Friday, January 25, 2013

Focus on Mobile DVR Systems

Uses of Mobile Security Systems

All of innovative surveillance cameras and security systems are designed to provide a cost effective means to protect industrial sites from unauthorized access, vandalism and theft. Most of these systems are 'standalone' solutions, and can operate and record footage without the need for additional equipment. When monitoring vehicles and other mobile property, however, it is not always practicable to install such a system, so often a solution is employed that utilizes a number of CCTV cameras connected to a mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) system.

Where Mobile Surveillance Systems are used in? Applications where mobile surveillance systems can be utilized include in: Buses Trucks Public transport Vessels Heavy machinery

Users can search video by date, time and event or filter by type of recording quickly and efficiently. A Smart Search function enables you to set specific regions of interest (ROI) in the field of view and search for relevant video within the ROI in order to efficiently review significant activities. The Snapshot Search extracts images at a defined interval to quickly locate events.

Important Points in Designing DVR System

Designing a DVR system that is appropriate for mobile use presents some challenges. Foremost, the system needs to be able to cope with the bumps and vibration of constant movement. Further, if employing a HDD to record footage, a sufficient backup system often needs to be put in place to ensure that the HDD does not fail under this constant movement. Another important consideration, and one that applies to DVR systems more generally, is the quality of footage the MDVR is capable of capturing. There are two factors that can affect the overall quality of surveillance footage. One is the quality of the security dvr recorder, while the other is the camera resolution.

There is no point in using a high quality DVR system with low resolution CCTV cameras, and by the same token, using high resolution cameras with a poor quality recorder is equally counter-productive. Our company is a professional high-tech enterprise in vehicle security products in China. We are specialized in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of SD card Mobile DVR, hard drive DVR, 3G/GPS/GPRS/WIFI Mobile DVR, GPS tracker and CCTV camera.

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