Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Efficient LED Lights are Inspired by Firefly

Lens form LED lights inspired by Firefly were developed

The yellow-green flash of a firefly is one of the simplest pleasures in summer. The generations of children are dreaming that the courtyard is filled with the flash of fireflies. One day it might be possible that you've got lights full of firefly, or at least a firefly-inspired light bulb. The latest research has found lens form LED lights inspired by the use the Firefly, which requires less energy to be able to issue a stronger light. Scientists have developed the lens for LED lights, similar to the small folds of Firefly "lantern" coverage. This lens allows 98% of light to pass through it, which is better than the traditional bulb effect and this improvement similarly coat the bulb with a layer of expensive anti-reflective coat.

The firefly abdomen structure and LED bulb structure comparison

Zheng Jixun and and colleagues in Korea Advanced Technology Research Center studied the firefly abdomen by means of a scanning electron microscope. They found that abdominal luminous lanterns part is composed of three layers, and has obvious similarities with the LED bulbs. A standard LED bracket light bulb is composed by a reflector cup and the light source covered by the lens. Similarly, firefly lantern is composed by a reflective layer, a light-emitting layer and a cuticle or crustacean covered with tiny folds. Compared with the remaining part of the carapace of the fireflies, the fold part of firefly abdomen transmitting light is quite orderly. Zheng Jixun found that the fold helps the fireflies special optical wavelength more effectively go through the firefly lanterns, so they try to use the plastic to etch a similar pattern. It is as expected that to create a similar pattern on an LED bulb is be able to transmit more light. The researchers said that this technology can be used to enhance the camera phone flash, auto headlights and even home lighting light.

LED Bulb

The inspiration of new LED bulb is from nature

This inspiration is not the exact case borrowed from the Mother Nature, because artificial led bulbs China is more neatly and regularly than a firefly's tail. Researchers package the bulb into a honeycomb shape by using nano-etching method, rather than the firefly same long folds. But just like a real firefly, when the light wave length is 560 nanometers or similar to the yellow-green light of fireflies, this model seems the most effective. Zheng Jixun said that it doesn't necessarily mean we all carry fireflies color lights. Such nano structure can be changed to enhance the different wavelengths. Transmittance is very sensitive to the shape of the nanostructures, this appearance can be more optimized for a specific wave length.

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