Thursday, November 29, 2012

Automobile Cylinder Body Repair

Automativer Diesel Engine Cylinder Repair

Automotive diesel engine cylinder with crack damage due to cooling water corrosion, temperature crack, body and the water temperature difference caused by the overlarge explosion, and assembly of inadvertent damage etc..Cylinder body if severe damage, are generally easy to find, but for small cracks, is difficult to observe. Therefore in the diesel engine repair, general can adopt hydraulic test method, can identify crack seepage sites, then to repair. Automobile cylinder crack repair, should be based on the cracked parts, crack and repair conditions to determine its repairing method.

The Introduction of Wholesale Auto Body Parts Repair

When the cylinder outer plane parts crack, it can use patch plate method. Method: first the crack area plans to about 3ram, and the glass fiber cloth and steel coated with epoxy resin adhesive, is glued at the crack position, and tapping, and fixed with screws. When the automobile cylinder larger force, high temperature part of cracking, the welding method. Prior to welding crack ends in drilled stop-crack hole, open V groove, welding and welding are used in oxygen acetylene flame at crack ends "heating stress reduction", in order to avoid shrinkage deformation. When the wholesale auto body parts and other parts of crack, trachoma, osteoporosis and other defects, available block plugging agent blocking up. The plugging agent into the cylinder head outlet of the thermostat, installed, plus enough water, and the 0.3MPa high pressure air into the cooling system to increase the water pressure, so that the plugging agent with water jacket the gap, to facilitate the bonding glue. From 3 to 5 days, it can emit plugging agent solution, injection water. Crack repair should be performed after water pressure test. Test cylinder, cylinder head, the automobile after installed in the hydraulic test bench, the hydraulic pressure is 0.3 ~ 0.4MPa, maintained above 5min without any leakage, is good. No conditions, can be used as pressure test method: remove the water tank, water pipe and oil bottom shell, high pressure air pipe is inserted into the water inlet pipe, the pipe, sealing. Then, the high pressure air pump into the 0.4MPa test, 5min should be free of any leakage.

Subaru Legacy Body Kits Repair

Automotive diesel engine main bearing seat holes repair: according to technical requirements, main bearing seat holes roundness, and its tolerance is 0.01mm; coaxial error for O.02mm, to allow the value of O.05mm, limit value of 0.10mm; surface roughness of bore R. For 0.89in.When the inspection found that the main bearing seat hole excessive wear or coaxial tolerance exceeds the limit, can spray repair method. The first main subaru legacy body kits boring large 2mm, nickel wire brushed, and asbestos plug through the oil hole, and then the carbon steel wire for spraying, spraying after until the main bearing bore diameter than the standard size of about 2mm, and then the main bearing seat hole boring to standard size. Attention should be paid to when boring bar, not to change the car's main bearing hole of the center line to the cylinder plane distance, so as not to change the compression ratio.

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