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How to Select UPS Backup Power?

UPS selection and maintenance of UPS backup power

The computer has been widely used in all walks of life. As directly related to the safe operation of computer hardware and software is one of the important factors -- power quality reliability should be considered to the first problem of medium and small enterprises. Along with the computer the birth of ups backup power has now been accepted by the majority of computer users.UPS is mainly used to a single computer, computer network systems or other power electronic device with uninterrupted power supply. At present, UPS is widely used in computer, communications, banking, securities, telecommunications, medical, industrial control and other industries. Many electrical engineering personnel in the configuration of power, tend to focus on uninterruptible power supply (UPS) host performance, ignored the UPS selection of batteries for. Inappropriate matching battery selection tends to cause UPS backup time is insufficient, and the battery cannot discharge accidents, serious impact on the quality of UPS.

The working principle of UPS and types

UPS power is generally made of common power and standby power through the switch combination, between them by a logic circuit to control, to ensure the normal in the power grid blackouts or state, the system can work reliably. When the commercial power is normal, UPS is equivalent to nickel cadmium cell regulated power supply, it will power supply voltage after the computer, at the same time, it also to the UPS battery charging. When electricity is suddenly cut off, UPS immediately to inverter working state, small volume of UPS in general and can continuously supply power 5 ~ 20 min, so can guarantee that the computer system normal exit, make the software and hardware are not subject to loss.

ups backup power
The species of UPS

The UPS classification methods varied, according to the power size can be divided into large and medium-sized mistress power capacity; the output waveform can be divided into square wave, trapezoidal wave or sine wave; according to the input and output can be divided into single phase into single-phase, three-phase to single-phase or three-phase to three-phase; according to the work principle can also be divided into dynamic UPS and static UPS two categories. Dynamic uninterruptible power supply is dependent on inertial flywheel stored energy to maintain the load power supply continuity, the uninterruptible power supply with heavy, large noise, low efficiency, long switching time and other shortcomings, has been replaced by a static uninterruptable power supply. Static UPS to batteries as the energy storage tool, city normal AC power is rectified into a DC electrical and electrical energy stored in the batteries, when the utility power is cut off by the inverter will be stored in the storage battery DC power into AC power to maintain power to the load. According to the different working modes, static UPS can be divided into the backup UPS, on-line UPS, on line interactive UPS and Delta transformation UPS four kind of types. now offers a full range of lead acid batteries (network & motive power) and Nickel Cadmium batteries covering a wide range of applications from sophisticated telecommunications, uninterruptible power supplies, AGV to emergency lighting and security applications, and offers a full range of Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline Solar Modules combined with PWM/MPPT solar controllers, Grid-off/Grid-tied inverter covering a wide range of applications from sophisticated telecommunications, Power Electricity, Remote Area Electricity applications.

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  1. It is also important to note that the correct UPS to match you're Data centre infrastructure must be chosen in order to ensure that your face no risk of failing critical loads.