Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Develpment of Computer Inputs

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In fact, early than teletype time, the keyboard has appeared in computer auxiliary equipment. In the computer it can still be occupying a hall of the time, and the main computer inputs device is a punched paper tape and punch card. These tapes and cards were certainly not the hand or the little bit worn out, and they are used for the "tape" and "card punch" to pass through, and two of these machines also have a very much like ordinary typewriter electric typewriter as input device. But relatively speaking by keyboard factory, these two kinds of equipment are not part of a computer, and this is different from teletype, so we do not use them as a part of the history of the development of computer keyboard.

Early keyboard

Early keyboard are almost all mechanical keyboards, and a bit and more accurate to say is a mechanical contact type keyboard, the keyboard using electrical contact as together with signs. The use of mechanical metal spring is the elastic mechanism. This keyboard keys feel hard in long stroke, and key resistance changes quickly clear, feeling very close to the typewriter keyboard, so at that time very popular, until today still have quite one part person very miss this keyboard touch. However, the mechanical is that the mechanical spring is very easy to be damaged, and the electric contact in long time use after oxidation, resulting in failure of key. So in 90 years later, a mechanical contact type keyboard is gradually changing from the stage of history.

keyboard factory

Bluetooth keyboard

An bluetooth keyboard is in high technology. Electromagnetic mechanical keyboard is still a mechanical keyboard, but it with a mechanical contact bluetooth keyboard is different, it does not rely on mechanical force will two electrical contacts connected, but the electrical contact is enclosed in a miniature potentiometers, the key part, placing a magnet, magnetic inrush current by. Compared with a mechanical contact type keyboard, bluetooth keyboard service life strong many, but still cannot solve the mechanical keyboard with the inherent mechanical moving parts can be easily damaged, so the electromagnetic mechanical keyboard can't survive in the market soon, soon to be 80 year appeared late in the non contact type keyboard instead of. So the non contact type keyboard, with prior to the various "contactless keyboard" of relative to character, and "contact type keyboard" is different, so bluetooth keyboard manufacturer does not rely on the conductive contact mechanical connection to obtain a key signal, but on the button itself of electric parameter change to get the key signal. Due to no contact mechanical contact, so its service life can be much better.

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