Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Manufacture and Characteristics of Biodegradable Tableware


Aim at reducing the plastic pollution of some countries and areas, scientists took action of improving the plastic production technology to reduce pollution from plastic to environment. The main technology is biodegradable plastic products.

Current Situation

At present, there are three important types of biodegradable plastic tableware in the world. The first one is based on natual high polymer, the second one is based on natural monomer synthetic polymer, and the last one is based on high polymer produced during fermentation process. In the 1970's, people had strong feelings when plastic products were thrown away into the environment as rubbish, its advantage of being applied so widely had become its disadvantage and burden for human beings. Because these plastic products are durable in use and will not degrade under environment condition, they cause threaten pollution to environment. Thus, people hope to use plastic that could be degraded by organic microorganisms and biodegradable plastic that could be made from renewable resources. As a result, new biodegradable catering disposables technology arised at the historic moment.

Disposable Food Container


There are so many biopolymers, biopolymers produced by biological process and biopolymers produced by natural monomer polymerization in the natural world. All of them are of biodegradability and are the significant resources for making biodegradable plastics. Biopolymers of biodegradable plastic tableware are of essential degradability, but there are some additional agents put into biodegradable plastics to improve their performance, which are of different degradability.


Among various types of biodegradable plastic tableware, some have already enjoyed a certain scale of consumer markets, some have not yet commercialized because of technology reasons, and some could not attract enough investment for production even though they are available on manufacturing technique. However, some will be successful in the near future. People are looking forward to more new type biodegradable paper pulp tableware coming into being and entering the market.

www.biodegradabletableware.com.cn is one of the biggest disposable tableware manufacturers in China, which is specialized in research, development, production and marketing of eco-friendly paper tableware and packing materials. At present, we have 12 production lines with the annual production capacity of 1 billion pieces. All the biodegradable packaging products are mainly made from such eco-friendly raw material as bagasse pulp and bamboo pulp. It is the first package manufacturing enterprise in China who has simultaneously obtained standard of ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO22000 Food Safety Management System (HACCP, GMP, SSOP, etc. included).

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