Thursday, October 18, 2012

Classification of Range Hood

Range Hood Exhaust Structure

Divided from the exhaust structure, range hood can be divided into top suction type, near-priming type, and suction side. Top suction type: Top suction range hood fan system is placed in the top of the smoke cavity, air inlet directly facing the rising fumes, the quick exhaust fumes. Completely airtight smoke chamber, completely isolated with the body's internal network by filtering oil separation fumes, smoke fumes better. In addition, the top suction-type hood daily cleaning is very convenient. Whether you choose the Chinese range hood or range hood, top suction-type hood should be your first choice. Side of the suction type: on the side of the smoke lumen side suction range hood, fan system is side, compared with the top of the suction-type structure, soot, smoke effect ceiling smoke fumes form a vortex in the smoke lumen machine significantly. By the structural constraints at the same time, the smoke cavity forming one often cannot be achieved. Cleaning is too much trouble, so the suction side of kitchen range hoods has gradually replaced the top suction and near-suction range hood.

Range Hood Style Forms

From the styles morphological points, both Chinese and European range hood. Chinese range hoods have a deep smoke chamber, rope better smoke effects, and more suitable for domestic cooking environment stir. Range hood is after "the Chinese" transformation, the smoke effect increased dramatically, comparable with the Chinese range hoods. It is combined with beautiful appearance style, making it a Chinese kitchen, the crowning touch of European style of decoration. According to the European kitchen range hood panel appearance, the industry is usually divided into the arc, pyramid, T-shaped, wall mount hoods, and other types: curved range hood: the panel form arc-shaped, softer visual morphological comparison easy to get. If you do not like the tough stuff, the kind of hood is more suitable for you.

Range Hood Material

Chinese range hood material is relatively simple, basic paint panel market, surface is phosphide (to prevent rust) process and then paint spraying, it is durable. Range hood material selection has close relationship with the form of its appearance style, as the saying goes: what people wear what kind of clothes. Curved range hood: HOOD material is basically brushed stainless steel panel generally transparent and tempered glass. Pyramid range hood: the panel of the hoods is generally used the stainless steel material. European range hood: T-type hoods material is generally stainless steel-based, but the panel material is usually a combination of two materials.

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