Monday, January 28, 2013

Cuba Opened Fiber-Optic Cable and Synchronously Playback Foreign

TV Programs for the First Time

Cuba opened the first undersea fiber-optic cable

Recently, Cuba opened the first undersea fiber-optic cable, making the data one-way entering Cuba's speed enhanced to a certain extent. Though there is still a long way to go away from achieving people truly freedom access to Internet target, but this really is a real step forward in Cuba" change" road. At the same time, Cuban television broadcast television programs of foreign broadcasters for the first time simultaneous on 20th, which is the first time in Cuba in nearly 50 years.

Cuba has begun to use the fiber-optic cable

Global Internet monitoring company Leineixisi said in a report on the 20th, they detected the Internet service provider in Spain - Telefonica and Cuba's national telecommunications company established a new network connection on the 14th of this month. Been tested, network speed has been significantly improved in four cities in Cuba and the United States, Mexico and Brazil, and this proved that Cuba has begun to use the wholesale hdmi cable. Although the speed is still very slow, but it is the first step that Cuba which has the worst Internet technology Latin American country has taken toward truly achieve Internet-based.

TV Cable

Introduction of newly opened fiber optic cable in Cuba

It is understood that value of the newly opened fiber optic cable is $ 700,000,000, from Venezuela to the south through the Caribbean end, and to the eastern part of Cuba to the north. In May last year, Venezuela's Minister of Science and Technology said this fiber optic cable from professional electrical cable manufacturers had made good preparation for opening, Cuba can decide how to use it. Cuba can be said that the last country to connect the fiber optic cable in the Western Hemisphere, which is one of the world's countries that has the lowest rate of network connection. Earlier, Cuba's network services are connected through the satellite system, the speed is very slow. Approximately 16% of Cubans are access to the Internet, many people use the network in work and learning process, but most of them are domestic LAN, which will be subject to many limitations. Only 2.9 percent of Cubans in the country can unrestrictedly browse the web around the world.

The program of "Southern Television" TELESUR television stations is broadcast simultaneously in Cuba

Analysts pointed out that the opening day of this cable is the implementation date of new regulations Cuban broadening residents’ travel abroad, which is likely to be a sign of Cuba becomes "freer, more open". However, the opening of this cable will not bring too much change to restrict Internet phenomenon for the majority of the Cuban people. On the 20th in local time, the program of "Southern Television" TELESUR television stations by some government-funded Latin American countries, headquartered in Caracas, capital of Venezuela, broadcast in Cuba for a long time, which is the first time the Cubans can legally watch foreign TV program at home in nearly a half century. This television program is designed to promote the integration of Latin America, from the 20th, the station's program will be broadcast simultaneously in Cuba from 8 pm every day to 4 o’clock and a half in the next afternoon. Previously, the station's program is broadcast one hour daily in Cuba, named best Southern Television, the program is processed by a special clip, integrating news and documentaries. is specialized in developing,manufacturing and selling Cable & wire products,the main products are sold to USA, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Japan, England and other Euramerican country. It is the international window for subordinate factory to know the world.

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