Tuesday, November 27, 2012

CNC Cutting Tool market in China Develops Rapidly

CNC Cutting Tool Market Has Broad Prospects

In the new wave of world economic integration, the global manufacturing industry to accelerate the transfer to mainland China is inevitable, and China will also gradually develop into a world-class manufacturing base. Obvious advantages, especially the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong will be developed within a decade to become the world's center of mold. Meanwhile, due to the recent years, China's annual imports of nearly $ 1 billion molds, precision, large-scale, complex, long-life molds the majority, so from reducing imports angle of view, such high-end mold and hardware tools in the market share percentage will gradually increases. Future, China's mold and CNC cutting tool industry will also be among the highest in the world.

International CNC Cutting Tool Market

The global general machinery, automotive, aerospace, energy, medical, rail transportation, mold machine tools industry cannot live without the CNC tool and equipment. Seen from the future development trends, the global CNC tool market in the next five years is expected year-on-year growth of 3% to 5%, as per this growth rate, we are still retaining its position as the world's first chair. Seen from the domestic supply of CNC cutting tool, CNC cutter tool occupies the mainstream position in China, up to 65% in 2011 CNC tool market is still maintained rapid growth, which is expected to create new highs. The statistics show that only the first half, domestic threading insert market achieves a growth of 25% to 30%, the growth rate has come down since July, but throughout the year it will still be able to achieve a 15% growth. In comparison, in recent years, the International CNC tool market remains stable recovery, but the average annual growth rate is a conservative estimate and only keeps about 3% to 5%.

China CNC Cutting Tools Trade

The data shows that in 2010, China's domestic CNC tool total production is 290 million, in addition to supplying the domestic market, export of CNC cutting tool is 70 billion. At the same year, China imported CNC tool and made CNC tool sales reached 330 billion RMB, ranking first in the world. China CNC tool grew 40% in 2010 and over 50% growth in the first three quarters of 2010, foreign CNC tool enterprises in China sales growth is also very good, there is no development if market demand is out of the question, and the market demand is our biggest advantage.

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