Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fashionable Portable Power Bank

How to calculate the conversion rate of power bank?

The formula is: battery capacity * 0.8 (about 20% loss) / mobile phone battery capacity = charging times (approximately). For example, a usb external backup battery with my 1440 mAH, Power bank capacity 5000mAH. The formula is: 5000mAH * 0.8 / 1440mAH = 2.7 (approximately). Some mobile phone factory manufacture of the mobile phone battery, original battery also has the performance loss when charge, was estimated as 10%, if the loss of effective account. Such as the original phone battery performance loss: 5000mAH*0.8*0.9/1440mAH=2.5 times(approximately).

It is funny when you get a product that before receiving it, you never knew how much you needed it. That is the case with the Magic Cube I received from Powerocks. To be honest, I did not even know what a portable power bank was until I received my little pink rectangular cube of awesomeness. The timing on the arrival of the Magic Cube could not have been better. My husband spilled soda on the car charger for our phones and he depends on that thing to keep his phone going. The day after he did this, the Magic Cube came and I had been playing with it when he came home from work. He took it with him ti work the next day and he was so excited about it! I am so not surprised that the products from Powerocks has won awards like the Family Choice Award, Best In Children’s and Parenting Products for Highest Capacity.

portable external battery charger

The Magic Cube can charge up to 2 devices at a time, and because it is portable, you always have a back up charger so you are never without your cellphone. It is lightweight and you can use the power bank for charging up to 500 times, which is up to 10 times that of any others on the market. The Powerocks company has 10 years experience with developing lithium ion battery products. Not only are the Powerocks products cutting edge, but they are smartly designed and is one of the best selling power products on the market.You can purchase the Powerocks Magic Cube for $74.99 and it, as well as the other Powerocks products online in their e-storefront as well as on Amazon.

One USA Only reader will win a Powerocks Magic Cube ($74.99) in their choice of color, depending on availability. established in 2005, is the subsidiary company of Global Vision Group (HK) limited. We are a professional and famous power bank manufacturer and exporter in China. With our own professional R&D center, factory and marketing team, we devoted ourselves to offering customer with innovative 3C products.

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