Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Further Development of Led Display in China

Sales Increase of LED Display in 2012

Manufacturers of 7-segment LED displays in China are working to launch more units in full-color and with extended life span to boost adoption used in home appliances and electric meters. The first sector is anticipated to account for more than 70 percent of total output in the months ahead. From the latter category, China led lighting manufacturer are counting on a demand boost surpassing 10 percent. The products and other terminal applications sustained the line’s annual sales increase of 5 to 10 percent in past years, a trend that will persist in 2013.

Chinese Led Display Manufacturers’ Attitude to Led Display

In terms of life span, led display manufacturer target a baseline higher than 50,000 hours for mainstream selections. led display manufacturer generally adopt constant current solutions to reduce diode attenuation and prevent damage. As a further measure, enterprises use ICs for reverse peak current and automatic shutoff overheating protection. Customization continues to drive R&D. China churns out more than 70 percent of global supply for the line. The majority of businesses send 30 to 80 percent of yield overseas, and others manufacture solely for exports. Europe, North America, and Southeast and East Asia are the key destinations. Led display manufacturers are optimistic about steady economic recovery this year. Most posted 5 percent growth in shipments abroad in 2012. Encouraged by the positive outlook, companies are boosting production. China has about 300 suppliers in the line, including foreign-invested operations. The majority of the businesses also offer dot-matrix LED displays, and high-power and SMD LEDs. Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces are the main manufacturing hubs. The first gathers more than 50 percent of the makers in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou.

Changes of Led Display

Typical products from China come in anode and cathode types with one to six figures each between 7.1 and 177.8mm in height. Those featuring three, four or five figures dominate shipments. Units come in red, green, yellow green, yellow, amber, blue, white or full-color. The options extend to static- and dynamic-mode versions. The displays have up to 60 lm/W luminous efficacy, 625 to 640nm peak wavelength and 0.1μs response time. These operate in -40 to 80 C, with some supporting up to 105 C. The main applications are home appliances, set-top boxes and other multimedia devices, and test instruments. Output meets RoHS requirements. Our company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of LED display and energy-saving LED lighting. 8 branded Yamaha & Panasonic & Fuji SMT lines and 8 automatic production lines assure lead time in require; 36 experienced R&D engineers assure attractive products and competitive price; ISO9001:2009 &ISO14001:2008, CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE and TUV certificates and 40QC staffs assure superior quality.

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