Thursday, April 11, 2013

Three Kinds of Electric Testers

There are many types of electrical tester in use. One kind is a two contacts tester where there will be two connecting leads and one or more neon lamps to indicated the presence and approximate magnitude of test voltage. Here one contact is placed on the wire to be tested and the other lead is placed on the reference level like ground or other circuit parts.

The second kind is a one contact tester which usually is in the form of a screw driver. The end portion is placed in contact with the wire to be tested and the back of the tester is touched by a body part. A neon lamp inside the transparent tester body will glow if the wire is live. The lamp needs only very little electric current to glow that, it uses the capacitance and resistance of the human body to complete the circuit by making a current flow to the ground.

electrical tester

The Amprobe VPC-31 electrical tester is a non-contact voltage and continuity tester for measuring alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) voltage and continuity on live electrical wiring. This average-sensing meter provides accurate readings when measuring linear loads, where the current or voltage has a sinusoidal waveform. Three-digit, 1,000 count backlit LCD display for viewing in low-light conditions The tester measures AC and DC voltage up to 1000V and indicates ten common voltage levels for AC and ten for DC. The backlit LCD display indicates precise voltage measurement. An LED light and buzzer indicate continuity. A impact test equipment like shaker indicates the presence of AC voltage. Bi-color LEDs indicate safe and dangerous voltages (above 55VDC or 30VAC). The tester is safety rated to European Standards 61010-1 Cat IV, 600V and Cat III, 1,000V. The ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) test feature allows the unit to test GFCI outlets and breakers. The casing is ingress protection (IP) treated to IP65 for complete protection against dust and water jets up to 6.3mm in diameter. The unit is autoranging on all ranges. It is powered by two AAA batteries (included). The VPC-31 is designed for use by electricians, electrical contractors, and mechanics., establised at the end of last century, Guangzhou Zhilitong Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is an high-tech private enterprise which integrates the R&D, manufacturing and consulting service of cable wires (accord to IEC, UL, CSA, GB, BS) test equipments, electrical test equipment and accessories, and home appliance test equipment.

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