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Silicone Industry Development Trends

Features of silicone products

Silicone products are finished products based on silica gel as raw materials, which are used in all aspects of the products and life. The silicone products have waterproof, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, security, no compression and not deform extensive features! Silica gel is the raw material of silicone products, which can also become silica gel or silicone rubber; silicone product is produce molded products; it is based on silica as the main raw materials, semi-finished products made through mixing, high temperature vulcanized silicone, which must be molded through the hot stamping.

There is gap between the overall quality of the domestic silicone industry with foreign countries

First of all, due to limited development time, the experience accumulation and technological innovation has been largely restricted, there is a certain gap between the overall quality of the domestic silicone industry with foreign countries. Most of the custom silicone wristbands produced by the domestic enterprises can meet the basic needs of its customer production requirements, but we need to adopt imported glue or special types of plastic when encounter customers require very high performance. In special glue and high-performance plastic, there is a great gap in the domestic market.

The survival of the survival of the silicone enterprises has encountered a great challenge enterprise has encountered a great challenge

Second, because the silicone industry is a capital-intensive industry, the economic situation also determines the seriousness of the living environment, cash flow is difficult, product homogeneity is serious, raw material prices are rising, the survival of the enterprise has encountered a great challenge. In addition, a vicious price war circle inside the silicone rubber industry is also gradually formed; the target customers for some manufacturers are the low-end manufacturers, who continue to drive down prices, shrinking profit margins for the entire industry.

The silicone industry's prospects are still considerable

To analyze from the other aspect, the silicone industry's prospects are still considerable. Silicone industry is a capital-intensive industry with high technology content, which will have better development momentum compared to the labor-intensive industries. The silicone raw materials are used in electronic appliances, medical equipment, wholesale baby products and other large industries, involving a wide range, and many of the products using rubber previously will be gradually replaced by silicone. We have to realize the intensity of competition within the silicone rubber industry, due to the downturn of the economic situation and the appropriate monetary policy, capital flows of small and medium-sized enterprises are more difficult, this is a challenge for capital-intensive industry, but if we can go through this economic winter, the silicone rubber industry tomorrow will be very beautiful. is specialized in kinds of silicon rubber products, plastic products, and die-cut products, etc. Our silicon rubber products contain silicon cuff, silicon accessories, silicon kitchen, silicon case, etc. Plastic products include plastic case of mobile phone and computer etc. Die-cut products cover types screen protector of mobile phone and computer, rubber foot, Anti-slip mats, etc.

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