Monday, November 26, 2012

Research and Analysis of China 2012 Household Fiber Optic Cable

Benefits of the Fiber Optic Cable Construction

In 2009, the Optical Fiber Composite Low-voltage Cable which integrates cable and power transmission cables was successfully developed and put into commercial use, and achieved a major breakthrough to power FTTH key technologies. In recent years, with the rapid development of broadband data services and a lot of electrical wire supplier is in constant competition, one and a communications cable access building and home power lines already penetrated thousands of families, laying the most extensive coverage network resources. Make the fiber optic cable carried on the power transmission cables, while laying transmission cables, fiber optic cable laying is synchronization completed, so as to greatly reduce the cost, and also saves the pipeline resources within the building.

AV cable

Fiber Optic Cable Protection Program

Seen from the power FTTH project implementation point of view, fiber optic cable manufacturer directly use the products and solutions for communications industry in the power project, but the actual effect is not ideal. Power fiber to the home has become a reality and at the same time, this new cable OPLC scale composite cable applications will also gave birth to a variety of related products innovation improvement trend. Each fiber composite cable terminal and configuration should be carried out, so that the load on the power transmission cables, fiber optic cable original maturity of power differences protective gloves are not applicable. In engineering applications, we found that the protection program is the destruction of the existing differences between the gloves, and the digging took out the fiber optic cable, and in this manner will greatly reduce the reliability of the differences protective gloves.

Fiber Optic Cables Supporting Standards Development

There are many differences in the communications industry and power industry products in the application of the test standard requirements, and the emergence of the OPLC cable will lead to the formation of a variety of "cross-border" from the current situation, these new products are only part of the reference to the communication industry standards, another part of the reference to the power industry standards to protect the safe and reliable application of the OPLC cable power FTTH, these "cross-border" complementary products should be as soon as possible to develop their own unique industry standards and corporate standards. OPLC cable access power the FTTH related to the solution and the standard is the combination of the two industries, some are the electric power industry, and some are the communications industry, this "cross-border" integrated access solution for the market is opportunities and challenging. is a professional is specialize company specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling Cable & wire products, the main products are sold to USA, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Japan, England and other Euramerican countries. Welcome your visit!

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