Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Developing Prospect of IC Card

IC card application development prospects

In the decade, China's IC card application will enter a period of rapid, healthy and orderly development; related areas of social life to establish advanced the practical contactless ic card application system; establish a more mature application of technical standards for various types of IC card business norms and regulations; China will become one of the world advanced level of application, issuance volume most countries.

IC card applications benefit prospects

Taking the use of IC card to do identity proof, storage and processing of digital certificates, enhanced authentication capabilities, reduce social fraud, maintain normal social order of life; using the IC card is convenient, fast and safe shopping entertainment, tourism spending, reduce the money in circulation; enterprises or government departments using the IC card application system and improve the level of organization and management, and enhance the dynamic management capabilities, and timely data statistical analysis, to provide a basis for the macro decision-making, and is conducive to the level of service.


IC card applications supporting industry prospects

(1)Promote the industry. The creation and development of supporting for the Golden Card Project IC card industry, including proximity card chip design and manufacturing, IC card module, card-based and card, POS, and ATM machines, IC card reader equipment and related chip operating system and related safety products, related software and application system integration, electronic information industry will become a new economic growth point. (2)Promote the development of supporting industries. Information construction in China must be based on the national electronic information industry development based on the second generation ID card will greatly promote the development of the IC card industry, the first-generation ID card issued 1 billion since 1984, and thus the second-generation The ID card will become the world's largest number of IC Card. (3)Make efforts to explore various fields of application of the cross-industry sector. The cross-industry applications is the development of international smart card new trends such the Singapore electronic wallet CASHCARD can be used to highway fees, parking fees, libraries, schools, and online transactions; cross-border use of electronic wallet - based Visa Universal electronic wallet has in the pilot of Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and other countries, to achieve the electronic wallet online authentication and payment functions.

The combination of our bank smart card industry card greatly promotes the application of a pay-based "multi-purpose card" (such as fuel cards, transportation cards, social security cards, campus cards, etc.), and IC cards. This direction is bound to become a development trend of China's intelligence.

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