Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How Can Magnetic Inductor Store Energy

The inductor current is in energy storage size. When the energy has been released, need time, performance on the current change of barrier function. Energy storage, current and electromotive force in opposite directions; discharge energy, current and electromotive force in same direction. Only the magnetic field (current) changes, it can transfer to hinder (EMF). The magnetic inductor is the energy storage carriers. So the inductance flowing current has smoothing effect. Magnetic inductor flows, said inductance energy storage. Inductance said current conductor generates a magnetic field capacity. Inductor current is zero, no energy storage inductance. The inductance of the purpose is to store energy, and the inductance is greater, which can store more energy.

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Ethernet Connector in Two Coil Principle

The main coil flux all linked side coil, called the full coupling. Through the main coil through the secondary coil of magnetic flux is called main magnetic flux. The two coil mutual inductance between the said main coil current in the secondary coil generates a magnetic flux capacity. Only changes in the current (magnetic field), showed the mutual inductance effect. If the portion of the rj45 ethernet connector through the coil not, this portion of the magnetic flux is called the leakage magnetic flux, the corresponding magnetic flux leakage inductor for the leakage inductance. The transformer is a coupled inductor. Coupling inductor synonym end series, equivalent inductance quantity increases; namesake end total series inductance to reduce. Coupling inductance parallel special attention should be given to avoid between the coils, circulation, and make the total inductance drop greatly.

The Introduction of XDSL Transformer

Regardless of the parasitic parameter, the transformer primary and secondary Induction EMF is equal to the input and output voltage ratio, and is equal to the ratio of turns; current ratio is inversely proportional to the ratio of turns. The load impedance is reflected to the primary impedance load impedance multiplied by the ratio of turns square. Transformer is the energy transmission device. Magnetizing current energy transmission conditions are not used to participate in the energy transmission. So exciting energy stored as small as possible, i.e. that of high magnetic permeability material core. The transformer secondary and primary total coupling is not HERSHEY’S, stored in the leakage inductance energy can be transmitted to the corresponding secondary, i.e. the leakage magnetic components is not involved in energy transfer. The xdsl transformer is also developed by this technology. Similarly, when the secondary variable has the excitation coil, primary to secondary leakage inductance energy cannot be transmitted to the primary. Leakage inductance transformer parasitic parameters, it should be as small as possible.

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