Saturday, April 6, 2013

Silicone Heat Mat

Baking mats are super-cool and convenient. They are sheets of heat-tolerant silicone rubber with woven-fiberglass “skeletons.” They are fine up to 480 degrees, according to one manufacturer's website. The most common consumer brand of silicone baking tray is the Silpat, made by the French company Demarle (who, by the way, appears to be covertly taking over the world with a Tupperware-style direct-sales network, so your neighbor may be offering to sell you a Silpat soon).

The Babyliss Pro Silicone Heat Mat is the perfect solution in helping you protect your countertops from the heat and usage of your hair appliances. This 10 inch x 10 inch Babyliss Silicone Heat Mat can be used with curling irons, straightening irons, hair dryers, pressing combs, hot rollers and scissors.

Features: Silicone mat resists high heat. Protects your work surface from scratches and burns. Keeps appliances and shears from slipping off your work surface. Measures: 10" x 10". Perfect for all hair appliances and tools. Black only.

silicone slap watch

Two previously very popular items are once again available in the Tools and Accessories section of our online shop. The finishing brushes originally sold out very quickly. They were highly sort after due to how easy they made removing the excess foil from an impression and tidying up your Make Ready mat when you’ve perhaps been a little over-zealous with the glitter. And for changing hot dies on the fly or simply having a place to let used dies cool, we can once again offer the brilliant silicone products. The heat mat has become an invaluable tool at the office for spontaneous project ideas or when Jane is experimenting with new techniques. Parchment generally comes in rolls for the consumer market, but commercial kitchens buy it in pre-cut sheets, which is way more convenient and less curly (and sloppy). If you do a lot of baking and roasting, consider getting a pack of half-sheet, pan-sized parchment paper. (Prices may be better at your local restaurant-supply store than online.) For some reason, most consumer baking pans are a slightly different size, so you may also want one or two “regulation” half-sheet pans, which are 13-inch-by-18-inch shiny aluminum pans. Silpats (and Exopats) also fit perfectly in half-sheet pans., established in 1997, is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Pursuit of the ultimate value "happy, healthy", we committed to promote the development and application of silicone rubber products and TPR/TPE materials in the areas of daily life, focusing on the combination of traditional metal and plastic materials to improve product performance and quality.

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