Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stone Curtain Wall Creates Building Great Momentum

Composition of stone curtain wall

The stone curtain wall is usually composed of slate support structure (column aluminum beams, steel structures, glass ribs, etc.), which the building palisade structure do not bear the load and function of the main structure. The stone curtain wall generally adopts the dry hanging installation because the dry hanging cost is slightly higher compared to that of wet paste, but there are some benefits. CLADDING has higher security and reliability, not easy to fall, so high walls use dry hanging. Exterior wall wet paste is prone to have the efflorescence phenomenon, impacting curtain perception. The freeze-thaw resistance performance of wet paste is worse, which is prone to have problems in the frozen region.

The advantage of stone curtain wall decoration

1. Natural materials, bright and crystal, hard and permanent, elegant;

2. Freezing tolerance: the stone is resistant to freezing and thawing without the risk of the spoilers in humid conditions, this performance is called freezing tolerance. The water within the rock pores will freeze when the temperature is low to minus 20 Celsius, the moisture in the pores expands 1/10 larger than the original volume, if the rock cannot resist the forces generated by such expansion, the damage phenomena will appears;

3. Compressive Strength: The compressive strength of the stone varies because the mineral composition, crystalline size, the uniformity of the cementing material, load area, the load acting cleavage into the angle and other factors. If the other conditions are the same, usually the dense material with small materials crystalline particles that bonded together to each other has higher strength.

Disadvantage of stone curtain wall decoration

1. Using heavy stone to do the external walls of high-rise buildings has many serious risks, which have not yet been fully standardized in bidding in the construction industry; in many stone curtain wall and stick system curtain wall projects, whose cost is the lowest, then who will win the bid. There is individual subcontracting. Such a low bid, in order to do not lose money, then they will necessary cut corners, which makes the stone curtain wall security cannot be guaranteed;

2. The design exists non-standard behavior, many design institutes are not familiar with Stone Curtain Wall, which only mark the curtain wall on the drawing, regardless of the actual situation. Some of stone curtain wall is designed by the winning curtain wall companies themselves, some design institutes carefully review the structure of the division, but most of the Design Institutes carry out formality of review, the design is not qualified.

3. Stone curtain wall fire-proof performance is poor, especially in high-rise buildings, fire normally was lit indoors. The fires in the building will make stainless steel plates and metal structure hanging slate temperature rise, the steel is softened and lose strength, the slate will be form slate "rain" from the top and falling, which will not only bring danger to pedestrians, but also causes difficulties for fire fighting.

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