions injury, should be timely treatment.

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