Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Philips Announced New LED Lamp Prototype

On April 12, Philips researchers made an announcement of a new LED lamp prototype on 11th April. It is said that the new LED tube has the same brightness with the half power consumption compared to the ordinary fluorescent lamp. If this product can be universally applied, it will bring significant emission reduction and significantly reduce expenditure on electricity for lighting. This new LED tube is a huge leap in the lighting industry.

LED tube lighting is made that is pin-compatible with, and designed to replace, standard fluorescent tubes. Most LED tubes available can be used in place of T8, T10, or T12 tube designations, in lengths of 2, 4, and 8 feet (such as T10 LED tube). Some LED tubes are designed to drop directly into an existing fixture, while others require rewiring of the fixture to remove the ballast. An LED tube generally uses many individual LEDs to point light downward toward the subject. This differs from most fluorescent tubes that create light 360 degrees around the center axis of the tube, which the fixture then reflects downward.

T8 LED Light Tube

Philips said that this new LED lamp luminous efficiency can reach 200lm/W, which is far more than the highest quality fluorescent lamps and ordinary light bulbs currently on the market which can achieve 100lm/W and 15lm/W. In addition to the higher luminous efficiency, Philips claims that the product also has excellent light color stability, and will not be changed due to changes in the environment.

Statistics shows that the lighting occupies more than 19% of the global electricity consumption. Therefore, use energy efficient lighting will significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce harmful emissions of carbon dioxide.

Application of this product is mainly in the office and factory lighting. Those occasions fluorescent electricity consumption occupies more than half of the total world electricity consumption for lighting. Lighting consumes nearly 200TWh of electricity per year in the United States. Philips estimates that if half of the lighting equipment is replaced with this new type of energy-saving lamps, it will save electricity costs $ 12 billion, 60 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

The Philips Lighting lamps and electronic Division CEO said that this is a breakthrough in the field of LED lighting. We expect to promote the transformation of the whole industry. The product to be full extension will significantly reduce the level of global energy consumption.

Philips expects to produce this new LED tube to market in 2015, and in 10 years to replace half of the fluorescent lamps. The product will be mainly used in office lighting as the main market, and the domestic market will be considered in the second phase. Philips has not yet announced the price, but a spokesman said, the initial listing price of the new product will still be higher than ordinary fluorescent tubes. But electricity and luminous efficacy of the LED lights into account the long term, a new generation of LED lights will have a significant cost advantage. Shenzhen Ruizi Light Electricity Technology Co., Ltd. Is a professional LED tube manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China.

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