Monday, July 30, 2012

The ABC of China Flag Pole

Overall of Flagpole

Flag Pole is a kind of hollow rod made of iron, aluminum or stainless steel. It is not easy to rust out, and widely used in all kinds of mines, enterprises or business unit, the living community, station, the customs wharf, schools, sports venues, high-end hotels, the city square and so on. And it is set up as a kind of identification. It is used together with flags and delivers a visual effect to people, so as to achieve the purpose of marking and publicity. Though flag pole is not strange to us, but there is so much professional knowledge of it, maybe you don’t know yet. And there are so many professional flagpole manufacturers in China. So if you want to know more detailed information on flagpole, don’t be hesitated to click!

Characteristics and Advantages of Flagpole

Flagpole is made of high strength pure aluminum alloy, iron or stainless steel pipe, it has the features of light quality and high intensity, the surface of the flag pole adopts the most advanced fluorine carbon spraying processing technology, this makes the product surface texture looks well-balanced smooth, very strong ornamental performance, strong protective property and weather resistant property. Of its highly intelligent self-checking system and high automatic control technology and plus a powerful typhoon rotating 360 degrees of design, it is very popular with many high class ceremonial sites such as the factories and mines, enterprise and public institutions, the living community, station, the customs wharf, schools, sports venues, high-end hotels and city square and so on.

Advantage of Flagpole

Many modern flagpoles are power-driven. In the interior of the flagpole, an electromechanical integration flagpole driven movement is installed. In the process of work, human instead of the flagpole driven movement will rise the flag to the designated position at the top of the flagpole; 360 degrees fair wind ball crown device: the use of this technology aims to make the flag in a case against the wind will make the flag folded even knot, this device design has high precision and flexible rotation and long service life. No need to set a ring. Segment and detachable structure: As for multiple segments and detachable structure flagpole, its advantage is segment and detachable, the transportation is convenient, no need to welding, convenient on-spot assembly; the plug-in connection ensures the pole is straight and do not bend, looks mighty and tall. Of course, users can also according to their own requirements to choose the conical one, flexibility is available for customers' free choices.

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