Thursday, April 11, 2013

PCB Board Plays Important Role in Power Bank

The main role of the PCB board

The ideal power bank for mobile consumer power is nothing more than the large capacity, fashion and safety. Cell is the battery, but the use of different batteries, such as 18650 lithium batteries and lithium polymer batteries will have the direct impact on the quality of portable external battery charger. The main role of the board is to upgrade battery voltage in order to match the charging voltage of electronic devices, such as mobile phones and iPad. In addition, good quality mobile power supply circuit board also should have short circuit protection, overload protection and safety protection circuit. While these "internal" materials often are ignored by consumers, causing only nominal capacity of mobile power is taken as the sole criterion to measure their advantages and disadvantages.


PCB board-the key to judge the quality of external battery

There are hundreds of mobile power in the market, and we are unable to distinguish their advantages and disadvantages just from the appearance, such as there is a huge difference for the lithium batteries of different brands in the quality of mobile power, while the quality of the PCB board is even more important, because the board is responsible for the mobile power conversion efficiency, various protection mechanisms, and the output effect, means that the design of the circuit board work directly determines the output quality of mobile power.

Therefore, if the PCB board of the Iphone External Battery can be reasonable workmanship and design, and take the use of the solid protection circuit quality lithium polymer batteries, then this mobile power has quality assurance.

Protection and design of power bank board

Design of power bank board and quality decided the quality of output of mobile power. While some brands of mobile power supply usually directly use the public version of the design, in order to save development costs, and they directly launch the mobile power by adding case. This product has no personality, and in addition, it is subject to the male mold design and cannot meet its own product characteristics to be optimized. The brands who pursuit of individuality and quality are committed to self-development board and mold, and give consumers a better mobile movie products. has won a great popularity and market share. At the same time, OEM service is offered and we want to establish a long term relationship with customers all over the world.

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